Gammons: Manny not on the radar, but CC is

Yanks to offer Cash an extension
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In a chat with Boston Globe readers, Peter Gammons offered up his take on the Yankees off-season plans. According to Gammons’ sources, “as long as Brian Cashman is the GM and Hank Steinbrenner is owner, Manny will not be going to the Yankees. Their plan is to take the money they have stashed away and go after CC Sabathia.”

This news is no surprise, but it does enable us to preview the Sabathia sweepstakes. Basically, this will all boil down to what CC wants to do. The Yanks are going to offer him, far and away, more money than any other team. If Sabathia wants to come to the Bronx and play for the Yankees, money will be no obstacle, and if Sabathia is at all hesitant, the Yanks’ offer will far outpace that of the Angels or any California-based team bound to be on Carsten Charles. How this all plays out will be entirely up to the big man himself, and it should make for an ever-entertaining November.

Yanks to offer Cash an extension
Open Thread: NY Football
  • Ivan

    I’ll be suprise if Texiera is on the Yanks, but I’ll be surprise if CC Sabathia isn’t a Yankee.

    From Hank’s Comments, and also as much as Cashman doesn’t like to part ways with young talent example with Johan, he will really like to make a splash with CC Sabathia.

    A rotation of Sabatha, a healthy Wang Joba and Hughes and Moose/Pettitte at the backend, that has the potential to be dominate.

    Plus like the Sox in 06, the yanks want to add a big pitcher and CC is better than Matsuzaka.

    • Steve

      Surprised if Tex is a Yank? Have you seen Giambi’s #s with RISP? We’ve had a huge problem in clutch situations and he’s the biggest culprit on the team hitting in the run producing 5 hole. A-Rod been so-so in the cleanup spot, Giambi has been abysmal right behind him.

      I’d be shocked if Giambi was back, even for a one year deal. The only way I see it happening is if Tex wants to play elsewhere.

      • steve (different one)

        just because he doesn’t think Teixeira won’t come here doesn’t mean Giambi will be back.

        there are more than 2 first basemen in MLB. he didn’t even mention Giambi,

        the Yankees could play Nady at 1B and sign Burrell to play RF.

        they could sign Dunn to play 1B.

        they could put Posada at 1B and trade for a catcher.

        they could trade for Holliday and play Nady at 1B.

        there are big changes coming.

        Cashman has been waiting a LONG time to be out from under Giambi’s contract.

      • ChrisS

        Hitting with RISP is not a repeatable skill. It’s the result of relatively small sample sizes.

        Bringing back Giambi on a weak two-year deal isn’t that bad. Especially if the alternative is a 7-10 year deal for $150-$200 million.

        I don’t see why GIambi couldn’t put up a 125-30 OPS+ over the next two years as a 1B and DH, considering he’s averaged better than that since ’02. And that includes his really only significant injury year. That 130 OPS+ will likely be better than what Matsui can do from the DH spot.

      • Steve S

        You cant give another first baseman a long term contract especially with the need to keep that position flexible for either Jeter or POsada over the next couple of years. CC isnt the greatest investment but Id much rather do six or seven years on him, then do 8-10 years on Tex who is a good player, but he isnt a necessity.

  • Bruno

    I still think he’ll decide to go to Cali. Remember Millwood told him, “Don’t go somewhere just for the money. Go where you’ll be the most happy.” That has Dodgers or Padres written all over it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to have CC in pinstripes, I just don’t think it’ll actually happen. Sheets or Garland? Sheets is MUCH better, Garland is more reliable. Tough call, but Glass-Jaw Pavano probably tips the scale in Garland’s favor.

    • Ivan

      I can see CC going to the west coast. I just don’t know if the Padres have the Doe to fork over to CC especially with Peavy who after his contract is over is gonna want more money. The Dodgers is a likely destination but McCourt at times can be cheap and the Dodgers payroll is pretty high (baseball standards not yankee standards).

      I love Sheets and when healthy is dynomite and he’s better than Pavano when Pavano was at his best. If you can get Sheets on a 4 Year 60M deal, I might sign him to that. Garland scares me cuz he really relies on luck (doesn’t k guys and alot basehits and baserunners although he doesn’t walk guys)

      I’ll take Sheets even despite the injury concerns because his stuff can certainly dominate big offenses and win big games (Gold medal winner in 00)

      • Chris

        Both the Pads and Dodgers have been very tight with spending. There’s a rumor that the Pads will cut payroll to about $40M next year (the owner is going through a divorce). The Dodgers, I’m not sure about, but they weren’t willing to add any payroll to get Manny…

        I just don’t see any west coast team offering a lot of money. If the money is equal, he goes west, but he may not even be able to get an offer equal to what he could have gotten from Cleveland.

