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Open Thread: Oh, noes!!1! Sabathia meets with the Red Sox
Saturday morning Sabathia links

GM for a day. It is of course the greatest role play another obsessed baseball fan likes to play.

Over at Baseball Prospectus, in an article not buried behind the subscriber wall Jay Jaffe played Yankee GM and tried to put together a team, within reason, that would be an improvement over the recent flawed and overpaid clubs. His results and approach are worth a look.

Jaffe begins with his basic premise before restructuring the club:

Unfortunately, Cashman appears to have settled for Swisher as his first baseman in the hopes of saving his money for Sabathia. For that, and for his arbitration transgressions, he’s been reassigned to the mailroom while I take over.

My regime is taking a different approach. Behind nominal staff ace Wang, the Yanks still have those three healthy young pitchers, along with more pitching prospects on the way, starting with reliever Mark Melancon. Improving the rotation is a priority, but given that the organization has only one prime hitting prospect with experience above A-ball—center fielder Austin Jackson, who’s coming off of a .285/.354/.419 season in Double-A as a 21-year-old—a long-term play to improve the offense is the more pressing concern.

He then launches a six-pronged attack on the current roster. In brief:

  1. Forget CC Sabathia. The lefty’s lack of interest and monetary demands make him a liability.
  2. Sign Mark Teixeira. The upside far outweighs the risk.
  3. Go with an outfield of Johnny Damon in left, Nick Swisher in right and someone else in center with Xavier Nady as a platoon for Swisher.
  4. Trade Hideki Matsui for Randy Winn and insert Winn into center field. This a temporary stop-gap measure, and with Teixeira in place, it’ll do.
  5. Sign Derek Lowe and Ben Sheets while allowing Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy and Al Aceves to battle it out for the fifth, sixth and seventh spots in the rotation.
  6. Find a DH such as Nomar Garciaparra or Eric Hinske.

In the end, Jaffe ends up with this roster and a payroll of around $189 million:
LF-L Damon
SS-R Jeter
1B-S Teixeira
3B-R Rodriguez
C-S Posada
CF-S Winn
RF-S Swisher
DH (open)
2B-L Cano

C-R Molina
C-S Zaun
INF-L Counsell
INF-R Garciaparra
OF-R Nady
OF-S Cabrera

S1-R Wang
S2-R Chamberlain
S3-R Lowe
S4-R Sheets
S5-R Hughes

CL-R Rivera
SU-R Bruney
SU-L Marte
RP-R Veras
RP-R Ramirez
RP-L Coke

Whew. Got all that?

I don’t think I like this plan. Without running the numbers, I don’t think Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher can replace the production lost by Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreu and Hideki Matsui. Jaffe’s plan relies on Jorge Posada to put up numbers as he did in 2007 and only features two sure-fire hitters — A-Rod and Tex.

The rotation has some of the same problems it had last year. The team would be relying on two young arm — Chamberlain and whichever pitcher emerges as the fifth starter — as well as Sheets and Lowe, veterans of the NL. The bench is also objectively terrible with no speed and not much pop beyond Nady.

For the money, this seems like another team destined to be overpaid and destined to underperform. But unlike Jaffe, I don’t really have a plan. I think Brian Cashman has his work cut out for him this year. He has a few offensive holes and seemingly no plan to fill them. It doesn’t sound as though the Yanks could land Sabathia and Teixeira, which would be ideal. It also seems like the Yanks may be prioritizing the wrong free agent of the two.

But who knows? Nothing is set in stone. No free agents have signed, and the season is a long way away. Over the next few weeks as things shake down, we’ll have a better idea of how the 2009 Yankees will play. Right now, it’s very much up in the air.

Open Thread: Oh, noes!!1! Sabathia meets with the Red Sox
Saturday morning Sabathia links
  • RollingWave

    well, Swisher vs Abreu is a wash in terms of projections, Abreu is likely to hit a little more but will cough back a lot VIA the glove. Swisher might actually be worth more as a RF than Abreu going foward

    Winn would be a mega upgrade over our 08 CF.

    Teixeria would be a vast improvement over Giambi overall.

