Open Thread: Not A-Rod for a few hours


I need a PED break for a few hours. As hard as we’ve fought to find other news, Yankee Universe has been subsumed by Alex Rodriguez and his failed drug test from 2003. I hear he strangles dolphins with his bare hands as well.

Anyway, for your open thread tonight, let’s do a little link-o-rama. Mostly, these are interesting posts outside the realm of the Yanks, but I’ll lead it off with some Bronx-inspired hits.

  • A YFSF tipster sent the bipartisan site some photos from a hard-hat tour of the new Yankee Stadium. It looks like the construction crews are just about through with the stadium.
  • Speaking of the Stadium, take a peak at this MLB.com-sponsored time-lapse construction video. I love stuff like that. It’s too bad MLB.com hasn’t embraced embedded video codes, but clicking that link is two minutes well spent.
  • Heading across town, we find a full gallery of CitiField shots on WCBS 880AM’s website. The stadium looks nice, if reminiscent of Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. Is there a better way to insult the Mets than to tell them that their new stadium looks like one in Philly?
  • Eric Gagne signed a Minor League deal with the Brewers today. Remember when I advocated trading Melky Cabrera for Eric Gagne? It’s hard to say whose star has dimmed more since July 2007, but Melky at least could turn around his future with a solid 2009 campaign.
  • David Ortiz misses Manny while the rest of the Red Sox do not. I don’t miss the Yanks’ having to face Manny.

That’s all I have for now. After a few days off, the Knicks are hosting San Antonio, and the Nets are in Houston tonight. The Devils are skating in Florida. Play nice.

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  1. Joey H says:

    Manny made Ortiz famous.

  2. Kilgore Trout says:

    Does anyone know the deadline for 81game season ticket holders to pay up?

  3. I hear he strangles dolphins with his bare hands as well.

    Baby ones. After he rapes them. And after he’s done strangling them, he rapes them again.

  4. Ben C says:

    any links on the kinds of concessions that will be at the new stadium?

  5. pat says:

    Shea is pretty much in complete rubble except for one ramp section to the upper deck, it is a wondeful sight to behold.

  6. Mike Pop says:

    No matter what that article says, I still don’t think that they are a better team without Manny. Also, they seem a bit too confident but that is understandable.

  7. screens says:

    does anybody know whats going on with the white screens in the stadium?

  8. Yankeegirl49 says:

    Would someone like to join me on another forum and help me with another Joba debate before I go postal? LOL

  9. Chofo says:

    Sorry fro going back to the press conference. Do you know that in the Dominican “cousin” or “primo” (in spanish) is not only the son of your aunts and uncles? Actually you callthat way a pal.

    Enrique Rojas from ESPN Deportes, who knows many of Arod´s pals, doesn´t know any cousin close to him. http://espndeportes.espn.go.co.....ique_rojas

  10. Mike Pop says:

    Man, another huge NBA deal has got to go down soon. So many rumors, someone has to get traded. VC, Amare, or Antwan Jamison.

  11. Mike Pop says:

    Man, he only came here for the money.


  12. Rich says:

    Why don’t they pass to Gallinari more?

  13. Is Tim Duncan the most underrated player in team sports? He’s a lock top-ten guy of all time, but I think hardly anybody actually puts him in the top ten.

    • Mike A. says:

      Top ten of all-time? Really? I don’t doubt you, I know very little about basketball. I know Tim Duncan is a great player, but I didn’t think he was that great.

      • Mike Pop says:

        You prove his point.

      • Jim says:

        The NHL Center Ice Package is free this week if you have Time Warner cable, FYI.

      • Steve H says:

        #1 Power Forward of all time. Definite top 10. Bill Simmons did a quick breakdown of Duncan’s career broken into 3 or 4 parts. He is ridiculously consistent, which I think leads to him being underrated. He just does the same (great) thing day in and day out, season after season.

        • Mike Pop says:

          But Kidd deserved MVP that year Duncan won it.

