Yanks lurking in the Teixeira background


Sunday morning brings with it an intriguing — and familiar — story about Mark Teixeira from The Times’ Michael Schmidt. He reports that the Yanks are interested but remain lurkers in the Mark Teixeira hunt.

Says Schmidt:

Although the Yankees have not actively pursued the free-agent first baseman Mark Teixeira, team officials continue to monitor the negotiations between Teixeira’s agent, Scott Boras, and other teams.

The Yankees are interested in signing Teixeira, according to two people in baseball with knowledge of the matter, but for the moment are unwilling to pay him more than $160 million over eight years, one of them said.

For the moment. That’s a rather pregnant phrase.

Schmidt notes that the Yanks would perhaps have to get creative with either the roster or the contract to add Teixeira, but it seems as though the Yanks could do that with so many contracts coming off the books following 2009. At this point, what’s the difference between $160 over eight years and $180 over the same time? If the Yanks want Teixeira badly enough, they will get him. It just depends on how badly that really is.

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  1. pounder says:

    Just sign the guy for cripes sake.Tomorrow never comes.If he goes North,Cashman must be fired.

    • Alan says:

      CASHMAN IS TEH SUX!!!1!11!1!1!11!!!

    • Steve says:

      Forgetting the “fire cash” sillyness, I’ll agree that the stuff about moving Posada/Jeter/A-Rod to 1B or worrying about where Montero plays at some point is way too far down the road to worry about now. Montero could be a bust at AA, Tex could have a career ending injury and A-Rod could die in a plane crash for all we know.

      Lets just worry about 2009, anything past 2010 is just silly to talk about.

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        Lets just worry about 2009, anything past 2010 is just silly to talk about.

        It may be silly for us fans to talk about, but it isn’t silly for the Yankees brain trust to talk about and plan for. I remember reading an interview with John Sculley (former CEO of Apple) who said one of the CEO’s jobs is to envision where he wants his company to be in five years, and then work backwards to find the steps necessary to get there.

        So if Cashman is concerned about the roster 3, 4 and 5 years down the road, that makes me feel good as a fan. The Yankees are not the Florida Marlins, looking to win a World Championship and then dis-mantle the team. Cash is trying to build a team that has a legitimate shot to win it every year, and if, in his opinion, signing Tex doesn’t put him closer to that goal, then I’m on board with that decision.

  2. Paulie says:

    I really hope the Yankees want Teixeira. With him I believe the Yankees will be a strong favorite to win the AL East and the World Series. Right now they are a better team than last year but I think they need to do more, and I think Tex is he best option even though many people think Manny is.

  3. pounder says:

    Manny’s cool also,but that attitude has gotta change.Tex is the man we need,Swisher may or may not turn into the Brosuis type Cashman anticiptes,trade him or put him in the OF somewhere.

  4. Steve S says:

    I dont buy it. Im sure Boras keeps them up to date but all these rumors seem to have sparked the minute John Henry said what he said. I wouldnt even be surprised that these “sources” were facilitated by Boras.

    • Alan says:

      Agreed, it’s all a smoke and mirror show to attempt to draw the Yankees/Angels/Red into a bidding war. Goto the Nationals, Tex, this way I have someone to watch besides Zimmerman when I move to DC.

      • rbizzler says:

        Don’t forget about Lastings and Elijah Dukes! The squad in DC is pretty pitiful, but at least tickets are cheap (despite the new stadium).

    • Steve says:

      This Boston stuff is all predicated on them trading Lowell, and I think they cant. Especially in this market where mid tier free agents cant give themselves away. Nobody, nobody, nobody is looking to increase payroll in this economy. Even the Yanks and Mets are looking at steady to lower payroll, and they’re both looking at big revenue increases moving into new ballparks.

      The only way I see the Sox moving Lowell coming off hip surgery (a big deal for a power hitter) is if they want to eat the 26 mil, which means Tex now costs you 210 mil/8 years.

      Check out this Buster Onley piece. There’s no money out there.