  • CB

    There is no fit for CC on the West Coast.

    This talk about the dodgers is very speculative. McCourt’s primary motivation there is not winning. It’s money. He’s already worried about how much they’re spending vs. how much their revenue streams are bringing in.

    McCourt would not let the Dodgers trade for CC because he didn’t want to assume the rest of his salary for this season – if he didn’t want to pay for half of CC’s salary this year how motivated will he be to pay him $130M?

    The dodgers only got Manny because boston paid the rest of the freight for this year.

    McCourt is really concerned about money. Just for PR reasons they may be forced to sign Manny to a 2-3 year deal. $130M for a pitcher is just not their way of working. And on top of that their front office is so split and dysfunctional between the Ned Coletti and Logan White factions that it’s very difficult for them to make big decisions like signing sabbathia.

    Angels – not fit there. They need hitting – they’ll make a run at Tex. Giants, A’s, Padres, Mariners – none of them are a fit at all.

    The market for CC will be very small – the yanks, detroit, boston (40-50M off their books) perhaps the cubs.

    • Ivan

      That’s too bad because they would actually sign the right 100+ Million Dollar pitcher.

    • Steve

      The whole idea behind hiring Torre was to add credibility on the cheap. They’re rebuilding from within, they’re not going to spend big on free agents. They’ve had numerous opportunities to do so and have passed every time, opting for cheaper, short term commitments to players like Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre. And they got burned on both of those signings. They’re gun shy about spending big on free agents. Plus, there are rumors the owner doesn’t have a ton of cash to begin with.

      BTW-Manny they got for free salary wise.

      • steve (different one)

        exactly. the Dodgers are BROKE.


  • E-ROC

    ’09 rotation of Wang, CC, Mussina (or Hughes), Pettitte, and Joba? Pettitte will probably comeback so he can be there when the new stadium opens. I’m not sure about Mussina.

  • Ivan

    You think the Yanks will bring Moose back?

    • Steve


      As good as he’s been, I think they let him walk. Moose is a junkballer at this point of his career and the Yanks prefer power arms that miss bats for the post season. They’re committed to Hughes (as evidenced by the Santana deal) and Pettite has stated he would like to come back next year. If they sign CC, there’s no room for Moose.

      The only way they bring him back is if Hughes is absolutely horrible down the stretch or gets injured yet again.

      • Michael


        Absolutely bring back Moose. I agree w/ you about his K rate, but ideally, he would be your 4th starter anyway. JOBA, CC, Wang, Moose, Pettitte. Remember, you need Moose & Andy back, because a) Hughes, though promising, has not shown he can stay healthy and will also be on an innings count AND b) how many times have we seen teams go into ST with 7 MLB-ready starters, only to see 3 go on the DL by mid-June and your GM is shopping the waiver wire for a 5th starter?. We need all of these guys.

        So, if we see Moose in the postseason, it’ll be in a 7 game series and I would take him in a match-up against anyone else’s 4th starter, wouldn’t you?

  • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets

    How can you not bring Moose back for a year and an option, at minimum. He’s CARRIED this team.

    As for CC, wouldn’t you have rather given up IPK and Melky/Cano for Johan Santana? Maybe hindsight is 20/20, but CC sure feels like 2nd place….

    Going to the game Fri. Last chance for this years Yanks…


    • Chris

      Passing on Johan was the right move.

      Look at his stats this year. He’s already started the (usually) rapid decline. CC goes from the AL to the NL and his ERA drops significantly. Johan goes from AL to NL and his ERA barely budges. Scouts were saying similar things about Johan’s stuff late last year.

      • Ivan

        Add to the fact this K rate is in decline in the NL as well.

        • steve (different one)

          As for CC, wouldn’t you have rather given up IPK and Melky/Cano for Johan Santana? Maybe hindsight is 20/20, but CC sure feels like 2nd place….


          Sabathia is awesome. and younger.

          also, Cano was never on the table.

          the deal was IPK and Wang.

    • cult of basebaal


    • E-ROC

      Do you even know what the actual package asked by the Twins? Probably not. Santana is declining ever-so-slightly. He isn’t nearly as dominate as he once was. The Yanks made the right move.

    • Steve

      What if he gets an offer for 2-3 years from Philly? Then what?

      Coming off an 18 win season he will command a MINIMUM of 2 years. That makes no sense for the Yankees.

  • Geno

    I know he’s a bit of a head case, but I’d like to see us go after Oliver Perez also.

