How to spend hundreds of millions without even trying

That other Brewers' outfielder
Perry taken to task for pessimistic forecast

While we all know the big signings of the Yankee off-season, it is somewhat shocking to many see the Yanks pouring hundreds of millions into player contracts during a global recession. Maury Brown, however, sees this as the perfect storm of Yankee spending. In a piece that summarizes the Yankee off-season, he explores how the non-trade for Santana, a bunch of contracts coming off the books and the tax shelter of the new stadium have put the Yankees in the free agent driver’s seat this winter. With Manny and Teixeira still out there, the team might not be done yet either.

That other Brewers' outfielder
Perry taken to task for pessimistic forecast
  • deezer

    does he explain why the team still trusts cashman to do the spending?

    • Ben K.

      That’s funny. Should they put Joba back into the bullpen while they’re at it too?

      • deezer

        your defense of cashman is a little extreme. i dont like cashman, so i must support all sorts of bad ideas? no, i like joba as a starter. i just don’t think cashman is very good at his job.

        • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Donald

          Deezer I think that Cashman’s results have been mixed at best. I still want to find out who thought Igawa was a good idea, because that man should be fired no matter who it is.

          The Cashman lovefest on here seems to me to be extreme as well.

          I see the man for what he is, good and bad. He has made some great deals (although most of them have us taking in big contracts compared to what we got rid of so it is hard to gauge how good they really are), and some down right stinkers.

          I think Cashman is more middle of the road GM than top 5 or so in the game.

          • Mike

            While other managers try to do more with less, Cashman manages to do less with more. How can anyone say he’s done a good job as GM is beyond me. I won’t say he’s the worst GM in the league, but he’s definitely not one of the best.

            • mike

              How many other GMs have to deal with an ownership group pulling the strings on roughly 50% of the big decisions. Yes cashman’s track record is not great, but at times he is merely the Stienbrenner’s puppet!

              • Deezer

                yes, i know. the bad moves were steinbrenner’s; the good ones were cashman’s. heard it before. all im saying is that id like a GM who can draft. youve seen this before, im sure:

                From 1997 to 2005, the Yankees drafted and developed just 10 position players. In the table below, players are sorted by major league at-bats (through Sept. 9).

                Player Draft year Draft round ABs
                Andy Phillips 1998 3 544
                Shelley Duncan 2001 2 131
                Brett Gardner 2005 3 77
                Kevin Thompson 1999 31 65
                John-Ford Griffin 2001 1 23
                Mike Vento 1997 40 20
                Andy Cannizaro 2001 7 9
                Drew Henson 1998 3 9
                Bronson Sardinha 2001 1 9
                Omir Santos 2001 21 1

                • Ben K.

                  So you’re (cherry-)picking on Cashman because of a draft that his draft department overseas? Blame Damon Oppenheimer if you don’t like the draft. It is but one way to develop players and not a very efficient one at that.

          • jsbrendog


            go ahead go read this

            I dare you to find a cashman trade that was a complete bust and was a bad trade except for Kevin brown. you can’t because even the trades that “didnt work out” worked out

            go, look, weaver became javy became randy became ohlendorf who became nady and marte.

            cashman is great at trading, mediocre at free agents and when it comes to free agents it is not just him who makes the calls. remember every trade is cashmans but most free agent signings (mondesi, sheffield, wells, etc) were all george.

            • kenthadley

              Mike Lowell for ???

        • Ben K.

          How can you say my defense is extreme? I’ve hardly defended him. I’m mocking your knee-jerk anti-Cashman argument

  • AndrewYF

    And during the perfect free agent season, one that may only be recently rivaled by the 2000 offseason (with Manny and Mussina heading the class).

    I just wish they could get in on some of the will-be bargains like Burrell or Dunn.

  • Ryan S.

    Another awesome article, thanks RAB.

    This puts into words something I had just been assuming the past few months: there are tangible reasons why the Yankees can afford to spend an extremely large amount of money on personnel this offseason despite the recession.

  • nick blasioli

    sure wish they would just sign tex…he is younger and will bring the aged yankees average down…i just dont know why they would just let the sox waltz in and sign the best player…let it be known,,,the yanks need tex…or else it will be another 2008,,,,,,

  • UWS

    The reader’s digest version: they’re spending the money because they can.

    Frankly, I don’t understand all the hand-wringing, gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes over the Yankees’ spending spree. Yes, there’s a recession going on. So what? Would the “pundits” prefer Steinbrenners simply pocket the money instead of pouring it all back into their business? Because it’s not like the cash spent on the likes of Sabathia and company would otherwise have gone to support people whose houses have been foreclosed.

    • Jon W.

      Thanks, UWS. You said exactly what I’ve been thinking so far this off-season. If the Yanks didn’t spend their enormous wealth, they would be called cheap, and their owners accused of not caring about winning. Instead of looking at payroll, people should be more concerned with profit. Why aren’t people up in arms when the team with the lowest payroll (the Marlins) also has the highest profit? You would think the Yankees would be celebrated for their desire to win championships. In the end, it probably all comes down to a case of jealousy.

      • Ryan S.

        Could you please provide a source for your statement that the Marlins have the highest profit? I wasn’t aware of that.

  • emac2

    One extra reason to buy now is that a type A only costs a 3rd round pick this year as opposed to a number one next year.

    • UWS

      Um, what? A type A FA still costs a first-round pick. If you sign two, you lose your first- and second-rounder. Sign 3, lose first-, second-, and third-rounder.

      • dan

        He’s saying an additional type A this off-season would cost a 3rd rounder because of CC and AJ already signing. Next off-season, it would cost a first rounder.

    • rbizzler

      Agreed and signing Manny bumps the Jays comp pick down to a 3rd rounder. I view that as an added bonus. I, for one, did not appreciate JP’s snarkiness about CC (that Mike live-blogged about).

    • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Donald

      Emac2, that is the best reason to sign an extra type A this year. I do not think it is a good enough reason to do it JUST because of that though.

      • emac2


        The big reason is that we are losing Abreu, Giambi, Damon, Matsui and Nady in a short period of time and there isn’t anyone we can count on signing next year.

  • C.Panella

    Mlbtrhas an update on the manny to Yankees the source says this report is true and when manny returns from Brasil it will be announced officially

    • Moshe Mandel

      I’m gonna have to go with Brian Cashman on this one until a decently reliable source says otherwise.

      • Jake H

        I agree. It would be nice to have another bat but is Manny really going to play hard the whole time. When he does he’s an amazing hitter. When he doesn’t he doesn’t run out balls or play any D.

        • Mike

          The contract screams Cashman so I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • C.Panella

        They did nail the marte deal and more recently the Daniel cabbera deal as well

        • Moshe Mandel

          True, but when the GM and the owner both respond directly to the report and deny it unequivocally, I have a hard time believing the report.

          • emac2


            Cashman doesn’t do that disinformation thing!

  • kenthadley

    isnt Boras the agent for both Tex and Manny?………if the Yanks had Manny locked up, why would Boras try to keep them in the Tex picture….it would be obvious to him that they aren’t in it…..unless it is a coordinated effort on the part of Boras and Cashman to up the price to Bosox….but it is hard to fathom Cash and Boras working in conjunction……unless I am mistaking and Boras isn’t Manny’s agent.