About that Burnett-Posada rift


Burnett & Posada wondering what the hell is going onSo by now you’ve heard all about this little problem AJ Burnett and Jorge Posada had on Saturday, and it’s the early favorite for Stupid Internet Story of the Week. Howeva, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, basically the two couldn’t get on the same page with regards to pitch selection over the weekend and AJ got lit up like Times Square. Amazingly, small little stuff like this manages to become a big story because the team is kickin’ so much ass right now that there aren’t many problems to complain about. ESPN even managed to devote five whole minutes to this nonsense during the broadcast last night.

First off, just because Burnett and Posada had a problem on Saturday does not mean they have a perpetual problem. Mark Feinsand already laid out the recent success the two have shared, so I’m not going to bother regurgitating it here. Just head over and check his post out. Sure, Burnett’s AVG, OBP, SLG, and OPS against are all higher with Posada behind the plate than any other catcher this year, but the sample sizes aren’t meaningful. Are we really going to compare 400+ batters faced with Posada to just over 100 with Molina? Or 56 with Cervelli? Really? Why don’t they just trade for Paul Bako then?

Most of the blame was hoisted on Posada’s shoulders over the weekend, but he’s not the guy making the pitches. Burnett has to execute, otherwise even the finest game calling in the history of the universe won’t do anything. Burnett’s a pretty simple pitcher, he works with a fastball and a curveball, and his stuff is plenty good enough that he can throw fastballs in fastball counts and breaking balls in breaking ball counts and still dominate. You’d think it wouldn’t be hard to map out a gameplan given the need for only two signs, but apparently it is.

Here’s the thing: Posada is going to catch everyday in the playoffs. Every single inning of every single game. And if he doesn’t for any reason other than injury, Joe Girardi should be fired because that’s like, Managing 101. Posada’s arguably the best catcher in baseball (NMD) and the team is much better with him in the lineup than Jose Molina or Frankie Cervelli or Joe Girardi or Mike Stanley or pretty much anyone. And because of his, Burnett and Posada need to use the rest of the season to get on the same page.

Not to jinx it or anything, but the Yankees are all but a lock to make the playoffs at this point. Baseball Prospectus gives them a 99.72271% chance of playing in October, Cool Standings has it at 98.6%. If the team bombs and doesn’t make the postseason, then they have way bigger problems than AJ Burnett and Jorge Posada not getting along. Anyway, because of this comfortable cushion, the team can afford to let Burnett and Posada work through their communication issues in AJ’s eight or so remaining starts.

We’re not talking about Gary Sheffield learning to play first or anything crazy like that, it’s just a set of battery mates needing to improve their communication. The answer isn’t separating the two for the rest of the year just to win what will probably amount to a few meaningless tack on games. If having Posada and Burnett matchup the rest of the year costs them a game at some point in September, so be it. It’s something that needs to be done in order to put the team in the best position to win in October. We’ll just have to deal with the noise in the meantime.

Photo Credit: Sipkin, Daily News

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  1. 27 this year says:

    ESPN will always devote time to showing the supposed flaws of the New York Yankees.

  2. I was listening to the game on radio last night, and Mark Feinsand was talking about this during the Daily News 5th inning. He made a few valid points:

    1. Posada and Burnett need to be on the same page, and they need to work out their communications issues. Sounds about right to me.

    2. If Burnett truly didn’t like how Posada called the game on Saturday, he has a right to say that. He doesn’t have to be diplomatic about it and say, as Pettitte did on Friday, that he simply sucked. It might be better for clubhouse chemistry, but whatever.

    3. If A.J. Burnett doesn’t like Posada’s pitch selection, then he should just shake him off and throw what he wants to throw. This I thought to be the most valid point. Maybe the Yanks should have A.J. call his next start and see what happens.

    • jsbrendog says:

      Maybe the Yanks should have A.J. call his next start and see what happens.

      i agree with this. it would be interesting..

      however, unfortunately, i put the odds at slim to none jmo

    • C Bleak says:

      Isn’t the problem that when AJ shakes him off Posada refuses to put a different sign down and just forces him to throw the original pitch Posada picked? If this is what’s happening Posada needs to allow Burnett to pick his pitch in the end.