    Hinske / Nomar isn’t the same hitter as Matsui, then again, Matsui last year wasn’t the same hitter as Matsui either.

    this would be a better team, the problem is that…

    a. why would the Giants trade Winn for Matsui? Winn’s a decent piece at a reasoanble price in his last season and likely to grab further offers around the same or better rate, Matsui is a good player that’s hobbling and is costing a ton and likely to take a paycut in his next deal (so no arb and no draft picks)

    b. for the money of Sheets + Lowe, you might be able to afford CC anyway. espically if you could trade Matsui for Winn

    c. While Swisher is more lefty than righty switch hitter, the difference is meh. (.240 /.338 /.459 vs .253 /.396 /.429 ) and the difference with Nady’s career vs left is there but not exactly huge (.308 /.383 /.470), if you’re going to use Nady as a platoon, you do it with Johnny Damon (.284 /.347 /.400)

    my biggest grudge is trading for Winn though, I like the idea and thrown it around a few times already, but it’s unlikely that the Giants trade one of their better chips for a similiar player that’s less healthy and costing more. if their GM wasn’t Brian Sabean I’d say the chances was 0, but since it is I give it maybe a 5% chance of success.

    • pat

      beat me to it

    • Conan the Barack O’Brian

      5%….it’s funny b/c it’s true!

  • pat

    I kinda dont see the giants trading a productive CF for an immobile corner OF who makes more money, and personally id rather have the big donkey for dh or manny than nomar. I also think cokes gonna start the season as a starter and melancon will break with the big club. Then theres that whole lowe sucks part too.

    • leo

      I don’t really like the plan but Winn doesn’t play CF for them.

  • Ed

    You can’t make Tex a top priority. We already have a respectable lineup full of guys capable of playing a full season. They probably won’t lead the league in scoring, but they’ll be good enough.

    The team has one starting pitcher who can pitch 200 innings. We don’t have another pitcher capable of 200 innings. We currently can’t make it through the season without someone’s arm falling off in the process. We need a LOT of pitching. Once you get past CC, all the free agent options are sketchy. If you go for Tex and pass on CC, you’re basically asking for a repeat of this season.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      So you’re ignoring the fact that, had the Yanks scored 50-80 more runs in 2008, they would have made the playoffs. The pitching was good enough in 2008. That’s not to say it was great, but it was good enough. The offense was the team’s real problem.

      • pat

        I think what ed’s saying is we’re at two way different points now than we were at the end of last season. As of right now pitching should be our top priority seeing as though, optimistically speaking, we have about 350 innings committed going into 09.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          Fair enough, but what do you like, long-term:

          Teixeira + Lowe/Sheets/etc. or Sabathia + No One?

          • pat

            Honestly if i could have sabathia and one of the 2nd tier free agent starters I’d take that over tex and a 2nd tier free agent. I guess alot depends on how productive you think matsui and posada could be. Hopefully the loss of abreu can be offset by swisher for the most part. It is a slight dropoff in production but swisher has a majority of it covered. Catcher was pretty much a black hole for most the season. Posada, without returning to 07’s epic asskickery, would be a massiver upgrade over light hitting molina, so much so that it would probably cover the slight dropoff between abreu and swisher. Obviously nady is not nearly the hitter giambi is, but he is still pretty productive and you couple the healthy return of godzilla and you should be able to cancel out what we’re missing from giambi. Now all we’re missing is moose 200 ip which could be replicated by cc, hopefully with even better peripheral stats. Now u substitute a whole season of wang and about 150 or 160 innings from joba that should cancel out all the bs thrown by snacks and rasner.

            • pat

              Obviously theres not a number in there bc if i looked everything up it would take all night, but i think for the most part it’s correct. I just think that at this very moment tex would be a luxury whereas CC is a necessity.

          • Baseballnation

            I’ll take Tex, Lowe/Sheets, but I don’t think Lowe wants to come to the Yankees…It’s kinda known he prefers the Red Sox, and they him. What i think the Yankees would do in this case, and are going to do if sabathia and Lowe opt elsewhere is go Tex+sheets+Pettitte. And I’m fine with that. Matsui has low value right now and must prove healthy to change that. And Jaffe is insane if he thinks Posada will put up 2007 numbers again…Not gonna happen

            • http://jobatheheat jobatheheat

              Tex , sheets,pettite +dunn or manny Guess we have potential with that

            • Jake K.

