The real loser in the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes


Right now, the Red Sox and, to a lesser extent, the Angels must be reeling. The Yankees just swooped in and captured the big offensive prize of 2008 a few weeks after signing two of the top pitchers out there as well.

But while baseball fans from across the country line up to boo the extravagant Yankees, the real loser in the Mark Teixeira hunt isn’t one of the Yanks’ fellow competitors. It is none other than Manuel Aristides Ramirez, a player just a few days ago who was rumored to be heading to the Yanks as early as today.

Over the weekend, it seemed as though the Red Sox would emerge with Mark Teixeira. They needed a bat to replace Manny and to back up David Ortiz in their lineup. While they have Kevin Youkilis and Mike Lowell, they were about to go all in to land Teixeira. Had the Red Sox landed Teixeira, the Yanks probably would have turned their attention to Manny as a response, and Manny and Scott Boras knew that.

In fact, according Dan Graziano, the Yankees were more than prepared to make Manny an offer. Had Teixeira left for the Red Sox, Manny would have quickly become a Yankee, according to Graziano’s sources, and those sources were probably feeding Impacto Deportivo too when it seemed as though Teixeira was about to sign with the Red Sox.

Then, the unthinkable happened. The Red Sox got cold feet over a long-term, high-dollar deal, and the Yanks, long rumored to be on the periphery of the Teixeira negotiations, swooped in and landed themselves a $180-million Christmas present, Manny be damned. As they had hoped all along, Boras came calling at the last hour, and the Yankees blocked their rivals from landing a big bat and a Gold Glove first baseman, but they’ve also halted the Manny market.

Right now, things are at an impasse for Ramirez. The outfielder claims to be searching for a four- or three-year deal, but none have materialized in weeks. The Dodgers have withdrawn their two-year offer, and the Angels say they are unequivocally not interested. Even the Mets, in need of some help, say they aren’t interested either. The only other team that makes sense — the Red Sox — separated less than amicably from Manny just five months ago. As hard as it is to believe, with the Yankees out of the picture, no team is currently bidding for the services of Manny Ramirez, a future Hall of Famer.

Of course, over the next few weeks, that will probably change. As evidenced by their $170-million Teixeira play, the Nationals clearly have money to spend, and Manny might help fill seats in D.C. The Dodgers say they’re still interested and now have little competition. Manny will get some of his millions, but he won’t get what he could have gotten from the Yankees. This time, only one of Scott Boras’ clients will win.

Still, despite Tuesday’s turn of events, the Manny-to-the-Yankees crowd just won’t stop. In a piece published mere minutes before the Teixeira signing and hastily edited a few minutes later, Stephen A. Smith claimed that the Yankees need Manny. He stands by that stance. Meanwhile, Jesse Spector of The Daily News thinks the Yanks can add Manny and still cut payroll. But I’d say it’s all over for Manny and the Yanks.

Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner probably aren’t completely through with their winter spending yet. Andy Pettitte is still out there, and the Yanks could choose to revisit the Mike Cameron talks next month. Manny, however, isn’t in the cards, and while Ramirez once thought the road to the bank went through the Bronx, he emerged from Tuesday as the biggest loser so far.

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  1. A.D. says:

    Mets said they won’t pursue Manny:

    So one would guess:
    Red Sox

    All not interested, which would leave the Dodgers or a Boras miracle to get someone else interested.

    Personally I feel the Yanks should be done with FAs (or at least high profile ones), If they want Pettitte then sure. Otherwise NO to Cameron, give BG a shot for the cheap, see what he’s got, we’ve got the best hitting infield in baseball, if our CF doesn’t doesn’t produce that strong, it will be fine

  2. Tom C says:

    Manny never did fit the Yankee profile …… and this Yankee fan is thrilled to see the organization refuse to allow such a clown to represent the team.

    • Ryan S. says:

      I would’ve welcomed that 1st round HOF lock “clown” to the team with open arms. He’s still an amazing hitter and I respect that as a baseball fan. Somebody, probably the Dodgers, is going to be very lucky and get a sweet discount on the guy.

    • RollingWave says:

      For me , it’s not a personality thing at all, it’s a age and postional need thing.

  3. Jonny not the Damon says:

    I mentioned it one of the threads below, but how do you think Manny feels about his agent right about now? Manny probably needed the Yankees to get the payday he wanted, and with them out of the picture, by the hand of his very own agent no less, I wonder if we’ll see another disgruntled Boras client, ala Sheff or A-Rod.

