Restacking the pitching deck

Yanks' fifth starters walking a fine line
Final All Star balloting update

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The Yanks have flip-flopped Mike Mussina and Joba Chamberlain in the rotation. Following last Thursday’s rain-shortened outing, Mussina will throw tonight againts the Rangers and Saturday against the Red Sox. The Yanks’ emerging ace will get an extra day off and throw tomorrow and Sunday night on ESPN. I’m sad because I have tickets tonight and wanted to see Joba. But it’s hard to argue with an extra day off. Hopefully Moose won’t mind the short rest after a short outing.

Yanks' fifth starters walking a fine line
Final All Star balloting update
  • TurnTwo

    makes sense. you kind of figure this was the type of thing they’d do over the course of the summer to protect the young pitchers… well, now pitcher.

    that, and if Moose doesnt pitch on sched, he throws a silly little hissy fit.

  • manimal

    OMGGGGG YESSS now he is lined up to pitch in Toronto on the day that I’m going

  • Rob_in_CT

    114 pitches in his last outing. I’m pleased with the extra days rest.

  • Scott

    sweet i will be seeing joba tomorrow

  • mehmattski

    What happened to the post about Gardner?

    • Mike A.

      We already had an update noted on the bottom of the game wrap-up thread. Didn’t want to double post.

  • A.D.

    So you miss Joba….that’s nothing compared to potentially see Gardner’s first game as a Yankee!!!

    • Ben C

      I’m going tonight and tomorrow night so I think I get to see both. Start Gardner all three games this series so he can light up the atrociousness that is the Rangers pitching staff.

      • A.D.

        nice, gotta say I’m jealous

    • Old Ranger

      I’ll be at the games also. Flying back to day just to catch the games.

      Well, I’ve called for Brett all year, let’s hope he dose alright (actually, better then all right) his numbers in AAA are good for AAA, but now it’s the big time. Unless he gets off to a Melky start (everyone remember) I’ll be ok with whatever happens…I think..
      Good Luck Brett, this is your chace to show ‘um.
      Mike should be ok on short rest, he only pitched…like a BP, off day. 27/08?

  • Ivan

    I like the idea of lulling the Rangers to sleep with Moose’s 65mph change up and then having Joba throw it past them on Tuesday.

    • Mike A.

      It’s not going to matter. Texas can hit the snot out of the ball. Tonight’s got 13-11 written all over it. Tomorrow will be a nice litmus test for Joba.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        absolutely right. Speaking of Texas hitting the snot out of the ball, now that it looks like both Ortiz and Hideki will be sitting out the AS game, will Milton Bradley get his well-deserved start at DH?

  • Chip

    Nice, I can’t wait to see Joba on ESPN!

    • A.D.

      Joe Morgan analyzing Joba…..ought to be interesting

      • yankeemonkey

        Yes, we can all look forward to a 3-hour discourse on how Yankees should never have moved Joba out of the setup role. Especially if he gets hit around and/or the bullpen falters. Joy.

        • steve (different one)

          which will be only slightly worse than McCarver talking about how the Yankees screwed up by not having Joba in the rotation the entire year.

          really? after all the crap that has been discussed everywhere about Joba, people still can’t grasp the concept of an innings cap?

          that pitching the entire year out of the rotation was NEVER an option?

          how lazy are people?

        • Coldfire

          If we are really lucky we can sit through another 3 or so innings on how the Carlos Delgado ball was a home run.

        • A.D.

          Even if he dominates Joe will probably say how they could have this for 70 games out of the pen and then probably cite yesterdays game where the Yankees blew a lead because they didn’t have Joba, which didn’t even happen, but that doesn’t matter (See McCarvers bit on Veras on Sat).

      • Mike A.

        $10 says he calles him “Joba Timberlake”, or some combination of the two names.

        “Joba Chamberlake”
        “Justin Timberjoba”
        “Joba Timbersync”

        Okay, I’m done now.

  • B

    I just want to know when we are getting rid of Hawkins and getting a pitcher like Fuentes for our bullpen or Harden for the rotation?

    • steve (different one)

      well, if they are going get Fuentes or Harden, it would be close to the “trade deadline”, which is still a month away.

      that is how it works. every year.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Fuentes is a possibility, but don’t hold your breath… I think Cash has been burned too many times by setup men to spend much of anything for one.

      And Harden? Not only should you not hold your breath, don’t hold anybody else’s breath either.

      • B

        Actually, lets just sign Freddy Garcia and try to trade for a reliever. Bullpen still makes me nervous.

        Heres hoping Yu Darvish is posted in 2009 and the Yanks win the sweepstakes!!

  • Ed

    I’m going tonight too, so it’s disappointing to see Moose.

    I’m going next Tuesday as well, so Girardi better do the right thing and use the off day to skip Ponson’s turn so I see Pettitte.

  • kunaldo

    sweet, I’m going to the game on sunday!!!

  • usty

    Can we restack the deck some more so we don’t have to see Rasner vs. Beckett?

    • Jake

      I have tickets for friday so I would be in favor of that.