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We have some Manny updates we never got around to mentioning yesterday. It seems as though a rather amusing game of “nuh-uh, uh-huh” is developing between some random news site in the Dominican and the Yankee front office.

After Brian Cashman denied Sunday night’s Impacto Deportivo story about an impending deal between Manny and the Yankees, the Dominican-based site reiterated its story yesterday afternoon. The latest report says that Manny is currently in Brazil but will be featured at a press conference once he returns. The story also notes that the negotiations between the two sides are ongoing.

This latest salvo from the Dominican prompted Hal Steinbrenner to deny the rumors as well. “If we are, I don’t know about it,” the younger Steinbrenner told Kat O’Brien yesterday.

At this point, the story has moved from the realm of the odd into the world of the weird. I can’t quite figure why a Dominican sports site would be so vehement in pushing this rumor while two members of the Yankee front office continue to deny it. It is possible that the Yankees are denying it because negotiations are indeed ongoing and a deal hasn’t been reached yet, but in an off-season rife with leaks, no one else has reported this story.

If the Yanks don’t emerge in the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Manny land in the Bronx, but I don’t think it’s going to happen “en unos dias” as Impacto Deportivo continues to report. Teixeira’s saga may wrap up by Christmas, but Manny will remain unsigned into 2009. Maybe we’ll all be surprised, but I doubt it. I do wonder though what’s happening down there in the Dominican with Franklin Mirabal and Impacto Deportivo. How strange.

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  1. Sam says:

    Well who has more hits than either of these two this winter? Bernie, with a single last night in Puerto Rico. Domination.

  2. BJ says:

    Maybe this is a little too convoluted, but if we HAVE been negotiating with Boras regarding Manny, maybe the superagent is actively trying to keep it quiet to make the Yanks seem more like an active threat to sign his OTHER client. In that way, even though leaks have been happening all offseason, since the motivation has changed, the outcome changes… like the opposite of Obama’s camp not having any leaks before the election and then once he got in usinng leaks on certain things to guage people’s reaction.

  3. ryan says:

    Its likely that manny and Boras are leaking this story to the impacto deportivo to either up the ante from other teams or maybe they are being leaked this info from them cuz it’s true.

  4. deezer says:

    as mlbtraderumors pointed out, that paper has a decent track record. i suppose if a player is down there for the winter, thats the paper hes most likely to talk to. not sure i buy this one, but its worth noting that ID has been dismissed before, only to be proved right.

    A look at Impacto Deportivo’s recent history:

    11/24/08: Reported the Braves as the mystery team in on Rafael Furcal, offering four years and $52MM. The offer was inaccurate, but they did nail the mystery team.
    11/12/08: Correctly scooped the Damaso Marte signing.
    2/21/08: Incorrectly indicated the White Sox reached an agreement with Bartolo Colon. Also incorrect on a similar rumor involving the Royals.
    1/21/08: Correctly scooped the Octavio Dotel signing.
    11/18/07: Correctly scooped the Luis Castillo signing.

  5. MattG says:

    ID must have information from a source that it trusts, and that source must have motivation for leaking a true story, or fabricating a false one.

    I see no reason for the Yankees to deny a true story. They have already admitted some in the organization want to bring Manny in. If they made an offer, it would stand to reason they would admit that, too. The Yankees are smart enough to understand you can’t time PR.

    I do see a reason for the Boras camp to float a story. If the Yankees are not bidders on Tex, having Manny destined to land elsewhere imminently affects some suitor’s plan Bs. But when you look at it deeper, this theory starts to come apart, as the Dunn is Washington’s fallback, Manny is not an option for Boston, and Anaheim doesn’t seem to want to go over 2 years for Ramirez.

    The one team this might affect would be the Dodgers. Teixeira and Dunn don’t appear to be factors there. Also, maybe Baltimore is paying attention.

    I think Boras is starting a rumor, to try and bring the back burner to a boil as Teixeira comes off the stove.

    • Zebidiah says:

      Couldn’t the converse be true? Could Boras have over-played his hand on Teix, and want to eliminate plan Bs, so as to push people back into the high-stakes game — especially if he knows the Yankees have no real intention of going after Teix and his $161.1M+ contract?

    • christopher says:

      the yankees do have a reason to deny the manny rumor. it keeps them in the trxeria negotiations therefore upping the price for the sox

  6. Axl says:

    Seems like Manny continues to not be able to escape the gossip that constently surrounds him. He probably told a friend he “expects” to sign and gave a figure when asked…and word of mouth usually gets flipped around as it continues to get thrown around…and when interviewed by a reporter finally…the word of mouth hovering around had finally gotten changed to “he’s in talks with the Yankees and it’s for 3 years and $75MM”.

    They’re probably so adament about their story because this is literally what they heard…so they want to stand by it. Although the accuracy of what was said…probably has been changed around a bit since it was first told by Manny himself.