    • Joey H

      you are insane. i dont know how this comment didnt get bashed. the guy barely gets by in the NL. imagine him in the AL. and no , its not a caste of if you cant beat ’em , buy ’em

      • Geno

        He’s a lefty who gets strikeouts and who’s entering his prime years. What is insane about that?

        Last year he won 15 games and struck out nearly a batter per inning. He had this season at the age of 26.

        I would submit to you, Joey H., that to not even consider someone that young, that talented and that left handed for our rotation is itself the true insanity.

        Stop being a parrot and try thinking for yourself.

  • Nady Nation

    Ben – Is there an open thread for tonight? Any chance we can make it a NY football preview to avoid talking about the Yanks pitiful road trip? Maybe we can just clear our heads til the Royals on Friday

    • Mike A.

      Excellent idea, it’s up now.

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  • Manimal

    I can see Tex in Pinstripes but CC not so much. Anyone know who represents Sheets?

  • Adrian-Retire21

    The Yankees might not need Manny but need someone like him to back up A-Rod.It’s sad with all these hitters they still can’t hit.

    Think if Manny was in back of A-Rod.Espcially if he’s happy.

    • Joey H

      NO, dont retire 21, and yes u are totally right. did you see what happend to ortiz and his outstanding numbers with manny backing him. excellent point except for, manny is the manny he once was

  • Reggie C.

    Lets not kid ourselves. The offense as constructed is a major problem. This team has scored only 2 runs or fewer WAAAAAAYYY too many times this season !!

    Still, there’s good news in returning vets: Posada should be capable of repeating his 2006 season (not the career 07), and that would be great. Hopefully all this down time does him good for 09. Matsui is a solid DH type these days. But the Yankees really need to protect A-rod.

    There are only 2 free agents who fit that bill: Manny Ramirez and Mark Teixeira. The more the Angels look like WS favorites only increases the chance that Tex stays out West. So that leaves us Manny who could probably slug .575 in pinstripes. That’s big-time!! For 3 yr/70 MiL , Manny could give us the best lineup in the AL !!

    p.s., we’d still have enough leftover to sign CC

    • steve (different one)

      Pat Burrell.

      Adam Dunn.

      those are big time bats that might come much cheaper than Teixeira or Manny.

      • Reggie C.

        Pat Burrell is a strange case. He’s essentially become a .255 hitter with proven 30 homer power. His slugging has been .500 in 06 & 07. I don’t know if 08 represents the classic salary drive, but he’s posting a .550 slugging (27 hrs/ 27 2bs) in only 117 games. Impressive but suspect.

        Adam Dunn … is well a 40 hr guy / .400 obp guy. Alot of good value.

        I’d still go with Manny though even at 22Mil yrly.

    • Joey H

      two things, we have no reason to belive posada will come back and be great. and how will matsui be a reliable DH when he cant even stay healthy?

      • Reggie C.

        I didn’t realize till i checked the stats that Posada slugged almost .500 in 2006 , which was still 50 points lower than his 07 mark. Okay. Lets say Posada repeats his 05 campaign: .262 / .352 obp / .430 slg. That’s better than what the Rays and RS are gonna get, so its competitive. If posada does anything well — its hit.
        So i think the 05 numbers are a more realistic baseline. I’ll give you that.

        The very fact that Matsui’s knee wont’ undergo the punishment of running the field is key. Inflammation is a bihach. I’m sure that we make Matsui focus on hitting… he’ll hit. Not an all-star type, but a productive regular.

  • JohnC

    I’d be very surprised if Texieria doesn’t resign with the Angels. They have young strong nucleus of players which should make them contenders for years, and Arte Moreno is not shy about oepning his checkbook. I’m sure the Yanks will lay out the red carpet for Sabathia. I’d at least investigate what it would take to sign Manny. For all his shenanigans you have to admit he is still one of the top hitters in the game, and alot more clutch than Arod.

  • Wolf Williams

    Does Arte Moreno have a history with Boras, Teixeira’s agent? If Tex is serious about a 10-year, A-Rod-type deal, will Moreno go there? Will the Yankees?

    But we do need to protect A-Rod. Manny as a Yankee…..LOL!!! Just the thought of Joe Girardi trying to deal with Manny. If we do sign Manny, I hope we get Larry Bowa back as a coach. I want to see Bowa’s head explode when he has to deal with Manny for an entire seasonn, not best-foot-forward Manny when he’s trying to get a contract.

    We need another Bronx Zoo, 1970s retro season….. don’t we?

  • pounder

    Manny Rameriz, ugh,ugh, and double ugh……but I suppose he would be an improvement.Oh, by the way,if the Yanks remain in decline,how long before Arod starts pineing for another team,in a city he ‘really loves’.