    Manny will get his $$$. But can Boras get a contender to cough up what the Yankees might have paid had Teixeira landed in Boston? At the very least, I’d like to be a fly on the wall during that first conversation between Manny and Boras in the wake of Teixeira’s signing.

  4. ryan says:

    I wonder if the yanks will go with hughes in the 5th spot to save some $$$. taking that 10-16 mill off the books might be appetizing to them.

  5. Tony S says:

    great post – I am so happy we have Tex

  6. yankeefan91 (sign manny now and this will the best offseason ever) says:

    im exited with this team wow this has to b the bst offseason ever ill b even happier if they do sign ramirez

  7. Alan says:

    I have to admit, watching a lineup of Manny, A-Rod, Tex would be amazing. But, we have to be realistic. There’s no way they’re going to bring in another 25+ AAV player, even the Yankees have limitations.

  8. Yankees=warriors says:

    It might be wrong to say this, but the joy of not getting Manny the clown is actually greater than that of getting Tex…for me.

    • 7 Angels says:


    • LiveFromNY says:

      For me it’s about even. I DID NOT want Manny but would not sacrifice the team’s chances for my dislike of him. But I don’t think he’s a team player and I hate the Manny-being-Manny thing. But we need another bat and would have just accepted him. I think Tex is very very good but overpriced. So my thoughts on them were good if we get a big bat, would prefer Tex over Manny.

      Tex goes up in my estimation because of his Donnie fandom. But I was curious to see how the Yankees would (or would not) “mold” Manny into being a Yankee.

  9. X-Man(Angel) says:

    Trade Matsui!!

    Manny will stay in LAD

  10. yankeefan91 (sign manny now and this will the best offseason ever) says:

    i think the only way i stil wishing we do get him is if the yanks trade 2outfielders

  11. Januz says:

    If I was the Nats (Or any sub-500 team for that matter) , I would not touch Manny with a 10 foot pole. The best this team can hope for, is ending up ahead of the Marlins. Manny will be unmotivated to play, and everyone knows how he quit on the Sox. I am glad to see the market collapsed for him, and I want him crawling back to LA.
    I cannot overestimate how happy I am to see Texeira here. Not only for him, but to keep Manny away from the Bronx. I would have found it difficult to root for a team, that has my two least favorite players on it (Him and Arod). That would be like sending TO and Pacman Jones to the Steelers.
    I also like the professionalism, and “CEO Attitude” that Scott Boras referred to, that Teixeira brings to the table as well (Like Derek Jeter), which Manny NEVER would bring to the Bronx. This was needed real bad. A-PLUS signing.

  12. Joey H says:

    I just blasted PeteAbe in an email. I know I went nuts but it was more about him being wrong over the Tex signing than about Pettitte. I said:
    “Pete it is absolutely absurd of you to say that there is no financial room for Pettitte on this payroll given the roster as it stands now. You went ahead and were very strong about the Yankees not getting Teixiera because of Cashman cutting salary. But do you seriously believe that they wont get an innings eater for a 4th starter at a measly 10 million dollars a year? It’s absolutely ridiculous Pete. Absolutely ridiculous. I understand if you want to say well, Pettite at this point in his career is no more than a .500 pitcher with a high 4 to 5 ERA and that is a reason the Yankees would shy away but to say financial constraints will be the reason for them not getting dandy Andy is insane. “

    • Joey H says:

      And I don’t expect a response.

    • pat says:

      Hahah nice, I hope you’re prepared for a resounding non-reply. Pete is only confrontational when he thinks its anonymous.

    • JeffG says:

      Not to defend Abe, but I wouldn’t call the chance of not signing Pettitte “absolutely ridiculous.” I think that we should and I’ve been all along saying that Pettitte is exactly the type of contract we bring back. Provides excellent injury insurance, innings, etc.
      However, when you look at our team makeup, now more than any time is your chance to experiment with some of the youth movement he has been trying to foster. I’ve read plenty of times that Cashman would like to see Hughes get another chance. Perhaps with Kennedy’s winter league performance we take another look? Aceves and Coke looked at least 5th starter ready. With the team as it stands I wouldn’t say it is out of the realms of possibility.

