Yanks continue to steal players from Boston


A few hours after stealing a big fish away from Boston, the Yanks nabbed themselves a little fish too. MLB Trade Rumors points to a Joel Sherman report noting that the Yanks signed Kevin Cash to a Minor League deal worth around $700,000. Cash will play the role of Chad Moeller next season, serving as the AAA catcher and third-string Major League catcher in case Jorge Posada or Jose Molina goes down. Unlike Mark Teixeira, though, Kevin Cash isn’t very good, and Boston won’t really miss this one.

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  • Mike Pop

    But he is gritty.

  • jsbrendog

    can he grow a beard? a grit-beard? does he run out every ball as hard as he can even tho he hits 90% of them back to the pitcher (when he even makes contact)?

    is his middle name eckstein?

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Watch it with the Jew jokes, pal.

      • Mike Pop

        Happy Hannukah !

      • jsbrendog

        ? i’m confused? there is no je wjoke in there nor any intent to make one dude. it is simply about facial hair and making fun of david eckstein

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          Just a lame joke about the Eckstein thing.

          • Steve S

            he might have been referring to david, former angel, cardinal, blue jay, etc.. and all around gritty player.

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

              Yah, thanks, I got that.

          • usty

            Yeah, I’m pretty sure his joke had nothing to do with Jewish heritage and 100% to do with people confusing David Eckstein with a good baseball player.

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

              Good grief, this is a tough crowd! Yes, I GOT that part of what he was saying, I was just making a lame joke. I do not think he is an anti-Semite nor do I think his comment had anything to do with the great and proud people of the Jewish heritage.

          • Doug

            He wear big helmet to hide his horns.

            • usty


  • 27 this year

    You know, with all the signings we have made, no team really likes us at all now and making trades is going to be harder. Plus, no one is going to take Matsui off our hands because who wants to give us salary relief? The funnies thing is, our team improved like crazy and we still shed payroll.

  • Matt M

    this is the classis : “i’ll get you…and you’re little dog too”

  • Alan

    But now Wakefield won’t have a catcher! It’s all part of Cashman’s glorious plan to topple the Red Sox.

    • A.D.

      my thoughts exactly

  • Mike Pop

    Do they even have a catcher on their roster now? I see Tek going back but if not him maybe Pudge. Then make some kind of deal for a youung catcher.

    • Alan

      George Kottaras is the only catcher on their 40 man.

    • Joseph P.

      I would love for the Red Sox to sign Pudge.

      • VO

        i would love for that as well as long as he cant hit as he could here

    • Paulie

      I would be very happy if the Red Sox signed pudge but it is unlikely they will.

  • Dirt

    On the Red Sox website:

    “Why is it when New York fans need an education they come to Boston. When they need a good hospital, they come to Boston. New York has two teams for every sport and still Boston’s four professional teams are more competive, New York has three out of eight that are competitive. Hey Yankee fans, how are those Knicks doing?”


    “You know what. I saw let him go to NY. I am a diehard Red Sox fan. We will be fine. Tek can go he has no offensive abilities anymore anyhow. We need to get Lowe or Peavy and someone for left field. Our team is still better than the yankees. There should be a limit you can spend in an offseason seriously they spent over 400 million dollars. And they will still lose.”

    I enjoyed both of these immensely.

    • Paulie

      Sabathia…..$161…….Burnett…….$82.5………..Teixeira……$180………Red Sox fans reactions……….priceless

    • Joseph P.

      Someone for left field? Jason Bay? Anyone? Bueller?

  • Mike Pop

    According to ESPN we are at 209 million right now? That accurate

    • Joseph P.

      Not right now. The Yanks played with signing bonuses a bit — $9 mil for CC and $5 mil for Tex — so the numbers won’t reflect their AAV this year.

      • Mike Pop

        Any chance we stay under 205 this year ?

  • MattG

    After signing Sabathia, Burnett, and Teixeira, the Yankees apparently need Cash.

  • A.D.

    Nice insurance, otherwise if Molina went down then Cervelli would essentially be forced to ride the bench as a back-up all year which would hut his development.

  • Ken

    He was Wakefield’s cacher. Maybe the Sox will have another fiasco like when they got rid their other knuckle ball catcher a few years ago (forgot his name)? That would be great.

    • b/c


  • JeffG

    The only way that Brian Cashman could impress me more than he already has this offseason would be if he called a meeting with Theo and Hendry, sat them both at a table, and maced their eyeballs out. Pretty much he has already done everything we could reasonably expect.

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