On the day after Christmas, my GM got for me…

Remembering Billy, twenty years later
All we're going to talk about is left field

With the holidays behind us, the next six weeks will be the sprint to Spring Training. Some big name outfielders – Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, Johnny Damon – remain unemployed, and the right big signing could tilt the balance of baseball power. For the Yanks, the moves this winter have come quickly and with an eye toward both 2010 and 2011. Brian Cashman knows which players – both outfielders and pitchers – will be on the market next winter, and he has filled his holes with an eye toward keeping roster and fiscal space available for those better players next year.

Still, the Yanks have a few spots open. They could use a better left field option and maybe some bullpen work. As we head into the second half of the Hot Stove League, what’s on your wish list? Do you want another bat? A live arm? Something else entirely? Personally, I’d love to see Damon return at the Yanks’ price, but I’m not holding my breath there.

Remembering Billy, twenty years later
All we're going to talk about is left field
  • http://www.retire21.org Mike R. – Retire 21

    Sign Damon for LF and call it an off-season. The rotation is set. The bullpen has Mo, Phil/Joba, D-Rob, Ace and Marte. All in all it has been a great winter for Cash & Company.

    • scoopemup

      Manny anybody?

      • Jeff Levy

        He’s not a free agent and why would the Yankees want to pay his salary and give up any minor league players?

      • num1yankfan

        r u kidding?

    • num1yankfan

      i don’t understand why they didn’t keep the same team. how can you let the world series mvp go? matsui practically was the offense for the yanks. all they needed was another pitcher to sure up the rotation, which they got. stupid stupid stupid!

      • Ross Moschitto

        You keep the same team you finish 3rd that’s insane. I wanted Matsui too. But no DAMON he can’t throw out an old lady. Granderson is HUGE Pick up defense is what matter. Matusui couldn’t play D and neither can Damon. Holiday will be signed. Vasquez was huge pick up.

        • Kate M. K

          Say what you want about Damon, but the fact remains that he scored more runs than anybody on that entire Yankee team with 107. He’s fast, he’s a damn fine clutch hitter and we would NOT have won the WS without him. Simple as that. In fact, along with A Rod, Godzilla, and Jeter, Damon was one of the only players actually hitting the ball during the playoffs and series…everyone else was slumping like crazy! Tex was useless offensively, Cano was embarassing at the plate, Jorge was catch-and-go, Nick never could hit postseason or otherwise and this was no exception, Gardner was a guaranteed out at the plate, and Melky was alright…nothing to write home about. Damon is a damn fine player, and that double-steal saved the day in Game 4. Few players are smart enough or savvy enough to pull off that move. Holiday is going to demand way to much money, seeing as he’s a huge commodity and the Yanks are “cutting back.”

      • SickandTwistedNYY

        Let Damon walk, I never wanted him anyway. Matsui’s gone so that’s bad. Look just sign Matt Holliday for 6 years at 120 Million and get Ben Sheets for 1 year and 1 option year for around 5.5 mill plus incentives. There isn’t any guarantee that we’ll even sign Crawford next year, or Cliff Lee. Get what’s on the table now! Matt’s a great player and he’ll provide more youth, speed, defense, power and especially protection in the lineup. Work on Crawford next year to move to right field along with trying to acquire a Cliff Lee. I think this will be Andy’s last year so lets go out on top again!

    • majo

      correct, sign damon and enjoy the off season. we need a left fielder and he fits perfectly. we already screwed up signing johnson over bringing back matsui. somebody explain to me how we are better off with johnson, PLEASE!!!

      • edmodeen

        We are better off with Johnson. He has the highest OBP in the majors last year. By just being a DH, he has a better chance of being healthy. Matsui, although I thought he was great, couldn’t walk after he played a game.

        The Yankees are far better this year then they were last. They replaced Damon’s bat with Granderson and Matsui with Johnson. Gardner is a much better defensive player then Damon so he is a huge upgrade playing left field. The chances of Gardner replacing Melky’s bat is very good. With his speed, he should manufacture more runs.

        Offensively, the Yankees are the same (except they are faster). Defensively they are significantly better. Their pitching staff is far superior then last year. Who would you rather have for a #5 guy, Hughes/Joba or Mitre? The Yankees have a great chance at #28 this year. Cash did a great job.

        • BluesPlayer17

          I disagree. Johnson would have to bat 5th or 6th to work here. Unlike Matsui he has no power and will clog up the bases as did Matsui. But Matsui provided protection for A-Rod. Who’s gonna scare you now behind A-Rod, maybe Granderson?
          Still in all I’d rather have Damon behind Jeter, that worked perfect this year and Damon will steal you bases. I’m sure Johnson will work in there some how. But we’ve given up power this year without Damon and Matsui in the lineup. I know Cash wants Carl Crawford, Cliff Lee and even Joe Mauer next year (and that would be crazy) for any other team to deal with……!!!!!
          I’ve been a Yankee fan for 51 years and see it all so far. Our 2010 team headed in looks real good. A lot of options to play with. I would have liked to see Damon back though because of what he brings to the table in NY. Great attitude, fun team mate, quick with pop in our new stadium..
          Peace all you Yankees fans, we’ll be fine….!

    • Donna

      We need Damon.

    • Barb W

      Sign Damon and lets move on. He was one of the main reasons the Yankees won the WS.

    • el

      After signing Johnson, will they even consider Damon? There’s no chance of them signing Holliday or Bay, Granderson was a good move, and I really don’t understand the criticism over the Vazquez trade. He’s a solid 12-15win win/200k/200ip pitcher… and they got him as a FOURTH STARTER!!! Even if he doesn’t handle pressure too good, it should be easier for him this time for a few reasons.

      1: They didn’t get him to be their Ace or Future ace, he knows this, and therefore the pressure won’t be as great.

      2: This is his second go around. The first time he was here, he was supposed to be the future Ace for years to come. He was surrounded by pitchers (With the exception of Mike Mussina) who never won anything with the Yankees, and would either be gone the following season, or were bad in the clubhouse, or couldn’t handle NYC. (Kevin Brown, Jose Contreras, Jon Lieber, Esteban Loaiza)—- Andy Pettitte should help Vazquez a lot (he even mentioned that in his conference call- he’s seen it all since 1996, & remember in 1999, he was almost traded to Philly because he was ‘too soft’) and after 2009, CC and AJ know what it’s like to win in NY, and should also help him come back.

      I expect them to make another move or two before spring training, but nothing major. It’ll be interesting to see what direction they take with the LF situation.

    • metaphorical

      Hey, Mike R., great winter for Cash & Company? Would you have even considered Vazquez or Johnson before they were re-acquired? I didn’t think so. Or … you just weren’t a fan in 2004. I like how the story comes out now that Vazquez was hurt during the 2nd half of ’04. When the same was learned about Pavano, Cashman had a fit. The sooner Cashman is gone, the better.

  • Chip

    Give me Chapman and call it an offseason

    • Joey Tme

      I’m with you 100%, we need to replenish the farm a bit…

    • OldYanksFan

      Yup – while we would all love to see the full team on papaer this Winter, we should remember that Cashman does some of his best work in July/August. At that time, we will have a better idea what our REAL needs are, and these will be a lot more players to choose from.

      Unless the Yanks secretly covet Holliday (doubtful) or there is a deal too good to turn down, I’m ready to go to battle as is. Although, a wouldn’t mind Hinske on our bench again.

    • Jeff Levy

      He would be a very nice addition. It would be nice to know he might be able to step in for 2011 if the Yankees don’t resign Vazquez or Pettitte retires.

      • Steve Tedesco

        Vasquez———STUPID!!!!!!!Trading Melky was dumber than dumber! Trade a outfield chip of the future OF for a horrible pitcher whove we had before and traded him after a season of being here! Johnson-very smart signing for he could give Teixiera a day off at first once in awhile!! As for Damon and Matsui–LET EM GO!! Matsui was hurt most of the season n only helped in the WS!! Damon yea he had 24hrs but very weak arm in OF! Id say bring in Holliday since hed prob be cheaper than Bay and keep Swisher in right and sign Sheets as a backup starter and call it a off season and get ready to defend the Championship!! But what pisses me off back in 08 Red Sox opened the season vs us right after they won the WS and now we won and we gotta open there instead of having the season opener at home and hand out the rings in front of them!!