    • Cam says:

      Nice to see you survived past the 5th inning with John and Suzie. That there is a tough task.

  3. Tom Zig says:

    What are you going to do, have Molina catch Burnett in October?


    You keep throwing Posada out there with Burnett with the hope that two adults (albeit both stubborn) can figure out how to work together.

  4. jsbrendog says:

    seriously, how long could it take? they’re both professionals and veterans and know what needs to be done. this shouldn’t be an issue.

  5. So by now you’ve heard all about this little problem AJ Burnett and Jorge Posada had on Saturday, and it’s the early favorite for Stupid Internet Story of the Week.

    What’s the cutoff day for the beginning of the week, Sunday? Because the “Are Michelle Obama’s shorts too short?” story has this one beat, but it may not qualify since it’s a few days older.

  6. Are we really going to compare 400+ batters faced with Posada to just over 100 with Molina? Or 56 with Cervelli? Really? Why don’t they just trade for Paul Bako then?

    Lisa, I want to buy your rock.

  7. Jesus says:

    Posada arguably the best catcher in baseball? Does the argument exclude people named Joe Mauer?

  8. V says:

    I think Posada needs to stop calling for fastballs a foot outside and hanging curveballs down the middle, but that might just be me.


  9. mason says:

    burnett has pitched well this year, but he has always been an erratic pitcher. dominant one start..horrible the next. great one inning.. shaky the next. i know he and posada haven’t been on the same page, and they probably are not the best of friends, but aren’t people sorta blaming posada for burnetts (well documented, well earned) habit of being erratic.

  10. JM says:

    There are two teams I REALLY don’t want to see in the playoffs: Angels and Red Sox. IF the Rangers win the Wild Card, that knocks one out and the ALDS matchups would be Yankees/Rangers and Angels/Tigers. If the Red Sox win the Wild Card, then the ALDS looks like Angels/Red Sox and Yankees/Tigers. If the second scenario happens, and the Yankees win the ALDS, the Yankees will HAVE to face one of those two teams.

    (This is assuming DET holds on to Central)

    Sorry for this being a bit off topic…

  11. Chris says:

    I think the disagreement comes down to perceptions of how his pitches are working. In Pete Abe’s post, he said that AJ thought his curveball was working well. But Pete thought his curveball was getting hit.

    Looking at the actual game, AJ gave up 6 XBH and had 6 K (all swinging). The first 2 XBH (Ortiz’s double and Gonzalez’s HR) were off curve balls. The other 4 were off fast balls. All 6 K’s were on curve balls.

    If Posada had an impression like Pete’s that the curveball was getting hit, then that might explain the problems. Particularly since the first two XBH were off the curveball, that might explain why Posada got a little gun shy with the curveball.

  12. Jamal G. says:

    Michael Kay – currently on ESPN Radio 1050 – is saying that after talking to his sources, although Jorge Posada follows the game-plans laid out in the pregame meetings, he calls a game based on if he were hitting when the situation gets tight.

    Personally, I find that very interesting, but honestly, I can;t decided whether that’s a positive or a negative on Posada’s part; thoughts?

    • Well, you could say it’s a positive because Jorge is a very good hitter and he’d know what pitches he wouldn’t like to see, etc. However, not every hitter goes to the plate with the same style, approach, and hitting philosophy as Jorge so that could be a negative.

      • Klemy says:

        But, does this mean Posada is counting on the hitter swinging at the same pitches in the dirt that he does? /zing

    • gxpanos says:

      I would think it’s good sometimes and bad sometimes. Not all hitters have the same strengths and weaknesses as Jorge, although there are pitches in certain counts that no hitter wants to see from a guy with stuff like Burnett. So it probably helps a bit to have a great hitter like Jorge’s perspective, but it might be too narrow sometimes, as well. Who knows if it helps or hurts ultimately?