          • Steve H says:

            I’m sure Duncan would gladly give up his MVP for one of Kidd’s 4 rings. Oops, nevermind

          • Tim Duncan 2001-2002 (MVP)
            82 games, 40.6 mpg, 25.5 ppg, 12.7 rpg, 3.7 apg, .506 fg%, 2.5 bpg, 3.2 topg
            Jason Kidd 2001-2002
            82 games, 37.3 mpg, 13.7 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 9.9 apg, .391 fg%, 2.1 spg, 3.5 topg

            Tim Duncan 2002-2003 (MVP)
            81 games, 39.3 mpg, 23.3 ppg, 12.9 rpg, 3.9 apg, .513 fg%, 2.9 bpg, 3.1 topg
            Jason Kidd 2002-2003
            80 games, 37.4 mpg, 18.7 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 8.9 apg, .414 fg%, 2.2 spg, 3.7 topg

            Meh, it’s pretty close, but I’d probably give both MVP’s to Duncan. If you gave that second one to Kidd, I wouldn’t complain, but personally I’d vote for Duncan both times.

            • Mike Pop says:

              He brought them from the cellar of the NBA to a Championship caliber team. He made everyone much better, I hear ya that it was very close but I think Kidd deserved it for what he did in New Jersey.

            • Steve H says:

              As much as I respect Kidd’s game (he himself is a douche), I can’t see an MVP with a 39% or 41% shooting %, even if scoring was low on his list of things to do, those are still piss poor shooting #’s.

    • Steve H says:

      Another thing that pisses me off regarding Duncan was when Ben Wallace was in his prime and mentioned as an MVP candidate due to defense and rebounding. The only problem was that Duncan was just as good defensively as Wallace, but also a top notch offensive player. The fact that Duncan is so well rounded underrates him to a point. Much like Manny is called the best RH hitter of all time, etc, it’s only because he excels only in hitting. Pujols and A-Rod can lay claim to being just as good a hitter as Manny, but they don’t get labeled as great hitters, they are labeled as great players, because they do other things well.

  14. mustang says:

    Are Knicks in any rumors? If so what?

    • Mike Pop says:

      Been linked to Amare but the Suns owner said stop asking, because you(Knicks) will never get him. Because of Mikey D.

      • Thank god. Donnie Walsh would never take on Amare’s awful contract. He’s been working like hell to clear space for LeBron, he’s not going to blow it on a horribly overrated player with an albatross contract like Stoudamire.

        Amare is the new Stephon Marbury.

        • Mike Pop says:

          Doesn’t he become a free agent the same time as Lebron? I don’t fully understand the cap in the NBA but I thought Amare wouldn’t be a problem when talking about going after Lebron. Doesn’t matter anyways, Knicks aren’t getting Lebron. They will get something but not Lebron. He’s going to team up with Jay-Z.

          • Doesn’t he become a free agent the same time as Lebron? I

            Probably, but not definitely.

            Amare has a player option for 2010-2011. He can decline it and become a FA for the summer of Bron, or he can exercise it and pocket another 17M for that year.

            In any event, I want no parts of Amare. He, and his teammate Steve Nash, are the two of the five worst defensive players in the history of the league (the other three being Dirk Nowitzki, Eddy Curry, and George Gervin).

          • Nady Nation says:

            You can’t seriously believe that LeBron would be willing to spend his prime in East Rutherford, right next to NYC and the Mecca of basketball, all because he’s boys with Jay-Z.

            • Furthermore, seeing as how they haven’t even finalized financing or project scope, much less dug a single shovelful of dirt yet, I’d hold off on the idea that they Nets are moving to Brooklyn anytime soon. Especially in the midst of a worldwide credit crisis and an economic downturn.

              I’d put the real-world ETA on the Atlantic Yards project at about 2014 at the earliest. And that assumes that no shifts in city/state politics occur in the interim that would derail approval, which also isn’t a given.