              I think it’s important to look beyond just next year. And considering the age of the lineup and the imbalance between pitching and positional prospects in the farm system, the Yanks need Tex more going forward. There are more potential pitching solutions in the pipeline (and for fewer spots), whereas, outside of Arod, Cano, Swisher and maybe Jeter, nearly the whole lineup is a couple years away from needing to be replaced.

          • Ed

            If Joba didn’t get hurt last year, and Hughes and Kennedy pitched the way we expected them to, or at least 2 of the 3 did better, I’d be thinking about Texiera.

            But we really need top notch pitching. We’ve been getting knocked out of the playoffs in the first round the last several tries because of top notch hitting just can’t beat top pitching in a short series. The dynasty was built on pitching, and I think we have to go back to that. CC’s by far the best pitcher to hit free agency in years, and we’re not seeing another free agent ace next year, so you have to jump.

      • Ed

        Yeah, 2008’s pitching was good enough. But we were saved by Mussina having his best season in years, and he’s not coming back. We don’t seem to be in a rush to bring Pettitte back. That’s about 400 less innings right there. Sad as it is to say, Rasner was a guy we relied on last year, and we got rid of him too. Right now, our pitching is a lot worse than it was last year.

        As for the offense, if Cano and Posada can bounce back even a little – say halfway between their 2007 and 2008 production levels – that’s a huge improvement to the offense. And I think the team has made it clear that they’re gambling on those guys bouncing back.

        • steve (different one)

          But we were saved by Mussina having his best season in years, and he’s not coming back.

          i was waiting for someone to point out this crucial and obvious point.

          i disagree that Pettitte won’t be back though, he will.

  • Phil McCracken

    If they didn’t get Sabathia the way this article is suggesting, I’d prefer they trade some of the Matsui/Nady/Damon group since they’re all free agents next year. Piling a bunch of risky contracts for Sheets/Burnett/Lowe doesn’t make sense unless you get that lockdown #1 starter in Sabathia.

    I’d like to see a top young prospect OF or 1B brought in. Such as Delmon Young or Colby Rasmus.

    If I have to watch another rebuilding year with no ace (Santana or Sabathia) and Hughes and Kennedy back in the rotation, I’d need to see the lineup moving younger as well.

  • dan

    FWIW, the Yankees are most likely better off without Abreu.

    • dan

      link didn’t work…


      • Steve

        Nice work. Its easy to dismiss Gardner, but I think he’s our everyday CF next year. He hit .294 in his 2nd call up from late Aug-Sept, he catches everything in a key defensive position, and he causes havoc on the basepaths which affects the game in many ways. Some of which don’t show up in his box score.

        Gardner will be the key to the Yanks diversifying their attack and winning some of those low scoring games we did so poorly in last year.

  • Brian M

    First off, as far as Cashman’s ‘transgressions’ go – we picked up Swisher, a very good defensive 1st baseman, and a solid bat with great patience, who is primed for a big rebound season when out of the leadoff spot, for basically nothing.

    Sabathia is waiting to see how the market develops. He knows the Yankees offer isn’t going anywhere so he is waiting to see who else makes an offer and if the Yanks will raise theirs in response. It isn’t reluctance, it is common sense. And whatever team gets him will have a SOLID starter, who will eat up innings and still have room for pudding, then maybe some cake, then some candy. To suggest he is a liability is just plain ridiculous.

    The arbitration decisions made me pause at first too. But Pettitte will re-sign since nobody is offering significantly more than the Yanks $10M. He is just trying to get Cashman to add a little to that offer before re-signing. By not offering arbitration the Yanks save themselves about $5M.

    Abreu is part of a deep OF market. Even Manny is struggling to get offers right now. With Burrell, Ibanez, Dunn, Bradley, Juan Rivera, and many others available, and teams not spending money. With so many other options out there who would give up their 1st round pick to sign a guy who can only decline is is already poor in the field? He would have accepted arbitration and we’d have had him for about another $16M, money which is better spent on Lowe.