  13. NY Yankee Fan says:

    Yanks should still sign Manny.

    I would then, trade Nady to the Mets for some prospects. Package them in a deal with Melky and Kei Igawa (with the Yankees paying the entire salary) to the Padres for Jake Peavy.

    Then move Jaba to the pen, because he simply cannot handle he inning count needed for a starter and is too valuable to risk injuring again by overuse.

    • inman says:

      get off the crack

    • Ryan S. says:

      I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.

    • Joey H says:

      Dude. Please cut the shit. I’m sorry if you feel like I’m taking this out on you but why the fuck would the Padres take Igawa and Melky for Jake Peavy? It seems like the only thing you got right in this comment was your punctuation.

      • NY Yankee Fan says:

        Like I said, we would also add the prospects we get for Nady and (as I noted in my later post) some additional players from the minors if necessary in addition to Igawa and Melky. As for Igawa, he can pitch but is simply having trouble doing it well in New York. This will not be the first time, nor the last, that a pitcher will leave New York’s spotlight and pitch well for another team.

        It is difficult to weigh exactly how much added would need to be in a trade for one player, but the Yankees would have extra parts that it can spin into another significant addition to the team.

        • Joey H says:

          You can try to throw all this intelligent talk in there but the stuff you are talking about wouldn’t even happen in a friggen video game man.

          • NY Yankee Fan says:

            How about some intelligent comments from you Joey. You may believe neither Melky and Igawa are worthless to the Padres or that Nady will not fetch any worthwhile prospects that could be used in a trade. All of which I disagree with, but would be interested in hearing why rather then conclusory statements. Put simply, I believe that we can package some of our excess talent (make it cheap for the Padres by adding money to the deal) and eventually end up with Peavy. Am I wrong? Maybe. The Padres have yet to trade Peavy and the asking price is bound to go down in terms of players irrespective of what the Padres GM says at his point. A deal will eventually get done, simply of question of with who.

            • NY Yankee Fan says:

              PS I read the post and I did not mean to suggest that your not being intellengent, only I would like to have a more detailed response to why I am off base with my suggestion.

            • Joey H says:

              Oh I’ll give you some intelligent comments. Thinking that the Padres whose interest is cutting costs will inherit Kei Igawa and his outstanding pitching talents with his 12 million dollars over the next 3 years. Why would they want a 4th outfielder as well? Its ludicrous for you to even cook something like that up in your head. I can get if he was a serviceable major league starter who just didn’t have a place on this roster and we needed to dump him but he is an awful pitcher! He has a career 6.66 ERA with a whip of nearly 1.8.

              • NY Yankee Fan says:

                Just to note that I said the Yankees would pay the entire salary, but I see your point.

                • Joey H says:

                  You really think they would pay the whole salary? Dude your comments are getting more and more ridiculous. If they wanted to pay his whole salary for the next 3 years they would just let him pitch in AAA where is actually isnt too bad.

            • Jamal G. says:

              Put simply, I believe that we can package some of our excess talent (make it cheap for the Padres by adding money to the deal) and eventually end up with Peavy. Am I wrong? Maybe Fuck yes.


              Oh, and chill with the Joba-to-the-pen shtick, that ship has sailed – thankfully.

    • LiveFromNY says:

      You should change your screen name because no “NY Yankee Fan” would type such craziness.

  14. NY Yankee Fan says:

    If the Yanks are called to add a little more, it should be fine. But providing players that can play in the majors now and in the future (all of whom are either free or cheap) could be just what the Padres needs for a deal.

  15. Peter Lacock says:

    Now I want Manny. He can platoon with Godzilla at DH.
    Is there a limit to how many type A’s we can sign? I thought it was 3 because there were only so many type A’s this year and since Andy will be back we lost only Abreu & IRod. Does Moose count? Damn Giambi shoulda been a type A.

    • Joey H says:

      My god! Talk about greedy Yankee fans.

      • Ryan S. says:

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’re set as is. Now that Tex is in the fold I’m completely fine with Matsui being the DH. Its not worth it to get Manny anymore – just the laws of diminishing returns. We needed A big bat. We got one – yay. We’re good now.

        • NY Yankee Fan says:

          I am not so confident that one “big bat” is all that is needed. We lost Jason and Bobby and I presently count only Tex as a true replacement acquisition.