              The Yankees and Mets were lucky, they beat the clock.

              • Mike Pop says:

                Why not? They could have a real good team in the next couple years. Couple more lottery picks with Devin Harris, add Lebron to that mix……Championship! Also it is more realistic that the Nets have a solid team when Bron hits FA, not a pipe dream like the Knicks who have to sign 2 top FA’s to be contenders.

    • Nady Nation says:

      The best total unsubstantiated rumor I saw was the following:

      Knicks send David Lee, Malik Rose and Jared Jeffries to the Bulls for Tyrus Thomas and Larry Hughes.

      I know most Knick fans would have trouble coming to grips with dealing Lee, but I would do this deal in about 3 seconds. I think Tyrus Thomas would be just as good as Lee in D’Antoni’s system, but more importantly, we’d get Jared Jeffries off the cap for 2010, which is a HUGE perk in this trade. Hughes and TT both come off the books after ’09-’10 as well.

      • I’d ask for a pick in that deal.

        • Nady Nation says:

          That’s being greedy. They’re gonna have to give Lee big money to retain him, plus they’re taking on Jeffries’ putrid contract.

        • I’d ask for two picks in that deal. Lee >>>>> Tyrus Thomas. And, Jared Jeffries’s contract isn’t that bad of an albatross: come the summer of 2010, he’ll only have one year left on his deal; his expiring contract + Eddy Curry’s expiring contract can be used in a sign-and-trade for whomever Lebron chooses to be his wingman.

          That trade doesn’t present enough of a return on Lee to be worthwhile.

          When Donnie took over, we had 4 bad contracts that went past the Summer of Bron (Randolph, Crawford, Curry, and Jeffries); we didn’t need to dump all four, just two of them. Walsh already dumped the two biggest and worst contracts (Randolph and Crawford).

          We’re good.

          • I’m not so sure about that contracts thing: http://tinyurl.com/aswje5

            • Hmm, interesting. I anticipated the cap going down a bit but didn’t know about the “phantom players” thing.

              Sheridan is still leaving out my concept of using the Curry and Jeffries deals as chips for a sign and trade IN the summer of 2010 rather than before, though. I think that would work, but perhaps I’ll need to re-evaluate.

              • Or, like he says, trade Nate + Curry/Jeffries while Nate is at sky-high value

                • Yeah, I could see that. As much as I like Nate, I anticipated moving him at some point. My plan was always:

                  Lee at 11.0M
                  Chandler at 2.1M
                  Gallinari at 3.4M
                  2009 1st round pick at 3.0M
                  =19.5M – 55M (my 2010 cap guesstimate) = 35.5M

                  35.5M = 17-19M AAV for Lebron + 16.5-18.5M AAV for Bosh (or Wade, or Joe Johnson, or heaven forbid Amare)

                  Curry’s expiring 11.2M + Jeffries expiring 6.8M = whomever we want to sign and trade for Bron-Bron’s running mate, with plenty of cap room left for Lebron’s max deal


                  LeBron, Bosh, Lee, Chandler, Gallinari, and draft pick X all fit under the cap.

                  The phantom players may make me recalibrate that.

                • andrew says:

                  :/ …. i dont know if i’m comfortable with a 6 man roster…

          • Nady Nation says:

            I think Lee is overrated, personally. I like him a lot, but he’s just an embarrassing defender and really can’t match up against any of the league’s top 4′s. Ideally, he’d be a 6th man on a good team. I do have complete faith in Donnie though, so I agree that we should be in good shape regardless.

      • Thomas says:

        I’d do that just for dumping Jeffries and getting the cap space. Lee hurts the Knicks defensively more than he helps them on offense. I really could care less about who they get back as long as they are FA after 09′-10′.

        • Mike Pop says:

          Jared Jeffries was drafted 11th overall.

          Washington Wizards fail.

          • Thomas says:

            You can’t blame them that much. The only players taken after him that were really better than him were Boozer and Prince at 34 and 23 respectively, both of whom were passed over by a lot of teams.