    Abreu might be a decent RBI producer, but he is dreadful in the field and we signed Nady to play, not watch Abreu let balls bounce off the wall for doubles every night. If we give great pitchers a strong defense behind them then we don’t need sluggers in every position. We have a lot of quality bats already and Gardner will be a real spark plug in centre. We ned to get out of the mindset that we need stars in every position.

    To think we’ll get Winn for Matsui is dreaming. Winn will hit for about the same average as Matsui with slightly less power but is cheaper and not likely to spend time on the DL with sore knees. The Giants want a bat, but they aren’t giving up a productive player for an expensive gamble. If we wanted Winn, we’d have to give up Hughes, Kennedy or Cano to get him, and none of those things are happening for a player Winn’s age.

    Most likely our only new position player will be a utility infielder, I’d love to pick up Crosby from Oakland who is one of the best defensive infielders around and about to lose his job to Furcal. At $5M he is expensive for a back-up though.

    On the rotation front we’ll probably sign Sabathia and Pettitte and then either Lowe or Sheets. Likely Lowe unless the Red Sox make him a decent offer, in which case it is Sheets or nobody.

    So we will have:

    LF – Damon
    SS – Jeter
    2B – Cano
    3B – ARod
    DH – Matsui
    C – Posada
    RF – Nady
    1B – Swisher
    CF – Gardner


    M. Cabrera
    Miranda (or an upgrade to Ransom or Miranda)


    Hughes/ Lowe/ Sheets


    Two from – Giese/ Aceves/ Coke/ Robertson/ E. Ramirez/ Albaladejo/ Britton (several others could also compete for a spot with a strong spring)

    The most likely break from this plan is a trade for a starter or outfielder which develops in the winter meetings.

    Or possibly FA outfielders get so cheap that Cashman can’t resist making an offer to someone. Since both Nady and Damon have deals expiring next summer he can afford to offer someone a multi-year deal.

    Oops that got a bit long. Sorry.

    • Peter Lacock

      That is accurate.
      This is what the roster will be except forget Coke. He will be a SWB starter.
      Melancon and Hughes will start the season at SWB but will come up at some point.
      Aceves will be in NY.

  • Chris

    About Swisher, he writes:

    “He’s a switch hitter who’s stronger against righties; much of his trouble last year was against lefties (.197/.359/.386).”

    Here are his platoon splits last year:
    vs RHP: .227/.321/.419/.741
    vs LHP: .197/.359/.386/.746

    So he was actually BETTER against LHP than RHP last year.

    I’m also curious, if he’s so critical of Cashman for not offering arbitration to Pettitte, why doesn’t he include Pettitte on this team?

    • Steve

      . . .and he’s been better vs lefties his entire career


      I like Swish as more of a super utility man than as an everyday 1B, but platooning him makes no sense. Even if he hits a few more HRs as a result of Yankee stadium, that just means he’s about equal from both sides.

    • dan

      Jeez, a Baseball Prospectus writer using strictly batting average to say he’s “better” versus righties. What is the world coming to?

  • josh

    whatsup withthe oliver perez situation? i am not a huge fan – he is obviosly erratic but has pitched well in big games and against the yankees many times in the past. i think if the front end is cc, wang and joba, a back end of pettitte, perez and hughes/any other young guys that might get a shot is pretty good. i also like the idea of 3 solid lefties (i feel like thats been a while)

    • RollingWave

      he is a less healthy and worse lefty version of Javier Vazquez.

      • Mike Pop

        Javier Vazquez is a righty

  • josh

    also a young rotation except for pettitte

  • Mike P

    Brian M’s lineup and rotation seems like the most realistic situation. I’d be interested in the payroll of that roster, from my estimates it would be rougly 180-185 million if Pettite and Sheets each sign for an average 12 million.

    I think that shows how clever Cashman’s combined moves of aquiring Nady and Swisher and dumping Abreu’s salary. The Yanks would increase the rotation by 25 million dollars, reduce the lineup by over 30 million dollars and improve their team. They also lose some horrible contracts.