  5. Shamus says:

    What a wonderful X-Mas present Tex would make under the tree.

    Forget the new BlackBerry Storm I just got, I want Tex!!!!

  6. ryan says:

    No way boston lets the yankees get Tex. This whole thing is a game of chess between the sox and Boras. The red sox will eventually overpay for Tex greatly in order to keep him from the yanks.

    • Steve says:

      and Lars Anderson doesn’t exist

      and Youkilis is playing . . . left field, I guess?

      and Mike Lowell is going to be traded . . . .where?

      Plus, Theo doesn’t believe in long term free agent deals. The only deal he ever gave a free agent that was longer than 4 years was to Dice-K, and that was a unique situation.

      • Jake H says:

        You don’t worry about Lars Anderson until he is MLB ready which he isn’t. Plus at his highest ceiling Lars is Tex who is already at his ceiling as a player. There is a chance that Anderson doesn’t pan out at the MLB level or isn’t as good as Tex.

        It isn’t as if Boston couldn’t eat Mike Lowell’s contract. They had been doing it with Crisp for a year and a half and Lugo’s contract too.

        • Steve says:

          Lars is the #1 prospect in the Boston system according to BA, and he made the biggest jump in the minors from A to AA last year with incredible consistency. Didn’t miss a beat. The probability of him being a successful major leaguer is about as high as it gets. His ETA is anywhere from mid-2009 to 2010, which fits perfectly with Lowell’s contract expiring.

          And if the Sox eat Lowell’s 26 mil, then Tex now costs them 210/8 years. Which is insane, and would hinder their ability to fill other needs. Its not a bottomless pit, folks. I’m amazed people are actually buying this Sox-Tex stuff. Not just fans, but good reporters like Buser Onley. Forget what they say, look at their roster.

          • Jake H says:

            Yes Anderson is their best prospect. But there is no gurantee he would hit at AAA level and be healthy.

            Also remember that Lowell might not be ready for the regular season. They are optimistic but they probably have a whole in their lineup and on the field.

            • Steve says:

              Healthy? Did he have some off season injury that I’m unaware of? He’s played full seasons in each of his 2 years with the Sox organization. He has “a great hitter’s frame” according to Sox Prospects to go along with an “Extremely smooth and fluid swing.” and ” Impeccable batting eye with very good patience at the plate”.


              I see no reason to doubt his health either now or long term. I don’t mind being refuted, but please have some factual basis for doing so.

              • Jake H says:

                Ya a guy can never get hurt. Lowell had a history of hip problems. oh wait he hadn’t had a problem.

                Guess get injured all the time. The kid was just drafted in 06 and didn’t play a full season until 07. He looks like the real deal but lets not say he can step into the bigs and have no problems. Looks at ellsbury and lowrie, both were great in the mnors and struggled at the mlb level.

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        J.D. Drew says hello.

        • Steve says:

          John Henry says he’s out.

          • Jake H says:

            Multiple reports say that they aren’t out. Owners always speak the truth, no owners have ever said that they were out of a neogitation and got back in it.

            • Steve says:

              John Henry-Were out

              Boston Media-No, you’re not!! And I have unnamed sources to prove it!!!!!

              I’ll take the bosses word on this one. Call me crazy.

              • Sweet Dick Willie says:

                I’ll take the bosses word on this one. Call me crazy.

                Although I agree with you on many topics, I don’t on this one. I think it is just a negotiating ploy.

                What advantage does Henry gain by saying he’s out of it? None. In fact, if he’s telling the truth, he cedes a huge advanatge to the teams that are still in it. Why would he do that?

                • Steve says:

                  I’m sorry, but that’s so conspiratorial I just can’t get my head around it.

                  Henry-I’m not negotiating with you
                  Boras-That’s a negotiating ploy
                  Henry-What part of “NOT negotiating” don’t you understand?

                  You have lots of company in that opinion, but I just don’t see it. Boras would have to come back to the Sox, hat in hand, looking for a contract. That’s not going to happen. The Angels (or Yanks) will pay him way before it gets to that point.

