Heyman: Yanks in on Teixeira, ManRam


Whetting our appetites for more Hot Stove rumors is the latest from Jon Heyman. He reports that the Yanks are in on the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes, but the team does not feel it will outbid Boston, Anaheim or the DC-Baltimore duo. They could, of course, very well surprise everyone, but the more I think about committing eight or nine years to Teixeira, the more hesitant I become. Heyman, meanwhile, notes that if Teixeira signs elsewhere, the Yanks will almost definitely go in on Manny Ramirez. A bat will be added to the Bronx lineup yet.

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  1. Brooklyn Ed says:

    seriously no love for Dunn? or is it too soon?

    • Ben K. says:

      Dunn’s not really in the same class as Manny and Teixeira. Wait to see how the top tier shakes down, and then the Yanks can move on Dunn.

      • Brooklyn Ed says:

        Yeh I figured. probably after Teixeria is signed, the market will begin to shape up for him.

      • Mike A. says:

        Mark Teixeira: .378 OBP, .541 SLG
        Adam Dunn: .381 OBP, .518 SLG

        Dunn is in that class (Manny is on an entirely different level), and when you consider that he’ll probably command half the AAV of Tex, Dunn is an excellent option.

        • Mike Pop says:

          BUT THE AVERAGE !!!!!!!!

          • BUT TEH STRIKEOUUTS!!!!1!!!1!!1!!!!!11!! AND TEH PASSION FOR TEH GAME!!!!1!!!1!!1!!!!!eleven!!

            • Ben K. says:

              Ok. You too. Let’s just go back to the regular sized comment names with no a/k/a stuff please.

              • Jay CT says:

                How about instead of no long names, there is a limit to only once a day can they write the whole “teh passion for teh…!!1!!11!!!STRIKEOUTS SUX.CASH NEEDS TO GO!!!11!!!” shit. It gets to be as annoying as the actual people who say it and mean it

              • JeffG says:

                I’m with Jay – It’s getting really old.
                Of course jsbrendog and Papavano don’t mind- You guys are constantly stroking each other like a bad HS click.

                Anyways, on the topic of Tex – I hope he signs with the Nationals or the Orioles. Sounds like Manny would be a counter punch to a big signing from Boston. Hope we can avoid that scenario.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Papavano ? Really ?

                • Jay CT says:

                  That is kind of what I meant when I said I expected it Mike. I think you bring alot of insight to the talks, but you never make a solid statement or go out on a limb with a “bold statement.” You always ask a question. Also, you always side with “the bosses.” I wouldn’t say you are immature at all, you never act like a dick- actually, just the opposite, you are always a really nice guy. You are just predictable.

                  And in regard to the whole “mocking” of other people’s thoughts, it just seems immature and kind of hypocritical when the rules are to play nice and then people insult someone by doing that crap. It just gets old. I know this is off topic, but there really is never a subject

                • Mike Pop says:

                  I never make a bold statement?

                  Everything we talk about on this blog is the same thing everyday with pretty much everything regarding the “hot stove” I disagree that I always side with the “bosses”

                  But this is not anything to get into an “argument” about.

                  I just dont understand how you say I bring alot of insight into the talks but I never do anything out of the ordinary

                • Jay CT says:

                  Well I guess when I say insight I mean you bring up a lot of strong topics. However, you seem to phrase them as a question as opposed to a statement.

                  This is getting off the subject though of what I was originally mentioning- The whole “TEH!!!11!!!1″ is getting old and tired, and it sucks having to filter through 20 of those stupid things just to find the good stuff. This blog has become popular because it is some of the most reliable Yankee information/opinions, and it sucks when it gets lost in the shuffle. It brings the overall value down in my opinion.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Alright bro I see what ya meant.

            • Alan says:

              DUNN IS TEH TERRIBLE!!1!!1!1!1!1!1!!!! CASHMAN SHOULD LOSE HIS JOB IF HE SIGNS HIM!!1!!1!!!!!!1!1!!1!

      • Ryan S. says:

        Good, this is the type of news I wanted to read. The New York Yankees are looking to improve their offense, that’s all I need to know.

        If we can’t get Tex or it doesn’t make sense, we’ll go for Manny.

        If we don’t want Manny, we’ll go for Dunn.

        and if we don’t want Dunn, I will kill somebody…and then we’ll go for Mike Cameron.

  2. daneptizl says:

    Lets get it

    • DonnieBaseballHallofFame aka they guy who has well documented history of belligerent thickheadedness and anti-intellectual character assassinations says:



      • Ben K. says:

        Ok. Can you go back to the shorter version of your user name now? It’s wearing thin.

        • Mike Pop says:


        • DonnieBaseballHallofFame aka they guy who has well documented history of belligerent thickheadedness and anti-intellectual character assassinations says:

          Sure as soon as your buddy does change his. That guy posts about ten times as much as I do, yet my name is the one bothering you.

          oKay, right.

          • Ben K. says:

            OK. I asked nicely. This was a completely unwarranted reply.

            How about this? If you don’t change your name, I’m not going to allow you to post until you do. The same will hold for TSJC the next time he posts also. You were first today; you get asked first. You get one more shot and then I’ll moderate all of your comments until it’s changed.

            • Out of respect for you three, Ben, I’ll volunteer to shorten it.

              But this sucks.

              Basically, I’m getting penalized because this other guy copied me (poorly, I might add) and made my uniqueness redundant and less enjoyable? So not fair. Why are the sins of the father visited upon the heads of the children?

              What length am I allowed? Can I add back “Ridiculous Upside”?

              • jsbrendog says:

                i think ridiculous upside has ridiculous upside. i saw it with my own eyes.

              • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                No way, you got sonned with your own style. If you want I can do ten posts a day with a gang of number 1′s and say Sux0r of whatever all that is about.

                You started using my name and likeness in your sig (I am going to sue you for un-intelectial property jacking)

              • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

                “If you can change, and I can change, then we can all change.”

                Better said words were never spoken.

                Thank you, Mr Rockford J. Balboa

            • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

              Is that one better for you there buddy?

              Seriously it is nice to have rules and all but when you move in certain ways you show yourself in certain lights.

              • Ben K. says:

                I’m not quire sure what you’re talking about. We’ve asked both of you to shorten your names. Just because I may not have asked TSJC to do it in public doesn’t mean the request wasn’t issued.

                I’m not singling you out for anything, and I don’t see why you have this absurd persecution complex. If you don’t like us — which you clearly don’t — you don’t need to stay around here. But if you’re going to stay here, play be our rules. They’re not very onerous. Basically, we ask that everyone treats everyone else respectfully. That seems to be a problem for you.

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  Who is the “us” I do not like?

                  I actually get along with most people very well on this board. I may not sit at the same E-lunch table as you or your kooky friends (i meant that in a nice way, you could substitute the word zany if kooky is not to your liking) but that I do not really care about.

                  Nobody informed me I was breaking any rules at any time.

                  “Basically, we ask that everyone treats everyone else respectfully.”