    • Axl says:

      Besides, it doesn’t make sense for Manny to sign before Teixeira does. It’s bad business. The market goes way up once Tex is out of the running. All the teams that can’t invest hundreds of millions and a lot of years can try for a better hitter for less years…it’s common sense.

      But maybe the lack of interest this off season by a lot of teams…accompanied by the dead horse-beaten “bad economy” could have Boras taking a different route. Who knows? I just don’t think the Yankees would give Manny $25 million per year for 3 years…and not entertain Mark Teixeira…at younger switching hitting gold glove 1B who they actually could use…for even less per year. Doesn’t make sense to me. Sure the commitment for a lot of years…but he’ll only be 35 or so after 8 years? Maybe 36? Oh well…we’ll see it when it comes I guess…

    • jsbrendog says:


  7. Pedro(from Brazil) says:

    Deezer…the only thing is that Manny is supposed to be here in Brazil wich is waaaaaaaaaaay far from Dominican Republic! To me looks like Bora trying to bring back Dogers to Manny´s talk…

  8. Un-Named Yankee Source says:

    Here is a thought! Uber agent, Scott Boras, has a deal with the Yanks/Nats that sends Nady(Boras Client) to the Nats for Milledge (in your face Mets) , then Manny signs with the Yanks, Tex to the Nats. And the Red Sox get NOTHING! Cheers to Cashman and Boras!

  9. A.D. says:

    Olney on ESPN denied this is true, and on top of that threw in that he felt given the market the Yankees will be able to negotiate something much better than 3/75

  10. 2009:
    C- Posada (S)
    1B- Swisher (S)
    2B- Cano (L)
    SS- Jeter (R)
    3B- ARod (R)
    LF- Manny (R)
    CF- Damon (L) / Gardner (L)
    RF- Nady (R)
    DH- Matsui (L)

    C- Posada (S) / Miguel Olivo (R) 2/4M
    1B- Swisher (S)
    2B- Cano (L)
    SS- Jeter (R)
    3B- ARod (R)
    LF- Manny (R)
    CF- Austin Jackson (R) / Gardner (L)
    RF- Rick Ankiel (L) 4/40M
    DH- Posada (S) / Juan Miranda (L)

    C- Olivo (R) / Jesus Montero (R)
    1B- Swisher (S)
    2B- Cano (L)
    SS- Jeter (R) / (Lassiter? Angelini?)
    3B- ARod (R)
    LF- Manny (R)
    CF- Jackson (R)
    RF- Ankiel (L)
    DH- Posada (S)

    C- Montero (R)
    1B- Brandon Laird (R)
    2B- Cano (L)
    SS- __________ (Lassiter? Angelini?)
    3B- ARod (R)
    LF- Jeter (R)
    CF- Jackson (R)
    RF- Ankiel (L)
    DH- Prince Fielder (L) 7/150M

    • steve (different one) says:

      you had me up to here…

      DH- Prince Fielder (L) 7/150M

    • A.D. says:

      Somewhat bullish on the kids in Montero, Lassiter, and Angelini speed to ML ready.

      Also what about Suttle never makes it to the bigs?

    • Joe says:

      Alot of hopes riding on Austin Jackson ive noticed.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

      I think that in 2012 it will be:
      DH- Prince Fielder (L) 6/350

    • Zebidiah says:

      2009 looks real good, but Matty with two repaired knees might end up being better than Manny in the field. I’d pass on both Ankiel and the 1/6 ton Prince Semien (how do you pronounce that, btw).

      • but Matty with two repaired knees might end up being better than Manny in the field.

        No, not remotely he won’t.

        I’d pass on both Ankiel and the 1/6 ton Prince Semien (how do you pronounce that, btw).

        I chose Ankiel over the other options available next year because he’s a lefty bat, and, as the 3rd or 4th best OF on the market, he won’t cost the big money Holliday type AAV.

        I went with Prince in 2012 because with plenty of room in the roster for a big bat (with both 1B and C available), I figured he may be worth the gamble. A lot depends on how the next three years go for him (i.e. if he continues to put up a near .400 wOBA and cements himself as an upper echelon Texiera/Ortiz/Howard/Pujols type dominant cleanup hitting 1B/DH, or if he settles into the .360 range “good but not super-elite” player territory).

        The point was not that it has to be Fielder per se, but that we’re positioned nicely to have Manny and Posada and Swisher come off the books at the same time in the winter of 2011-2012, where we’ll have their expiring 48M AAV to spend (25M for Manny + 13M for Jorge + 10M for Swisher) and openings created at both 1B and DH (even factoring in for Montero), we can go in heavy on another elite big-money bat when Manny’s done. I picked Prince because he was the first big name I could think of who was still in approaching his prime and due for free agency that winter.

        • Joe says:

          Its crazy how Ankiel comes up in discussions for decent/good outfielders after starting the majors as a pitcher. That boy is a true athlete. Hope he continues to play well. Totally irrelevant to the topic I know but I always think about it hearin about Ankiel.

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