          • Moshe Mandel says:

            And we added Swisher and Matsui and Posada are healthy and we have Nady for a full season.

          • Jonny not the Damon says:

            But you’re forgetting down years from Cano, Posada and Matsui. If two of the three can rebound, there are your “replacement acquisitions” for Bobby and Giambino. Teixeira’s a “bonus acquisition” in that scenario.

            • NY Yankee Fan says:

              I am looking forward to rebound years from all three, but view Swisher as simply a upgrade from Wilson Betemit. Maybe the answer is that having spent the money we did, there is no additional room for FA upgrades and we need to hope for the better years from the players already on the team. I just cannot help thinking that we lost some of our potential when we walked away from both Bobby and Jason and did not get it all back simply getting Mark.

              • jsbrendog says:

                wilson betemit =- strikes out all the time and has no eye, doesnt work counts and plays shitty defense and has ever and will never be a full time player

                nick swisher = l;ed the fucking league (that’s right tanto) in pitches per at bat i believe, and if he didnt he was top 3, works counts, gets on base and takes walks and has power (something else betemit lacked exept for the rare occassion when he swung blindly and actually hit the ball, i dont know who was mroe surprised him or the pticher). AND swisher plays above average defense at 1b and the corner OF spots.

                therefore in conclusion, simon and simon were not brothers in real life but only on teklevision

                and Swisher >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Betemit

              • yankeewanabe7 says:

                thats why i’m for still going after manny that would make this offense 1000 runs and with are pitching would have to be favorite. mainly thou I have to think manny behind a-rod is going to make a-rod anoth big pappy.

          • inman says:

            i’ll retract my previous comment. i guess i’m not playing nice – dont recall seeing that for this thread. you’re actually dumber than i first thought.
            whatever happened to all the smart people on this blog?- the dumb ones are starting to get too much air time- tough to read at times.

  16. Jamal G. says:

    According to Cot’s, Teix will make $20M in the first two years of the deal, and will make $22.5M in each of the remaining years. Also, he gets a $5M signing bonus.

    I’ve wondered, do signing bonuses count towards the Opening Day payroll figure?

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

      I believe that, for payroll purposes, signing bonuses are apportioned evenly over all the guaranteed years of the contract.

  17. E-ROC says:

    Ben, I thought the Yanks biggest signing of the day was Kevin Cash. Shows how much I know.

  18. Brooklyn Ed says:

    testing to see if there’s a pic

  19. pat says:

    This place is gonna get all lohudded up if people keep talking shit to each other. Insult the idea not the person, it’s a fine line, but come on, insulting each other for bad grammar and name calling is ridiculously idiotic.

  20. Ricochet says:

    Manny’s on paper is a monster and he would’ve given A-Rod the protection that no one else could but he’s not the right player for this team. Torre is an average at best in game manager but he’s a master of dealing with the media and personalities and that’s why it worked under Torre when the Yankees took on questionable players.

  21. ryan says:

    TEX is a huge pickup , I only hope jesus montero sticks as a catcher.

  22. headstand says:

    Guess who just called the Boston bid a “Hoax”

  23. mustang says:

    “As hard as it is to believe, with the Yankees out of the picture, no team is currently bidding for the services of Manny Ramirez, a future Hall of Famer.”

    The only people who find this hard to believe are the disciples of the Stat. There are plenty of teams that can use Manny’s bat, but when you quit on your teammates and turn on an ownership that made you the second highest paid player in the game people take notice.
    Someone will take a chance on Manny his bat is too great. But I’m glad to see that most MLB teams see Manny for the clown that he is and don’t want any part of Manny being Manny.
    Regardless of his Hall of Fame Stats.

  24. Bill says:

    I dont know why you use Ken Davidoff of Newsday as a source on this site.

    Did you read his latest anti-Yankee comment.

    Instead of stating how the Yankees outsmarted the Redsox he still thinks that Theo is still so much better a general manager than Cashman and how much better there team is run.

    If the Mets know get Manny Davidoff will write how much smarter Minya is than Cahman also.

  25. Should be working says:

    Im very curious as to whats going to happen with out outfield situation. I find it hard to believe that we’re going to be paying 6mil and 9mil for a bench player. We lost Tabata for the Nady trade, but I think he might be the one to go. I think Swish’s grind out ability + power will be good for our lineup. Swish in right, DH Matsui, Gardner/Melk center and Damon in left.