                  That is a funny one because most of the people that seem to be your bestus buddies on here do not do that one at all.

                  I think if you look at the vast majority of my posts you will find it hard to find me not treating people respectfully. I do not think you can say the same for some of your close personal E-pals, or even some of the other fellows on here who use vulgar language quite frequently especially in the nightly “open threads”

                • Ben K. says:

                  Nobody informed me I was breaking any rules at any time.

                  And when I did twenty minutes ago, you threw a hissy fit about it.

                • jsbrendog says:

                  sigh. questioning someones opinion or cursing isnt the same as your personal attacks dbhof which we have already established via looking at previous threads that you initiate when someone questions your opinions and asks for facts instead of your opinion “i saw it with my own eyes” “stats are for pussies” schpiel

                • Ben K. says:

                  You know what? Let’s just drop it. It’s fine. We’ve all shortened our names back to things that are more manageable.

                  On another note, if you notice a lot of vulgarity in the open threads, e-mail the author of the thread with the links to the comments. I generally am not around for the OTs these days and it’s getting increasingly tougher to keep up with the comment volume, but if there’s something you don’t like, bring it to our attention.

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  Mr Pop, alas my Commodore 64 will not allow me to view video sharing sites, but once I make the upgrade I will make sure to view that on my black and white monitor.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Poor guy

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  Yeah I only make $1.82 a year. I am hoping Obama does something about my checks on the 1st and 15th, its getting hard on these here streets. I need that thug motivation, lets get it!

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Im being sarcastic so dont take offence to it

                • Yeah I only make $1.82 a year. I am hoping Obama does something about my checks on the 1st and 15th, its getting hard on these here streets. I need that thug motivation, lets get it!

                  Humor fail = you

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  Actually comedy is more about audience than performer.

                  I am sure jokes that have something to do with South Park, the IT profession, Futurama, and Dave Chapelle would go over much better here than things that were actually funny like say jokes ripped off Carlin or Pryor.

                  Larry the Cable guy may or may not be funny but I would assume he would kill in a crowd manned by the Walmart set. Just as some guy with tight pants, an I-Phone 3g, and some reworked jokes from a channel off extended basic cable would on here.

                • UWS says:

                  Dude…why’d you have to drag tight pants and iPhone 3G into it?

                • Actually comedy is more about audience than performer

                  You’re probably right. It’s an audience issue.

                  We’re too smart to get your non-smart humor.

                • Chip says:

                  Is this the guy who said he doesn’t not like us? I didn’t know they had a book of things that are actually funny as opposed to things found funny only by us lowly peons

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  Unlike you fellow, I do not think I have some patent on funny or wit.

                  The whole “us” mentality is humorous. Who is “us”? The four to ten people who mainly speak to each other on here? Or the few hundred people who read and post from time to time? I was speaking to the ten or less, not the whole board and I think it pretty much sums up who the guy with too many first names is.

                  Change your name to Son of Comedy Central, it would be a good look for you.

                • kimonizer says:

                  Wow, while I read a lot and don’t post too often (definitely not one of DBHOF’s supposed antagonistic cadre) even I am starting to feel offended by him in this thread.

                  Bravo DBHOF, way to alienate.

                • Will F. says:

                  I thought this was a Yankee blog!

  3. WhizzoTheWize says:

    A playoff run requires more offense.

    Manny is crazy.

    Tex isn’t as good as the $ he’ll get.

    I say…

    sign them both.

    27 in 2009!

  4. Slugger27 says:

    sigh…. im not a fan of signing manny… while his 2nd half 2008 was phenomenal, one could easily see the decline in power and health in 06 and 07

    with his attitude issues, i just dont think hed be a good fit with girardi and his would-be yankee teammates

    please get tex or dunn instead

    • DonnieBaseballHallofFame aka they guy who has well documented history of belligerent thickheadedness and anti-intellectual character assassinations says:

      He may not be a good fit with Girardi. But was Reggie a good fit with Billy? Let me know how that worked out.

      If you need a better fit, bump Joe G to the YES booth and hire Donnie to manage so Manny can be happy. He might even let him have sideburns.

        • DonnieBaseballHallofFame aka they guy who has well documented history of belligerent thickheadedness and anti-intellectual character assassinations says:

          Slugger. What do you want me to disagree with? There is a post that gives pros and cons. You want me to go point for point and disagree with each one?

          I think not.

          I want Manny on the team because he would change the lineup more than any other player in MLB. I have said many times on here that I would offer him HUGE money PLUS incentives for a one or two year deal if I was Mr Cashman / Mr Jr Boss.

          • Slugger27 says:

            the point of my post was saying the cons outweigh the pros… i wanted u to disagree and explain the pros outweigh the cons, if u did feel that way

            all u did was basically tell me “hes a great hitter that would boost our lineup”… nobody ((including me or my post regarding him)) ever disputed that

            the argument is… is he worth it? with “it” being the huge money combined with the terrible defense and major attitude issues

            • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

              I think he will be worth it. Going point for point does nothing for anybody as I think we all agree on both the pros and the cons.

              One thing I will possibly disagree with is his D. I think his D is actually much better than given credit for the last couple of years.

              • Slugger27 says:

                yankee stadium left field is much bigger than fenway left field…. if anything i think his defensive mediocrity will be even more exposed at yankee stadium… especially since the best thing about his defense in the past 8 years was “at least he plays the monster wall better than most”

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  If Manny was on the Yanks next year he would still play 15 to 18 games in LF at Fenway.

                  He also played a bunch of games in LF in a bunch of other ballparks while with the Sox (and ONLY different ballparks with LA) He was not horrible in any way.

                  He is not a gold glover that is for sure, but the guy(s) we have out there are not either.

                • Slugger27 says:

                  “if manny was on the yanks next year he would still play 15 to 18 games in LF at fenway”

                  they have 9 games at fenway park.. 1/18 of the season… your statement would require the yanks and sox play each other 30-36 times

                  “he was not horrible in any way”

                  manny is a horrible defender… by “stat” arguments, by “eye” arguments, by every argument… u cant possibly say otherwise

                  “he is not a gold glover that is for sure, but the guys we have out there are not either”

                  while true, damon is a slightly above average left fielder defensively… substituing his defense with mannys would be a SIGNIFICANT downgrade, not to mention that damon moving to CF would be ANOTHER major downgrade

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  Sorry I messed up that game total.

                  I seriously do not think Manny is horrible in the field. He is not good, but horrible is overstating it.

                  Also I would not acquire Manny with the sole intent of putting him in LF. I would use him at DH as much as possible. Also with him getting older I would pinch hit him and let him have off days to keep him healthy and less crybabyish.

                  If Manny is horrible in LF, who have we have that was not at least bad or horrible in our OF in the last 3 or 4 years that played a full season here?

                  If Damon is above average in LF, I have been watching a lot of baseball games played by superior OFers. Damon takes horrible routes to balls, misjudges a ton of balls, and has the worst arm I have ever seen on a guy who plays above 12 year old little league.

                • Sweet Dick Willie says:

                  and has the worst arm I have ever seen on a guy who plays above 12 year old little league.

