Cameron/Swish rumor debunked, Yanks talk with Braves


We’ll start off with the good news. A report earlier this week indicated that the Yankees offered Nick Swisher for Mike Cameron. Thankfully, Buster Olney has stepped in and debunked this already specious rumor. On his blog today, he note:

Heard this in regards to rumors of a Mike Cameron-Nick Swisher swap: The Yankees have not had any trade talks with the Brewers since the winter meetings, and they are not considering a Cameron-Swisher trade.

So sanity is restored. It’s not like many of us took this seriously, anyway. Why would the Yankees offer Swisher, who is young, for Cameron, who is not? The only advantage Cam holds is the ability to play a pretty center field. He did have his best UZR since 2003 in 2008, but even so Swish’s youth, and the fact that he’s under contract next year, make him the more favorable player. Plus, I suspect if the Yankees made this offer, the Brewers would have had the paperwork done already.

We do have some fresh rumors regarding Swish and Xavier Nady. Via MLB Trade Rumors we get word from both Ken Rosenthal and Jerry Crasnick that the Yanks and Braves have discussed the corner outfielders. Rosenthal even went so far to say that the two teams have spoken about trade possibilities.

The team’s next step will be to add a bat, and the club has spoken with the Yankees about their available hitters, Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher, sources said.

By no means does this indicate the Yankees will actually pursue a trade. Like any good GM, Cashman is listening to what’s out there. If he finds something that improves the team this year and in the future, he’ll consider it. If the best that’s out there is something like Swish for Cameron, I suspect he’ll head into Spring Training with a bit of a surplus. As we’ve noted multiple times, depth becomes even more valuable in the spring, when teams get a better look at their teams (and see their players befall injuries).

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  1. A.D. says:

    Tom Haudricourt is quickly making his way into being one of the worst baseball writers out there.

  2. frits says:

    What would be a good return for Nady from the ATL major league team or farm system?

  3. TurnTwo says:

    we know interest is there. it’s been there.

    but what kind of pieces are we talking about? we havent heard the names of any potential players coming to the Yankees were Cashman to deal one or the other… what makes sense from the Braves?

  4. Ivan says:

    Would you guys do a Nady for Jordan Schafer trade if you are the yankees?

  5. Jay CT says:

    3 good CF minor leaguers… can we secure one of them? OBVIOUSLY, Heyward is out of the question. What about Schafer coming off the steroid suspension, or Gorkys Hernandez?

  6. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Nady for Franceour. Then Franceour could start ripping A-Rod in the press for not treating the clubhouse attendants that well.
    Bronx Zoo 2 – Electric Boogaloo

  7. A.D. says:

    MLBTR, throws out the Mets might be looking at Nady too…. what do they have left to give up in trades… the pick of Murphy/Evans?

  8. Brooklyn Ed says:

    The Orioles signed former Yankees outfielder Justin Christian to a minor league deal.

    See Ya J-Chrizzle. :(

  9. KO says:

    Someone who is young is only worth something if he can hit.

  10. tallicafan87 says:

    I was just gonna ask if the Yanks had any chance at Schafer. Would it take Nady+ or is getting him just not realistic?

  11. MattG says:

    Slow down there on the Jordan Schafer stuff. The kid has 297 AB above A ball. The Yankees might as well just start Austin Jackson.

  12. hal says:

    I don’t find the arguments for Swisher persuasive. He is young – so what, he plays multiple positions – again not a huge consideration especially to the Brewers and I wouldn’t think the Yankees. He’s not particularly good offensively or defensively except perhaps at first. Keep him and his bad contract.

    And Olney’s statement doesn’t contradict the one in the Haudricourt article. “Floated an idea” and “trade talks” don’t sound synonymous to me. Rather it sounds like it requires parsing.

  13. Man it feels like the Yankees-Braves rivalry of the late 1990s was so long ago!

  14. Un-Named Yankee Source says:

    Sorry Guys..

    The Orioles signed former Yankees outfielder Justin Christian to a minor league deal.

  15. UNION YES. says:

    I just read on CBS 2′s website that the Brooklyn Cyclones will be changing their names to Baracklyn Cyclones for a promo in June (along with their uniforms). Free Obama bobbleheads and other stuff. Good stuff.