    I think Brian M’s scenario is the worst case one (barring CC bombshell), and I like it. It makes me wonder: has Cashman lined this up perfectly to make a late push at Texeira, having covered all his major holes? If Tex’s AAV doesn’t exceed 20 million, they should do it. Especially with Matsui and Damon coming off the books. For all those in favour of offering Abreu arbitration, get this:

    17-18 million dollars of Abreu, rest of roster stays the same?
    19-20 million dollars of Texeira, roster is the same sans Abreu?

    I think Cashman’s going into the winter meetings in the strongest position he could have hoped for at the start of 2008. Apart from Mussina’s retirement and CC’s patience, both of which he can’t control, Cashman’s done a great job of keeping all his options open without being desperate.

  • Ron

    “He has a few offensive holes and seemingly no plan to fill them”

    Why, because he hasn’t articulated them to the media? We all know Cash plays it close to the vest, and I’d be willing to bet that he has a plan to address the offense.

    That said, the pitching has to take a priority. As a kid growing up in Southern California during the early ’60s, I watched a Dodger team excel with virtually NO offense, but fantastic pitching and great defense (and much to my dismay, SMOKE my beloved Yanks in the ’63 WS). Pete Abe also wrote a post a few days ago about a group of students in a college sports class and they came to the same conclusion – pitching wins. Let’s nail down CC and then take it from there.

  • RollingWave

    Forget it, just sign CC+Teix and leave everything else open if you have to. just think about it. you’ll still have.

    CC, Wang, Joba, Huges, Aceves, Kennedy in the rotation, yes the later half is questionable, but the Yanks have actually had a good streak of finding reasonable production from the scrap heap, even Rasner and Ponson would have been good enough if you know.. the Yankees hit like the Yankees and/or fielded like a major league team.

    if the team hits enough, it cross out most of the back rotation weakness in the regular season (see 05/06/07), and in the post season a 1/2/3 of CC / Joba / Wang is awsome.

    A lineup of.

    Damon CF
    Jeter SS
    Teix 1B
    A-rod 3B
    Jorge C
    Matsui DH
    Swisher LF
    Cano 2B
    Nady RF

    is very very good, if your truely worried enough about fielding you can put Gardner / Melky in CF and platoon Nady with Damon / Swisher .

  • Reggie C.

    Isn’t it pessimistic to say that Jaffe’s analyses would leave us with only 2 sure-fire hitters? Both Cano and Swisher are good rebound candidates. Right? Damon, Jeter, Winn, and Posada aren’t slouches at the plate. If A-rod and Tex put together +.550 slugging seasons, and the rest of the guys stay healthy and avoid the bad luck Cano encountered, I think the offense is improved. It also lets us chase Holliday or Crawford in ’09 to further upgrade the offense.

    Maybe Nady’s bat/legs are wasted as a platoon player. Maybe he’s the guy we trade to the Ms for Randy Winn, and we keep Matsui’s bat for DH. Gardner/melky can serve as 4th OF types.

    The rotation is improved but its not top-heavy with CC. Sheets could deliver 200 IP and top-of-the-rotation numbers. A healthy Sheets is better than Dice-K, and he could find success like Beckett did in ’07. Lowe is a solid #3. We also get to see Hughes finally healthy.

  • LeftyLarry

    That’s exactly what I wouldn’t do.
    AJ Burnett is the best Free agent on the market and is over his injury issue and is more likely to have 4-5 good years now than the 300 lb overworked Sabatthia is and Lowe is a stop gap only at 37.
    Yes, I want to go to WAR with Kennedy in my rotation.NOT.
    Not even sure you can pencil in Joba as a legit starter with his violent delivery.
    The key issue here for Yankees is signing as many “shutdown in the playoff” starting pitchers as possible and playing the cheap Gardner in CF and leading him off where he’ll learn to get on base on steal 50 bases.
    Damon would be a very good #3 HITTER.Power-wise is he really far behind Abreu?
    I don’t think so.JD would hit 20+ HR’s batting 3rd and is a pretty clutch hitter also who sees a lot of pitches.
    I’d love to have TEX but not if it costs me a Starter who can pitch a shutout in the playoffs.