                  Bernie Williams circa 2005-2006 says hello.

        • Here, I’ll respond. Allow me to restate your argument, with a slight modification.


          “Cons for Manny:
          1. He will come at a VERY HIGH salary
          2. We will likely have to sign him for 3 years
          3. He is terrible defensively
          4. He’s old, and will decline in the next 3 years
          5. He has attitude problems
          6. He doesn’t fit the mold that cashman has been working toward (youth, defense, roster flexibility)
          7. While only filled for 2009, his position on the team is indeed already filled

          Pros for Manny:
          1. The dude mashes”

          2. The dude …mashes
          3. Bro, the dude… fucking… MASHES!!!
          4. Have you seen Manny? Amazing. The dude flat out MASHES.
          5. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but, um, the dude MASHES.


          That is all.

          • Mike Pop says:


          • Slugger27 says:

            “bring out the old 1950s jukebox and dust off the monster mash”


          • jsbrendog says:

            this was much mroe than mildly entertaining even though i disagree and agree the cons outwigh the pros

          • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

            “Basically, we ask that everyone treats everyone else respectfully.”

            -Ben K.

            Very respectful, and very very classy mouth there Mr 4 Firstnames.

            • Joseph P. says:

              How is this treating anyone with disrespect? Cursing does not necessarily denote disrespect. In fact, I can come up with a shitload of ways in which cursing is not disrespectful.

              • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                I think if you see this as not disrespectful there is not really any way one could change your mind on that so I will not spend time trying to change your core values as a person.

                The cursing in of itself is not what i was saying was disrespect, but what I was saying was not very classy. I am sure children read this site and tossing around the F bomb left and right is not something I would want my children to read. I understand that there is an overwhelming college humor theme among most posters that I may not be on board with.

                Really again I guess I am wasting my time on this front. I come here to talk about baseball with fellow Yankees fans who have different points of view to share, and most times I enjoy this.

                The few people that have issue with me seem to be the same guys who started this whole Donnie vs Bernie thing. If you can look it up please feel free to. I said in a thread that I thought Bernie was over rated and a crap storm came after that. I did say that I think anybody who thought Bernie was a better player was a fool, and if that was disrespectful than that was as far as I went on that. I made jokes in response to some pretty harsh attacks but I dropped the whole thing that day.

                It was the guy with the 3 or 5 first names who kept things rolling and every time I have anything to say on any subject feels the need to rehash that original argument. I do not.

            • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

              Actually, he only has 2 first names and 2 last names.

            • jsbrendog says:

              look dude, if youre going to be a douchebag and all annoyingly commenting on every post he makes then why dont you just sotp posting? there’s no disrespect there which is pretty OBVIOUS since the original poster he re-quoted quoted him and LAUGHED AT IT. seriously, if you can’t have fun othen at least stop ruining everyone elses.

            • Donnie, for the billionth time, it’s called wit. You bemoan it because you don’t possess any.

              You clutch at so many straws trying to sway public opinion away from me and towards you it’s laughable. Perhaps instead of counting how many times I curse, or blatantly and annoyingly copying my style, or picking verbal fights with people that you constantly lose (since you seem incapable of defending a point), you should try being less of an annoying, unfunny whiner who constantly says ludicrous statements that nobody agrees with.

              That’s another option.

              • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                I actually do not read most of your ten million posts per day.

                Nobody here copied anything from you.

                Wit is something you lack, not maintain a surplus of.

                If anybody and I mean ANYBODY on here really cares about “public opinion” of them on here it is YOU. You spend your day begging people to laugh on here at your same Comedy Central hack comedy.

                • jsbrendog says:

                  next on “As the RAB Turns:”

                  TJSC’s long lost twin brother (with even more ridiculous upside) returns from the grave to challenege DBHOF to a duel. and we find out in a cliffhanger just who he really is. Tune in next time middle aged hosuewives eating bon bons and reading OK magazine, to “As the Rab Turns”

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Housewives have to be Hot and Desperate though

                • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

                  Is that the show show where Billy Crystal plays the gay guy?

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  Wait, Billy Crystals not really gay?

                • Nobody here copied anything from you.

                  Your lengthy name was not only a direct paraphrase of a statement I made towards you (hence, copying), but also a mimicry of my long established style. The fact that you dispute this is utterly nonsensical. For someone who claims a constant monopoly on age, wisdom, and historical accuracy, you have a funny way of conveniently forgetting the historical record when it suits you.

                  Wit is something you lack, not maintain a surplus of. If anybody and I mean ANYBODY on here really cares about “public opinion” of them on here it is YOU.

                  Seeing as how all of your jokes fail miserably, and mine are laughed at frequently, and many of them have entered the lexicon of the site, again, the historical record betrays you. Virtually nobody on the board has ever called for me to leave due to me being annoying/belligerent/thickheaded/unfunny/etc.

                  You get piled on at least once a week around here, for saying ridiculously unintelligent/unfunny/demeaning and insulting crap. That should tell you something. The authors of the damn site have specifically questioned, in public, why you keep coming back and posting more ridiculous, indefensible crap and why you keep claiming persecution and trying to get me/others in trouble. That should tell you something.

                  Ben, Mike, and Joe are in the business of running a website, where higher traffic equals larger ad revenue and more profit, and yet they have actually suggested to you, one of their customers, “perhaps it would be better if you stop patronizing our business”. Because you’re annoying the piss out of the other customers.

                  That should tell you something.

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  “Your lengthy name was not only a direct paraphrase of a statement I made towards you”

                  Actually it was just making fun of you and how much you think of yourself. If you did not somehow get that, not my problem.

                  “Seeing as how all of your jokes fail miserably, and mine are laughed at frequently, and many of them have entered the lexicon of the site”

                  Again, you NEED your E-persona to be “liked”
                  Pat yourself on the back again for your advanced degree in Yankee Message Board Humor and Wit.

                  You seem to be the sort of guy who plans their “outfit” for the next day the night before and hopes that people will like it. Really guy I am happy it brings warmth to your heart that people like you they really do they like you. You seem more like Steve Martin in a pretty good movie with a two word title than Barak Obama.

                  “trying to get me/others in trouble”

                  LOL, seriously guy… In trouble? How could I get somebody in trouble?

                  If you think anybody could get your in trouble for what you say on a baseball message board you might be taking your time on here too seriously.

                  I have said you lack class, and I stick by that. But I am not trying to get anybody “in trouble” with a message board.

                • kimonizer says:

                  Wow, has this become tedious or is it just me?

                • Bruno says:

                  It’s not just you.

    • Zack says:

      Actually, last season was better than 2007 even before the trade. As many HRs in over 100 fewer ABS, higher OPS+, higher slug, higher everything.

      Was the Bos part of 2008 as good as 2006? No. On the other hand, 2006 was ridiculous (but in line with what he did in LA).

      Would I sign up for what Manny did #s wise in Boston spread out over the fulls season? You bet. Second highest ops+ on the team by quite a bit.