      I’m of the opinion, especially with a dude as nasty as AJ, that you should pitch to the pitcher’s strength and not the hitter’s weakness. Thus I’d lean toward it being not so good that Jorge calls games like that. He should have Burnett’s stuff in mind, not his own hitting approach.

    • gxpanos says:

      Also, my condolences on your listening to Kay on the radio.

    • YankeeScribe says:


    • A.D. says:

      It seems odd, given that one would figure that the game plan should take most of this into account, and then one would only alter off a pitcher’s “stuff” that day.

  13. gxpanos says:

    Man, this seems to go on every year. Cashman should just tell pitchers when he signs them: “Jorge Posada is not nurturing. He is stubborn. But he is also really, really good and will catch most of your games. Deal with it, and if you dont like the pitches he calls, call your own. It’s still your prerogative.”


  14. Omar says:

    What does the (NMD) stand for? Is that like to say something to the effect of “Joe Mauer Notwithstanding”

  15. A.D. says:

    Classic non story, had an ERA of 2.61 in his previous 3 starts, all caught by Posada. And his previous 8 starts were with Posada, ERA of 3.42

    He had a bad start, which may have been worse by not being on the same page, but probably would have sucked regardless.

  16. David A says:

    wow Kay doesnt seem to like Mike Mussina… listening to 1050…

  17. Frank says:

    If Burnett had a track record of being a fairly consistent pitcher, I might be more concerned about this so-called rift. But he’s not. This was just Burnett being bad. Two weeks ago, we saw a good Burnett (also with Posada catching). This is more media driven than anything else.

  18. YankeeScribe says:

    We’ve tolerated Posada’s passed balls and poor game calling for years. It’s a luxury to have an solid offensive catcher; it’s not a necessity when you have a lineup full of guys OPSing over .800. I will not be disappointed if he doesn’t start every game in the playoffs. Molina and Sabathia seem to work well together. Why screw up the chemistry?

    • Because taking one of Posada or Matsui out of the lineup against what will probably be a good pitching team is not a smart idea.

      • YankeeScribe says:

        It’s a small difference on offense but it may be a big difference on defense. The Yankees don’t need Posada’s bat every game. They need to maximize the performance of their pitching staff. If that means sitting Posada at least one game during a playoff series, so be it.

        • Drew says:

          Small difference on offense? Really?

        • The difference between Molina’s offense and Posada’s offense is not “small” by any stretch of the imagination.

        • Little Bill says:

          Over 200 points in OPS is a HUGE difference. What are you talking about small difference? When Jose Molina comes to the plate with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the 5th with the Yanks down 2-1 against Beckett/Verlander/Weaver I’m sure you’ll be saying Molina should be playing.

          We’ve had this tiresome debate all season long. It was finally squashed when Cervelli went down and the Yankee pitching was as good as it has been in a long time with Posada catching the majority of the games. One bad game and here we go again. Haven’t people learned not to overreact after one game?

          • Drew says:

            “One bad game and here we go again.”

            I think you answered your own question.. ;)

          • YankeeScribe says:

            I have been saying Posada sucks at catcher for years. it hasn’t been one game or just this season. He’s a great hitter just as Mike Piazza was a great hitter. Both guys, mediocre at best at their positions.

            Posada’s bat obviously helps the lineup more than Molina’s but the lineup doesn’t suffer much without Posada’s bat…

            • Mike Pop says:

              Posada’s bat obviously helps the lineup more than Molina’s but the lineup doesn’t suffer much without Posada’s bat…

              I think it changes the lineup around alot. Posada is no joe schmoe with the bat and while Molina gets the occassional single or hbp to win the game. With Posada in that lineup, it’s a much deeper lineup in my opinion. Only one batter, but changes it alot.

              • Salty Buggah says:

                That’s not an opinion. It’s a FACT.

              • Nady Nation says:

                Seriously. I don’t see how anyone can make the argument that an offense would not “suffer much” replacing a top 2-3 offensive catcher of the last decade (with a career OPS+ of 123) with an absolutely putrid hitter (with a career OPS+ of 62).