        • Ross Moschitto

          Vasquez is not horrible he is throwing 200 innings and rocking he is much better especially as a 4th started then he was in 04 expected to be an Ace.

  • The Evil Empire

    A Rod
    That is too amazing, I mean should Johnson bat 2nd in front of Tex to give him more RBI opportunities ?

    • Salty Buggah

      I’d put Damon 5th as hits for power and put Johnson 2nd to give Tex and Alex more RBI chances as he gets on base so much.

    • Chip

      That lineup really is quite sick. Has any team ever had 9 guys hit 20 homeruns or more? It’s possible with that lineup

      Jeter – 20 (on a great year)
      Johnson – 25
      Tex – 40
      ARod – 50
      Granderson – 30
      Posada – 25
      Damon – 20
      Cano – 25
      Swisher – 30

      Complete and utter ridiculousness

      • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

        Hold on there, Bill James. Sure, it’s possible, but that’s super optimistic. It may be a stretch to expect 50 from ARod, 20 for Jeter, 25 for Johnson, whose career high is 23, had wrist surgery recently. Then again, it’s YS3 and he is a lefty.

        Talk about a true juggernaut if it does happen, though. Jeez, that’s just unreal!

        • Salty Buggah

          Last week, I was dreaming about this lineup (assuming Damon comes back on Yanks terms) hitting 9 HRs in a row against Boston (against Lackey, Beckett, or Buchholz). It’s certainly possible (though it is with every team but the Yanks are more likely to do so)

          • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

            As fun as those dreams sound, my friend, you may want to check out all that’s available on the internet. You’ll have much better dreams afterward. Trust me on this one.

        • Chip

          I agree that it’s super optimistic but it is in the realm of possibility. I really don’t think it’s a stretch to think that ARod might hit 50 homers if he’s healthy and has Granderson batting after him

      • OldYanksFan

        Lay off the egg nog dude…it’s clouding your judgement.

    • Evil Empire

      Sheesh, that’s a scary though if Damon is in there. I’d probably do it:


      What a meat grinder that lineup is. Fuck.

      • Mac1

        I like this lineup as well – NJ could bat 2, but I’d prefer Damon’s speed in that slot and a guy who is going to really work over a pitcher behind A-Rod.

        I’d flipflop Cano and Swish to split the switch hitters give another tough out behind Cano to possibly let him see better pitches – but that’s pretty minor.

        Damon is insurance for NJ going on the dl, if Abreu is worth 19 mil for 2, Damon is worth 2 for 20 and probably a bit more.

        Hope Cash realizes that and gets him done.

        • Ross Moschitto

          Abreu has a gun for an arm. Damon is a liability in the outfield HUGE DIFFERENCE

      • http://ejuwegfhhsjajuj beast

        foget that I go after HOLIDAY or BAY either 1 and my lineup would b


        Yanks wood b unstopabl an win another championship

      • WeDontNeedDamon

        Im fine with a very fast OFer who can get on base 34% of the time rounding out my order:


        That’s a line-up that can run well(Gardy, Jeter, Granderson) Hit for great average(Jeter , Cano, Arod) hit for amazing power (Tex/Arod/Granderson/Swish) and get on base really well (Jeter,Johnson,Arod,Tex, Posada, Swisher) I’ll take it.

        • Steve Tedesco


          2. SS-JETER
          3. DH-JOHNSON
          4. 1B-TEX
          6. RF-SWISHER
          7. 2B-CANO
          8. C-POSADA
          9. LF-GARDNER


          • Ross Moschitto

            Granderson 1st ?I stopped there he can’t hit lefties and strikes out too much he is great with glove needs work can’t lead off for Yankees no way.

    • DJ28MVP

      Nick Johnson is a bum

      • nsalem

        so are you

  • http://www.lennysyankees.com lenNY’s Yankees

    I’d find a replacement for Jerry Hairston Jr. Someone who I’d trust to fill in the DH spot for Nick Johnson if he gets hurt, or someone to take over for Brett Gardner in the outfield. I think using the first half of 2010 to get a look at the everyday Gardner is worth a try. If he’s not working out, I trust Cashman to bring in a replacement at the All-Star break.

    A bullpen piece could be added by trading Mitre or Gaudin to a team looking for a fifth starter.

    • joemomma

      we should get jerry hairston jr again, i mean he is a jack of all trades.

  • Salty Buggah

    I agree on Damon. If he somehow is willing to accept a 1/7 offer, I’m down with it. It’s unlikely but one can hope.

    • Reggie C.

      I wonder if Minaya takes another leap and offers Damon 3/24… Waiting for Bay to turn ’em down is not a good situation for the Mets to be in. If the Mets really are dealing with a cash flow problem and thus face a hard cap, going with Damon on shorter and cheaper terms makes sense.

      The Mets need quality OBP and pop. Damon provides both out the 2 spot.

      • Salty Buggah

        I’m not sure he will provide the power though. He cant really hit that well away from YSIII.

        2009 home OPS: .915
        2009 away OPS: .795

        2009 home SLG: .533
        2009 away SLG: .446

        2009 home HRs: 17
        2009 away HRs: 7

        Playing at Citi field will further dwarf his numbers. Adding his age (meaning he’ll be declining) and lack of defense on top, he wont really be worth that many years or dollars. Damon kinda needs to play in YSIII to produce as well.

      • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

        If he does go for Damon, it may be around $20 million, but I’d be shocked if it were for three years. I know it’s Omar, but that would be categorically insane, even for him. Actually, no, that would be sane by his standards.

        Goddamn are they like the Knicks. Just sad.

      • scoopemup

        The Mets may be flying under the radar for manny Rameriz.

        • johnny

          You know it’s december 2009 not 2008 right? Any discussion of manny ramirez for any team is irrelevant right now. Wait…I got it. Is this Manny?

  • brockdc

    Reed Johnson. He’ll be relatively cheap, can play all outfield positions, and can platoon with Gardner, if necessary.

    • Omar

      Reed Johnson would likely be Granderson’s platoon partner. Also, I have a feeling Gardner’s going back to Scranton or riding the bench.

  • IE

    Johnny Damon will not have pop in Citi Field. He would be lucky to hit 10 HR in that ballpark. That spacious outfield might really expose him as a fielder also.

    • http://WayneD WayneD

      Two excellent points IE. I was just going to write something similar, although I’d suggest 12-14 on the HRs.

      And your unquestionably right about spacious Shiti Field exposing his horrible defensive skills at this point, although I’m amazed at the number of Yankees fans that seem willing to overlook his atrocious defense last year.

      Damon was a major liability in left last year, both with his glove and especially with his arm, and he’s only going to get worse in both categories as he ages. He’s around a league average left fielder when you factor in his defense, which is truly horrible at this point.

      When was the last time Damon threw out any runner who didn’t trip or mistakenly overrun a bag? His throwing arm is a joke. And if he comes back to the Yankees (groveling of his knees), I doubt he’ll hit more than 18 HRs, and he might hit as few as 14.

      Beware of players (especially those of advanced age) who match or exceed their career single-season HR record in their walk year (as Damon did last year). Those guys almost always fall off a cliff the following year.

      • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

        His arm may be passable playing LF in a good-not-great fast pitch softball league. Just sayin’. You may as well just have David Wright forego any responsibilities at 3B and just play him about 20 feet behind the bag. Jose Reyes is fast, right? He can run over there if need arises!

        But seriously, you absolutely cannot play Damon in LF at Citi. It would be a genocide to the eyes of all that watch. On the other hand, boy, that would be pretty funny.

        Also, though Citi Field may be the size of Adirondack State Park, it really is a nice stadium. Really. No need to call it “Shiti Field.”

        As far as the homers are concerned, yeah, he’d probably be around 12-16 home runs. Your last statement may be based a bit more on narrative than it is on reality. Sure, players probably exceed expectations a bit more on the walk year for a variety of reasons, but his power developing as it did last year can be attributed more to the stadium than his sheer incentive to play better. Both his slugging and OPS at home were around 100 points higher than his road stats. Generally, most players play better at home, but that’s fairly extreme.