      Assuming Manny is on the decline (which of course he is simply by aging), would you sign up for 4 years of OPS+ of 135, 125, 120, and 115? I would put that as an overly pessimistic forecast considering he hasn’t OPS’d under .880 since 1994.

      • Slugger27 says:

        look, im not denying his hitting ability, the guy can mash.. but hes not above science… 2009, 2010, 2011 will be his age 37,38,39 seasons… aside from 2007, its hard to see a downward trend in his stats, but 2007 was indeed a down year for him, and 2008 was a contract year… manny cant defeat physics, and science tell us that guys, no matter how good their work ethic, will decline in their late 30s

        he figures to demand a 65-70 million dollar investment, he has major attitude issues (not running out balls, faking injuries, shoving FO execs to the ground… he even implied boston media/fans cared too much about winning)… on top of all that, anyone could envision friction between him and joe

        cashman has been trying to get younger and better defensively… manny represents the complete opposite of both…

        thats a lot of cons ((and thats just off the top of my head)) regarding manny, with the only pro being hes an incredible offensive talent ((i cant think of another pro))

        whether cashman thinks 1. he can continue that production without decline and 2. that continued production is worth all the other negatives about signing him is debatable….

        with all the negatives and everything considered… i dont think the juice is worth the squeeze
        (h/t to the girl next door)

        • kimonizer says:

          I think one great variable in all of this is whether he was unhappy in 2007-8 and that sometimes affected his statistical output. The gamble then becomes that he will be happier in NY for some reason (family, close to home, no annoying Bostonians) and therefore defy science because he is just one of those rare statistical anamolies who will just hit forever. Its kind of the same gamble they took on A-Rod. He is just so good, so even during his decline he will be crazy good.

          That of course is all speculation. But the upside of the lineup with Manny is scary good if all goes just right.

  5. radnom says:

    “According to our anonomous source with knowledge of the negotiations who called in, by the name of ‘Bott Scoras’”….

  6. Infamous says:

    I think this is why they are holding off of getting Cameron.

    Instead of spending 10 million on Cameron they’re going to look for an impact bat, Hopefully Manny or maybe get Dunn pretty cheap.

    Spending money on a impact bat allows them to keep gardner in CF and see if he can hit.

  7. pounder says:

    Tex solves so many problems for the Yanks it is hard to figure their lack of interest.Sign him,put him at first and Swisher/Damon/Gardner in center,and bingo the chances for number 27 looks promising.Of course it’s not my money,but I can dream.Can’t I ? If we are unable to secure another bat I would not be surprised to see either Giambi or Abreu re-upping for a year or two.

  8. Reggie C. says:

    Looks like somebody’s already made or will soon make Teixiera an 8 yr / $160 million offer. The Yanks aren’t going to lock down both corners for nearly a decade. Its the price we pay for giving A-rod his 10 year deal. I say get Manny.

  9. Z1m says:

    Who would take Damon/Matsui/Nady? That is the question here. If they could find someone to take one of those three players then I think Manny/Tex would be a great addition. If not it will be hard to find a place for all the cornor OF. You could go either way because Swisher could be an OF or 1b depending on who you get. Gardner/Melky in CF isn’t as bad if they have Manny/Tex on the team.
    I would think Damon and Nady would have possible places to go. Nady is owed less money then some of the OF free agents this year. I hear the Mets and Cubs are interested in Abreu…maybe Nady or Damon could interest them. They are all very similar players.

    The Yankees may be able to get a decent bullpen arm or 5th starter for one of them.

    My ideal lineup would be:
    SS Jeter
    2B Cano
    1B Tex
    3B Arod
    DH Matsui
    LF Nady
    RF Swisher
    CF Brett/Melky

  10. Reggie C. says:

    I should note that it makes way more sense for the RS or Angels to lock the 1B slot b/c if you look at their respective 3B situations, neither squad has a 3B locked in a long-term contract, so they’re not going to face a situation in which they’d have to move their 3B to 1B out of necessity. Though, the RS may be facing that situation if Youk repeats his ’08 season, and then asks for a big-fat extension.

    • A.D. says:

      yeah but they have prospects at those positions:

      Sox: Lars Anderson

      Angels: Trumbo & Morales

      • Mike Pop says:

        Wood too ?

        • A.D. says:

          Well I meant at 1st, Wood is SS/3B & 23, so even 10 years from now you would hope he can play the left side of the infield. Reggie C’s argument is that neither team has an aging 3B that needs to move to 1B (though I don’t really believe A-Rod will have to move).

          The Sox have Lowell for 2 years, who everyone says they’ll trade if Tex is signed & Youk, who would be “old” by the end of Tex’s contract.

          Of course there is also the DH slot that comes into play, Ortiz & Vlad probably won’t be with those teams for that much longer (especially if their team gets Tex).

  11. planet says:

    really though, what kind of contract do you even have to offer dun? 3×15?

  12. joe kappa says:

    just to let you all know even though adam dunn has a high obp he did play with the reds which is in the national league and did not play as dominant competition as the yankees will play

    manny is by far the best choice i mean guys hes from new york and he can hit, you guys need to get over all the emotional problems you have with boston players and the yankees, i mean johnny damon played for the redsox and now hes playing for the yankees and he hits the ball for contact real well

    dunn isn’t as good as you guys think he wouldnt fare well in the america league

    • jsbrendog says:

      “you guys need to get over all the emotional problems you have with boston players and the yankees”

      this makes no sense as no one here feels this ay or has written that this is a reason NOT to sign manny

      “dunn isn’t as good as you guys think he wouldnt fare well in the america league”

      and you have facts to predict this? evidence? no, because taking pitches is taking pitches. He has proven he has a good eye at the plate which translates to either league even japan. He will do fine in the AL because hitting is different than pitching. and his low average yet high OBP shows that he has a good eye, takes pitches and is selective and his gaudy hr totals show that he hammers bad pitching but can also do well against good-great pitching (there are def “great” pitchers in the nl)

      so basically what you said made no sense

      • Jack says:

        No facepalm?

      • this makes no sense as no one here feels this ay or has written that this is a reason NOT to sign manny

        Meh, I think some people on here who are anti-Manny, the Boston connections have a good deal to do with that.

        There are many different reasons to be anti Manny, all of which have some validity (although, IMO, not enough validity to not sign the guy, but I digest.)

        But some of those reasons are purely emotional, and some of those emotional reasons are manifested by commenters on these boards.

        • Jack says:

          but I digest


        • Slugger27 says:

          i agree whole-heartedly with u

          im very much anti-manny, but its not cuz he used to play for the sux, its for the “many different reasons” as u just said

          but ur right, there are a lot of ppl on here that dont want him purely cuz he played for boston… however, there are some of us that have legitimate questions about him, and i hope that the 2 groups are easily detected to others posting and arguing on this board

        • jsbrendog says:

          i know but what im saying is that noe one has really used hhis boston past as the reason NOT to sign him in and of itself. some people have hinted at it or been like i hate him but he mashes etc. but i dont think anyone has been like, DON’T SIGN MANRAM HE SUXORS TEH THEO DICK!!!

