Joba to go wire to wire as a starter?

Mo to go under the knife
BA's Top 20 Florida State League Prospects

One of the larger issues the Yankees will have to deal with this off-season is what to do regarding the rotation next year, specifically with Joba Chamberlain. Hints and rumors abounded that the Yanks would employ a similar strategy as this year; that is, start him in the bullpen and transition him mid-year, so that he can stay under his innings cap. It seems the Yanks are believers in the 30-inning rule, so Joba would be limited to around 130 to 135 innings next year. Not exactly what you want from a front line starter.

Peter Abraham, writing in his paper, not on his blog, discussed the topic with Joe Girardi. It seems that the team might actually get creative with their use of Joba, rather than try for the simplest method of limiting his innings, which is what they did this year.

“Will the inning restrictions be there next year? Possibly,” Girardi said. “But he’s going to be a year stronger. He’s got 100 innings, and part of that was rehabbing a little bit. It’s something we’ll discuss.”

“There are a lot of different things where you can be creative,” Girardi said. “If you have depth in your rotation, (Chamberlain doesn’t) have to make 32 starts like everybody else. … You skip a start here, those type of things.”

That means having four other viable starters who can shoulder the load while Joba skips starts. It also means having a viable sixth option, since we know that injury can strike at any time. Just another sign that the Yankees will have a busy off-season in the pitching department.

Mo to go under the knife
BA's Top 20 Florida State League Prospects
  • AndrewYF

    It means more like 145 or 150, as you don’t go from the year previous, but the highest year.

    The Yankees offdays are very evenly spaced next year, so they can conceivably do it.

  • yanks99

    I think that Hank should file a complaint with the league that the Brewer’s our abusing our 2009 ace of the rotation….

  • Steve S

    Has anything been said about Joba going to winter ball to get more innings. If he can get 5 more starts he would be at 130 innings which would put him at 165/170 innings next year.

    • Joseph P.

      He’s not going to winter ball. The rosters have been finalized.

      • Steve S

        I wish someone would ask why they wouldn’t do that. Or if they have a plan on how to get his innings high enough so that they dont risk hurting him next year.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    “There are a lot of different things where you can be creative,” Girardi said.

    Hopefully, this means they’re considering my Joba/IPK 3-innings each tag team concept.

    • Joseph P.

      What would we call them, though?

      • gg

        we’d call it ipk blowing a lot of leads and potential winds for Joba

        oh, and still being cocky while doing it

        • 27 this year

          Joba wouldn’t get a win if he started and did not go 5 innings.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            And we should care about that why, exactly? Wins are stupid stats, and managing to a stat (stupid or not) is generally not a good organizational strategy.

            I understand that Mike Mussina’s 2008 campaign was a good year by a good pitcher, and I’m happy that he got his 20 wins, because it helps validate that his year was good–validates it to the stupid and the intellectually lazy. However, most of us here know that he had a good year, and had Mo had an extra bad game or two and Moose ended up with only 18 wins, it wouldn’t change the fact that Moose had a great year and we knew it. It’s just a stat.

            I also understand the argument that it’s psychologically beneficial to give young starters wins under their belt, and I agree with it. But that strategic desire doesn’t trump our greater 2009 mission of getting Hughes, IPK, and Joba meanigful innings without overtaxing them. Letting Joba only go 3 innings at first is a way to get him those innings and those starts of quality baseball where he stays on a rhythm, we benefit from his abilities, and yet we don’t overuse him to the point where we need to shut him down late in the year. And hopefully, it lets IPK have the confidence of coming into games in the 4th inning where he may have the lead, have less pressure, and have a goal to be outstanding not for 6 innings but just for 3. And he can maybe pick up some of those silly wins; he needs that confidence boost way more than Joba does.

            It’s a win-win. (pun intended.)