        Slug, OPS Home: .533/.915
        Slug, OPS Away: .446/.795
        Career Slug, OPS: .439/.794

        You can probably expect Damon to hit right around his career norms in slugging and OPS, and not because of the walk year.

        • FonzoG28

          Cashman is flying under the radar with this left field stuff. the reason left is vacate is accommodate the captain J, when he decide to move to left.Thus opening the door for younger ST. Go Yanky28

  • Anonymousse

    I think they should just sign Johny Damon for 2 years and 20 million. He deserves it after all he’s done for us. I dont think Holliday will come to us so Bay at 5 years and 80 million should be our second option.

    • handtius

      You rarely pay players for their past success, especially when getting old, and Bay should never be seen in a Yankee uniform. Bay isn’t worth that kind of money, not with that defense.

      • handtius

        I shouldn’t say you don’t pay for past success. I should say you should not.

      • OldYanksFan

        That entire post should be in BOLD!
        JD is a nice guy, but last year was a career year for him (helped by YSIII) and at 37, people should not expect him to come near those numbers. If he posts career average numbers (105 OPS+), between his arm and his glove, he will indeed be a BELOW average LFer.

        You can not ignor Bay’s defense. His URZ/150 over the last 3 years (-11.4, -18.2, -11.2 in Fenway) would be a killer in YS. He was a Red Sox last year and played in a tiny LF, and yet STILL the Sox let him walk. That should tell you something. His bat doesn’t play in YSIII and his defense really kills his value. He is approaching DH/backup OFer status.

        • Jeff Levy

          Based on Bay’s UZR/150 Damon’s defense at -12.1 really isn’t any worse.

          • Omar

            Kinda different. Damon was very good in 2007 and 2008 and he was also a good CF at one point; whereas Bay’s been mediocre his whole career.

            • Jeff Levy

              I always thought Damon was a good CF, but UZR seems to think otherwise. Here are his UZR/150 numbers before he shifted to LF. 2004 (-8.9), 2005 (-18.1), 2006 (-14.3), 2007 (81 games between LF/CF it was 9.0). Damon still has speed so that is one advantage he has over Bay. I still want to see Damon back.

        • Omar

          Again, Johnny Damon’s numbers have been pretty damn good the past two years. He was also pretty sick in 2006 too, he had an off year in 2007, but apparently that was mainly in part because he showed up to camp out of shape. I don’t get why the part about him getting helped by YS is a problem, are the Yankees moving to a new ballpark? I have a feeling that his defense will bounce back and he’ll have a nice year at the dish too. Yeah, the age is a bit of a problem, but since he was a very good hitter the past two seasons I can look past that a bit. He also can likely be had on a one year commitment, which helps deal with his age a bit, and yeah I really don’t want Jason Bay.

          After Damon, the obvious want is Aroldis Chapman. Then Reed Johnson to have on the bench to face tough lefties and give guys a day off.

          Right now I’m kinda starting to wish that they just picked a live armed reliever with the Rule V pick.

          Also, I’m glad no one’s mentioning Matt Holliday, seems like a pretty big long shot at this point. Then again, who knows, if his price comes down enough the Steinbrenners may all themselves to get talked into opening up the purse strings.

          • Jeff Levy

            I agree the Yankees should have taken a pitcher in the Rule 5. It seems like its easier to stow a reliever in the bullpen then it is an OF on the bench. It makes you wonder if the Yankees were already planning on shipping out Melky when they picked Hoffman.

  • jim p

    I just want Cash to announce he has signed Mark Teixeira.

    It felt so good the last time he did.

  • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

    Here’s how it should go:

    Step 1: Sign Chaphombre
    Step 2: Sign Reed Johnson
    Step 3: ????
    Step 4: Sign Cyclops Mateo
    Step 5: Profit

    I wouldn’t be opposed to a run at Wang for the right price, but I don’t see that happening. And that’s all, folks!

    • Mr.Jigginz

      ooh,I forgot about Mateo…Add that to my list,lol.

    • Salty Buggah

      Step 3: Clone A-Rod, Jeter, and Mo.

    • jonathan


      Step 1: collect underpants

      Step 2: ??????

      Step 3: Profit…


      • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

        Here’s the semi-strange part: you actually described my previous weekend. Seriously. (Long story, but the abridged version is I did a bit of a panty raid on sister’s sorority sister roommates. eBay!)

        I should see a therapist at some point.

  • Mr.Jigginz

    You know,we’ve talked a bit about Reed Johnson,or Ryan Church…What about signing both of them with the idea of platooning them in left?It should be financially possible,no?I guess that would be one of my last move(s).I also think Chapman is someone that really needs to be looked at now that the Yankees have weakened their farm quite a bit this offseason.(If it’s one or the other,I would choose Chapman,over the platooning duo.The Yankees can get by with Jet Hoffner.)

    • aj

      We don’t need that many extra OFs. But Reed Johnson could be good if he ONLY comes in against lefties. God help him against righties. And I heard on MLBTR that Johnny Gomes is a posibility. First I laughed, but then I remembered he is a horrible player with some power. Let’s not please.

      • Mr.Jigginz

        It doesn’t have to be “that many extra”outfielders.They could send Gardy down(I’m pretty sure he has an option left),or say no thanks to Hoffmann and carry Reed Johnson,Church,Granderson,and Swisher.Like I said,it’s not the end of the world,as the Yankees could go Bramie Gardmann at first and if it doesn’t work,look to a trade but it’s just a thought.

        • Salty Buggah

          But will they really be that much better? I’d say Gardmann provides better D and a worse bat. However, they will also be both making league minimum. Johnson and Church might cost at least 4-5 mil combined. I dont think the possible marginal upgrade is worth it.

          • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

            Right. The tiny possible incremental performance gain is a net loss because of the value-per cost Gardner represents over the combined salary of both. Getting one is fine (and I’d lobby for Johnson because he’s able to hit lefties and doesn’t carry the personal baggage as Church), but both would be too great a cost.

            • OldYanksFan

              Gardy is 25. I’m not sure bouncing him up and down (to AAA) at this point tells us much. I say put him in CF, where I think he does a better job then Grandy, and offsets Swishers range a bit. With Grandy in LF, our ‘needs’ seem to change.

              It’s time to give Gardner at LEAST a 1/2 year (and hopefully a full year) to see what he can do. He is either part of our future or not. With our roster as is, this is the perfect time to see.

              We simply can’t develop young players if we don’t give them at least some kind of reasonable chance to succed. Our offense is good enough, even with his bat. The upgrades mentioned (considering speed and D) are very minimal.

              Let the kid play!

              • Omar

                Yeah, but he can also represent a blackhole of offensive suck like Melky did.

                • Chip

                  Speed never slumps

        • http://ejuwegfhhsjajuj beast

          u no what I think Gardner should play center and granderson in left. I mean comon gardner is probaly faster than curtis so that meens he can get 2 bals faster

  • http://WayneD WayneD

    Does anyone other than me think we may end up with Magglio Ordonez or Manny in LF in a salary dump by Detroit or LAD?

    Also how would you guys feel about either one coming here for one year in left?

    Both Detroit and especially LAD would have to eat many millions before the Yankees would consider either deal, I think, but the possibilities are interesting.

    Both are bad defensely, and Magglio is coming off a poor year because of injuries. But both obviously have good bats & they would provide great protection for A-Rod in the 5-hole.

    Both are also free agents in 2011, so we’re only stuck with their bad D for one year, and we can always send Gardner out there for D in the late innings. There is one problem with Magglio’s contract, though, his contract includes a $15MM club option that vests with 135 starts or 540 plate appearances in 2010 , which means we could be stuck with him in 2011 at a high salary (he’d probably DH at that point).

    So what do you all think? Would either be worth it at the right dollars for one year?

    • Salty Buggah

      No, I doubt it. If their respective teams eat their salary, they’ll demand for some good prospects in return. Considering all things, I’d just go with a Gardner-Hoffmann stopgap instead.

      • http://WayneD WayneD

        I agree, but I would only do the deal for a low-level (B type) prospect.

        Remember, the other team’s motive would be strictly a salary dump. Divorse is a bitch financially, and I think Torre would probably love to get rid of Manny, anyway; he’s not a Torre-type guy.