    • Ryan says:

      Despite you’re lack of punctuation or even a coherent argument, I’ll attempt to reply to your comment in a reasonable way.

      Manny Ramirez is a better hitter than Adam Dunn by almost all statistical measures. Dunn is at best average defensively in LF. That said, Manny is so atrocious defensively that the difference in the total value of these two players is much smaller than you might think. Added to the fact that Dunn could come at a significantly cheaper rate than ManRam, I think it makes a ton of sense to look at Big Donkey.


      • Old Ranger says:

        Being honest, I don’t care for either of them over Tex! Manny is a top notch hitter, no getting around it…but as a person or teammate…he is a cancer (stats be damned).
        Dunn is an intriguing story, I have nothing against him, except his “D” is not that good…would his offence make-up for his short comings on “D”? This is what I don’t know. If I had to make a choice, I guess it would be Dunn…and hide him somewhere.
        Tex is almost everyone’s first choice, contract and price tag looks to be prohibitive for Cashs’ taste, and mine too. It sure would be sweet though!
        So, I guess my choice would be Dunn @ 3years Max. Trade Johnny, Nady or Matsui. 27/09.

  13. Brooklyn Ed says:

    over/under the weeks of Hal will crack and give Cash the OK to go all out to sign Tex, and go over the suggested payroll?

    • Ben K. says:

      I think they really have hours or days and not weeks to make that decision.

      • Brooklyn Ed says:


        over/under the days….

        correction fixed. :D

      • Ryan S. says:

        The rumblings about Tex are getting louder and louder, and I bet the teams bidding on him are starting to get antsy. I think by next week we’ll start seeing teams begin to show Teixeira their final, best offers. At least one team is probably gonna offer him that $200 million contract he wanted.

  14. Z1m says:

    I don’t think it has as much to do with money as everything thinks. I think it has more to do with flexibility within the roster. You can’t pick up Manny/Tex unless you have somewhere to go with some of the others guys. Example Damon/Matsui and Nady. If you keep everyone and add manny or tex then your making bad money moves.

    Dunn is a waste. Woudn’t even consider it. Same production from Giambi and he would come back a lot cheaper.

    • jsbrendog says:

      “Same production from Giambi ”

      you’re kidding right?

      • Chris says:

        Adam Dunn 2008: .236/.386/.513 OPS+ 129
        Jason Giambi 2008: .247/.373/.502 OPS+ 128

        Looks pretty similar to me.

        • jsbrendog says:

          touche, but im talking about 2009. theres no way, QUOTE ME HERE, the two are remotely close in statistical analysis after this coming season. Dunn is younger and i feel has much more upside as well as htis mroe hr. giambi is older and on the downside.

        • Slugger27 says:

          one is in major decline phase, the other is in his prime

          one has hit 40+ homers 5 years in a row and been very consistent, the other had an unusual, unexpected spike in production in 08 ((most likely because it was a contract year))

          • Ryan S. says:

            Dunn can also play as an average (or slightly below average) corner outfield, and Giambi is a full time DH.

            Dunn is also…what? 8 or 9 years younger?

            Its pretty obvious that Dunn is the superior player.

          • Chris says:

            Actually, there was really nothing unexpected about Giambi’s 2008 season (other than maybe that he stayed healthy the whole time).

            Here are his lines from his years with the Yankees:

            2002: .314/.435/.598 OPS+ 172 in 155 games
            2003: .250/.412/.527 OPS+ 148 in 156 games
            2004: .208/.342/.379 OPS+ 90 in 80 games
            2005: .271/.440/.535 OPS+ 161 in 139 games
            2006: .253/.413/.558 OPS+ 148 in 139 games
            2007: .236/.356/.433 OPS+ 108 in 83 games
            2008: .247/.373/.502 OPS+ 128 in 145 games

            The seasons that are out of the ordinary are 2004 and 2007, where he missed about half the season. The other years show a typical decline phase.

            The question of who’s a better option between Dunn and Giambi comes down to the contract. For equal dollars/years, I’d take Dunn. But you may be able to get Giambi on a 1 year, relatively cheap deal thus getting similar production for less money.

    • Slugger27 says:

      giambi will be 38 opening day… cant be counted on for dunn production

      • jsbrendog says:

        thank you you beat me to it.

        sorry ifi was not clear

      • Ryan says:

        I think it’s probably important to note that Dunn is about league average defensively, while Giambi is awful. If you use FRAR there’s about a full win difference the two.

        • Slugger27 says:

          u dont have to sell me… theres not a bigger “dont bring back giambi under any circumstances” guy on this thread than me

          • Ryan says:

            Sorry, I was trying to agree with you by adding another level to your argument. I just can’t believe that people think that signing Manny or Giambi are good ideas. There are more efficient ways to improve the club both offensively and defensively, and signing either of those two guys is a terrible use of resources.

            • I just can’t believe that people think that signing Manny or Giambi are good ideas.

              Manny and Giambi are two totally different players and different cases. It’s unfair to lump them together.

              Giambi won’t add much to our offense going forward. Manny would add a considerable amount to our offense going forward, more than enough to compensate for his poor defense.

  15. MS says:

    Let’s get Tex. Who cares what we spend, we are always looked at as the bad guys anyway—so let’s really be the bad guys. You watch, if someone else spends $200 mil. on Tex you won’t here a thing about how they overpaid, but the Yanks are the worst.

    • Ryan S. says:

      If you want to be evil, you gotta go with ManRam. It’d be worth it just to see the entire Red Sox nation shit themselves.

      • It is a nice bonus present.

        Although, they’d also shit themselves if we got Tex, since they need Tex much more going forward than they need Manny (since he’s an impossibility…)

        Tex on the Yanks means only we add an impact bat. Manny on the Yanks leaves Tex possibly going to Boston, making it a virtual wash.

        • Ryan S. says:

          Is there anyway to measure how a hitter effects those who surround him in the lineup? The result of Manny protecting A-Rod has got to be more significant than Dunn, or even Tex, doing the same thing. To me, that’s the greatest asset Manny brings to the table.

          • whozat says:

            Yeah. You can look at the stats of the players around your hitter when he’s in the lineup versus when he’s not.

            I’m pretty sure there’s no statistical correlation to be found here. Which is why people who use advanced stats pretty universally pooh-pooh the notion of “protection”. They’ve looked, and there’s no consistent correlation. Sure, you might look at Manny/Ortiz and say “wow! There it is! There’s ‘lineup’ protection working! As soon as Manny left, Ortiz sucked!”

            Buuut, you ignore the wrist injury, ignore the fact that he hit his prime when the Sox got him, and probably some other factors too (moving to a park that’s VERY favorable for his swing?).

      • Chris says:

        Wouldn’t it be nice to just sign both? That would really get those Sox fans panties in a bunch.

  16. Bo says:

    Seems like they are making the same mistake they made with Beltran and CF. But it is easier to find a 1b and they do need to keep the spot open for all their aging players and maybe Montero.