                • YankeeScribe says:

                  Gosh! How’d the Yanks manage to win at all while Posada was on the DL this season?

                • Mike Pop says:


                  Cause they are still a very good team. Posada only makes them a better team, which is what you want in important games(like the playoffs).

                  Crazy, right?

                • Nady Nation says:

                  Big difference between a 162 game series and a 5 or 7 game series. We’ll just agree to disagree.

            • Little Bill says:

              I guess I have to agree, YankeeScribe! Here are some other players I’d like to see replaced-

              SS- Pena for Jeter- Derek swings at the 1st pitch too often, lineup wouldn’t take too much of a hit.

              3B- Hairston for A-Rod- Alex just can’t move that well anymore and he’s not a clutch hitter. Minute difference in the lineup.

              RF- Hinske for Swisher- Swish is nothing more than a 4th outfielder who can’t run the bases.

              LF- Gardner for Johnny Damon- Johnny can’t run, can’t field, can’t throw. Lineup wouldn’t suffer without him.

              So here’s my proposed lineup in Game 1 vs. Verlander and it looks like a winner-

              SS- Pena
              RF- Hinske
              1B- Teixera
              DH- Matsui
              2B- Cano
              CF- Cabrera
              LF- Gardner
              3B- Hairston
              C- Molina

              • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

                Not to mention in 2003 we did fine without Jeter, so clearly we don’t need him at all. I say trade him for Buchholz, since he’s a futurte Ace, complete with the Peter Gammons gurantee.

            • Klemy says:

              A switch hitting catcher with power and a good average, that’s not an easy thing to find.

          • Salty Buggah says:

            Well said and agreed on all points.

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      An above average player at any position – let alone a premium one – is never a luxury.

      • YankeeScribe says:

        Jorge Posada is above average in the same way Jason Giambi and Bobby Abreu were above average. Sure they could drive in runs but they give away runs too. And no, I don’t think Posada gives up as many runs as Giambi and Abreu but I do believe there’s a similar logic in playing a guy at a position where he negatively affects a teams ability to maximize pitching and defense.

        • Jorge’s position instantly makes him more valuable than those two guys.

          • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:


          • YankeeScribe says:

            Which also makes his mediocre defense and questionable game calling more costly…

            • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:


              Excuse all the capitals. But it’s always driven me crazy that Posada has, an all of a sudden mind you, gotten “questionable” game calling.

              You do realize that for a ML catcher, calling a good game is not that difficult. It really isn’t. In fact, pitching performances depend, almost EXCLUSIVELY, on the pitcher.

              And since when was Molina this defensive whiz? He’s good at throwing out baserunners. That’s it. Nothing else he does defensively impresses me.

              What’s amazing is that you want Molina in, when all he does is throw aout baserunners, when Posada isn’t even bad at that!

              I understand taking him out late in the game for defense. But Posada gives the team the best chance to win.

              • C Bleak says:

                If you watch a game caught by Molina and a game caught by Posada you will see obvious differences in terms of blocking balls, framing pitches and the ability to throw out runners.

                That being said, Posada needs to be in the lineup because his defense isn’t bad enough to outweigh his superior hitting.

                • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

                  Yeah I’ve watched them and I’ve seen Molina drop popups all the time and I’ve noticed absolutely no difference in anything except throwing out baserunners.

                  I mean, Molina’s had bad games defensively this year. Remember when he dropped like three popups?

                • Klemy says:

                  And if Molina could hit like Posada, he’s be making $20 million+ a year.

    • Nady Nation says:

      “I will not be disappointed if he doesn’t start every game in the playoffs.”

      So you want Molina to take ABs against the likes of Verlander, Edwin Jackson, Lackey, Beckett, Lester, etc. in the playoffs? Because that’s the caliber of pitcher CC is going to match up against. Molina and Melky make up a fairly weak bottom of a playoff lineup. Do you really think Molina’s defensive abilities will be more valuable in the playoffs than Posada’s bat against ace pitchers?