                • Sweet Dick Willie says:

                  I can see Henry dropping out of the negotiations. What I’m saying is, what advantage does Henry gain by going public with it? Isn’t it in his best interests just to remain silent, even if he feels he’s out of it?

              • Jake H says:

                Your crazy if you think the Sox are really out of it.

  7. Patch says:

    this reminds me of the A-Rod acquisition.

    waiting in the wings, then when people start dropping out of the bidding, cashman gets the deal done.

    • Steve says:

      With Boras as his agent, the Yanks don’t want to get involved until the very last minute. The fact that they are even in the mix right now tells me that they are very close to the end of this process. Tex has said he wants to sign by X-Mas.

      Given the needs in our lineup, and the fact Giambi is gone there’s no doubt that Tex is a perfect fit. That also moves Swisher to more of a 400 AB utility type role, which would be ideal for both keeping the (aging) regulars fresh and strengthening the bench. Cashman said on Francesa’s show last week that one of his concerns about this lineup is the loss of the OBP/SLG guys like Giambi and Abreu. We also don’t have a real #3 hitter right now. Tex fits that bill perfectly.

  8. E-ROC says:

    It’s kinda surprising that the Red Sox are even dealing with a Scott Boras considering what happened with Manny.

    • Jake H says:

      If they didn’t work with Boras they would have problems with top talent at the MLB level and the draft. Remember they have Boras clients still on their roster in Drew and Dice K.

    • Steve says:

      Boston was a stalking horse in this from day 1. They did pretty well without Manny last year, going deep into the ALCS. He’s not a fit for them and never was. I’m amazed at how many people have bought into this. Forget what they say, look at their roster.

  9. MattG says:

    Tex: go to Washington. Cash: go get Dunn for 3 years.

    • C.Panella says:

      LOL what is the deal with you guys and dunn this guy can’t field a lick and k’s half the time he’s up

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        and k’s half the time he’s up

        First off, that’s a gross exaggeration. Second, when are you guys going to look beyond the strike outs? The guy gets on base at a .381 clip and slugs over 500. Forget the effin’ strikeouts!!!

  10. Steve says:

    The Yanks estimate their revenues will almost double from 450 mil to over 700 mil in the new ballpark. Even in a bad economy and with a big mortgage to pay, they still can afford anything they want or need.

    Also, don’t forget we have 88 mil coming off the books this year and have only spent 50 so far (CC-24/AJ-16/Swish-5/Marte-4) 60 if Andy signs. That means you could give Tex 20-23 mil and still be 5 mil below last years payroll.

    BTW-The Yanks say every off season that they want to lower their payroll, and they never do.

    • 27 this year says:

      remember raises to guys like Cano and arb for Wang, Nady, Bruney and more. You have to factor those in. With them, we are around 190 or more and I don’t think the Yanks are looking to go much past that.

      • Steve says:

        True, but you could back load a deal a bit by 1 year and then take advantage of the 36 mil coming off the books next year for Damon/Matsui/Pettitte. Plus, you’d still have money leftover to sign a few players next year if you have a need. Those salary bumps are not really a big obstacle to signing Tex.

    • Old Ranger says:

      I am trying to remember the story but, I read some where (Wall St.?) that in actuality, the Yanks have been losing money in the last few years. The thing is, the Boss had been putting his profits back into the company.
      Now, one reading what I just wrote and doesn’t understand it, may wish to take Econ 101 again.
      We have one guy (I know of) on this blog that may take time to explain. Me…ain’t to good explaining things. 27/09.

      • Steve says:

        Many companies show a loss for tax purposes, I wouldn’t take that too seriously. George could be paying himself and his partners 50-75 mil per year, and showing a small loss on the corporate side.

        Plus, teams have been known to funnel their profits into the networks they own, paying over market broadcasting rights fees. Effectively taking the money out of one pocket and putting it in another.

        I just wouldn’t take any of that stuff too seriously.

