Pettitte set for Monday; Robertson nears a return

Ichiro stuns Mo as Yanks fall 3-2
It's amazing what a little rest can do

As the Yanks head toward October, their aching and injured pitchers are feeling better. Andy Pettitte threw a bullpen session yesterday, his first since his shoulder fatigue set in. He talked to Peter Abraham afterward.

“I’ll be satisfied if I get through that start. I’ve been off a few days and obviously it was good to get through my normal long bullpen. I had no problems,” he said. “I’ve had a good period of rest. I didn’t expect to feel anything. I played long toss yesterday and felt great. The big thing for me will be now to get through Monday without having it fatigue-ing out on me and I’ll feel I’m over it.”

Pettitte was singing a different tune to the other reporters though. “I wasn’t worried at all,” Pettitte said. “It’s the same old thing. Monday will be good. I’ll be happy when I get through Monday and I don’t have any problems. I want to stand on the mound in the sixth or seventh inning and feel strong like I can keep going when they come pull me, not running on fumes like I was against Baltimore my last start.”

Analyzing injuries based on the what the players say is a rather dicey exercise in futility. Players hate admitting injuries, and Andy Pettitte in particular has been known to downplay pain. I like what Pettitte had to say to Bryan Hoch, but I’m not feeling great about his statements to Abraham. For now, I’m holding my breath on Pettitte. He has to get through Monday feeling strong. The Yankees need Pettitte to be healthy. They don’t need him aching and pitching through it.

Meanwhile, David Robertson threw another session from 60 feet. He reported no pain or stiffness in his elbow. He will probably have another catch on Sunday before moving to the mound for a few sessions. Maybe the Yanks will bring him back in time for next weekend’s Boston match-up, but I’ll stick with what I said yesterday: David Robertson will be on the mound to face the Royals when Kansas City visit the Bronx from Sept. 28-30.

Ichiro stuns Mo as Yanks fall 3-2
It's amazing what a little rest can do
  • Bob Stone

    Given a choice, I’d much rather have a healthy Pettitte than to have gotten the win last night.

  • alex gonzalez

    im just worried about how much of an injury there really is. pettite is the type to downplay what is actually wrong. girardi is even worse about injuries, although this year he has been better.

    • Tom Zig

      Its A-rod’s fault. We should DFA that jerk.

  • Jersey

    Pettitte’s comments to Pete Abe and to Hoch don’t sound all that different to me. He sounds like a guy who’s being cautiously optimistic after a good bullpen session, but doesn’t want to get too far ahead of himself. Understandable. He, like us, is just going to have to wait and see, but I take these comments as a good sign.

    • Scooter

      I agree – Andy’s telling Pete that the proof’s in the doing – there’s no way to know for sure until you pitch in a game.

      Looked like PeteAbe got a real answer, instead of the canned response the other beat writers got. (And it’s this kind of info I’ll miss when he heads north.)

      Getting Robertson back in midseason form is key – especially with Bruney’s struggles lately. And at some point I expect an IPK sighting

      • Jersey

        You’re not alone, via Kepner.