      • YankeeScribe says:

        Did the Yanks not win any games against good pitchers while Posada was on the DL?


        Has the offense completely gone to s*it while he’s been in a slump this month?


        If Girardi chooses to start Posada in the playoffs every game, I won’t be upset(unless he gives away runs with his shoddy defense). It just seems like Sabathia works better with Molina than Posada so maybe they should stick with the formula that has had the most success…

        • Mike Pop says:

          I don’t know man. I think the general feeling is that Posada gives you a better chance to win. He gives you a better chance to win than Molina while starting because of his bat, that is actual evidence. Molina, it is not gauranteed that CC/A.J. pitch better with him. I’m a bit skeptical of that whole CERA thing.

          Would I be real upset with Jorge sat out if the Yanks had a 3-1 lead up on Detroit and Washburn was going? Probably not, but I’d be happier with Po behind the plate because of his offensive value.

          • YankeeScribe says:

            How much will you love Posada at catcher if we face a team like the Angels in the ALDS? They will be sure to test Posada’s arm and defense more than they would Molina’s…

            • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

              …Which means that having Posada’s bat in the game is even more important.

            • Nady Nation says:

              How much will you love Molina at catcher when the Angels are beating us 2-1 every game in the playoffs with b/c of their brand of “small ball”? The argument goes both ways.

              • Mike Pop says:


              • YankeeScribe says:

                I don’t love Molina at catcher and will not be disappointed if he doesn’t start in the playoffs.

                I just think teams should stick to the formula that gets them into the playoffs…

                • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

                  If that were true we’d have Joba skipping starts and Gaudin starting once a week.

                • leokitty says:

                  The formula that will get the Yankees into the playoffs includes Jorge Posada starting at catcher a lot.

                  In the playoffs you don’t get to face the bottom of the Royals order and you don’t get to face the Orioles 5th pitcher.

            • The fact that CC, Andy, and A.J. are all pretty slow the plate out of the stretch won’t help Jorge’s cause too much. Steals count on the pitcher as well and most of the Yankees’ guys aren’t very good at holding runners.

          • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

            You’re right to be skeptical. It’s a joke. Staticians laugh at you if you mention it to them.

        • Nady Nation says:

          The point is, you want your best hitters playing against top pitchers in a short series. I find it hard to believe that Molina’s pitch framing and ball blocking will outweigh the massive downgrade from Jorge in every offensive category.

          • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:


          • YankeeScribe says:

            I agree but if it ain’t broke then don’t mess with it(Sabathia and Molina’s working relationship).

            • Nady Nation says:

              Right, but that doesn’t guarantee you success. Say CC has a shaky outing with Molina in game 1 of the ALDS and the Yanks are down 4-0 in the 5th. Then you have to use Posada in a pinch hitting role earlier in the game, thus depleting your bench for later on – and you reep no benefits of starting Molina.

              • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

                Posada’s caught good games from CC.

              • TheLastClown says:

                If that happens, it’s only proof that CC stands for “Constantly Chokes” and Sabathia is the ancient Mayan word for “October.”


              • YankeeScribe says:

                The Yanks scored 8 runs last night with Molina and Cabrera starting. Maybe they would have score 12 runs had Posada started or maybe CC would have given up 8 runs. All I’m saying is, the offense doesn’t revolve around one position.

                • Nady Nation says:

                  Fine, then using your example, what do you think has a greater chance of happening, in any given game: Jorge’s bat contributing to 4 more runs than Molina’s would have, or Molina’s presence behind the plate preventing 5 more runs than Jorge’s would’ve? That’s essentially the point here.

                • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

                  No, but to put our best team on the field Posada has to be in the lineup. The odds of us scoring more runs with
                  Jorrge in are far greater than the odds of giving up a lot more runs with Jorge in.

                • Nady Nation says:

                  Sorry, meant 4 not 5.

                • Little Bill says:

                  You can’t use last night’s game and say that’s your proof or he’ll be hit with a barrage of people saying “sample size.” You could say that about any player for one game. Teixera sits out Tuesday and the Yankees score 10 runs. By your logic, the lineup is just fine without Teixera. Posada >>>>>>> Molina and it’s not even close.