        • Old Ranger says:

          Again, you are right, to a point. There was a big worry the kids were taking over the team and would sell it. Because it wasn’t making money.
          One company makes $2000mm a year, after executive $$$ they have $1000mm left. The cost of running the club (salary’s, equipment, maintenance etc.), comes to 15000mm…they lost money, right? The TV and etc., profits $2000mm, all goes back into the club. The team lost money the other entities paid the bill…therefor, no profit.

          Mike A., Joseph P. or Ben K., may be able to contact the poster that is majoring in Eco., to write something up on this. 27/09.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      The Yanks estimate their revenues will almost double from 450 mil to over 700 mil in the new ballpark.

      Don’t be surprised to see that estimate revised downward. Look at corporate America and you see most companies revising their earnings estimates downward. 2009 could be a very shitty economic environment.

      • Steve says:

        Absolutely, but their revenues are going to go up, its just a question of how much. A payroll equal to last year’s moving into a new ballpark is a VERY fiscally conservative move. They could comfortably afford to add payroll if they chose to do so.

        What they can’t afford, is to miss the playoffs two years in a row.

        • Sweet Dick Willie says:

          What they can’t afford, is to miss the playoffs two years in a row.

          Agree 100%

          • Ryan S. says:

            Yup. Vince Gennaro (author of Diamond Dollars: The Economics of Winning in Baseball) has said repeatedly that the Yankees being in the playoffs is pivotal to the success of their economic structure. They’re the ultimate risk/reward team – they can generate a huge amount of potential income, but only if they are consistently a playoff team and win championships, as it ensures the continuation of a ridiculous amount of revenue from tickets, merchandise, and TV ratings. If they don’t sell enough tickets in a given year, the weight of their franchise becomes too heavy to sustain and you’ll start seeing notable losses.

            That’s why we always have such a stacked team with a ton of talent … not only is it good baseball sense to field the best team possible, its good business sense, virtually regardless of the price tag.

  11. Old Ranger says:

    Tex would be a great addition to this team but, may I reiterate; “We don’t have to have him”. Some among us have been trying to point out, there is a big difference between NEED and WANT. We don’t NEED Tex, we WANT him…for many reasons, Tex would be great but conversely, he would hurt the flexibility of the team. When a team has too many long term expensive contracts, it cuts down on the teams flexibility in moving or signing other players…New York Yankees, anyone!
    I am still on the fence but, it is starting to chaff my…I thought I left making tough decisions when I left the service! Oh well! 27/09

    • Steve says:

      We do need a #3 hitter with good OBP/SLG. We don’t have one currently. He’s a perfect fit in that regard. Also, Swisher represents something of a gamble on our part. If he repeats his .219/.332/.410 line from last year, and were playing Gardner/Meky in CF the we could have some serious problems scoring runs. Also, signing Tex means Swisher moves into a 400 AB utility role, where he plays 1B/RF/LF and gives the older parts of our lineup some much needed rest.

      Right now, our lineup is

      That lineup has a lot of age, and the young parts are weak.

      • Old Ranger says:

        Right but, some of the weak parts are also the older ones!

        Johnny is not to good on “D” and without the hot string at the end of the season would’ve hit less then .300 etc..
        Nady??? Who knows which way this will unfold.
        Swisher???? Same thing as Nady.
        Posada???? (injury)If the arm comes around, big up grade.
        Matsui???? (Injury)Up grades our DH.
        Jeter (Injury) Had wrist injury, up grade.
        A-Rod (Injury) Missed 30(?) games, up grade
        Gardner Big up grade on “D” Hope he can hold his own “O”
        Etc., Etc..
        Yup! We have a lot of questions on this team but, doesn’t everyone? 27/09.

        • DCR says:

          Damon was one of the best left fielders in baseball last year. You’re dead wrong in the aspect that he is done as a fielder.

          • Old Ranger says:

            If you think so, that is your right. I don’t think so, my right. 27/09.