          • Steve H says:

            The Jeffries pick, amazingly was a good pick. Of the 1st rounders that went after him, the only guy considerably better is Tayshaun Prince. The rest of the guys are in the same boat as Jeffries, or much, much worse.

            What’s even worse is some of the guys drafted before Jeffries.

            #2 Jay Williams (too bad he got hurt, he would have been great)
            #3 Dunleavy(looked like a bust, but coming on)
            #4 Drew Gooden (solid, but not a star)
            #5 Tskitishvili-BUST
            #6 Wagner-BUST
            #8-Wilcox (meh)

            Weak ass draft.

    • mustang says:

      WOW !!!!
      I ask two little question the next thing you know get a complete Knicks trade brake down.

      RAB at its best…baby

  15. Mike Pop says:

    Big second half for the Nets.

  16. Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

    Now, for some ACTUAL BASEBALL

    “I want to close by looking at the pitcher who was ridden as hard as any in the game last year, C.C. Sabathia.

    Sabathia gobbled up innings late in the year as the Brewers desperately attempted to make the playoffs. There was much talk about the Brewers’ right to use a rented player this way, and about then-manager Ned Yost in particular.

    Near the end of the season, I looked at these effects and found that Sabathia didn’t seem to be having any issues. With this new metric, we can ask how close Sabathia came to the injury zone. The answer: not very. His highest value was a mere 0.13, ironically on the last day of the season against the Cubs, clinching the playoffs for the Brewers. This is very good news for Yankees fans who shouldn’t worry that the Brewers wore Sabathia out. And this probably means Sabathia will be able to handle a large load this season as well.


    Kalk did some great articles both during and after last year, trying to see if the workload was affecting CC adversely. He didn’t find anything until he pitched multiple starts on short rest in October. And that was only a slight decline in stuff, not anything dangerous.

    CC’s a horse, no doubt about it.

  17. Tom Zig says:

    If Ortiz bats 3rd and Bay 5th, who bats clean up for the Sox? Youkilis?

  18. Don’t forget about the Ken Griffey Jr news. He’s probably signing with Atlanta which means Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher are both probably staying.

    • Matt says:

      I touched on that this morning. Very, very good news for the pro-Swisher camp. :)

      • Steve H says:

        Somewhat. Trading Nady would have been better for the pro-Swisher camp (of which you are the President, I’ll gladly be the VP). On a related note, this exchange from Neyer’s chat today:

        Damien (Bronx): True or False? Swisher/Nady can be a very productive platoon in RF.

        SportsNation Rob Neyer: True, but I would argue that Swisher’s too good for a platoon.

        • Matt says:

          Rob Neyer just got points in my book.

          • Steve H says:

            Yours and mine both, and then he lost them in mine with this gem.

            Steve (Tampa, FL): Will you do another list of best players for the next 5 years, this year? Off the top of your head, who would you choose as your top pitcher and hitter for the next 5 years?

            SportsNation Rob Neyer: I don’t think I’ll run through every position again, as much fun as that was. Maybe next winter. My top pitcher would be Tim Lincecum or Johan Santana, and my top hitter would probably be Pedroia, if not Hanley Ramirez (with Sizemore in the mix).

            Seriously, Pedroia’s a good player, but give me any position player over the next 5 years and I’ll have a pretty long list going before I pick him. Unreal.

            • Mike A. says:

              He wouldn’t even be my first choice for second base over the next five years.

              • Steve H says:

                He might not even be my 2nd choice for 2b over the next 5 years. Kinsler had a better year than him, and it wouldn’t shock me if Cano was a better player the next 5 years either. I don’t know what Neyer was thinking there. Seriously, there are so many people I’d take before Pedroia, Sox bias aside.

            • Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

              As good as Johan Santana’s been, he’s clearly shown signs of slipping the past 2 seasons. I’d want him on my team for the next few years, but the next FIVE years? I can’t say that.