    • Mike Pop

      AJ Burnett is the best Free agent on the market and is over his injury issue and is more likely to have 4-5 good years now

      Really man ? He is more likely now than ever ? After he just threw the most innings he has in his career and everytime after a season he just threw 200 innings he has gotten hurt.

      I agree that Burnett is absolutely filthy and I would love to slot him in as my 3rd starter behind CC and Wang but there is no way that he is the best free agent for us.. CC and Tex over him by miles

    • Ed

      “Not even sure you can pencil in Joba as a legit starter with his violent delivery.”

      Joba’s a starter. His delivery is fine. The first thing the Yankees did when they signed him was fixed his delivery.

  • dkidd

    does anyone actually think that brian cashman doesn’t have a plan? or multiple plans depending on cc? or that he isn’t aware that the offense needs help as well as the rotation? the decision not to offer arbitration (which sent the blogosphere into a fury), looks smarter with each passing day. because of the economy, the market is slow to develop, but by next spring i believe we’ll be happy with the results.

    • Peter Lacock

      Someone with some sense.

  • Mike Pop

    It is funny how what to do to improve our team seems so simple but its really not that simple.

    What I mean is sign CC, Tex, and sign Pettite for one year. I dont understand how JAffe just leaves Petttite out when he imo is a pretty important signing for us.

    Plan A should be— CC, Tex, Pettite and maybe a Sheets signing or even take a small chance on Brad Penny.

    Plan B should be– One of CC or Tex, Pettite, and either Dunn/Manny/ one of the other three pitchers of Burnett/Lowe/Sheets

    Plan C– If we miss out on both CC or Tex thats when the offseason is horrible.. Look into a Peavy deal and sign Manny, Dunn and Pettite

    Maybe Penny should not be in Plan A but I did not want to be greedy and unrealistic by saying sign CC, Tex, Burnett, Sheets ya know..

    The longer this process drags out with CC the more I want Tex over him. CC is more of a need though and the team knows this.

  • SDYankee

    I think Jaffe’s criticism of Cashman half way throug the offseason is wrong.

    If offering arbitration to Pettitte your looking at making a guy with a weak left shoulder and an abismal 2nd half of 2008 one of the highest paid pitchers in baseball. Also if you offered Pettitte at arbitration, your not getting Tex, Sheets and Lowe, your probably looking at Tex, Pettitte and Sheets, so 2 of your 5 starters have arm injury question marks….Nice. Not to mention Pettitte will probably be back at $12M.

    As for Matsui for Winn… Matsui was never a good fielder when he had two healthy knees, now with two bum knees, why would any NL team take on that laibility? I like the proposal of Winn for Matsui as a stop gap in CF but I don’t see it happening.

    Finally Wang-Chamberlin-Lowe is not beating Beckett-Dice-K-Lester, and maybe not Kazmir-Shields-Garza. At best Jeffe’s team gets a first round exit

    • Peter Lacock

      Yup, no way Matsui goes to the NL.

  • sabernar

    I stopped reading this inane article once he suggested trading Matsui to a National League team. I usually have a lot of respect for Jaffe, but this suggestion is complete and utter horsepoop. No way any NL team would trade for a guy who can’t play the field because he had two knee surgeries in less than a year.

    • Peter Lacock


  • OldYanksFan

    I might get CC and Tex and call it a day. If CC, Wang and Joba stay healthy, they could win enough to deal with a circus for the #4 and #5 spots. Lets not forget we can work trades and that pitchers with be available at the ASB.
    That team might not be enough in 2009, but both these guys should be solid for a few years. If we don’t get Tex, we will have to spend the same money next year on a big bat OFer. With Tex, we can get by with Swish, Nady and Melky/Brett in the OF.

    The way the team is constructed now, we can’t have a dominant team for $180m.
    Unfortuntely, with ARod, Posada, Mo, JD, Matsui and Jeter, we have about $100m tied up in guys that will proably give less in the future then they have in the past.