  16. Hot Stallion says:

    What do you guys think about trying to get Grienke for Berroa? Berroa was a big fan favorite in KC. Throw in some cash and prizes and I think KC would do it.

  17. A.D. says:

    In the spirit of dangling a trade idea for the thread:

    Nady, Betances & Coke for Schafer & Prado/Infante.

    Braves get the LF & lefty reliever they need along with a talented pitching prospect, yankees get a big minor league bat, and a utility infielder. Maybe the yanks throw in another reliever off the 40 man i.e. Claggett

    • MattG says:

      Can’t be Infante, because he just signed, no?

      Then the Yankees DFA Ransom, and sign Looper and Hinske. 2009 team: DONE.

      I don’t think Atl goes for it. Betances is faaaar away, Coke is nothing special, and Nady has one year left. It’d have to be Swisher, and then I don’t think the Yankees would do it.

    • Old Ranger says:

      Let’s get real here, you are giving way to much for what is coming back. Besides, Betances, Coke are guys on the horizon along with Claggett.
      Grass is greener mentality is not good, we may end up needed those guys our-self.
      What we have is a rotation dependent on; CC, CMW, AJ, Joba and PHIL/Aceves. It may not be what anyone wants to hear but, if one of those guys goes down we may need them. The best laid plains of mice and men etc.

      • Jay CT says:

        I am still waiting to find a deal in which Old Ranger would WANT to deal one of our prospects. Some want to deal everyone but some love everyone LOL

        • You: Alan Horne for Pujols and Rasmus?
          Old Ranger: I dunno, I really liked what I saw from Horne last year. Let’s keep him… Pujols might not pan out.

          • Old Ranger says:

            One thing to keep in mined, what we have is a known quantity, what we want is not.
            Some of the trades presented here are ridicules…for one side or another. This is one reason I don’t jump at most of the trades presented. Present a good honest trade value for both sides… then we can see how it fits both clubs.
            Everyone would do the trade you presented (jokingly), but not St. Lo, right? So, why act a fool and say , “That’s a good deal, why not?” Or better yet, throw in 3 of our best pitching prospects…when everyone knows, they get injured or don’t work out…when we may need them our selves. You never have enough pitching…we always hear that right? It is true, pitchers go down and you need the next one in line…oh I forgot, I traded him for a utility infielder last week.

      • A.D. says:

        My thought for the Yankees is this:

        Betances might not see AA this year, and he will definitely not be a solution if a starter goes down, I feel we have to include an actual prospect. You could also put Z-Mac here, personally I like Z-Mac more than Betances but people differ.

        I think everyone on this blog loves Coke (as do I), and if starters go down I feel that Wright, Hacker & IPK can get the job done as well as Coke. Coke’s real value is probably in a lefty reliever, which sure I would like to keep, but we’re looking to get the deal done, and it fills a need for the Braves.

        Nady is the given in this, the point is we’re looking to trade him.

        Claggett has talent sure, and maybe he makes the yankees bullpen someday, but right now Cox, Jackson, Melancon, and Robertson could all potentially step in an serve the same roll Claggett would if there were an injury.

        Maybe it’s too much, but I was looking to throw a trade out there that I could actually see the Braves doing.

        • Old Ranger says:

          I see your thinking on this, nothing wrong with it. We just look at things differently. I like chess, which takes into account the 1st move all the way thru to the ending. Whereas, others like checkers, which is a more move and counter move.
          I like looking down the road a few years, not only for the here and now. Hopefully Cash is the same, it looks like he is doing the same…by taking the long view, one gets a better perspective (I hope), now and for the future.

          • A.D. says:

            Obviously we’re at the agree to disagree point, but for arguments sake

            “long” view 3-5 years:


            + Z-mac, Heredia, Garcia, Kontos, De La Rosa, IPK, Humberto.

            Pen: Cox, Robertson, Melancon, Veras, Edwar, Dunn converted starters

            so even without Coke, Betacanes & Claggett we’re fine.