  17. Infamous says:

    While I think signing Manny would be nice and awesome. I think that Dunn is probably a better choice.

    Manny> Dunn
    However Dunn doesnt bring along baggage and everything that Manny does

    And Dunn is going to be alot cheaper than Manny. Also Dunn is younger.

    Dunn 2008 age 28
    .386 obp .513 slugging 40 hr

    Manny 2008 age 36
    .430 obp .601 slugggig 37 hr

    While Manny definately had a better year. Dunn might be the safer bet

    Also if we got Dunn instead of Manny we could probably afford CAmeron as well.

    I say go for it all next year and do it

    • Eric says:

      Manny’s run after being traded last year was absurd, but I don’t think he’s going to post those kind of numbers over a full season. With some decline expected for Manny, the production gap between him and Dunn narrows, though Manny is still clearly the better hitter.

    • Ryan S. says:

      What is this elusive baggage issue about Manny that everyone is bringing up? I don’t see the guy being a negative clubhouse presence.

      Also, age comparisons don’t apply to Manny Ramirez. I would hope/expect Manny to put up career average numbers, he hasn’t shown that he’s even close to losing a step yet. He certainly doesn’t get much wear and tear on his knees with all that speed-walking he does on the bases.

      • jsbrendog says:

        i would love to see girardi wearing one of those doorsags with the dreads coming out the back like the dodgers sold last yr

      • Infamous says:

        Did you not see what he did in Boston until he got his way??

        IMO, Dunn(10mill)+ Cameron(10 mill) > Manny (20+mill).

        • Mike Pop says:

          He was pissed. He was not right to pull that but I guess he felt like they should of gave him the money because of what he accomplished for them in his time there

          • Old Ranger says:

            Bull sh–! He signed a contract to play for x amount of $$$$ for x amount of time, he was very well paid in fact. He should have shut up and done his job the best he could’ve…then get the big bucks. Or, he shouldn’t have been so greedy in the first place and sign a long term contract putting him into grandfatherhood (is that a word?). What, to harsh? He’s a puss–, grow up and be a man.27/09.

        • jsbrendog says:

          no one will get dunn for 10 mil

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

      If an OBP difference of .044 and SLG difference of .088 is not that big a deal, then wouldn’t a guy with .342 OPB and .425 SLG be the same as Adam Dunn?

  18. Axl says:

    On Ravech there seems to be a quote from him saying that Tex has “an enormous attraction towards the Orioles”.

    He did grow up there…

    Interesting though

  19. Not that Colorado is looking to trade him or anything, this is just pure speculation, but I wonder what it would take to pry Brad Hawpe from the Rockies – .380 OBP every year for 3 years running, entering his prime and starting to price himself out of Colorado (5.5, 7.5, 10 option is the remainder of his contract).

    But oh yeah, since he plays in Mile High, his numbers don’t count — sorry for bringing it up……

  20. Manimal says:

    In the end, we do not NEED anyone. It is preferable to sign either Dunn, Manny or Tex but when that time comes the yankees will deal with it. If not Tex then Manny, if not Manny, then Dunn.

    • I don’t know bro. We we’re 4th in the AL in OBP, 7th in runs (OPS perhaps as well?) and we lost Giambi + Abreu. Posada and Matsui may be returning, but there’s no rule that says they can’t get hurt again. I think we need one big hitter (Manny/Tex/Dunn) before we can settle in, although I do think the Swisher trade could be the 2000s version of getting Paulie back in the day.

      • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

        I understand what you are saying and agree on most points but do you really feel Swisher is a comparable player to Paulie or you just feel the effect on the roster / team / how they play will be similar?

        • TheLastClown says:

          Well, Swish will be 28 Opening Day *he’ll still be 28 when the 09 WS is over*

          Paulie was 30 when he came over.

          Paulie had played 6 full seasons, Swish has played 4

          While Paulie tended to put up a bit more average before the Yanks than Swish, Swish has shown more power.

          Plus I think Swish is better with the glove, but Im not sure on that one.

          Swish has better OBP than Paulie did before he came over, and more BB

          I’ll go out on a limb & say Swish is a similar player to Paulie, I just hope the Yankees make him better, as they did for Paulie.

          • Ryan S. says:

            Until I see Swish beat the shit out of a watercooler, I refuse to compare him to Paulie, even if their stats are identical.

          • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

            I watched Paulie a lot when he was with Cinci, so I knew more about him and had a better feel of what type of player he was when he got here than I am of Swisher.

            Swisher seems like a positive upbeat kind of guy (people on the White Sox say different), while Paulie was the most negative crotchety old man even when he was not old. Paulie was the type of guy you could see in Cinci would eventually hit in the .300′s but I doubt anybody would have thought he was going to win a batting title. As far as the glove, from what i have seen Paulie was better than Swisher is, but I hope I am wrong.

            I agree that the Yankees (cough Don Mattingly cough) made Paulie better, and I hope the Yankees (cough Derek Jeter cough) make Swisher a better player.

            I while not a Swisher fan, like the IDEA behind bringing him to the Yankees, and any deal that gets rid of Wilson B. is a friend to me.

  21. Ryan S. says:

    Bah, meant to post this as a new jammy, not as a reply.

    Is there anyway to measure how a hitter effects those who surround him in the lineup? The result of Manny protecting A-Rod has got to be more significant than Dunn, or even Tex, doing the same thing. To me, that’s the greatest asset Manny brings to the table.

    • TheLastClown says:

      One could take a look at Papi’s #’s with the Twinkies & the Red Sox.

      It’s not an umbrella stat, but it serves your point :)

      • whozat says:

        Well, this is even more apropos down here. Reposted from above:

        Yeah. You can look at the stats of the players around your hitter when he’s in the lineup versus when he’s not.

        I’m pretty sure there’s no statistical correlation to be found here. Which is why people who use advanced stats pretty universally pooh-pooh the notion of “protection”. They’ve looked, and there’s no consistent correlation. Sure, you might look at Manny/Ortiz and say “wow! There it is! There’s ‘lineup’ protection working! As soon as Manny left, Ortiz sucked!”

        Buuut, you ignore the wrist injury, ignore the fact that he hit his prime when the Sox got him, and probably some other factors too (moving to a park that’s VERY favorable for his swing?).

        • Ryan S. says:

          So that’s the sabrmetric way of looking at it…what about from a baseball scout’s point of view? Won’t A-Rod be pitched to differently if you have Manny up right behind him?

        • TheLastClown says:

          Those factors undoubtedly play a part, but do you think that the Fenway wall & spinning his wheels in Min waiting for his prime outweighs the simple fact that he’s going to see a pitch over the plate because no one wants to have to pitch to Manny?

          It’s not that Ortiz sucked. He truly became a better hitter in the last few years. It’s not like he was a marionette dancing on the Manny-strings. I’m looking less for the immediate drop-off due to protection *or lack thereof* and looking more for the sudden leap in production when he got some protection.

          Maybe someone will come up with a quantifier for that someday.