          • gg says:

            and he had a great year at the plate, I dont know what that guy is talking about…he was probablly one of the games best leadoff hitters last year

          • Old Ranger says:

            As a LF, Johnny was below league avg. in most all aspects, you may want to check the stats and your eyes. Stats are great to use as a tool…not the end all to end all, use both. 27/09.

            • 27 this year says:

              Damon is great at everything in the field except throwing which isn’t a big deal. By that logic that he sucks means that Abreu is amazing.

            • DCR says:

              Well my eyes tell me that left field hides his weak arm, he covers a lot of ground, and takes a good route to balls. Not sure what you are seeing.

        • A.D. says:

          Right on point, this came out in a thread earlier in the week, everyone has question marks, its part of baseball, but the Yankees no longer have gaping holes, and thats whats important.

          Right now the Yankees have a line-up & pitching staff that can go out win, contend, and go to the world series

        • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

          Wow, Brett Gardner’s biggest fan is bring up Johnny Damon’s “hot streak” at the end of the year.

  12. DanElmaleh says:

    In a down weekend I am running several simulations of what a Yankees team looks like with Manny, with Tex or as-is. So far the results are suprising and leaning to Tex. I will post info when done.

  13. DCR says:

    The Yankees really need to find someone to dump Matsui on.

    • Old Ranger says:

      A healthy Matsui is one of our better hitters, as a DH he will be a very good asset to this team;
      Avg over the Yank years;
      BA-.295/ OBP .371/SLG .478/ OPS .849/OPS+ 123, not to bad. 27/09.

    • Steve says:

      Cashman says both knees are healthy now. That being the case, I’d like to keep him around. One of our better clutch hitters and good contact guys.

      Especially if the alternative is to dump him somewhere for nothing, which is the BEST case scenario. Actually, getting someone to take on salary is almost impossible in the current economy, so you’d wind up paying his salary to play elsewhere. Just doesn’t make any sense at all.

      • DCR says:

        I have little to no faith in Matsui suddenly becoming the beacon of good health. Of course Cashman says his knees are healthy. He said that last year too. I realize its going to be impossible to trade him. Its just something I wish could happen. Even if the Yankees paid $6-7MM of his salary I would be down.

        • Steve says:

          To be fair, his surgically repaired knee held up great last year. It was the other one that went out. Now that both are fixed, I think its fair to assume he will be able to play this year.

          But even if we wanted to trade him, in this environment we cant.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      The Yankees really need to find someone to dump Matsui on.

      Read this article and then tell me who is going to take on Matsui’s salary.

      Matsui has much more value to the Yankees than to any other team. People seem to forget his numbers with us: 295/371/478. If he can come anywhere near those numbers in ’09, he will have a huge impact on our offense.

      • Steve says:


        That was a really eye opening piece and is a must read for any Baseball fan.

      • Ari says:

        The other important point here is that if the market really becomes that bad then the Yanks, who actually do have money to spend, could presumably pick up whoever they wanted. They pretty much do better than whatever another team is offering and still get a bargain.

    • A.D. says:

      The Yankees will never get a return on him near his ability if healthy. So he’s really more valuable to us then to be traded

  14. gg says:

    they shouldnt overpay for tex, the guys good and has all around game, but hes not a 25 mill player….just sign Dunn or something

  15. Ari says:

    A couple of quick thoughts on Tex:

    Money really shouldn’t be an issue in whether he is signed by the Yanks. Given where the payroll stands right now, and the contracts that will be shed after this coming season, there really seems to be room to sign Tex.

    I think some people undervalue gold glove defense at 1B. I remember reading somebody say something disparaging about defense at first, and then say that if Tex was really such a good defender he wouldn’t play at first. Aside from the fact that this is obviously absurd for many reasons, it strikes me that some of my most vivid memories from the dynasty years were of the incredible defensive contributions made by Tino. Not only does a great first baseman save you a couple of sure doubles down the line, he affects the defense of the other three infielders. He turns throwing errors into outs, and may even induce the other infielders to attempt tricky throws knowing that they’ve got a sure glove on the other end. I know I don’t have the stats to back this point up, but from my own playing experience (which is summer-camp, but I think this could be a general rule), sure hands at first makes the whole infield better.

