World Series hangover: Joba, Pedro and feelin’ good

Thanking those behind the scenes
Light rumors for late Saturday afternoon

The Hot Stove League will soon heat up, but as a bright November weekend dawns in the City of New York, Yankee fans are still recovering from their collective World Series hangover. To that end, we have a few stories for your Saturday reading pleasure.

A World Series moment with the Chamberlains

It’s sometimes easy to forget that Major League Baseball players are young kids who are struggling to adjust to a world very unfamiliar to them. Subject to more debates over the last 2.5 seasons than any 24-year-old should, Joba Chamberlain has been growing up in the New York spotlight. Starter, reliever, overhyped or not, Joba has heard it all. When the Yankees won the World Series on Wednesday, Joba and his dad shared a moment captured by photographers and Yahoo! Sports’ Big League Stew author Kevin Kaduk.

The story is a great reminder about how baseball is about families. It’s about how baseball is about the people and how the players we analyze, the players we admire and the players some people criticize are, at heart, just people similar to you and me. At ‘Duk writes, baseball is always about a father having a catch with his son, and Joba and Harlan had the joy of sharing a baseball moment this week that doesn’t come around too often.

Yanks’ son leaves in a huff

While Joba and Harlan had their hug, Pedro Martinez was feeling less than happy about the game. After his Game 6 defeat at the hands of the Yankees, Pedro tried to duck out on reporters. The media throng cornered him in the hallway, but he would speak only in Spanish to them. One fan taunted him with a chant of “Who’s your daddy?” but Pedro was clearly upset about losing the game. Beating Pedro made this World Series victory even sweeter.

A calm in New York

For Tyler Kepner, 2009 marked his eighth season covering the Yanks and their first World Series under his watch. From World Series losses to 0-3 ALCS comebacks, it has been a tumultuous few years in Yankeeland, but as Kepner wrote on Wednesday night, this World Series restored a “peaceful, easy feeling” to the Bronx. No team has won more games in the 21st Century than the Yankees have and now they have their title to go with it. It has indeed been a peaceful time for Yankee fans.

Thanking those behind the scenes
Light rumors for late Saturday afternoon
  • Salty Buggah

    Life as a Yanks fan is good.

  • Rey22

    Wow, that picture of Chamberlain is intense. Great great article.

  • Zack

    Great picture of father and son

  • Mike bk

    all it took was bush leaving the WH. 0-8 with him. lol.

  • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

    “After his Game 6 defeat at the hands of the Yankees, Pedro tried to duck out on reporters. The media throng cornered him in the hallway, but he would speak only in Spanish to them.”

    Stay classy, Pedro.

    • Januz

      After the Zimmer incident years ago, once again we see what a “Tough Guy” GAYDRO oops Pedro is. He is nothing but a gutless punk, and a crybaby, who actually makes Jimmy Rollins look like a classy individual.

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        Saying “GAYDRO” isn’t funny or demeaning to Pedro, it just makes you a bigot.

        • king of fruitless hypotheticals

          plus, it takes away from the truth–pedro being a gutless punk crybaby…and taking away from the truth makes me sad :(

      • pete

        haven’t you already been banned? yeesh mike joe and ben are getting soft with age/world series wins, huh?

  • Johnnyboy

    Speaking of Joba and hangovers.


    • DreDog

      That was great. I guess we know Joba wants Johnny back.

    • Danny

      haha gets me everytime

  • 28 next year

    god life is at a high point right now

  • Pasqua

    Funny how Pedro is an endearing and engaging interview when he’s desperate to stay relevant. As soon as reality sets in, ornery Pedro rears his ugly head. The truth always shows its face in the end.

  • Riddering

    Pedro came back later that night, drunk and crying, telling Yankee Stadium, “I’m still the most influential thing you’ve ever had! [Expletive]! You [expletive]!”

  • Bob Stone

    Beating Pedro, the arrogant, smug, selfish, self-impressed megalomaniac made the Yankees Championship that much sweeter. Thank you Pedro.

  • crapula

    I’m sorta shell shocked after a raucous season. It was great. With the new Stadium, the new kids, the old kids, the come from behind wins, the walkoffs, the 0-8 against Boston woes, the sweep by the Angels pre-AS break, Swisher pitching because we were down 20+ runs (can you believe that ever happened?) and then the great run to the post-season and holding your breath every step of the way and then beating Pedro to become World Series champions ONCE AGAIN, I’m still taking it all in. All I want to do for the next 90 days is re-watch all the games and re-read the RAB threads while I’m doing it.

    And enjoy the pessimism, doom and gloom, fire-Girardi, etc etc etc.

    How sweet it all is. WHAT. A. SEASON.

  • Tank Foster

    We don’t have to call Pedro names. The best way to put someone like that in his place is to completely ignore him. Feeling as if you have to rub it in only makes it look like he is an important person.

    I always thought he was interesting because he was as close to perfect as a pitcher can be, yet he had a fatal flaw. He simply couldn’t close the deal. Even at his peak, he would weaken late in the game. I think he knew it, and all the crap he did – throwing at players, his conduct in the fight, etc. – was compensation for what he knew was a weakness he couldn’t overcome.

    While I wouldn’t go as far as to say I pity him, his status now, as a washed up player who failed in what might have been his final opportunity to prove something and redeem himself, is pretty sad. If I were him, I’d never play MLB again. If he wanted to play again, he should be a relief pitcher. Chances are he could be effective that way for several years.