    • ryan says:

      Swish is risky .. He’s owed 9 mill next year and if he does poorly with the yanks he would be pretty hard to move in 2010. 9 mill a yr for a bench player does sound pretty lousy. if nady continues to be productive..they can always sign him to a contract. yanks only traded for swisher cuz he makes 6 mill this year nad that’s not that expensive of a risk but next yr he’ll be something to think twice about.

      • jsbrendog says:

        good point…but swisher also gives you flexibility that nady does not. if matsui goes down or tex needs time off swisher can play a better than giambi 1b while tex dhs and he can also play all 3 of positions (although i believe hsi cf is below average but still prob better than noddly arm damon)

  26. jad says:

    Me thinks the media and all of you underestimate Boras on this one. Do you honestly believe he would deliver Texiera to the Bronx if he didn’t have a plan for the best clutch hitter in the world. For all we know he could end up in LF here or in Cleveland where his roots are. Stay tuned, Manny will be just fine…

    • ryan says:

      could be Tex wanted to go to the yanks and not boston all along and that was boras’ only play.

    • Jeremy says:

      Agreed. Teams that need a bat and have money to burn will look at Dodger Manny rather than Sox manny. He will get something better than the 2 year, $45 million offer he already spurned.

      • Should be working says:

        If he did he probably would be signed already. Im guessing he’ll end up with the Nats because he’s more about money than winning.

  27. Brian Cashman is watching says:

    It bothers me that we keep hearing the number $423.5 million. The Yankees spent $423.5 million on their winter shopping spree. It is not true and it bothers me.

    First, not all contracts are created equal. Burnett for $16 million per year for five is not the same as Sabathia for seven. The Yankees are not going to spend that all next year, but spread out over many years. Why are you adding it all together? Instead, the real amount to concern yourself with is the $68 million spent next season (rough estimate).

    Second, and related, is that the $423.5 million, when accounted for the time value of money, will be significantly less. Sabathia’s contract has no deferred payments, so he will be making less in real dollars at the end of his contract than he does at the beginning of the contract. You can consider luxury taxes, but those are accounted for on a year to year basis. Shouldn’t the salaries be considered the same way?

    The reporting on the amount bothers me, showing me there is no business sense among reporters. Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner consider all this, so shouldn’t reporters do the same?

  28. Mike Pop says:

    I say we all get hammered and type dumb comments.

    RAB Christmas Party 08!

  29. lilstevie says:

    I can’t believe I just heard Peter Gammons On ESPN radio say that he thought the Yankees were gonna get Teixeira all along. How many times in the last month have I heard him say it was just a matter of time before Teix was a red sox ? This slobber mouth idiot is in the Hall of Fame ? SORRY PETER !

    • jsbrendog says:

      yes, despite his pandering to the red sox in his waning “convalescent” days, previously he was an extremely good and respectable journalist who throughout my childhood broke every major story and everyone respected and guys like high pitch kirkjian and im sure olney etc grew up idolizing. he deserves his accoldaes but he also needs to eithe give it up or write down what he says so he doesn’t “forget where he put his keys”

      for me when i was younger it was dan and keith and gammons breaking the stories in baseball

      he hit the ball real hard.

    • Januz says:

      I actually am not against Gammons. He is from Boston, and grew up a Sox fan, and covered the Sox at the Globe. You have to understand and respect his bias (The Yankees and Sox are bitter rivals, what do people expect?). The types I hate are media types like Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, who although from NY, is anti-NY (Yankees in particular). Or a Mike Lupica, who hates the Yankees more than loves the Mets.

  30. Januz says:

    The terrible mess that was the 2008 season is now washed away. The new stadium will be open, all of the steroid clowns are gone (Such as Pettitte and Giambi) (I will say, Andy Pettitte used to be my favorite player, until the steroid issue came out, and he then showed his true clolors, greed and all, so now good riddance)), third place is now in the distance, Wong will be back, no more Ponson & Rasner, even the Cole & Bittle misfires are erased, because they will be getting draft picks, instead of having to wait until the fourth round to actually draft. ps: I wonder how Cole is feeling today, knowing he could have played with a budding dynasty, and blew it?

    • jsbrendog says:

      we definitewly still have a couple steroid players, every team does, its just that they havent bene outed and are happy as pigs in shit they ween’t in the mitchell report.