        But I think Manny would behave in NY for the 2 reasons I cited earlier: 1) to screw Boston & 2) to get another good contract after his walk year.

        • Salty Buggah

          A salary dump, which will require some filler-type prospect, means the Yanks get all of that money remaining on the contract. That means Cash would have to go overbudget. At that point, you might as well sign Damon at 1/12 as that will still be considerably cheaper than Manny/Magglio. If the other teams pay a significant amount of money, they will also require a good prospect (not a great one but a still a good enough one).

          • http://WayneD WayneD

            No, a salary dump does not necessarily mean you eat the whole contract. Sometimes it does, but often times the dumper eats anywhere from 25-40% of the contract.

            Heck, the Blue Jays sent money TO Phillie in the Doc trade, and he’s only making about $16M.

            And if we were willing to go as much as $15M for Manny, I think the LAD owner would accept a bag of new balls and a Tampa or Riverdogs prospect of our choice.

            LAD is hurting for USD. It’d be worth checking into at the very least. If they ask for high-level prospects, you say “Bye, enjoy your divorce and those nasty legal fees.”

            • Salty Buggah

              $5 mil for a bag of balls? Doubt it. Also, then they need a good LF too as they have a playoff-caliber team so they wont just give him up. As JMK said, Manny provides them a lot of money as he’s the face of the franchise.

              Also, I doubt Cashman is willing to pay 15 million for Manny, especially now that we have Javy Vazquez If he was, he would have signed another pitcher by now.

              • J

                FYI, Magglio has an option that vests if he reaches like 500 ABs (roughly) for another year at another 15 million.

                Manny is not worth the risk, as he would HAVE to be the left fielder in one of the more difficult left fields in baseball.


    • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

      Unfortunately, I think our budget really is close to being topped out. The Dodgers, despite their financial woes, really don’t have much incentive to trade Manny. Sure, he makes what, $20 million this year? But still, he’s the face of the franchise, it’s one year, and trading him for anything less than a gold mine would really, really hurt their fan base. What would you give up for one year of Manny prospect-wise? You may get the picks back if he declines arbitration, but maybe he doesn’t accept it? Trade wise, our farm has already lost a good amount of depth and you’re taking the payroll to $220 million or more.

      The Magglio problems are pretty obvious: butcher out there in LF, he’s way overpaid and you run a serious risk of severely overpaying him again. Way too much risk.

      Both players are DHs masquerading as LFers at this point. Under different circumstances, I’d love to have either as a DH, but the cost is just too great.

      • http://WayneD WayneD

        All valid points, but I read a few LA-based articles that indicated that many people felt the Dodgers performed as well or better when Manny was out with that, ah, bad needle infection.

        And, yes, I think LAD might jump at the chance to save $5-8M when the owner is about to loose half his net worth.

        And like I said elsewhere, I doubt very strongly that Torre is a huge Manny fan.

        But, again, I’d only do a Manny (or Magglip) trade for a B-level prospect (obviously not Montero).

        • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

          Well, the way I see it, “saving” $5-8 million on Manny may not be a reality. He probably generates far more than that alone, and coupled with a less exciting team will lead to less attendance. So, while you technically may save $5-8 million getting rid of him, you probably lose multiples of that from what he represents to the franchise in totality. You can’t just look at it through a vacuum.

          Just my take.

          • Salty Buggah


            Also, B-level prospects aren’t bad prospects at all. They’re pretty valuable. Ajax was a B+ level prospect IMO (not a stud in the making but potentially a solid regular…just because he was out #1 prospect for a while doesn’t mean he was an A-level prospect BTW)

            • http://WayneD WayneD

              If you worried about trading B-level prospects all the time, you’d never do any trades.

              I’d wagger that 96-99% of B-level prospects never make it to the majors for more than a coffee break. So you’re going to let a 1-4% chance stop you from getting Manny behind A-Rod?

              And how many of those B-levels ever amount to much at the major league level? I’m sure there are exceptions, but they’re the exceptions to the rule, not the norm. The vast majority of B-level prospects never amount to anything at the MLB level.

              • Evil Empire

                Couple things here…

                1. A B-level prospect makes it to the majors – and has success – a lot more than 1-4% of the time. If a player has a 99% projected failure rate of reaching the big leagues, he isn’t considered a prospect. He’s a career minor leaguer.

                2. Its a balance of keeping the farm healthy and leveraging future talent for immediate impact. The team has already given up a good chunk of the farm for two players this off season. Its important to keep the rest in tact for now.

                • http://WayneD WayneD

                  Most B-level prospects are exactly what you said “career minor leaguer(s).”

                  Yes, our minor league system did take a hit this year, but you don’t worry about loosing a B-level player if it’ll help the major league team win another WS. None of us want to go 9 years again, right?

                  And I know none of us want to see Boston win another one, and the 2 best teams in the AL right now are definitely the Yankees & Boston. So, if we don’t win the AL in 2010, it’s very likely Boston will (Seattle has an outside chance, I think.)

                • J

                  Seattle is gonna be pretty damn good, just to remind you.

              • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

                If you worried about trading B-level prospects all the time, you’d never do any trades.

                No one is saying that. You trade B-level prospects in prudent trades. You can’t just haphazardly trade B-level prospects all the time.

                I’d wagger that 96-99% of B-level prospects never make it to the majors for more than a coffee break. So you’re going to let a 1-4% chance stop you from getting Manny behind A-Rod?

                And how many of those B-levels ever amount to much at the major league level? I’m sure there are exceptions, but they’re the exceptions to the rule, not the norm. The vast majority of B-level prospects never amount to anything at the MLB level.

                I think your numbers may be a little high. If, and really this is all academic, a B+ prospect is a solid, very good regular, it stands to reason a guy that is a B-level prospect is also a guy that can play at a high level. The kicker—he’ll cost very, very little. So you get a guy for good production paying pennies. That’s the way you can afford those blue-chip, proven stars. If you don’t have B-level prospects, you’re paying a huge salary for a lot of players when many B-level prospects can match the production. Most teams can’t do that. All teams shouldn’t do that.

                Not to slippery slope this, but if you want to give away a B-level prospect or two for Manny, sure, that’s your prerogative, but you can only make those moves so many times before you’re Mets. Being prudent is the key.

                • http://WayneD WayneD

                  ONE (and only one) B-level for Manny and a very good chance at another WS title.

                  Sounds good to me, but your point about the farm (re the Muts) is well taken. But all trades are a gamble, whether the player is an A- or B-level prospect or worse.

                • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

                  Definitely. Prospects are a crap shoot. The thing is, even if it were only one prospect (and I think it would take far more to get him out of LA), the exorbitant cost would put us way over budget. If we’re around $4 million under, they’d have to throw $15 mil. + to cover it. For that, they’re demanding more than what we’re willing to give up.

                  I’d love to see it work in some way, but as things are currently constructed, his puzzle piece doesn’t fit our jigsaw.

                  And really, I hate Brett Gardner as much as anyone (really, it’s a true degree of loathe), but we’d be absolutely fine with Gardner + another scrap pile addition. Excellent outfield defense, great base stealing (though base running isn’t remarkable, but that should improve with coaching and experience) and it’s the number 9 hole. We’re totally fine with this set-up if we can find another outfielder that plays good defense and can hit lefties.

                  Paging Reed Johnson.

              • http://ejuwegfhhsjajuj beast

                well y dont the yanks try to trae for carl crawford or bj upton

          • http://WayneD WayneD

            Excellent point, but I think your under estimating how much trouble LAD is in financially because of the owner’s divorce.

            Heck, they didn’t offer salary arb to one of their best pitchers out of fear he’d say yes?

            They’re in serious financial straits; it’s time to make like a vulture and circle the carcass for sustenance (i.e., Manny).

            Also, Manny’s popularity in LA took a hit with the S-roids suspension. And I seriously doubt LAD is getting back $20M on their Manny investment now. Try about half that, I think, but only they know for sure.

            • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

              I may be completely underestimating the seriousness of the divorce proceedings.

              They didn’t offer arbitration to any of their fifteen eligible players, so you’re right, it’s probably a lot worse than I’m crediting. Wolf would have made maybe $5 million in arbitration, and frankly, considering what he got, they either had a directive from McCourt himself, or completely misread the market. It may be a combination, who knows?