    A problem is putting big money into guys like CC, Aj and/or Lowe might simply perpetuate the situation we are in now. A radical alternative would be to stay pat this year. I think, due to the economy, I believe players will be MUCH cheaper in 2010 and 2011. Tex, CC and guys like Cabrera might be back on the market. Mid-west teams are in for some very lean years. I’ll bet there will be salary dumps at this years ASB and next years too. This may NOT be the year to pay OVER market dollars for guys like CC and Tex.

    DON’T UNDERESTIMATE the impact the economy will have on baseball. Going to a game was cheap entertainment when I was a kid. Not anymore. While the affluent on the coasts may not be effected, many regular fan will NOT be goig to games over the next 2 or 3 years, ad revenue will be down, and the Yankees will be ‘donating’ less to the other teams.

    • Mike Pop

      You do not stand pat when these 2 guys are on the market.. 2 Superstars like this rarely hit the market.. Next year their are some good players and maybe you can say Holliday is a superstar im not sure.

      These are the type of guys you overpay for.. Superstars are worht the money and these 2 are superstars.. We have overpaid for mediocre stars and that has not worked out.. These guys are worth it if we have to give out 2 140 million dollar deals which I think we should do

  • nick blasioli

    the whole problem is that cc does not want to pitch in ny…so work on the b plan…which is pettite,,and tex…and maybe lowe..sheets….thats it…..

  • Kevin

    There are some real flaws here. 1st, why platoon Swish and Nady? They’re both capable of playing everyday, and they make too much money to be platoon guys. 2nd, does he really think Hideki Matsui would bring back Randy Winn? Winn is about a thousand times more valuable, and he can play the field, which Hideki can’t. I think Jaffe forgot that the NL doesn’t have a DH. And Dunn would be a better signing than Teixiera. He has more power, better OBP skills, and would require a shorter term deal with a lower AAV, meaning that we wouldn’t have the burden of another long term $100mm contract for a player who can only play one postion. Swisher isn’t as skilled defensively as Tex, but he isn’t bad and could man first while we put Dunn in his spot in the OF. Swish is probably better than Dunn in the OF and at 1st, so I put him at first since we have a groundball pitcher for us(Chien-Ming). And Nomar or Hinske as DH? Seriously? There are a ton of better options at DH. First, you could eliminate your platoon idea and put Swish or Nady at DH, or if we signed Dunn put him at DH. Or when San Fran turns down the Matsui-Winn deal you could put Hideki at DH. Also, Lowe’s old and overrated, not to mention he reportedly wants 5 years. You really want to sign a 36 year old guy to a 5 year deal? Forgetting CC, I just don’t understand. He doesn’t not want to be a Yankee, he just likes California and having the opportunity to hit. With the Knicks getting ready to make Lebron a New York star, the Yankees’ acquisition of Nick Swisher, and the rumors about a Mike Cameron trade, CC has some real incentives to come to the Bronx. Not to mention the opportunity to win a World Series and the new stadium. O, and 30 million dollars. I say the Yanks buy him a crazy nice house in the Hamptons or on the Jersey Shore, and an off-season home in California. That way, if he really likes California and the beach so much he has a home in CA for the off-season and he can got to the beach whenever he wants during the summer. Really the only thing CC should not like about being a Yankee is Girardi’s clubhouse candy ban.

  • Chip



    Long Man-Giese


    That lineup is at least as good as last year with Dunn = Giambi and Nady = Abreu when you factor in offense and defense. Also, Gardner > Melky (hard to be worse than he was last year) and Matsui/Posada/Cano/5th starter/Joba/Wang are better than they were last year. So even if CC is just as good as Moose was last year and Pettite can remain league average, that team is much better than the one who won 89 games last year

  • E

    Forget cc. Sign aj n sheets n tex

    • nick blasioli

      good blog…i hope cashman is reading….i totally agree with you…

      • Mike Pop

        Problem is if AJs and Sheets’ injury histories hold up we are put in a bad spot. Would I take all 3 of those guys over CC ? Probably but I think CC would be a better overall fit