  • Mike Pop

    hopefully it means we sign a bunch of starters even guys we can trade midseason… only in a perfect world tho =(

  • jsbrendog

    why not have joba and phil coke or someone split a riotation spot you know? like, alternate them in turns? or is that to new age neo not conservative?

  • Ivan

    Anybody is listening to the WFAN? Yo Francessa is just killing the mets. Saying some crazy stuff. Francessa just said, that Youkilis is better than Wright or Reyes. Everybody killing Wright. Now he’s overrated. Wow just Wow.

    • A.D.

      he’s been killing the mets for the last week, its like when your dad screams at you after you already admitted you did something wrong

      • Ivan

        Francessa who hates the mets is just being a moron and you know what, he’s cool being a moron killing the mets.

        • JohnnyC

          Francesa told a Mets fan caller last week when the caller referenced Russo: “Chris could care less about the Mets.” Mike must have been waiting almost 20 years to let the FAN listeners in on that secret. The caller was stunned silent. Now if only Francesa would tell his audience the other FAN secret… Steve Sohmers is neither a Mets fan nor a Rangers fan. After all, he was born in San Francisco and lived there for 40 years!

    • Mike Pop

      wright and reyes are better but i dont think red sox would trade youk for wright…..reyes i couldnt see how they wouldnt right

      • Jamal G.

        Next year will be David Wright’s age-26 season, age-30 season for Kevin Youkilis. Wright also has a pretty damn good contract that runs through 2012 (with a $16M club option for 2013), while Youkilis is two seasons away from free agency.

        Theo Epstein would drive Youkilis to Queens himself if Omar Minaya signed off on that one-for-one swap.

      • gg

        wright is one of the best all around players in the MLB. top ten for sure….youk is not, but he is very good

        • Mike Pop

          red sox be where they are right now if they had wright instead of youk ? red sox been so affective this season with wright instead of youk.. youk plays 3rd 2nd and 1st wright doesnt im sure he can play 2nd but idk im jus sayin i think youkilis is so key for the red sox’s success its ridiculous

          • AndrewYF

            My lord, you are dumb.

            Wright > Youkilis, contract-wise, ceiling-wise, and everything.

            • Mike Pop

              alright bud… im jus saying would red sox have won as many games with wright there instead of youk i dont know and either do u.. youk was huge for them this year.. i know wright is better in all aspects except the “clutch” but youks season was highly impressive too and im not talking bout contract

              • Lanny

                Why would Epstein trade his ultra productive, glue team player for a non clutch 3b who will be a 1b soon because he can’t field?

                The same morons saying epstein would “drive his car” to Queens to get Wright are the same morons who trashed Pedroia for years. How did that turn out?

                • steve (different one)

                  i am SHOCKED that you agree that Epstein wouldn’t trade Youkilis for Wright.


  • bkight13

    If he needs to, can’t he just throw simulated games on his own to buid his arm strength up. If they feel he’s thrown enough pitches, then shut it down until next year. I like the idea of skipping a few starts and keeping him the rotation all year. It’s pretty hard to get 175+ IP as a starter these days.

  • Bruno

    Joe, at the bottom of the article:

    “No word on Cashman: General manager Brian Cashman is expected to announce today or tomorrow whether he will remain with the team.

    His contract expires on Oct. 31, but the Steinbrenner family has asked Cashman to reach a decision this week, which he is willing to do.

    “It’s 50-50,” Cashman said on Saturday. “It’s an important decision for everybody. I need to make sure I make the right one.”

  • A.D.

    Refreshing news that Joba will be a starter

  • Steve S

    Have the t-shirts sold out yet so we can get rid of them a move on? I’m begging here.

    • Joseph P.

      Strange…we removed them this morning.

      • Steve S

        your the best. Now these kids will really take off. lol.

      • Bruno

        I still see them

  • Manimal

    Spring Training ’09 Countdown

    Just 4 months and 16 days ’til pitchers & catchers report.


    • jsbrendog

      awesome, lets get a countdown up haha

      • Rafi

        Maybe add a link with the music too?