              But also, consider this: with a divorce like this, we’re considering way more than just one player’s salary for assets. The value of the holdings are conservatively in the hundreds of millions, depending on what percentage of the share they own. Manny making $20 million, while a large figure, is a small drop in a big bucket when the whole franchise is factored. McCourt is also a real estate mogul, so there may be another angle to this.

              I haven’t gotten my first one out of the way, but as far as I understand it (and my economics degree doesn’t extend to this realm), divorces of that magnitude generally take more than a year. There is a shit ton of assets hidden all over the place, questions as to her role and entitlement as an owner, and assets valued strangely due to market climates—it will be a mess of legal battles that will no doubt present a slow-moving storm of litigation. By the time it’s probably finalized, Manny’s salary is off the books.

              Manny’s popularity, while unquestionably less than it had been in the glory days of Mannywood, is still quite high. I couldn’t guess a figure, but trading him for pennies on the dollar or as a straight dump alters the climate. Fans smell blood and they chomp away. That’s bad for business, divorce or not. And again, I realize my horse is dead, and I wish not to belabor the point, but if McCourt is trying to devalue the franchise, he’d start with long-term contracts, knowing Manny probably makes little difference in the grand scheme of things.

              • http://WayneD WayneD

                Excellent response, but I again say that LAD’s financial situation is extremely bad right now, and it’s preventing them from making other moves they need to do.

                $15M off the books could allow them to sign 2 more players in today’s depressed market. Hell, they could probably get Damon for $9M now.

                Also, if the phrase “I haven’t gotten my first one out of the way” means what it sounds like, I’ve been there & I sympathize. It’s a tough thing to go through, but my first wife & I kept our legal bills down to the retainer by NOT fighting over every little thing.

                Hopefully, you can do that if you’re going through a divorce. You can borrow a line I said to my X when she started to get bitchy at one point: “we can settle this amicably or we can make the lawyers rich: which one do you want?”

                Good luck. Far better days are ahead.

                • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

                  Goodness, I didn’t mean to give the impression I’m currently going through a divorce. I was merely making a snarky observation at the frequency of divorce in this country (no offense to your situation).

                  I’m 23, drink a fair bit of whiskey while watching Jersey Shore with my diaper-wearing cat Mr. Nipples, and am considered by many a sexual deviant. So, I’m not quite marriage material (though I do have an ex that is now a lesbian. Somewhat humbling, but I digress).

                  In any case, it sounds that you took a pragmatic approach to an unquestionably difficult event. Kudos to the two of you for thinking with your brains and not your egos and emotional reserves. So many regress to a state of childishness out of spite and anger.

                  Best of luck to you, and I wish you an enjoyable holiday.

                • Evil Empire

                  Hey, I’m also 23 and enjoy whiskey, amongst other vices – fuckin’ A.

              • Januz

                A couple of points on the Dodgers.
                1: Except for Furcal and Blake, this team does not have any player contracts that extend past 2011 (There are 2012 club options) (mlbcontracts.blogspot.com/), so the idea of getting rid of long-term contracts does not apply in this case.
                2: MLB has to find a way to get this franchise sold. They do not want to see another franchise essentially put on auto-pilot for a season like the Cubs were in 2009 (Waiting for them to be sold). The player contracts like Wolf are one example. But even more serious is the putting off of the renovation of Dodger Stadium (The McCourt seperation is one reason cited for this). http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/article/134535
                I am really interesting to see how much money the Dodgers spend in the draft. If they take the lowest common denominator approach the Mets took in 2009, and fail to draft sign top future talent, we will get an indication of how bad things will be AFTER 2010 (When contracts like Manny and Torre expire).

        • Evil Empire

          Unfortunately, ManRam is not an option in 2010 since Nick Johnson is already our DH. As much as I love Manny Ramirez – and think he’s a top candidate for the 2011 DH – he cannot field. He’s a butcher and his defense is unacceptable.

          Magglio Ordonez? I just can’t see it happening. Too expensive, especially since you run the risk of having his next option vest if he gets however many PA it takes. He’s an albatross and would probably hamper the team in future acquisitions, even if Detroit kicked in some money.

          • http://WayneD WayneD

            Of course Manny is bad in LF, but he’s better defensively than Damon at this point for one reason: he can actually reach second, third, and home on two hops or less.

            Damon can’t reach home in 12 hops. There are Jr. high school girls softball players with better arms than Damon, and his glove is no scarier than Manny’s at this point.

            I’ve asked this before: when was the last time Damon threw out a run?

            Moreover, did anyone see the MLB channel show where Nick Tuturro (the actor) played stickball against Damon?

            Tuturro’s arm was AT LEAST 5-times stronger than Damon’s. Damon could barely reach the batter’s box with a freakin’ rubber ball for god sake!

            • Evil Empire

              Damon is better than Manny defensively. They’re both below average, but Damon has more range, and that is what counts more in LF.

              Damon’s range > Manny’s arm.

              Damon’s UZRs as a LF before 2009 were slightly below average though he pretty gruesome this year (along with all of his CF years). But Manny has consistently posted awful UZRs for years. He’s also a couple years older, 38 years old.

              • Evil Empire

                (upon further review, Damon’s UZRs as a LF in 07 & 08 were actually very good, but SSS alert)

                • http://WayneD WayneD

                  Did you watch the MLB channel show where Nick Tuturro (the actor) played stickball against Damon?

                  Watch it if they rerun the episode. Damon could only reach the batter’s box if he LOBBED it! It was truly embarrassing to watch. Damon can’t reach home now from shortstop (I’m serious).

                  And he may be faster than Manny, but he was scary ugly under a lot of fly balls last year, just like Manny sometimes . . . but the difference is Manny could easily hit 35-50 HRs and 92-110 RBIs behind A-Rod. And once again, how thrilled would Manny be about the chance to stick it to Boston?

                • Evil Empire

                  Damon would come cheaper and without the cost of more prospects. Whatever the price ManRam is – and it would be a lot – it just isn’t worth it right now IMO. I really don’t see the team willing to spend $215M this year on salary, and if they were, its probably better spent elsewhere.

            • LarryF

              Loved that show! Tuturro is/was incredibly entertaining and should be on here with his brother who can figure out a movie angle for RAB! JD- no Willie Mays of stickball…

              Damon’s arm is pathetic. He did say in that show that it has “hurt” for 15 years. That may explain why he has that jerky “whole body contortion” when he throws it in with purpose-very strange motion. A 4-tool player if there ever was one…

  • http://WayneD WayneD

    Two other things concerning the Manny possibility.

    1) George & his boys have coveted him in the past.

    2) What kind of MONSTER YEAR would he have goven the chance to stick it directly in Boston’s face in his walk year, no less?

    The more I think about it, I’d jump at the chance for one year of Manny at say $10-13M (with LA eating the rest).

    Think of the numbers A-Rod could put up with Manny behind him in the order. Tex, A-Rod, Manny, and Grandy could combine for 175-200 HRs if all four at healthy . . . and that would be less than half the starting 9!

    • Salty Buggah

      I’d jump at the chance for one year of Manny at say $10-13M (with LA eating the rest).

      Ok, but if the Dodger eat 7-10 million (he makes $20 mil in 2010), they will want a good enough prospect back. Is it really worth getting Manny considering his plain ugly defense (-15.4 UZR/150), clubhouse problems (though I couldnt care less about them if he mashes) and that we can just get Damon at that price without giving up any prospect?

      Also, it’s alarming that he only WAR’d 2.7 in the NL West last year. Brett Gardner WAR’d exactly that much too. Yes, Manny played in only 104 games due to the suspension but Gardner had just a bit more than half the PA’s that Manny had but still WAR’d the same as him.

      Additionally, we need to make sure he can produce without his drugs as well. Check this out:

      OPS by Month:

      April/March: 1.154
      May: 1.026
      July: .931
      August: .881
      Sept/Oct: .833

      Kinda alarming, no?

      If he’s only near a .850 OPS, he loses a ton of value with his bad defense. Add in his cost of money and a good prospect, it’s not worth it at all.