  • http://JohnD John Dee

    Forget CC (he doesn’t want to come anyway). The Yankees need to get younger in positional players and buy some time for younger pitchers to develop by aquring some innings eaters for 2009. We have enough pitching to win now and in the future. Joba, Hughes and the other kids can fill out the 4th and 5th rotation spots if we get some innings eaters at 2nd and 3rd starters. Eventually, Joba and Hughes are both staff aces in the making. In the meantime we can get by with Wang as staff ace. As for hitting, we need to get younger and better. If we turn over CF to Gardner (with Melky as his caddie), we solidify our defense and get a spark plug very cheaply Here is what we do to solidify 2009 and help get us ready in 2010 and beyond for another Yankee Dynasty!!!

    Sign Positional Players:
    Teixera 28 yrs old (170 mil for 8 years)
    Dunn 29 years old( 60 mil for 4 years)

    Sign Pitchers:
    Pettitte year 16 mil (same as last year)


    Matsui to Seattle for Sean Green
    Damon to Tampa for Andy Sonnanstine

    Damon and Matsui are both old 35 year olds. Tampa needs a true leadoff hitter, a leader and a DH and gets one in the same in Damon. Seattle needs another bat and someone to put people in the seats. Imagine the Seattle area with a high Japaneses population having bith Ichiro and Matsui both in their lineups at the same time? Sonnanstine still has four years left before Free Agency and threw over 190 innings last year. Pencil him down for 800 IP’s and 600 K’s over the next four years at a much cheaper rate then all the sore armed pitchers on this years free agent market. Matsui will not bring us back a quality SP or position player, but Green will fit nicely (and cheaply) eating middle innings. As for Pettitte, I don’t want to sign him either (Moose would have fit better), but at one year for the same amount as last year, he will bridge the gap for Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Horne, Brackman, Aceves, Coke etc. Ou rotation will look like this:


    our bullpen will be:

    Mo (closer)
    Bruney (setup)
    Veras (set up)
    Marte (lone lefty, situational lefty, setup)
    Green (middle)
    Ramirez (middle)
    Giese (long man spot start)

    Send down Coke and make him a starter and Aceves will be the first guy called up if there is an injury.

    The lineup will be:
    1) SS Jeter
    2) 2b Cano
    3) 1B Teixera
    4) 3b A Rod
    5) DH Dunn
    6) C Posada
    7) RF Nady
    8) LF Swisher
    9) CF Gardner

    Gardner gets a chance to leadoff in 2010 pushing Jeter back to 2nd. This makes our OF defense superior to last years debacle and bids farewell to injury prone damon, Giambi and Matsui. The payroll comes in around 190 and gives a chance for people to develop. in 2010 we say goodbye to Nady and install Austin Jackson in his spot.

    25th spot sign a veteran catcher (Ausmus?) to store at Scranton in case Posada can’t go or rotate another arm to eat innings out of the pen (Britton et all). Another possibilty for 25th man could be Shelly Duncan or Justin Christian to give Dunn a day off against tough lefties.

  • Bill O

    There’s no reason to acquire Winn. He is not likely to be much if at all better than Damon would be in CF. Swisher in LF, Damon in CF, and Nady in RF is a solid defensive OF. Not great, but not bad. Use Gardner as a defensive replacement/pinch runner and we’re in great shape in the OF.

    CC, Teixeira, Pettitte, and one more starting pitcher (whoever they can afford, preferably Sheets if at all possible) and we’ll be in amazing shape for next year.

  • Dillon

    Pettitte will put up the same numbers as Lowe….for less years. DONT sign lowe.

    We have a Winn. Gardner will hit .260 this year and steal 45 bases. The guy did nothing but hit at every minor league level. Let him play center and hope jackson gives him a run for his money next year, and if not sign someone else.

    A 2 or 3 year deal for Sheets is a must. Maybe he’ll put up a bit worse numbers than Burnett, but it’s worth it on a short term deal. besides, they’re both injury prone.

    Tex would be nice, but CC’s top priority. Cash should have the talk and make last offer, then move on if he can’t accept. if a guys not excited about coming here, he’s not the guy we want.

    Go with the best kid as our #5.