  • Chip

    Yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing Giese come in for Joba after 4 innings at the beginning of the year. You would think that they could have him just work out his arm but is that really the same as throwing in a game?

  • Harry G

    Michael Kay just said on 1050 that an “Insider” or source or whatever told him that he was in the Marlins clubhouse and all the players were jubilant. When the guy asked a Marlins player why they were all so happy, he answered “Of course we’re happy. We hate that team. Everybody in the National League hates that team. They [The Mets] act as if they’ve won championships, the way they carry themselves, they’re always acting cocky and they haven’t won anything.”
    Pretty strong stuff…

    • A.D.

      who knew, the Mets are the Patriots of the NL

      • jsbrendog

        well i hate the mets as a team because reyes ego is big enough for all of them. and that obnoxious jsoe jose jose chant to the tune of ole ole ole only makes his ego that much bigger.

        too bad too cause wright seems to be a jeter type guy who says the right thing, plays hard, and checks his shit at the door/

        i also find it funny when i was at the game yesterday people chane mvp for delgado when wright has a higher average, nearly as many hr, the same if nto more rbi, has to have a higher obp and plays gold glove defense. mind boggling.

        • jsbrendog

          just to prove my point hwo dumb mets fans are for chanting mvp for delgado, wright has more runs, hits, doubles, rbi, steals, walks, higher batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage, and ops+ and less strikeouts and hr (only 5 less.)

          bunch of idiots

          • Lanny

            Stats don’t make an MVP.

            What did Lou do with the winning run on 3rd and no outs? He openly challenged Wright. Pitchers didn’t go near Delgado the final month.

  • Baseballnation

    So Joba will be a 3-4 inning pitcher which qualifies him for zero wins on the year and that’s benefitial? And Giese should relieve him? I like Giese performance as much as anyone but he’s a 30 something journeyman for a reason. 2 words Aron Small. The rotation should be:

    Burnett (Just cause I think this is the route they will go)
    Veteran pitcher who qaulifies as a 4/5

    • jsbrendog

      phil coke. lol, small sample size be damned! common sense be dam,ned!! i just want to see him kick ass and be the next above average lefty yankee starter

      • jsbrendog

        plus at this point you have to take coke over kennedy if only because coke hasn’t gotten shelle dlike kennedy.

  • Brad K

    The Yanks have struggled the past few seasons putting together a healthy, available starting 5, now they must produce 6. Isn’t consistency in the rotation the backbone of most playoff bound teams (see 2008 TB Rays)? This just doesn’t sound like a workable plan. Why is it that the Yankees have all this raw talent in the system but they struggle so much in making the transition to the big’s? Lets assume the Ray’s aren’t going away next year. The AL East is now even tougher then ever before with very few push over opportunities. You can’t go to Tampa anymore when you need a feel good game to lift your team or your rotation. The Yanks will need to be loaded for bear next year if they want to compete. Many times they have broken camp with many options for the rotation only to find themselves short handed very quickly.

  • Old Ranger

    I sorta like the idea of having Joba as starter all year. Even with him missing starts during the year it’s good. People made fun of Moose because of his proclivity for regiment and schedule, there is a good reason for the regiment…comfort and predictability. Starters have a different regiment then BP pitchers, therefore bouncing around can screw with his approach as a start or relief work.
    For one, I think it will make him more of a #1-2 pitcher just behind CMW…for now. Please don’t under value Phil, he will be much better next year…not Joba, but good enough to be a #3-4 on any team. 27/09!

  • Lanny

    You know developing a young pitcher isn’t rocket science. Teams do it every year. Why is such a production with the Yankees?

    Joba is a starter. You start him. When he needs a break you skip him.

    They make this way harder than it should.

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  • http://thebigmistake godfather

    amen, lanny…they have tooled with pitchers and added to the fragility more than overcome it….sissyball