A good sign from A.J. Burnett

Can the A-Rod nonsense just end?
Game 69: Okay, win this series

Last night’s start by A.J. Burnett was a very positive sign for the Yanks regardless of the fact that the team lost. Simply put, for the first time all season, Burnett pitched well in a loss. In games the Yanks won, Burnett has been lights out. In those eight starts, he has throw 53.1 innings with a 2.70 ERA and a .653 OPS against. Before last night, in the five Yankee losses he had started, he had thrown 27.1 innings with a 7.90 ERA and a .995 OPS against. When he was bad, he was really bad. Against the Marlins, though, Burnett had his best stuff, but he was simply out-pitched. If he can bring that to the table every five days, the Yankees will be a good position to win indeed. Consistency is king.

Can the A-Rod nonsense just end?
Game 69: Okay, win this series
  • Zach

    “Burnett had his best stuff, but he was simply out-pitched”
    -and out-defensed

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

      And out offensed…

      • whozat

        Burnett wasn’t out offensed. He had more hits than Johnson ;-)

  • Jack

    Burnett has been brilliant his last 2 starts. He shut down Florida and the Mets and before that he did very well vs. Texas. Burnett has been suspended for 5 games effective today so he’ll pitch Saturday vs. the Mets again.

  • Ivan

    Burnett was terrific last night. But Ben you said something interesting: “Consistency is king.” When Burnett sign that contract, that was one of the main things with him, can he be consistent. So far he hasn’t shown that. Hey Burnett when he’s pitching well, is one of the most fun watch pitchers in baseball, and has one of the best pure arms in baseball. Just hope that he turns it around.

    To me, Burnett is sorta like the Lamar Odom of baseball pitchers.

    • Lanny

      Didn’t Odom just win a title?

      • Zach

        Doesnt take away the fact that hes inconsistent

  • Charlie

    You didn’t mention that Burnett’s suspension starts today and it was only reduced to 5 games.

  • Dela G

    man last night was incredible. He was untouchable for most of the game. Thats the AJ burnett we know and love

  • crawdaddie

    Good, Burnett won’t miss a turn this week.

  • Lanny

    Burnett was a good signing. Dominant starting pitching is what wins titles. And hes proven he can be dominant especially in the division.

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