              Especially a power pitcher with a smallish frame (6’0″ 195) at his age (30).

              • Steve H says:

                Agreed, Santana #2 makes no sense. CC was better than him in the AL in 2007 and the NL in 2008 and is getting better, whereas Santana is slipping. That and I’d probably take 10 guys over Santana other than CC as well.

  19. Bonos says:

    Damn but the Rays are run well. They now have Kennedy and Aybar as IF backup. Or maybe the Yanks are run poorly. Do the Yankees have an IF bench?

  20. A.D. says:

    Man Gagne to Hoffman in Milwaukee. 2004 dream 1-2 punch

  21. Tom Zig says:

    Are we getting a prospect profile tomorrow?

  22. Wilson Chandler: Thank you, Isiah, sometimes you actually do a good thing or two.

  23. Jamal G. says:

    Nate Robinson is bush-league.

  24. Jamal G. says:

    Way to lay on the grenade, Lee.

  25. Jack says:

    So, this was in my school paper today:


    WHAT WAS THE BIG GULP FOR?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  26. Nady Nation says:

    Lee cannot be the guy to foul there. That’s terrible

    • Jamal G. says:

      If not him, then who? There was no one else in vicinity of Parker to make the foul prior to a shot attempt.

    • Yeah, as much as I understand the philosophy that you always take size and never trade big for small, if you tell me I can only afford to keep one player between Lee and Nate, I’m not sure I just wouldn’t pick Nate.

      The difference between 2007 Nate and 2009 Nate is astonishing. He’s a legitimately good player now. Chandler and Nate are the core of this team, and that’s a good thing.

      • He’s a legitimately good player now

        If by that you mean a 6th man, then yes. But he doesn’t know when to pass and when to shoot, he doesn’t defend well, he’s too emotional, and he is too streaky. I wouldn’t mind having him, but I’d rather have Lee.

      • Matt says:

        So are there “sabermetrics” for basketball? ‘Cause if there are,I may just try and get into the NBA again. I rooted for the Bulls when I was a kid and if I had to pick a favorite team, they’d still be it. However, next season, whatever team drafts Jeff Adrien will be my favorite.

  27. Jamal G. says:

    Nate Robinson is straight nasty.

  28. andrew says:

    The suns are currently 27-35 from the floor… that is absolutely ridiculous.

  29. Rich says:

    Nice win by the Knicks.

  30. Mike Pop says:

    Dwight-45 points.

    Marshawn Lynch might be due for a suspension.

    • BTW, virtually every article I’ve read on the Cowboys this offseason is calling for the team to release TO for the good of the clubhouse, saying that he’s hindering Romo’s development.

      They have a bit of a point there.

      • Mike Pop says:

        Ya, I’ve done my reading so far this offseason. Saw this today;


        Honestly, I don’t want to see him go just yet. Let’s see what that offense can do when everyone is fully healthy. But if gets released, whatever, not going to lose sleep over it. We both know what Roy Williams can do when healthy and Austen has talent. Not too worried about it, but I hope they try to get Ray Leiws or Suggs.

  31. pat says:

    If you’re offended by foul langiage don’t keep reading but I’m sorry, Pete Abraham has been acting like such a douchebag regarding this arod business. Every single post is riddled with petty personal attacks and bias towards the rod. He lauds himself as so professional and he really just looks like a little bitch with a personal vendetta. I mean one of his “posts” before was making fun of arod for wearing a kaballah bracelet. Yeah kaballah seems like a crazy religion for rich people but whatever if he really believes it then who the fuck is pete abraham to pass judgement?? I’m sorry but this past week or so really sealed my opinion towards that dick. He likes to rip on francesa but he’s really an egomaniac with an audience just like mike.
    I wish I didn’t have to go to his blog for the behind the scenes crap he is privy to.

  32. tb646 says:

    The video of the new stadium looks great. Especially in the beginning when there was a park.

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