      • Evil Empire

        Manny is a DH, period. But I believe his hitting ability will hold steady for at least a few more years before we see a true decline. He hit right around his career OPS in 2009, if anything, his August/Sept/Oct. #s are likely to just be regression to the mean. Theoretically in YS3, he’d still OPS 900 or better IMHO.

  • Evil Empire

    Besides Johnny Damon, which would be awesome to see return, I think Joe Beimel actually makes sense for the 2nd lefty out of the pen. He could be gotten for a fairly cheap one year deal and he’ll be effective. Last 3 years lefties have OPS’d .629 vs him, and righties he can contain as well, they’ve OPS’d .730 vs him over that same time span.

    • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

      His 2007 skews the numbers a bit; he’s trended poorly.

      Versus Lefties:

      2007 OPS Against: .490
      2008 OPS Against: .641
      2009 OPS Against: .781

      He’s not otherworldly, but he may be just fine out there if you don’t think 2009 will repeat itself.

      • Evil Empire

        He’s better than Boone Logan is what he is. And should come cheap.

        • whozat

          Eh. He doesn’t have a great K:BB ratio, and he’s not a super-groundball guy. 2nd-lefty isn’t a position that, to me, is worth paying much for an incremental upgrade, and I don’t think Joe Beimel is going to be so much better than Logan that I want to pay him much of anything. .75MM, ok. but he’ll get more than that.

        • http://ejuwegfhhsjajuj beast

          gow bout mike mcdougal being a setup man for mo

  • Sean

    Why not offer Damon the same deal Pettitte had last season…just load it with incentives which he absolutely will get unless he gets hurt which he seems good at avoiding. If you load it with incentives, he’ll earn his money and get it anyways, and then the brass doesnt have to worry about him coming back and not playing as hard.

    • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

      If I ask you to remodel my kitchen and I say, “Sean, I’ll give you $8,000 as a base and if you do well enough within a specific criteria, each incentive will bring you $4,000 more. There are 10 incentives.”

      I only have $30,000 total. You reach all of the incentives. I should pay you $48,000, but I don’t have that.

      I may bank on you only completing five of the ten incentives and collecting the base, but really, if I don’t have the money, I shouldn’t make the deal.

      If the money for Damon isn’t there, it isn’t there. If he’ll take $30,000 to remodel my kitchen, sure, that’s cool, but he’ll never agree to it if he can get $100,000 to remodel someone else’s kitchen.

      • themgmt

        I’ll remodel your kitchen for $25,000.

        My e-mail is joetheplumber@gmail.com

      • Sean

        Well, when you hear about some other team making Damon an offer, please let me know. I haven’t heard of any, and he’s putting himself in a worse and worse spot as each day passes because eventually the two big left fielders are going to take up spots on teams with a vacancy and money.

        • Sean

          We “didn’t have the money” for Pettitte last year either. Of course we have the money. Just give him a base of 5 and throw in another 5 in incentives, throw in an option if we must, and make the final offer. Damon has no offers right now and we’ve yet to formally say this is what we have, take it or leave it…..Reed Johnson is terrible, and Gardner/Hoffman is NOT the answer.

  • Evil Empire
    • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

      1980, I was yet a slow-moving sperm in my father’s adultery-sac. Ahh, pre-memories.

      • Evil Empire

        I barely remember last night, let alone what it was like to be a sperm in my father’s loins.

        In fact, if you were born in 1986 like I was, I don’t think we even existed in any form in 1980.

        • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

          You may be right (I slept through biology in college). However, my father is a remarkable man in many ways. Despite having the IQ of a tennis shoe and the looks of Larry David in a minor car accident, he’s managed to have adulterous affairs with scores of women. So I wouldn’t bet against his sperm burrowing capabilities.

  • http://www.theyankeeuniverse.com/ Matt Imbrogno

    A right handed hitting LF caddy for Gardner wouldn’t be bad, and of course, I’d love to have Aroldis in the system.

  • Jesse

    I saw some posts earlier in the off-season considering Kelly Johnson, not Reed Johnson. His statistics last year stank with the Braves, but Fangraphs shows both Bill James and Fan projections with him rebounding decently. He’s supposed to be a DeRosa replacement and supposedly plays decent outfield defense.

    I wouldn’t go with him alone though. I also would want them to bring back Eric Hinske. My (less than perfect) reasoning is: Hinske, Kelly Johnson, Hoffman, and Brett Gardner cycle through the bench and outfield roles.

    Kelly Johnson can play 2nd base some days spelling Cano.
    Gardner is a pinch runner, defensive replacement, and plays as much as he can to guage his development.
    Hinske can DH if Nick Johnson’s bones fall out as well as play the outfield on days when defense is less important.
    Hoffman plays all three outfield spots and hits well against lefties.

    It’s possible that they all add up to be a somewhat bad player, but I hadn’t seen anyone considering Hinske or Kelly Johnson and I feel like Hoffman was picked up for a reason.

  • scooter10

    Team is set. By my numbers, expected payroll is $206m. This is far more than any other team. Unless Cashman trades salary, I see no more than $3m being spent on an OF for the rest of the offesason. Reed Johnson would fit the bill. Then bring in some minor league OF free agents and see if any catch fire.

  • Jordan

    Miranda + Alan Horne for King Felix

    But I guess I’ll settle for a solid bench bat.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      You have to throw in Eric Wordekemper to make the money work.

      • Jordan

        He has too much going for him right now. He’s the hottest commodity on the RAB trade market. I’d be willing to move Wordekemper in a Pujols + Wainwright deal. That’s about it.

        • Jordan

          On second thought, maybe in a King Felix + Ackley + Gutierrez deal. Maybe.

          Imagine a Granderson + Gutierrez + Gardner OF?


  • Steve

    Why is nobody bringing up Randy Winn? The guy in a lot of ways is just like Damon maybe just less power and better defense. The guy would probably be willing to take a reasonable 2 year contract.

    • Zack

      His OPS+ was 75 last year….

      • Steve

        put him in a Yankee lineup it would be much better especially since it was a giants lineup that had Molina as a clean up hitter

        • Zack

          That’s wishful thinking; he was in that lineup the last 2 seasons had had OPS+ of 104 and 105, he’s going to be 36 coming off his worst season as a full time player.

          2 year contract? There hasnt even been a whisper about him getting a 1 year contract

          • Steve

            Hey didnt Nick Swisher have a bad year with the White Sox and didn’t we pick him up for almost nothing and look how that turned out maybe Randy Winn can do the same thing….he batted .300 and stole 25 bases I believe 2 years ago and last year was just a tough year for him much like Swisher in 2008. worth the gamble if he seetles for a reasonable contract.

            • Evil Empire

              Except Randy Winn is, y’know, a lot older. I’d consider Randy Winn a lateral move at best, its just as well to keep Gardner and find a true upgrade.

            • Zack

              As Empire stated, Winn is I think 6 or 7 years older than Swisher. You cant pick out every player who had a down year and say they’re going to bounce back; and when a 35 year old has a bad year its more likely because his career is coming to an end

              “worth the gamble if he seetles for a reasonable contract.”
              Yes, but 2 years for Winn is not a reasonable contract

      • Jeff Levy

        The best that could happen is he rebounds, in the worst case he hits about as well as Melky did, but with better defense.

        • Steve

          Exactly… and he shouldn’t cost much there is no risk….he is a pro he wont bring anything bad to the clubhouse too

        • Zack

          No, Winn was well below average last year. .670 OPS and 75 OPS+, worst case scenario is that he’s even worse than that

    • Colin

      I was just thinking the same thing. I know he had a bad year last year, but he was decent enough the two years before.

      Last year his GB% was down and his Fly ball % went up, while his K rate also went up. His walk rate went down a little but stayed around career norms and his BABIP was at .314 when his career is .327. Not sure if that’s enough to really make a difference though.

      How much do you think it would take to sign him? And, do you think he’d rebound next year? I think he could easily fit in the Yanks’ budget on a one or two year deal

    • Evil Empire

      Randy Winn? No thanks. I’d just as soon tough it out with Gardner so you maintain more flexibility for a trade during the season

  • johnnym1959

    I say talk to the Royals about David Dejesus fo LF. he makes $4.5mil per year and would be a yonger version of Johnny Damon.
    Im surethe oyals would takesome younger prospects. They know they’re not gonna win anyway and may wanna save the $4mil.We’d have to give them solid prospects but i’d do it for Dejesus and sign him long term to play next to Granderson for the next few seasons.