          • Yeah, as a guy who does subscribe to a good amount of sabermetric theory, I don’t fully agree that there’s no such thing as lineup protection. There’s too many anecdotal cases where pitchers are clearly affected by who’s in the on-deck circle for it to have zero real effect.

            If you wanted to say that lineup protection is a smaller, less central phenomenon, sure, you’re probably right. 90% of pitcher strategy is probably dictated solely on the matchup between the pitcher and hitter at the plate, plus game situation (outs, men on, etc.) But to say it doesn’t exist is something I’m not prepared to sign off on.

        • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

          Manny behind ANYBODY in the lineup makes them better. Thinking otherwise is silly. Trying to measure it is also silly, there is no true way to do so. But that is the same with ALL stats. In any stat you are missing something.

          I think everybody can agree that Manny is an awesome force at the plate (I am not using awesome in the 1980s use of the word, or the current late 20′s early 30′s white guy use of the word. but in the historic definition of the word Awesome) and including him into our line up would be great.

          Where people disagree is to the level of effect it will have on Alex. I think it will be a lot, some think not so much. Again you can not believe it will have NO effect. So it is a positive. How much? Up for debate.

          Manny in the field is a much longer argument that has merit on both sides. Manny in the clubhouse I think is also something that nobody knows until it happens, if it happens. I think it is worth the risk. We have build a team largely of old guys and mercenaries (which we never did in the dynasty years like so many non Yankees fans think), so why not see this model all the way to its end with the ultimate old guy mercenary who has an axe to grind with him former employer and our number one rival. I axe you this.

          • Trying to measure it is also silly, there is no true way to do so. But that is the same with ALL stats. In any stat you are missing something.

            [ biting tongue... ]

            • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

              Aww see here we go again. My 4:30 call gets pushed back, so I hop back up on here and here we go again.

              Any and every stat misses something. Do I really need to go into how that is true? All numbers miss some nuance within their own measure. Any one stats misses something (which may or may not be covered by another stat).

              Don’t bite your tongue, bite your fingers. They are the ones that are betraying you here.

              I was not saying all stats are silly, I was saying that ALL individual statistical measures fail to show one thing or another (most by design)

              Seriously dude I think you need to ease up off inspecting every word of every one of my posts looking for something to say something about.

              I was moving in the direction of peace, then you pop off. Not righteous of you duke.

              • jsbrendog says:

                ::hugs his spreadsheets::

                don’t listen to him guys. he’s just being silly cause he is silly for thinking stats are silly and anyone who thinks otherwise is silly.

          • kimonizer says:

            What is your definition of mercenary? Because we had a lot of guys on the dynasty teams who were expensive free agents, were brought in during stretch runs or forced their teams to trade them to come to the Yankees who could also be considered mercenaries:


            I am a lifelong Yankee fan, but the expensive or resented player acquisition was very much a part of the dynasty.

            • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:


              Out of the guys you mentioned only one was not obtained by trade. I recall Wells signed as a free agent but he always wanted to play for the Yanks and fit as a Yankee to the players and the fans right away. He also peeved Torre which made it fun in a lot of respects.

              Tino would have been a good guy for your to name as he was a free agent. But Tino was loved by Yankees fans for the most part (but just not right away). We had to sign Tino as Donnie pretty much let it be known he was gone.

              All teams sign free agents. I was saying the Yanks of today have an old guy or a big money free agent at most slots, why not get the best old guy who wants a ton of money for our lineup.

              The Yanks Dynasty teams were not made even mostly of big name free agents, or even big money trade guys. Plus our team was youthful in a lot of respects. Was a much better all around mix than this club is in my opinion.

              • Joseph P. says:

                “Tino would have been a good guy for your to name as he was a free agent. ”

                No. The Yankees traded Russ Davis and Sterling Hitchcock for Tino Martinez.

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  Dammit your right and I recall the day as I was sad and hoping Donnie would come back and that pretty much crushed me.

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  Tino had one year left and they pretty much wanted to dump his salary right? Or do I have that wrong too. I actually remember where I was in my house when I heard on WFAN about Tino. I possibly blocked that out.

                  “But… but…but… Maybe he can share time with Donnie at 1st base and DH…. long deep sigh”

                  I was crushed. Almost as much as I was the last night of the ALDS with the M’s.

                • jsbrendog says:

                  jeff nelson, mike stanton, john wetteland, chili davis, cecil fielder daryl strawberry jose canseco all brought in for one reason TO BE MERCENARIES and hep us win. you know what free agents and trades do? they help you win

                  we BOUGHT el duqe from cuba basically after he came on a raft

                  we BOUGHT Irabu

                  tim raines, graeme lloyd, glenallen hill, doc gooden, denny neagle, david justine, luis polonia, mike mussina, ADRIAN HERNANDEZ, mark wohlers (who somehow was on the team in 2001), henry rodriguez coming off of an amazing yr in chicago a yr or two before we signed him

                  as usual you are wrong wrong wrong

                • But Donnie, saying that they weren’t big ticket free agents is not entirely intellectually honest. They were all approaching free agency and their teams sold them for pennies on the dollar to recoup value for them before that value disappeared. And we then subsequently gave them max-out deals. The difference between Cone (traded for peanuts and then resigned to a mammoth deal) and Wells (signed as a free agent) is virtually nil.

                • gg says:

                  sterling hitchock, what a name

              • The Yanks Dynasty teams were not made even mostly of big name free agents, or even big money trade guys.

                That’s not true.

                Cone – big money trade guy
                Clemens – big money trade guy
                Tino – big money trade guy
                Knoblauch – big money trade guy
                Paulie – big money trade guy
                Ruben Sierra – big money trade guy
                Cecil Fielder – big money trade guy
                David Justice – big money trade guy
                John Wettland- big money trade guy

                El Duque – big money free agent
                Jimmy Key – big money free agent
                Wells – big money free agent
                Irabu – big money free agent
                Kenny Rogers – big money free agent

                We NEVER had a low payroll. We were always one of the most expensive teams in baseball. The Jeter-Mo-Posada-Pettitte kids were the supporting cast around the real stars of the team, the big money free agents (plus our own big money centerpiece, Bernie Williams.)

                • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                  “We NEVER had a low payroll.”

                  Did not say we did. What I said was this:

                  “The Yanks Dynasty teams were not made even mostly of big name free agents, or even big money trade guys. Plus our team was youthful in a lot of respects. Was a much better all around mix than this club is in my opinion.”