                • YankeeScribe says:

                  Look, it’s clear that the Yanks have better odds of winning when Posada starts. I don’t disagree with that. What is also true is that certain pitchers perform better when someone other than Po is starting. I trust Girardi to go with his gut and make the right decision on this matter in the playoffs as he has been doing all season…

            • Salty Buggah says:

              I could say the same for CC and JoPo.

    • YankeeScribe says:

      The Yanks can win and have won without Posada starting every game. That much has been proven. If he sits a game or two during the playoffs it won’t be the end of the world. The Yankee lineup still looks intimidating to most opposing pitchers even without Posada in the lineup…

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

        The Yankees won in 2003 without Jeter in the lineup. They played GREAT baseball. Let’s get rid of Jeter, we could win w/o him.

        Yes our lineup still looks great, but we want to put our best team out there day in and day out, and Jorge gives us the best team.

        • YankeeScribe says:

          I never said anything about getting rid of Posada. His bat is too valuable even if he sucks at catching…

  19. Tank Foster says:

    My best interpretation: Background noise, non-story.

    However, for the sake of blogging, this is always a fun topic.

    In short, I think Jorge is an erk-jay, and pisses off pitchers and has trouble getting along with alot of pitchers. As long as he hits like he does, the answer is “tough shit, [pitcher], just get used to him.” But I wish it were different. I’m not saying Jorge is dumb and calls “wrong” pitches. But the mark of a well called game has to be, at least in part, the pitcher being confident in the pitches being called, and the two players feeding off each other and encouraging each other. I think catchers need to be humble as much as they need to be ‘gritty’ leader-types. Jorge’s game calling issues are psychological.

  20. David A says:

    Jesus first time I listened to Kay and I have a headache.

    • Klemy says:

      So, if you had your choice of:

      A) Listening to Francesa
      B) Listening to Michael kay
      C) Punching yourself in the face repeatedly

      Which option are you choosing?

  21. Mike Pop says:

    Yea….. this is just ridiculous. My friend was telling me how Posada sucks as a catcher, blah blah blah… Typical “what have you done for me lately” type fan. He sees a link on realgm(dot)com saying how Burnett is worse with Posada. Idiots, they don’t include all the innings like Mike did in this post and all.

    People I got to deal with, idiots. As much as I want to believe Burnett will throw a no-no everytime out and it’s always the catchers fault if he doesn’t, we all know this is the type of pitcher A.J. is. Going to have to live with it.

  22. David A says:

    so Sox are not picking up Wagner it seems. Think Yanks could make a shot now?

  23. BigBlueAL says:

    Didnt Torre start Flaherty in Game 3 of the 2005 ALDS vs the Angels because Randy Johnson hated throwing to Posada?? Posada promptly pinch-hit really early in the game (like the 3r or 4th inning) since the Yankees were losing due to a horrible start by the Big Unit.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Ugh, don’t remind me of that series. Game 1 was pretty awesome, the lineup looked amazing, which it was. Won game 1, thought we had that series locked up. Game 2 gets rained out that night, I miss it cause of school the next day. Damon hit a 3 run bomb I think, but just wasn’t enough.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        The series you are talking about was the series in 2006 vs the Tigers. But yeah basically both series (05 and 06) sucked big time.

        • Mike Pop says:

          Haha. Wow, Brick Tamland like.

          Ya, wow. I remember Randy’s blowup in Detroit against Kenny Rogers(I think). I try to block it all out.

  24. Rob in CT says:

    Talented pitcher known for inconsistency and underperforming his “stuff” gets lit up at Fenway. News at 11.

    • rbizzler says:

      Is this going to be a feature about Josh Beckett?

      • Mac says:

        I’d rather the Beckett story be more along the lines of

        “Red Sox pitcher busted for running ponzi-scheme/call-girl/dog fighting ring while driving under the influence through the Greater Boston School for Blind Children”

        That should keep him otherwise occupied for a long time.

