Hyping Mark Melancon

But what about the other 50-60 games?
Valentine's Day Open Thread

It’s easy for us to overhype the Yanks’ prospects. We want every young kid to be the second coming of Derek Jeter or Bernie Williams, but more often than not, these youngsters end up being the fiftieth coming of Ricky Ledee. But this year might be different for the Yanks have a reliever earning a lot of pre-season buzz. As Chad Jennings writes, the Yanks are expecting big things out of Mark Melancon this year, and they view the 23-year-old as the heir apparent to Mariano Rivera. Those are some lofty expectations for a pitcher with just 20 AAA innings under his belt, but he sounds as though he’s up for the challenge.

But what about the other 50-60 games?
Valentine's Day Open Thread
  • Mike R.

    The phrases “Heir apparent” and “The next…” are miles away. I don’t see a statement like the heir apparent to Mo as hype.

  • Jake H

    The guy is good. How good will depend on if he reaches his ceiling. If not he will still be a very good reliever.

  • http://amonthoffundays.blogspot.com Phil in LA

    he could be even stronger this year since he’s further removed from TJ.

  • http://thejoeyhshow.blogspot.com/ Joey H

    I’m looking forward to seeing what this kids got. I wanna see Dellin( I know years away) first and he is a close number two.

  • http://nyfaninboston.blogspot.com/ Manimal

    He better be on the opening day roster, he deserves it more.

    He won’t be God 2.0 but he will be a good closer one day.

    • E-ROC

      Nope, he probably won’t be God, but I’ll settle for Jesus.

      • http://liberalmusings.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

        Wait…which angle are you coming from in that analogy? lol

  • Ryan S.

    I think its up in the air on whether we develop our closer in-house or get someone via FA or trade. I have no idea when Mariano is going to want to call it a career, or how much of a velocity drop it’ll take to make that cutter not plus-plus. I think he could definitely get another contract after his current one is up (possibly a multi-year one even), so we will have plenty of time to wait and see what becomes of the rest of the bullpen.

    • AndrewYF

      Obviously Rivera will struggle in the 2010 playoffs while the Yankees make their way to their second straight World Series championship, while Melancon will pitch 13 scoreless innings. Rivera will sign with Texas and put up one more good year before retiring, and Melancon will lead the Yankees to 3 more championships.

      • Paulie

        No way he signs with another team.

        • http://www.styleforum.net Jeremy Brown

          wetteland is to rivera as rivera is to melancon.

      • Troy

        Well played.

  • Januz

    What I like about Melancon is he has the stomach to pitch in New York. We have seen time and time again guys fail because of the expectation level. This guy seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and is very aware about the need for hard work and self improvement.

    • Eyeadapt

      They failed because they suck. A great player will preform anywhere.

      • http://ranger2709.blogspot.com Old Ranger

        Not really! Many have failed in NY or the WS…we have traded away pitchers that were good before and after they played in NY. Some people can’t handle it as well as others…look at the stats on good players having trouble in WS for example.

  • Rich

    If he gets the opportunity, he is going to make a big impact.

  • TheLastClown

    78! Woooo! That is all.

  • http://www.section59.com Setion 59 Mike

    I’ve been starting to hear things about him all over. Should be interesting to follow him over the next couple of years.

  • A.D.

    Doubt he makes the roster out of spring training, but not because of ability or performance, instead who’s already on the 40-man and a decent reliever. Unless cash can package some of these other relievers in a trade Melancon starts in the minors

    • http://ranger2709.blogspot.com Old Ranger

      I heartily concur!

  • MattG

    How is it the Yankees allowed him to throw 95 innings in relief last season? Isn’t that odd?

    • http://ranger2709.blogspot.com Old Ranger

      Because he used so FEW pitches to go through an inning. With him, one must go by the amount of pitches…not the innings pitched. Different, I know but, he would use about 5 to 10 pitches in an inning…so they had him pitch another inning.

  • http://www.stevehansen.org The Wizzard

    Mark will no doubt replace Mariano but until that time the Yanks will be well served to groom him for the closers roleby using him as set up (8th inning)

    His mental make up is perfect for either role. Has the abiltiy to get the double play ground ball or strike out.