      • Januz says:

        The Mitchell Report made the Yankees look worse than anyone else, no doubt about it. Putting the Mitchell Report behind this team really helps, them focus strictly on baseball (Alex Rodriguez’s clown antics aside). That issue really hurt them last year, because it was a dark cloud, hovering over them.

        • jsbrendog says:

          this post proves you didnt even read what i wrote but saw mitchell report and went with it

          we definitely still have steroid guiys they just didnt get outed and are extremely happy aboutthat. but every team still has “steroid guys:” which makes the argument “thank god the steroid guys are gone and baseball is pure again” so not grounded in reality

          • Januz says:

            I read you piece, I do not deny the fact that it is very possible, that their are juicers on the team. The point is however, the Yankees are now in the same boat with everyone else, not having KNOWN juicers on the team. I was tired of hearing about Clemens and syringes last year.
            The key is wiping the slate clean, with people that are character guys such as, CC, Tex, Swisher, Burnett, Melancon (Who is supposed to have an attitude like Jeter) etc. They should fit in well with Jeter, Mariano, and Posada, to return the Yankees to where they belong: On top.

    • Should be working says:

      Pettitte is more than likely comming back. And im not sure that i’d label him greedy. He’s the same as any other baseball player. Trying to make some money. Some more than others, yes, but still. He’s always welcomed in my book.

    • Reggie C. says:

      I guess the Yanks lose out on their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks + each of those supplemental rounds. So that’s what … 2 picks out of the first 130-150 players?? Yeah … hopefully we hit homeruns on those compensation picks.

    • LiveFromNY says:

      PEDs and steroids are not the same thing. And I don’t think Andy is greedy. I think he doesn’t want to appear washed up and willing to play at any price.

  31. Frank B. says:

    Looking forward to the start of 2009 with all of this talent… we don’t have Manny, but, even better, neither do the Red Sox.

  32. lilstevie says:

    my main point about Gammons is not his Red Sox Bias , we all know that , it’s that he gets on the air for a month saying onething and then when the opposite happens he says “I told you so “

  33. MattG says:

    If Manny will take two years with a vesting option, he will have plenty of new suitors. Cubs and Giants would be interested. The Mets and Angels will be back. I wouldn’t count out interest from Tampa Bay, Baltimore, or even Texas. His players for a guaranteed 3rd year are all but gone, but once he lowers the asking price there will be plenty of teams interested.

    It will be up to Boras to rally one of them into guaranteeing the third year.

  34. MattG says:

    I want to talk about the next move. Atlanta supposedly has interest Nady. What are they dangling? Should the Yankees be looking for a CF upgrade or a 5th starter?

    I think I would listen on each, but the CF upgrade would have to be cost-controlled, which is very unlikely.

  35. LC says:

    Manny is a big loser, but how about Jeter and Posada? Both just lost their safety nets in case they stopped being able to play their respective positions. Both are aging (Posada pretty quickly behind the plate), so what will they do in a couple of years when they seemed destined to become below-average first basemen?

    • MattG says:

      So you are saying you would want to keep 1B and DH open for Jeter and Posada? That sounds like something the Seattle Mariners would do.

      • LC says:

        no i’m not saying that at all. i’m so happy about the tex signing. I’m just saying Posada and Jeter are now screwed in a couple years and then we’ll have to get creative to give them ABs. But of course i want the better, younger player who can actually play his position well.

  36. IronHorse4 says:

    Stephen A. Smith has to be one of the dumbest sportswriters in the business. He was on ESPN yesterday talking about the Teixeira deal and since every one of his points was being trumped by Skip Bayless (not the best either), SAS just started screaming at him. He was yelling so loud I had to turn the volume down. The Yanks do not need Manny and all of the baggage that comes with him.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:


      /chokes on handful of Cheeze Doodles

  37. shades says:

    the redsox were never really in the tex hunt. they have a kid who played first base in portland last year that they are waiting to bring up; their equivalent of Ajax. they were not going to sign anyone to an 8 year deal to play first, the same way, regardless of who was out there, we were not looking to sign someone to an eight year contract to play center. the red sox won and drove the price up to $180 million

  38. [...] the Yanks signed Mark Teixeira, I proclaimed Manny as the biggest loser of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes. The Yanks would have signed him had the Red Sox landed Teixeira, [...]

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