    • Mac says:

      That’s the story I read as well. Just hope its not the same one in October.

      I like AJ’s stuff, glad they got him, this unfortunately is what happens to him. I’ll cross my fingers in Game 2 with AJ and Posada and hope for the best.

  25. Wildwoodbike says:

    Every year we hear the same drivel about how Posada can’t do this and can’t do that. And every year, it’s when a pitcher implodes and gets tattooed. Will Jorge ever win a Gold Glove? No, but he’s not exactly V-Mart back there either. If you look at all four of the former FLA ’04 starters (Beckett, Burnett, Penny and Pavano), they’re all prone to some really bad games. This was just another one from Burnett. Quit bellyaching – we’re going to win the division. Oh, and stop listening to Michael Kay. That guy will rot your brain faster than Alzheimer’s.

    • Oh, and stop listening to Michael Kay. That guy will rot your brain faster than Alzheimer’s.

      If it makes you feel better, entertain yourself with the best fake Twitter account ever:

      • BigBlueAL says:

        I fuckin LOVE yesmichaelkay on Twitter!!!!

      • Mac says:

        I listen to Kay only for updates on Jesus Romero – that catcher in Trenton.

        I also found his insight incredibly helpful a few years back when a caller asked him how come this phenom in AAA wasn’t with the Yanks yet – some guy named “Jobber”.

        Kay, with his years of experience and superior contacts throughout the Yanks organization said that he wasn’t familiar with Jobber but if Cashman thought there was anyone in the farm that could help the club he’d be up already.

        Two days later Chamberlain came to NY.

        Hard to believe the Kay show is free – that kind of info is worth…

  26. Salty Buggah says:

    This argument is dumb as the one about Varitek being a world-class catchers who calls No-hitters at will.

  27. Salty Buggah says:

    Just wait until Montero and Cervelli are here. Imagine the headlines then.

  28. Joseph M says:

    The problem is more than Posada’s game calling it is his overall defense. Framing pitches, blocking pitches, throwing out runners. AJ is the latest in a series of pitchers who have had problems. See David Cone, see Mussina, see El Duque. Folks who were around in the late 90′s remember the rumors that the Yankee starting pitchers wanted Girardi behind the plate on the days they pitched. I think Molina has to be in the mix when AJ and CC pitch. Defense win championships and I think Girardi has to sit with Posada and explain the facts of life to him.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      Girardi: Georgie my goy, I think it’s time. You’re old enough now to learn the fatcs of life/
      Posada: But Joe, you already bought me the book!
      Girardi:It’s time we talked, man to man. You’re a big boy now. This little story is called, “The birds and the bees” [Jorge rolls eyes. Fade out. The End and clapping]

      • Mac says:

        Personally it really annoys me when Posada crushes a 95 mph 420 feet to dead center – it makes me nostalgic for the good old days of Fran Healy, Bob Geren and, well Joe Girardi.

        I think Joey G just needs to have that convo with AJ – something along the lines like – “you throw 95-98 mph, get out there and kick some ass”. But, I never played pro ball so I’m probably missing something here.

    • YankeeScribe says:

      Posada’s critics will grow more vocal as his age continues to catch up to him and the Yankees’ catching prospects get closer to being ML ready…

      • Mac says:

        My only criticism of Jorge is he let his wife cut her hair – she went from a 10 to an 8 – other than that he’s been more than fine.

        I understand others being upset with him though – seeing how well Varitek has aged and its not like Posada had a shoulder injury last year that would have ended a lesser man’s career.

        If I didn’t know better, I might think Jorge is a closet Dominican.

  29. Mac says:

    Looking in the wrong place, I guess.

  30. [...] possible rift between Burnett and catcher Jorge Posada. Yankees manager Joe Girardi has since said the story was overblown, so don’t expect to see the pair separated for game [...]

  31. [...] part” to stop letting Posada catch AJ Burnett after the rough patch late in the year. I wrote something similar back in August. This backup catcher in the playoffs stuff isn’t unprecedented. Paul Bako was [...]

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