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Yanks get 2009 luxury tax bill
Morning Manny mania

One of these days we’ll finally get sick of discussing Mark Teixeira. For many of you that time has already come, but for me it hasn’t, so I’m going to link to this Jon Heyman article in which he speaks ambiguously of the first baseman’s situation. Word comes from “baseball people” that Teixeira will sign today or tomorrow. You know what kind of person knows baseball? A baseball person. So clearly this is accurate information. Moving on.

What team will have the privilege of paying Mark Teixeira over $20 million over the next at least eight years? That we don’t know, and that we must know soon, or we will go crazy. Heyman tells us that despite John Henry’s statements last week, Boston will indeed be a factor. The Red Sox “are still viewed as the favorite by most executives on other teams.” I’ve always wondered if the word “most” in statements like this means “majority” or “a bunch of people I’ve spoken to.”

Washington could be launching a last-minute offensive with an new, improved offer. Roch Kubatko, who has a cool name, is hearing eight years and $178 to $184 million, with the possibility of a ninth or even tenth year under discussion. For commentary I’ll quote Mike: “I find it hilarious that the Nats are willing to up their offer for Tex, but wouldn’t pony up the extra $500,000 to sign Aaron Crow.” I do too, Mike. I do too.

Back to Heyman. Now he says that the Yankees met this weekend to consider whether to “make room on their payroll” for Teixeira. Then, in the next paragraph, he said that they only want to spend “slightly more than the $161 million given to [CC] Sabathia.” Thankfully, slightly is yet another ambiguous term, so for all we know slightly could be another $19 million. I guess we’ll find out in the next two days.

Okay, now I’m sick of discussing Mark Teixeira. Glad I got that out of my system.

Bonus section!

Made me laugh: Ed Price and Bryan Hoch, among other beat writers I’m sure, got some quotes from Derek Jeter yesterday afternoon at an event for his Turn 2 Foundation. Apparently, Jeter gave the impression that Manny would fit with the Yanks and that they don’t need him. The funny part is that despite the headlines, there is no quote from Jeter saying that Manny would fit or that they don’t need him.

Here’s Reds Commentator Marty Brennaman getting cranky about on-base percentage. This is priceless:

Caller: People here don’t realize that Pat Burrell and Adam Dunn don’t get paid $12 million to hit .300. They get paid to hit home runs; that’s it.
Marty: No, they get paid to drive in runs, is what they get paid to do.
Caller: And hit home runs.
Marty: No, unh-uh. Home runs are incidental.

Then, what had to be only seconds later:

Adam Dunn’s paid to hit home runs

And then a little bit later:

I’m tired of hearing about how many times he walks. He was paid to hit home runs

Also, listen to this a couple of times and it’ll be stuck in your head:

Yanks get 2009 luxury tax bill
Morning Manny mania
  • Mike Pop

    Lol this post was awesome. Got so random but was awesome.

  • Bill R

    Joe I cannot thank you enough for posting that video. It made my night!

  • A.D.

    Classic Jeter interview goes on for awhile, but says very little

  • A.D.

    Plus what does the slightly more mean? Slighty more AAV? Or slightly more over the 8 year time period for Tex

  • BigBlueAL

    Joe Morgan got paid for his OBP, not Adam Dunn!!!! Adam Dunn is no George Foster, who didnt care about OBP just hitting HR’s, and Tony Perez got paid for driving in runs!!!!

    Thats why the Big Red Machine was the greatest team ever!!!!!!

  • Peter Lacock

    I’m going to take Jeter’s word that the offense is fine the way it is and offense was not the problem in recent history. He should know and I agree with it. Everything else he said is just fluff and if you read between the lines he’s saying ‘we don’t want bums like Manny and especially Adam Dunn that can’t use a glove and only belong on fantasy teams.’

    • Joseph P.

      And I’m going to suggest that Jeter play the games and leave the personnel decisions to the people hired for it.

      • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda

        I think he is. Jeter gave his typical non answer. Gee it would be great to have Manny on the team, but our team is fine as is.

        That is a nice way of opening the door yet saying no comment without sounding like Billy Wagner trying to keep his mouth shut (which we all know never has happened, im just saying ja know)

        • Jay CT

          I am sure that Jeter, the man who says nothing, would say, “Yes we need Manny and Teixera if the fans want us to win. Our offense is filled with aging hitters, or kids that are question marks. Cash needs to make a move here.” So yeah, I trust his word too…

        • steve (different one)

          agreed. Jeter said nothing either way.

          this isn’t the same as Posada saying they need Santana or to put Joba in the bullpen.

          no problem with Jeter’s comments.

  • JeffG

    I’m getting a little tired of the Boras waiting game as well. The guy is a menace. Read the Kubatko piece last night. First thing that jumped to mind is he probably got shipped a briefcase with a 50k from his comrade Boras.

  • The Third Yip-Yip

    Tex to play 1B, or Manny to DH/RF… I gotta say offer Tex 8/~190 and wait. Manny is going nowhere fast, with only the Dodgers making any sense for him.

    • The Third Yip-Yip

      In turn, the Red Sox would be forced to make trades to improve their team by any margin (unlikely unless at catcher) and the Yanks would, in my nonpartisan opinion, become the best team in the division (league/majors as well).

      • steve (different one)

        there is zero chance of the Yankees signing both.

        it would put their payroll around $250M.

  • ryan

    ofcourse Jeter is gonna be diplomatic about this whole thing. He’s playing it safe no matter what the decision on manny is. I really don’t think they need manny, like jeter said “anything else is a bonus” after signing CC and AJ. ARod might be best served in the 3 spot with a more clutch guy like matsui cleaning up, I say put his paded stats to use, use his high onbase and batting avg to set up for matsui to knock him in. ARod bats an average 271 with RISP, matsui on the other hand bats 340 with RISP. It seems to me that the yanks made a mistake by not batting abreu in the cleanup spot and Arod in 3rd last year, This year with no manny or Tex the yanks will be forced to use him there. Not gettin manny or Tex may actually be good for the Rod.

  • christopher

    i was always a fan of dunn, but after reading the stats below that ablsolutly ridiculous article, i will take hit not earning his paycheck by walking and hitting homeruns all day

  • Brad

    This may be far fetched but……is it possible that Cashman is so high on Jesus Montero that he does not want to sign Texiera to a long term contract?

    It sounds as though Montero will eventually be at first base and with his age and numbers he projects to be one of the top hitters in the league in a few years.

    If Tex is locked in for 8 years then what do the Yanks do with Jesus? DH?

    • Jay CT

      I kind of thought that as well, but I think you need to try everything possible to keep him a catcher. I believe it was Mike A. who said Piazza was a terrible defensive catcher, but in the end, the bat made up for it. I also think its hard to predict that he will become a Teixera type player as they are pretty rare.

    • Mike Pop

      I hope that is not the reason they dont even make a play for Teix.

      • steve (different one)

        it won’t be.

        it’s the money. and the money. also, the money.

        either they have it, and they’ll sign him. or they don’t feel like they have it, so they won’t.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      Why do you think that Montero will be moved from catcher? Statistically, he did just fine this year behind the plate.

      • ryan

        montero is a big boy and still growing… I believe his frame will be the reason he moves from behind the plate to 1B.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

          Jesus Montero: 6’4″ 225

          Joe Mauer: 6’5″ 230
          Brian McCann: 6’3″ 230
          A.J. Pierzynski: 6’4″ 240
          Ronny Paulino: 6’2″ 240

          I think he’ll be fine. Jesus doesn’t turn 20 until November. Until he’s in his 30’s, or becomes an absolute trainwreck at the position, can we not worry about moving him?

          • Mike A.

            Wieters is also 6’5″, 230.

        • Andy In Sunny Daytona

          He’s projected to be 6’10” 375 lbs. Is that too big to be a catcher?