  • JJB


    • Evil Empire


    • Zack

      Why do they NEED a big bat??

      There is no GOOD pitcher left as a FA, that means giving up one of Joba or Hughes to get that GOOD pitcher you want.

  • JJB


  • JJB


    • Evil Empire

      Please use the reply button.

    • Zack

      Nope, Posada/Swish/Cano will fill in a fine and they’ll still have the #1 offense in the league

      • Evil Empire

        (all of which are guys who hit for power, and don’t forget Granderson)

        • Zack

          Unless KLong helps Granderson against LHP I cant see him batting 5th, ARod would get IBB every time in a big spot for a lefty to come in and face Granderson.

          Posada has a better OPS v LHP, Swish’s career OPS is actually better against LHP too

          • Evil Empire

            Someone just demonstrated in one of the threads that Grandy OPS’d around .730 vs LHP away from Comerica, which I thought was interesting. Long might be able to help him.

            He’s not the first guy who will get a shot at batting in the 5 hole but he’s in the debate. The 5-8 spots I see being pretty up in the air depending on who is doing the best.

            I hope Cano gets some more shots at it, his bad luck with RISP can’t go on forever.

            • Zack

              Oh yeah forgot about that; still think it depends on how he’s performs against LHP this year though.
              Yeah Cano cant be THAT bad again with RISP; like you said just move whoever up and down depending on their hot/cold streak

  • Peter

    Damon back, Vazquez traded back to atlanta for melky, Granderson traded back to detroit for Coke and ajax. Ben Sheets.

  • Peter

    And trade boone logan to LA for matsui

  • Craig

    For me the answer is bring back Johnny Damon. You know what he offers and that he hits well in the Stadium. He still can run (remember the double steal) and he fits into the team and lineup very well. I dont think Gardner is the best bet. To me speed is his asset but no hit and weak arm. By the way sign Damon to 2 years and not have to worry about Nick Johnson and his being prone to injury. I do like Nady as well but he doesnt seem to be being talked about at all. A pitcher is always nice why not trade with Seatle for Lee? The future is NOW !

    • Evil Empire

      I shudder to think of what Seattle would demand for Lee, considering they just traded for him and they’re securely in WIN NOW mode as well.

      Damon for 2 years would be great, but it just doesn’t seem like a possibility right now, he’ll get better offers from other teams most likely.

      • Sean

        I dont think there’s a team out there thats going to give Damon 10 per. They have no reason to if the Yanks will and no team will want to bid against itself….except maybe the Mets cuz they always do that

  • Reacher

    I would not like to see Damon return for two reasons. First, his overstated self worth borders on abject arrogance which is an absolute turnoff. Second, and more importantly, his defense is horrific, probably the worst left fielding I have seen in more than 50 years of baseball fanatacism. Every ball hit to left last year was a “hold your breath” misadventure. Girardi and staff were constantly consuming anti-acid tablets during the course of the games. Damon has physically broken down; he still, however, can fly swat the ball and with power; however, it’s not a trade off as the defensive shortfall, by seasoned, old-time “eye account” or modern day stats is apparent. Where he will end up at “Abreu 09” numbers at most is open to question. In Pinstripes?? I wouldn’t bet against it.

  • MDR

    While it would be great to re-sign Damon, what about Dye for a one or two year deal…that is a right handed bat like everyone says we need….plus someone who might be protection for A-Rod in the line up

  • George figueroa

    Two words Marlon BYRD.

  • Jim in CT

    Sign Damon before it’s too late. Nick Johnson is a China Doll. He will get hurt. The Yanks will end up with the “floating DH”. Also, Johnson is much slower than Damon and does not have the base path savy that Damon has. Brett Gardner can play left but he can’t hit and his OBP is low. This isn’t long math…..sign Damon.

  • jeff in NH

    Whats going on here??? Why are we even questioning bring back Johnie Damon. After all he has done for our team he should be able to name his price and for what he wants I don’t think it is to much. This guy can do it all. The only bad thing about him is his arm and I don’t recall that losing us any games but he sure won alot for us!!!

  • Horace Clarke

    I truly believe that Cashman isn’t bringing back Damon, unless he comes at a bargain rate, similar to how the Angels last year got Bobby Abreu for $5 mil. Damon’s OF play is average to below avg at best and i’m not even including his lack of arm stength. Damon does help the Yankees as the ideal number two hitter, but i think the top of the order will do fine with the lineup Girardi puts together.

    What i see as the bigger concern is who hits behind A-Rod. Matsui did well in that spot and from what i see so far from the current roster, i don’t see a true number 5 hitter. Posada? I don’t think A-Rod sees a strike all year, as I would take my chances each and every time with Posada vs A-Rod. Granderson? Maybe against a righthanded pitcher, but late in games youre going to see the lefty/lefty matchup which Granderson struggles with and Matsui excelled at. I think this is going to be a difficult spot to fill this year.

  • Tanhar

    I say screw Damon and bolster the bench with Nady, Hairston, and Hinske. You have so much flexibility to work with.

    Nady platoons with Gardner in LF.If NJ goes, Nady=DH and Gardner=LF.

    Hairston can play anywhere and can PR if Gardy starts.
    Hinske provides Left-Handed pop and allows more starters to have breathers.


  • http://yankees tony

    How about signing Jermaine Dye for 1 yr, good defensively, strong arm, then next yr you go after Carl Crawford, you can get dye cheap!!!

    • Tanhar

      Jermaine is NOT good defensively!!!!!Trust me!

  • Jennifer

    Sign Johnny Damon!!

  • JJB


    • Tanhar

      Yankee Stadium will torture both his low range and pull-happy batting.

      • JJB


  • http://KenPhelps KenPhelps

    I would hate to see Johnson in the 2 spot for 2 reasons: 1) He’s not going to stay healthy so will end up having a musical chairs situation there once he, inevitably, goes on the DL. 2) I don’t care how much he gets on base, I hate having a guy at the top of the lineup who clogs up the basepaths. Johnny is such a perfect fit in that lineup slot that I would have loved to see him back but as the DH instead of Johnson, not as the full-time LF along with Johnson. Screw Bay and Holliday. Wait on Crawford. At this point, however, I’ll take Damon’s shoddy D and patented Invisi-Arm for the sake of keeping that bat in the lineup and that personality in the clubhouse.

    SS Jeter
    LF Damon
    1B Tex
    3B A-Rod
    CF Granderson
    C Posada
    DH Johnson
    RF Swisher
    2B Cano

    That way, Johnson is getting on base for Swish and Cano at the bottom of the lineup, and Cano should see some good pitches to hit with runners on with Jeter hitting behind him.

    If the Damon door is not re-opened I’d take Dye on a one year deal for LF and begrudingly move Johnson up to that 2 spot. I’d hate it but we would have a nice balance of lefty-righty power. Also, Dye may not be much of a defensive player at this point in his career but I’d give him a slight edge over Damon because of arm strength. If that happened, put Swish in LF and Dye in RF to maximize the arm and because LF is big at the stadium and Swish covers a little more ground that Dye does.

  • Jax Jinx

    I think the only thing left to do is sign the Cuban Pitcher Chapman. It would be nice to have Holliday but if they do not want to spend the money then go after Chapman and that is it unless you want to sign someone like Dye for a year. Because we all know Cashman wants Crawford next year.

  • http://2011YANKEES... Greeny (th original)

    SS Jeter
    LF Crawford
    1B Tex
    3B A-Rod
    2B Cano
    DH Posada
    CF Granderson
    RF Swisher
    C Cervelli

    Bay has similiar numbers to Swisher and Strikes out a TON … no thanks
    Holliday was AWFUL in his short stint in the AL … Let him stay with the cardinals
    Damon has ALWAYS been about the money. He was a good fit and truely is more valuable to the Yankees than ANY other team. Boras strikes again!