            Gardner LF
            Jeter SS (obviously he could be gone, or DHing)
            Tex 1B
            A-Rod 3B
            Schafer RF
            Cano 2B
            AJAX CF
            Montero/Cervelli/Posada/Romine DH&C

            I’d say that’s better than no Schafer and one more arm. I get that not everyone will pan out, but Betacanes is very much in that conversation, of guys that could never figure it out. Obviously by trading for a prospect I’m looking towards the future, and by trading from strength to weakness we’re improving the system. Look at the outfielders in the Yankees system, its AJAX, and then nothing too impressive. At AAA last year only BG, AA AJAX, A+ no one, A, Abe Almonte is the main prospect. So the best bet would be to move Suttle to a corner outfield spot… and he hasn’t even torn up A ball.

  18. UNION YES. says:


  19. dkidd says:

    how awesome is mlb network? i’m watching a’s/blue jays from 1989. tight unis, high stirrups, and costas sounds about 14

  20. MattG says:

    I understand Jordan Schafer is a very fine prospect (“that and a dollar fifty…”). I’d love to have him. But at this time, I see an imperfect roster that needs to be addressed (Shafer’s role with the 2009 Yankees can be addressed by Mr Oppenheimer in June).

    So, Nady goes, along with some of the Yankees interchangeable right handed relievers, and either directly or indirectly they bring back:

    1. starting pitching insurance. The Yankees really do not need another low-risk, high-reward candidate. That’s Hughes, but if Hughes doesn’t work out, or when someone gets hurt, a Paul Byrd-type option would be most welcome.

    2. an upgrade in centerfield. This seems most unlikely, because you would not need to upgrade Melky and Gardner’s 2008 performance (easy!), but the possibility of a better 2009 performance. Cameron actually doesn’t do that.

    3. a more complete bench. A left-handed bat that can play both infield and outfield sure would round out the 25-man. Eric Hinske is sitting there, Cashman just needs to make room for him.

    • BBDC says:

      1. We don’t need need a bad veteran pitcher as “insurance” (especially one with a ridiculously high contract) mediocre starting pitchers are a dime a dozen if Cashman felt that our rotation would be upgraded by having one he would have dished out 3 mil for Tim Redding.

      2. No one is going to trade a good (and cheap) CF for an average RF, especially since the Yankee’s are’nt willing to take on a long term contract here as they’re actually holding the spot for AJack. If you coulf find a good and cheap CF (that a team would give up for Nady-then we may have a deal, NoMaas actually discussed a trade for the National’s Justin Maxwell, as a possibility).

      3. Matsui, Jeter, Damon, Cano, and Gardner are all lefty bats, Posada, Swisher,Cabrera and Tex are switch hitters and Nady and A-ROD are righties, I dont really see the need for another lefty bat. In fact last year they traded for Nady because they were dying for righty hitting. If you want a good competant righty bat, then just keep Nady.

      The main point is that you have to realize that the first objective for the Yankee’s is cutting salary, they dont want to devote 6 million to a bench player, In which case if you want a good return your best choice is probably someone with little to no major league experience. Thats just the reality of the situation

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        Matsui, Jeter, Damon, Cano, and Gardner are all lefty bats,

        Crap!. Either my eyes or my TV is bad. I could have sworn that Jeter hit righty. But I could be wrong.

      • BBDC says:

        Also your point that Oppenheimer, could replace a minor league position player like Schaffer in the draft is wrong.

        Proven Premier College bats almost always go before the Yankee’s pick (guys like Alvarez, Posey, Smoak, LaPorta, etc.) for whatever reason teams are usually willing to put up with signability issues to get “a proven bat”. The Yankees can get prep bats but they take much longer to develop and are obviously a much higher risk in terms of making it.

        If what you said was true no team would ever trade for a minor league bat.

        • BBDC says:

          I dont think the Braves would trade Schaffer for Nady- but if they would, (and its legit, i.e. they’re not trying to dump damaged goods) then I would snap that up.

        • MattG says:

          No team ever does trade for a minor league bat. They all want “major-league ready” players. The younger ones are throw-ins (and that includes Tabata–how sad is that?)

          • BBDC says:

            Umm check again with Pittsburgh, while they like the Pitchers they got, thier management and everyone around the organization have made it quite clear that Tabata was the center peice of that trade. Definitely NOT a throw in.

            • MattG says:

              Right, so is it the exception that proves the rule, or just the exception?