                  Cone – big money trade guy (was traded by a team in our division who hates us so I have to think they felt they were getting some value at the time)

                  Clemens – big money trade guy (traded for a better big game pitcher, and an overall good to great pitcher at the time)

                  Tino – big money trade guy (was mostly a salary dump but they got one good prospect in the deal)

                  Knoblauch – big money trade guy (totally disagree here, the Twins got back value for Knobby)

                  Paulie – big money trade guy (TOTALLY inaccurate there.. we traded an all star player that was making pretty much the same money PLUS they gave us a prospect in the deal, this was in no way a salary dump)

                  Ruben Sierra – big money trade guy (rental for a decent prospect)

                  Cecil Fielder – big money trade guy (traded for the guy above PLUS a prospect so that kind of kills at least one of these arguments right there)

                  David Justice – big money trade guy (traded for the worst outfielder I have ever seen, and a damn good cheap pitcher that we could have used, yes money had something to do with this deal but it was not the ONLY thing)

                  John Wettland- big money trade guy (i recall this being a money dump of sorts but it was not a ton of money so this would not in any way fall into what I was talking about)

                  El Duque – big money free agent (was a very cheaply signed free agent, this was good scouting, I personally know some of the behind the scenes stuff here as a friend who I did business with at the time is related to the fellow who brought him and other Cuban players over… he could have seen that same money from other clubs if not more)

                  Jimmy Key – big money free agent (this one is correct, but it was a good signing and not an astronomical or game changing contract for pitchers, he could have and would have seen similar money with another team)

                  Wells – big money free agent (viewed as a risk and a bad signing by most when we got him, was not a very sought after guy in any respect at that time)

                  Irabu – big money free agent (uuh we got him in a trade for what at the time were good prospects, and we then traded him after he was a bust, yet not that bad, more average to a tad better than average for GREAT PITCHING TALENT, again this is just wrong on your part)

                  Kenny Rogers – big money free agent (your best example of what you were trying to do, but then we traded him for Scotty B so even this worked out)

                  Really as per who you are you continue to try to attack everything I say yet you are dead wrong.

                  Nobody will read of see this was from yesterday. But girl you know its true.

              • kimonizer says:

                note I didn’t say only free agents as there were also mercenary-style trades and forced trades amongst my four, but as I said in my other post everyone else made it clear that the “dynasty” years had just as many so-called mercenaries.

            • kimonizer says:

              Thanks to all who made my point clearer and with more specific details. Just picked those four off the top of my head. Remember Minny fans threw batteries at Knoblauch for wanting to leave. There has always been a lot of hate for how the Yanks get players, even during the so-called “pure” dynasty years

              • D.B.H.O.F. the word conservationist says:

                I do not care what teams in cheap towns with horrible owners that have tons more money than George and Co ever had think about deals.

                As a team our favorite team has the most money (yet our owners are not the richest) because it spends money on it’s product. I get that, I appreciate that.

                I am not against getting the best player available even if it is ONLY because we have the most money.

                My point was we have MANY players on this team who have record contracts at their positions. And the numbers dwarf the old record numbers in most cases. We bid against ourselves to get Alex back after the optout (the preopt out deal was great biz as the rangers were still paying a good grip of that paper), we bid against outselves to get Mo to stay here, we bid against ourselves to get CC when we already had the highest offer by 40 million on the table and then STILL give him an opt out.

                So if this is all about blowing people out of the water now, blow Manny out of the water with a one or two year CRAZY money offer. We need that bat.

                Bob Watson, and J.R. Cash Money (before he became his own man like he is now, and before the Boss Jr Twins came into the picture) spent tons of money but did not just throw it at people when there was no need to. We did have a great need for pitching but WE controlled the market and made an antsy move for CC. So why not just jump at Manny?

                Nah mean?

  22. Leftylarry says:


    To me this a giant no-brainer. Guy is a poor man’s Lou Gehrig (O.K, very poor) but still, he hits .300, hits 30+ H.R.’s is a switch hitter, great fielder, great teamate and plays a position that one oculd expect to play at a high level, in 8 years, at age 36.
    I mean where do you find a Free agent as good as him?
    If we signed him, we’d have the 3 best F.A.’s signed in a very , very good year of actually difference making free agents.
    Yankess have few real firsat base prospects of note in the minor leagues and this guy is as solid as they come.
    I think if we sign him we’re a lock to be real contenders the next 3-4-5 years and the signing would tip the balance towards us over the Bosox.
    Much less risk in siginng Tex for 8 years then there was in sigining Posada and even Mariano for 3 more at their ages and positions.JMHO.

  23. Tom Zig says:


  24. Joseph P. says:

    All right. I’ve officially had it with the DBHOF / TSJC spat. You’re both tossing out personal attacks, which angers Ganesh. So I’m calling for a truce.

    Shank hands. Ignore one another if that keeps the bickering off the boards.

    Oh, and for the sake of equality you guys can make your names appears however you wish. Just don’t make it ridiculously long. It screws with the comment emails.

  25. matt says:

    The yanks do need a bat, but there are other options, i say go with Adam Dunn, save some cash, and avoid a horribly selfish player.

    • and avoid a horribly selfish player.

      Isn’t it funny how one second, Manny Ramirez is the lovable goofball leader of the fun-loving, zany, laugh-a-minute Boston Idiots, a bunch of men’s men who crack jokes and play baseball full-tilt balls to the wall and don’t have a care in the world, and are the most awesomest super-team full of bon vivant lovable nice guys ever…

      …and then as soon as it’s time for Manny to get an extension, he’s the most evil, awful, vile anti-teammate who’s only in it for himself and hates everyone and wants to stab everyone in the clubhouse and screw everybody’s wife and lace the Gatorade with urine and feces?

      Isn’t that a little weird?

      I don’t think that Manny is any worse of a teammate than Adam Dunn. I think Manny played in a city that has a long, long legacy of pissing all over its former legends on the way out of town.

      • K.B.D. says:

        I wrote about this exact same thing in a comments thread awhile back.

      • matt says:

        I thought manny was a horrible teammate long before the red sox ran him out of town. The fact that that contract ended the way it did is a very bad sign, i know we love to blame the red sox FO for everything but the dude honestly quit playing he would’ve been totally crucified if he did that in NY, and there is no saying he wouldn’t.
        Bottom line I hated everything about this man for years, and not because he was a red sock, and not because he could kill us with his bat. I hated him for the way he played the game, i hated the way he gawked at his HR’s, i hated the way he would dog plays in the field, then not give a crap the he screwed up, I hate the way he continually does stupid shit and everyone says its Manny being Manny. How many times did the red sox cover his shit up and accept. I dont want to have to accept it, I dont want to have to say about a yankee its just manny being manny.
        We dont need him. We do need a bat and while he is not as good, Dunn will help us win without the headache and for half the cost.

  26. LeftyLarry says:

    Manyy is a buffoon.
    He looks like cross between Buckwheat and Aunt Jemima.
    A total idiot.
    Would he look like a player in NY?
    Would George allow him to walk around like he does?

  27. Patrick says:

    Do you think the Yankees would ever think about signing Manny for the sake of sticking it to Joe Torre and cutting one of the legs off of his Dodgers table? Not saying Torre deserves having it stuck to him…

  28. gg says:

    we really need to get Manny guys like this dont come along every year

  29. Bruno says:

    Adam Dunn

  30. Larry says:

    Manny made Ortiz great and Ortiz made Manny great. They complemented each other. We need that for A-Rod. Manny can do that. If not Manny and Tex is gone, then that leaves Dunn. I need more convincing here about Dunn. Ben, convince me.

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