    The fact that Tex is a switch hitter is not discussed enough. This is a real advantage to a lineup to have a guy that can hit for average and power from both sides. Think about what a force Posada was two years ago. That’s Tex.

    He seems like he would be a good clubhouse guy. Maybe not the outspoken leader that CC is supposed to be, but he seems like he could fit well.

    Really the only reason I can think of not to sign Tex is that 1B would then not be open as a spot to place other active players (Posada and Jeter) or prospects (Montero if he has to switch from behind the plate). Frankly though, Jeter makes more sense to me as a LF than as a firstbaseman, and Posada could be a really quality DH. Montero is more of an issue since he is probably our best offensive prospect (and at this point looks like he could be a beast of a major league player some day soon), and it seems obvious to me that Romine is the better prospect behind the plate (though not with the bat). 1B makes the most sense for Montero, but if Tex is there I don’t see why you couldn’t turn him into a corner outfielder. His bat will play anywhere, so this seems like a minor issue.

    • 27 this year says:

      he has the bat but can he handle the defensive aspect. The only reason he wont play catcher is because he would be too big.

      • Old Ranger says:

        Why not…Yogi played LF with the Yanks a lot when Elli Howerd was the catcher…thay traded off a lot. Montero (he is a good athlete) should be able to handle it. 27/09.

      • Ari says:

        The thing is that Romine looks to be the far better defensive catcher, doesn’t look to have any physical issues with the position as Montero does, and has a pretty good bat in his own right. It makes more sense to have Romine be Posada’s heir apparent and get Montero ready to play another position.

    • Reggie C. says:

      What about A-rod having to make the move to 1B eventually. The man is 32/33 years old right? He’s under contract for another 9 years. You can’t tell me he won’t be needing a move to 1B after Posada and DJ walk. A-rod is a terrific athlete and if somebody can handle a move to 1B … its him.

      I simply do not like the idea of locking down both corner infield spots for the next 8 years.

      • Ari says:

        Arod doesn’t have to move to 1B. He could become the DH. The Yanks don’t have anybody in that role right now going forward. It’s Matsui’s for one year, but then its empty. Presumably Posada will occupy it for a while, but then it can go to Arod. 1 year of Matsui, 2 of Posada, at which point either Arod can take it over for the last six years of his deal (and become the Yankees Ortiz, except that he could adequately play the field when he has to – this assumes the Yankees have a prospect to hand the position to or there is a free agent available), or the DH spot could float for a couple of seasons and be used to give guys partial rest (and then Arod eventually takes the role full time).

  16. ortforshort says:

    Signing Teixeira is a no brainer for the Yankees. He fills a huge need in the middle of the lineup and is as solid an investment as you’ll ever find. Plus, if Teixeira goes to Boston, the Red Sox lineup will be way ahead of New York’s well into the next decade. Its hard to believe that Cashman is seriously involved at this point, however. Since when do the Yankees do anything stealth?

    • Ryan S. says:

      This is my thought:

      If it comes down to Tex going definitely to Boston or us swooping in and stealing him, than yes, we should absolutely block him signing with Boston and get him for ourselves.

      If it comes down to Tex going to somewhere besides Boston, I say just let him go, and let’s pursue Manny instead.

      I guess the question is, does Cashman have enough transparency on the Tex market to know if Boston truly is the front runner or not?

    • Reggie C. says:

      Supposedly, the RS offer on Tex is in the 165-170 range. Some earlier reports had it close to 180, but how close could it be to that mark if Boras hasn’t snatched it yet?

      Rotoworld has a blurb up on how the Yanks won’t go above 160. That’s definitely lower than what the Sox have on the table. We’re not getting Tex.

  17. [...] wants the Yankees to either land Mark Teixeira or at least be more involved in the bidding. As I wrote this morning, the Yanks may be willing to make Teixeira a $160-million, eight-year offer, but it won’t be [...]

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