    • ryan

      Dont forget about Brandon Laird …he’s 20 i believe and he hit 23 bombs from 1B leading the River Dogs. I believe he led all yankee prospects in HR in 08.

  • Jake H

    I just want this to be done.

  • christopher

    let me start off by saying that I am on the :bring in manny” badwagon primarily because of his history of clutch hitting and the much shorter legnth of contract. Yes it would bring them over where they want to be, but cashman could sell it as a short -term investment to allow the farm to develop, BUT if what Heyman wrote about the yankees and texiera is true (BIG IF) I am pretty pissed off about the situation. If the yankees, as the article says are willing to go only a bit beyond CC’s contacf – say 165 million for Tex, then why not put in the extra 25 million over the course of the contract. They may even be able to backload it as they front loaded Arod’s contract and Jeter isnt going to get the same type of contract in a couple of years when his current deal ends.

    Tex gives them a perfect number 3 hitter and would be a crushing blow to the red sox both on the field and morale wise. I would love to see another “Evil Empire” comment come out of Boston. 25 million is a lot, but for far and away the richest team in all professional sports, moving into a new stadium with their new contact could the really not afford that. Would they not be better off going with one of the kids in the 5 spot in the rotation or to sign a 3 million dollar pitcher saving them more money?

    With the economic climate in baseball being the way it is, this is the perfect time for the Yankees to flex their financial musclle in a big way. Most other teams are cutting payroll or doing anything they can to keep it as it was in 2008. I am not advocating them giving tex a 200 million dollar contract, but they should at the very least better the Red Sox offer. As it stands now, Tex’s decision looks to be: take a lot of money to play for a perenial contender or take a boat load of money to play for a last place team. Swoop in and make his decision easier by splitting the difference between the Nats and the Red Sox. At the very least it would most probably keep him away from Boston where he would grow a beard and get dreadlocks and none of us want to see that.

    In reality, their are only 2 bats left out there who can have a major impact on the team. Other guys like dunn and bradley are nice players, but hardly game changers. With the angels dropping out ot the Tex negotiations it seems obvious that they will go hard after manny. To really sure up this team for not only this year but next year, the Yankees need another impact bat. I dont trust Matsui;s health and you need to be worried about Posada’ss productivity as he is getting to the age when catchers typically brake down. It is not a good bet to expect an already aging and fragile lineup to get better next year especially considering the losses of Giambi and Abreu.

    Manny would help in the short term because it would allow Ajax and Miranda to develop. It may also allow the yanks to shop Nady who is pretty cheap this season and possibly an Ian Kennedy for a good positional prospect so that they can have more than 1 impact offensive player down on the farm and close to the majors.

    Texiera would immediatly stegnthen and lengthen thier lineup. First base is a postion where you should have power and RBI’s. Not having a player their like that negates the fact that they have a strong 2b, SS, and Catcher thus nulifying a major advantage the Yankees could have.

    The yankees have the money and other teams do not. The salaries of players has dropped significantly (Tex not included) giving the yankees the opportunity to really stregthen their team. If they do not get an impact bat at first or in the outfield, next offseason they will be faced with the obstacle of signing at least 2 impact bats and the guys out there are hardly as appealing as Manny and Tex and wont be as cost effective as many of the other free agents such as Dunn and Bradley.

    Please Cashman – take the payroll hit for 1 season – let Andy walk if you must, but get us Tex or Manny and dont let 3 extra million per year stand in the way of it.

  • core
  • Dillon

    Not waiting on teixeira anymore! Welcome to the Yanks bro! Boy is this gonna piss off the rest of fans

  • Brad

    :Yes very nice. I thought Tex was the perfect fit.

    I mentioned about Montero being moved from catcher because I read, more than once that the organization thinks that he may be better suited for 1st base.

    I don’t links, sorry.

    If he does keep growing (he is very young), then the abuse on his knees would shorten his career significantly……..the team may be thinking in this line.