    FANTASY 2011 Yankees
    SS Jeter
    LF Crawford
    1B Pujols
    3B A-Rod
    C Mauer
    RF Tex
    2B Cano
    DH Posada
    CF Granderson

  • http://KenPhelps KenPhelps

    Greeny…you’re kidding yourself if you think that this team will let Cervelli catch the majority of the games with Posada DHing and Johnson on the bench. Cervelli will see his share of at-bats behind the plate (unless he turns out to be the hitter he was in the minors, which is to say, unacceptably bad) but Jorge will still catch 100-120 games depending on health. I like Cervelli a lot but don’t be too surprised if he’s back in the minors by the all-star break.

    As for your 2011 fantasy…that sounds like fun but that team would make me sick to my stomach. I would renounce my fanhood. To move out of the realm of fantasy and into the real…I really hope we go all out and bring Crawford in. Mauer will end up in either Minny or Boston. Pujols aint going nowhere.

    • http://2011YANKEES... Greeny (the original)

      KenPhelps … I agree the fantasy team is just that. I HOPE Mauer stays in Minnesota where he belongs and Puljos shoud remain in St. Louis. Although, I never unuderstand why people say they are the best fans.

      I do not think Johnson will be on the Yankees in 2011 … I, for a long time, was hoping that Victor Martinez would joint the yankees … he and posada could share time at both DH & C and are both swith hitters.

      The real point of my post was that I would like Damon, but he and his agent are gready and he willnot be as productive on any other team. Also, I would rather save money for Crawford and a pitcher (Lee, Bonderman?) and RIvera and Jeter than on Bay or

  • JMB3193

    resign damon and/or nady and sign ben sheets

    • BoSox:85 +15=100

      Sheets? your gonna meet his contract demands for a #5 starter coming off a huge injury? okay its your season…

  • http://KenPhelps KenPhelps

    Greeny…totally agree on saving the money for Crawford and a pitcher. I would absolutely love having Lee on this team for so many reasons. He can handle the big stage, is young enough to be considered in his prime, and is good friends with CC. He would def fit in with that clubhouse.

    I didn’t realize that your first lineup was for 2011, I glossed over that detail and assumed you were talking about 2010. I totally agree that Johnson will be gone after the year, given his injury history I’d be amazed if he got 400 ABs this year. I still don’t believe Frankie Cervelli will ever hit enough to be an everyday catcher on this team. Remember, this is the Yankees of the modern age, very rarely does a player with limited offensive skills hold down a starting job for long, no matter how good their defensive skills are. Frankly, I’m afraid that last season was a little bit of a fluke. Frankie calls a great game, handles the staff well, and has a decent arm, but he feels to me like a career back up. He never hit in the minors and was never a highly touted prospect. He was seen as an organizational depth kind of guy. He was below the Mendoza line at AA when he got called up so the fact that he gave us anything at all offensively was a surprise to pretty much everyone in the organization. If I’m right on my assessment of Frankie then we have to start looking for a full-time catcher of the future real soon. I love V-Mart but he’s not much of a catcher and the idea of carrying 2 aging catcher/DHs who can’t run, despite the fact that they are both switch hitters with pop, does not sound smart to me. I really want to get younger and more athletic, which is exactly what Cashman is trying to do.
    I would love to see Montero work out as a catcher but it seems pretty unanimous that he’ll have to be a 1B/DH type which doesn’t bode well for his future in pinstripes. I hate that idea. I’ve been hyped on Montero for 3 years now and he was recently called the best hitter in the minors by Baseball America.

  • Dan

    Yeah, Johnson is good, but I would rather we kept Matsui. He was the WS MVP. I know he wasn’t that great otherwise, but he provided good protection for A-Rod and Johnson cloggs up the bases like Matsui, but with less power. Despite the bad experience with Vasquez last time, I think it was a good deal. He was only bad in the second half because his arm was fatigued. The Yankees should get Damon, Holliday, or Dye with Chapman and call it an offseason!

  • KenPhelps

    I hate that we gave up Vizcaino for Vazquez. I do think Javy will be better this time around then last, as long as he’s healthy, but I doubt that Javy will ever hold up to the pressure in NY. He’s kind of a moody, reserved type of guy and for someone with so much talent, the fact that he’s been on 5 teams since 2003 is worrisome. So far this offseason we’ve given up 2 of our top 3 prospects. If these deals work out and Granderson and Vazquez help lead us to another ring then great, if not and either Jackson or Vizcaino reaches their potential then we will rue this offseason for many years to come.

  • Gary

    Find the money and bring Damon back there is nothing wrong with his bat. In fact wouldn’t have sighned Nick

  • BoSox:85 +15=100

    Huge Sox fan here but Yankee fans are always more fun to talk with anyhow.

    -If I were the Yanks this is what i’d do

    2.Johnson- dumb pickup btw

  • BoSox:85 +15=100

    3. Tex
    4. A-Roid
    6: Jorge
    7: Robby
    8: Swish
    9. Dye- on a 1 yr contract

    lets face it, Gardner sucks, he can’t hit and it seems highly unlikely the bring in JBay or Holliday

    • slappy white

      looking foward to watching Cameron strike out 185 times and Scutaro bat .260…..nice pickups btw

      • BoSox:85 +15=100

        looking forward to Johnson playing 42 games and then season ending injury as well as AJ being totally inconsistent. Vazquez being what he was in 2004 and Granderson hitting below .200 against lefties

        With love, Red Sox Nation

  • Tanhar

    You cant sign Holliday or Bay if u want Crawford next yr.

    Dye’s defense is hellish, add another year of age and Death Valley and i don’t know what to say.

  • jesse

    All you guys that want Damon back apparently didn’t watch him play the outfield, WE DON’T NEED DAMON….. Can’t catch and can’t throw, I don’t know what games you were watching but he wasn’t really running crazy on the bases. As for Gardner, somebody needs to crack the whip and show him how to chop at the ball and make contact and also show him how to BUNT, all that speed and can’t do anything with it, even when pinch running. As far as Jazquez, he’s a good #4 starter, not like when he was hear before at #1. And yes Matsui is a lose but Johnson will do just fine, even without the homeruns. So Yankee fans cut it out with Damon, let him go play for the Newark Bears, that’s if Boras pulls his head out of you know where!? So relax folks and enjoy the season!

  • http://yankees tony

    Well right now i do think we have a better team then last year, im not to sure tho of gardner/ hoffman platoon, if you want to sign someone cheap then re sign Hairston, and give him a chance in left field, then next year you go for Crawford, also i would not have signed Johnson, if you want a lefty with power, should of went for Brian Giles, 1 yr as dh, just a thought!

  • Benji223

    As it is now, the Yankees lineup in 2010 is better than 09.

    1.Johnson for Matsui is basically a wash as Matsui hits for more power and Johnson gets on base at a higher clip. Plus Johnson at least gives the flexibility for a day off for Tex (at least occasionally) as playing first base is much less demanding on the body than outfield.
    2.Granderson essentially replaces Damon’s bat. If he hit 30 homers at Comerica park thats practically 40 at YS3. Big defensive upgrade over Damon as well.
    3.Gardner in center is potentially more effective than Cabrera. Is it really out of the question for Gardner to hit .280 with 100 runs scored and 45 stolen bases? I mean project his numbers to a full season last year and that’s basically what you had. Plus the defensive upgrade over Cabrera.
    4.The rotation is also better this year. Vazquez and Hughes as 4th and 5th respectively is much better than Chamberlain (and Joba rules) and Mitre/Wang. That also pushes Joba to the bullpen where he is a weapon rather than a liability. That makes the bullpen a huge strength whereas going into last year the bullpen had ramirez and veras. I see only upgrades everywhere and a great chance to defend the title in 2010!

  • http://yankees tony

    Ill agree on paper we are much better, like i said before we need to get LF solved before spring training comes along, also i do think our bench is a little weak right now, we lost Hinske, Hairston, Molina, WE DO NEED A LITTLE HELP IN THIS AREA, maybe sign a Tejada for backup, or Melvin Mora, cant hurt.

  • kevin brown

    If money is an issue, why not sign Pedro and Dye? You can get them both for little or nothing and still get bang for your buck!

  • jesse

    what about we deal burnett and maybe a low level prospect to the nats for willingham. we could use the saved money to sign sheets and wang, one of whom will probably be healthy, and if its sheets, he’s probably better than burnett.