Don’t look for a Jeter extension before his contract is up

Meet the new Boss, not the same as the old Boss
Game 135: Will Joba find his rhythm?

Like it or not, the topic of Derek Jeter‘s contract is going to come up a lot over the next year, and we’ll see increasing mentions as we move closer to the end of the 2010 season, when his current deal expires. We know that Jeter isn’t thinking about his contract right now, and it appears the Yanks aren’t either. Both Jayson Stark and Jon Heyman note the obvious: the Yanks will wait until after the 2010 season to negotiate with Jeter. In other words, everyone gets treated the same. Mo and Posada didn’t get extensions before their deals were up, and it appears Jeter won’t either.

Heyman notes that negotiations this off-season would heavily favor Jeter, since he’s in the midst of a top-three season (1999 and 2006 also stand out). While that’s true to some extent, it still doesn’t seem like the top reason why the two parties will wait things out. The idea of treating Jeter the same as his peers Posada and Rivera would seem paramount in this situation. Then again, the Yanks got burned on the Posada deal, and might have been able to lock up Mo for a bit less had they negotiated before the season. Perhaps they’d do better to haggle with Jeter this off-season.

There’s one sentence in the Stark piece that makes it seem as if the timing of the deal won’t much matter. “From what we’re gathering, Jeter and Close have been all but assured by the Yankees that the club will make sure Jeter is taken care of when the time comes.” That sentence is rife with ambiguity, from the opening clause to the “taken care of” bit. This is what many of us presumed. Both parties know that they’re best taken together, and neither wants a messy divorce. They’ll come to some sort of agreement. I’m pretty sure players can’t have an ownership stake in the team, but could the Yankees set that up for Jeter for when he retires?

Yes, this subject will be beaten to death by the time the 2010-2011 off-season rolls around. Sorry. The tenor of the discussion seems to be positive, though. I know many people who think that the situation could get ugly, but I’m not among them. Derek Jeter and New York go together like all those cliches about things that go well together. With his contract and endorsement deals, Jeter is set for life. I think we’ll see a rather painless reunion after next season.

Meet the new Boss, not the same as the old Boss
Game 135: Will Joba find his rhythm?
  • bonestock94

    Give him whatever he wants.

  • whozat

    Nope, they’re actually just going to have him whacked.

    • Ed

      Then people will remember Jeter more than Machiavelli.


      • Joseph Pawlikowski

        I can’t tell you on how many levels that conversation bothered me.

  • Drew

    I don’t know what kind of deal he’ll want, but I’ll bet he gets it.

    There’s a good Jete article over on ESPN by Jerry Crasnick, basically an ode to his awesomeness.

  • Ed

    I think in the end, he’ll be signed to a contract that’ll be hard to justify from his on the field value. People will mock it, similar to how Ichiro’s contract gets looked down on.

    But Jeter is worth far more off the field than any other player. His marketing value is in another league from everyone else. That was true when he signed this contract, and probably has only gone up after the creation of YES and the new stadium.

    Whatever you think Derek Jeter is worth on a baseball field 162 to 181 times a year, Derek Jeter the Yankee 365 days a year is worth far more. Both the Yankees and Jeter know that.

    • whozat

      If it’s monetarily expensive, I don’t know that I care unless it makes them cheap out at other positions.

      If it’s too long, I care. That’s what I worry about. Them signing Jeter til he’s 42 because that’s the age ARod is signed to, or something dumb like that.

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

      if he’s worth that much FOR the yanks, imagine how much damaged he’d do TO the yanks if negotiations went south?

      he needs his image, they need his image.

      sign here…aaaaaaaaaand here. press hard. three copies, bottom one is yours.

  • marc resnick

    just saw your commercial! way to go guys!

    • Joseph Pawlikowski

      This is awesome. Well, except that I haven’t seen my own damn commercial yet.

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        They showed it to Ben and figured his “colleagues” would fall into line.

        (I keed, I keed.)

    • desus

      Anyone have a link to this commerical?

  • JMK

    Is there a category called “Responsible Mongering”?

    • Joseph Pawlikowski

      If there is, I don’t wanna know about it.

  • Jake H

    I do wonder if there will be an agent for a guy like Jeter who will try to do a contract that will pay like 15 Million for each year he playing and 3 million for 10 years after he is done playing if he reaches certain milestones.

  • Sports Sandwich

    Sign and trade to the Astros. I hear they have some great prospects!

  • OmgZombies!

    I’m sorry no one player is bigger than the team. The Yankees let Babe Ruth go to another team I think they can let Derek freaking Jeter go. If he wasnt having such a great year then opinions would be the opposite.

    • Jake H

      No way they can let Jeter go. If Ruth was playing with today’s media back then they would never have let him go. No way the Yankees get crushed for years by letting a franchise player go.

      • OmgZombies!

        Nicca Ruth was baseball back them. If teams made decisions on how the media would react then they might as well let the beat writers vote on the moves. If Jeter if is demanding too much money for too many years then its definitely not in the best interest of the Yankees sign him.

        Who cares if they get crushed by the media, if they continue to win without Jeter then all is forgiven.

        • Jake H

          But Jeter is having a great season right now. There is no indication that he is slowing down.

      • whozat

        that’s a great reason to make a baseball decision!

        • Thomas A. Anderson

          Hanley Ramirez isn’t gonna be on the market for a while. There really is not a better SS candidate available either through trade, free agency or the minors that can replace Jeter.

    • Ed

      When Ruth left the Yankees, he was done.

      Jeter is having one of the best seasons of his career, and actually is playing above average defense for the first time in his career.

      Plus, merchandise wasn’t a big deal with Ruth played. Jeter sells more merchandise than the rest of the team combined. That’s not a reason to keep him, but a reason to pay more than you’d think at first glance.

  • alex gonzalez

    I really want jeter to come back. He is my favorite baseball player other than manny. give him whatever million dollars he wants

    What do we have to do to have jose reys play for us? he is much faster than jeter and could probably be better in the field. he is like a brett gardner that plays second base.

    • Drew

      Jose Reyes is like a Brett Gardner that plays short and is a lot better.

      • alex gonzalez

        that is what I meant. he could be good at short stop at the end of jeter’s deal.

  • cr1

    Jose Reyes is a very talented player who has never lived up to his talent, behaves like a brat, and unless I am mistaken (I don’t follow his team) also has a shaky health history.

    • Glen L

      Dude –

      2005 161 games played
      2006 153
      2007 160
      2008 159

      he’s been worth roughly 74 million dollars while getting paid just over 8

      he’s lived up to his talent, he shows emotion (awesome when white players do it) and, you are mistaken, he’s been very healthy the past 4 years

      But why look things up when you can just make them up, right?

  • Don

    “Then again, the Yanks got burned on the Posada deal…”

    How is that exactly? 1 lost year for a .906 OPS this year. I’ll take it. Posada is a pretty safe bet to give them 2 more years of .825 plus OPS and with no catchers ready to replace him, Im fine with the deal.

  • Riddering

    I would like a little stat padding here.


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