              All I know is when there is a veteran on the block, the trading team always wants “major-league ready” talent. They don’t want A ballers.

            • MattG says:

              I guess I should’ve say AA ballers, since were talking about Shafer and Tabata. Not very often that a AA player is the centerpiece of a trade.

              • A.D. says:

                LaPorta was the centerpiece of the CC deal

              • BBDC says:

                In many cases its a AA player as A.D. notes, as many teams (including the Yankees) stock their AAA teams with washed up former major leaguers (hoping to catch lightning in a bottle-and have a ready major league replacement in case of injury) very often the best proven young talent is in AA.

                • MattG says:

                  That is true–many times a AA player and major-league player are one in the same. So only certain AA players count–namely those that are traded and then the re-assigned to AA, ala Tabata and LaPorta.

      • MattG says:

        You make too many assumptions with my post. Let’s take these in order:

        1. Paul Byrd is not a “bad veteran pitcher,” he is a league average veteran pitcher. The point is the Yankees already have low-risk high reward in Hughes, and to a lesser extent, Kennedy. They do not need to dole out money for Sheets, when Hughes might give them an approximation of Sheets anyway. What they do need, should Hughes, Kennedy and Aceves all fall flat on their faces, is a guy to soak up innings with a 4.4 era. And they need that at their price. What I write indicates the Yankees should NOT be spending $10M on Pettitte, Sheets, or anyone else for that matter. They should see if Braden Looper can be had at $6M.

        2. I agree, which is why I wrote this “seems most unlikely.” I see nothing the Yankees could offer for Matt Kemp or Bill Hall. Elijah Dukes might be getable, but there’s other stuff to consider there. Felix Pie? I’m not sure he’s any kind of improvement. What else is there?

        3. This is where you really missed the boat. Molina, Ransom, and Nady are all right handed hitters, and Cabrera can’t hit. Whom do you want pinch-hitting for Gardner vs Papelbon with the game on the line? With those options, Gardner hits for himself (yikes!). Are you saying you think Hinske wants $6M? His 2008 salary was $800K.

        • Pauile says:

          I want Gardner in there against Papelbon. Did Gardner not get a walk off hit against Papelbon?

        • BBDC says:

          1. Braden Looper had ridiculous luck last year to even be mediocre, check his preipherals (he also had a great defense behind him, which he wont have here), and pitching in the NL Central is a little different then the AL East -PASS.

          2. No argument.

          3. If your worried about that situation then you can start Nady and have Swish on the bench ready to come in and pinch hit. or you can have Swish DH, give Matsui and his creaky knee’s the day off unless your in that situation in which case you can bring him in to ph.
          And lest you forget Gardner had a game winning rbi single in extra innings off Papelbon last year while hitting for himself in the exact situation you seem so afraid of.

          • MattG says:

            I think I remember that hit. Has it reached the outfield yet?

            You know, I don’t want to belabor point 1. You are probably right. This is meant more for people that want Pettitte or Sheets. I want Hughes to get a full shot at that job, and I want a dependable, inexpensive plan B (well, Kennedy is B, Aceves is C, this is more plan D, but pitchers will get injured).

            We now agree on point 2.

            But I am right about point 3. If you are going to sign a bench player (and if you trade Nady, you need another bench player), it makes sense that he can play infield and outfield, and bat left-handed. There is no reason to sign a RHer (Wiggington?) when there is a solid LHer available for likely $1.5M.

        • Old Ranger says:

          In Sept. Gardner was the best so called “Clutch” hitter we had. Not saying he will be that way all the time or even sometimes but, facts are facts…one more thing he also hit over .300 2nd time up. Just thought you may want to know.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      a Paul Byrd-type option would be most welcome.

      In the same way that Sir Sidney was most welcome last year?

      If we can get Paul Byrd-like performance out of our farm system, well then I would agree that we have been over-hyping our prospects.

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        s.b. “if we can’t

        • MattG says:

          Like the Yankees got Paul Byrd performance last year.

          Fine, forget I said Paul Byrd. I would like another starting pitcher, but I don’t want to spend $12M on Pettitte or $24M on Sheets. I don’t want and sort of reward. I want Hughes to win the job, which means I want a guy I can easily kick to the curb.

          I’d sign Braden Looper for $6M for that sort of insurance, or $3-4M for Paul Byrd.

  21. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    Plus, I suspect if the Yankees made this offer, the Brewers would have had the paperwork done already.

    Plus, I suspect if the Yankees made this offer, the Brewers would have had the paperwork done already inquired as to when Cashman had a lobotomy.


  22. Apropos of nothing (except my late lunch); I just had an “Angry Whopper”. The promised “angry onions” were decidedly non-angry.

    I was expecting Albert Belle. Instead, I got Robin Ventura.

  23. Dave says:

    Trading Nady or Swisher for a legitimate bench player would be moronic. Mainly, because swisher already is a legit bench player who can start and is better than a real bench player. We can live with Gardner in center next year. Worst comes to worst, he is hitting 220 with a 260 obp and we trade him by the break. I expect more around the area of 260 320 with 40 stolen bases or so. We can certainly live with it and if the offense falls apart – again, a midseason pick up is always an option. To me, another starter is the only real concern this team has – everyone in the rotation is risky and hughes and kennedy have proven nothing yet. Joba cannot pitch more than 150 innings in the reg season and hughes probably wont reach close to that. AJ is almost guaranteed to be injured at some point as well based on history. The braves dont have major league ready starting pitching talent they are ready to give up so to me, atlanta is not a fit for us. The swisher – cameron deal was so farfetched it didnt even need to be debunked.

    • MattG says:

      .260/.320 with what kind of defense and power? KLaw doesn’t like Gardner as a CFer. KLaw is very often right.

      And we know Gardner has no power. If he is OPSing .670 and playing a sub-par CF…or even an average CF…no, an upgrade is needed.

      • Although, Gardner’s excellent defense should offset whatever he fails to produce at the plate.

      • Old Ranger says:

        KLaw does the same as most of the “experts” do, he reads scouting reports that are released to them. There are things that are not in those reports he gets…not real big things, he can’t get out and see all those players play in person. The only thing they have to go by is the reports (and with some, the Blogs), which is the same as I or you would do.
        Actually, rating players is hard, so don’t think he will be right on even 50% of the people. Look what a year makes, Joba as a good starter, Phil is ready and IPK gets no respect at all and is supplanted by Aceves..go figure.

  24. Dave says:

    I didnt mean trade gardner midseason – i meant trade for another center fielder to replace gardner.

  25. ryan says:

    betances should be untouchable.

  26. Un-Named Yankee Source says:

    Swisher and Molina to the O’s for Sherrill and Freel, ….done deal!

  27. Dave says:

    I think it appears that cashman is holding onto every single pitching prospect of value like they are going to be the next Joba Chamberlain. Time to let some of the excess go and package them in with nady for an NL pitcher who will stay healthier than ben sheets and more effective than andy pettitte next year. What kind of pitcher could a package of Nady, Aceves and Kennedy or Robertson land us? I would think a pretty solid one for the fourth spot.

    • Jay CT says:

      No no no. Ben Sheets. Answers the call. If not, why must it be a NL pitcher? Normally they transition about as well as, um… Something bad

  28. Dave says:

    George sherrill had 33 walks in 53 innings last year and a 1.5 whip. I hope you are not serious.

  29. drew says:

    Yall hear about this kid jorge alberto vasquez we signed last month? He’s got some serious power, hope he develops well.

  30. John NY says:

    The Yanks need bench guys? Nady, Swish, Molina, Berroa/Ransom, Melky/Gardner isn’t bad. No need to do anything. But the 40 man roster, as pointed out in an earlier post, is truely logjammed.

  31. Bronx says:

    If Nady goes to the ATL, bring Jurrjens back

    If Nady goes to the SF, bring Cain back

    If Nady goes to the LAA, bring Saunders back

    We do not need expensive players, still need the 4th spot on rotation


  32. [...] comes as good news to Yankees fans, specifically Joseph P. over at the River Ave Blues blog, who pointed out that the Yankees would have been trading youth (Swisher) for age (Cameron) [...]

  33. Moboy(aka McLovin) says:

    Nady for Jonathan Sanchez.

  34. Dan M says:

    What about checking to see if Rich Hill can be be cured of Mackey Sasser disease? He is still fairly young

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