Report: Damon heads to Detroit

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Via MLBTR, the Tigers and Johnny Damon have reached on a one-year deal guaranteeing him $8M. The Yankees offered Johnny $6M ($3M of which was deferred) a few weeks ago, but he turned it down and they turned to Randy Winn. I’m glad it worked out for him. The deal includes a no-trade clause, but I’m willing to bet he’d waive it to rejoin the Yankees, should such a situation arise.

Damon was a great player for the Yankees during his time here, and I wish him the best in Detroit. At least now Austin Jackson won’t get thrown to the wolves and be forced to hit leadoff.

What the Good Book says: Yankee hitters
Open Thread: An Ace In Action
  • Tseng

    A mystery team is already interested in Damon for next year.

    • Not The Rays


      Tom Hicks is already bidding against himself. He’s gonna start his own team.

  • Richard Iurilli
  • anon

    Being the only remaining team left Detroit only had to out bid Damons last offer by 3.5 million or nearly double it. Great work by the Tigers.

  • Templeton “brendog” Peck

    thank. god. that’s. over.

    • Not The Rays


  • Hughesus Christo


  • V

    So… the Tigers traded 3 years of a cheap Granderson away for… AJax, 1 year of Valverde, 1 year of Damon.

    :rofl: Dumbasses.

    • Drew

      Granderson for 3 yrs 26 million isn’t exactly cheap. They were obviously down on him, they got something for him before it was too late.

    • Templeton “brendog” Peck

      yeah but 3 years of ajax at what, ~$500,000 a year then him for 3 more years of arb right? so for the next 3 years they’re saying they needed to save that money in cf to upgrade in other ways. and while this yr valverde and damon might not have made the most sense they do have 2 more years to make up for it.

      and if ajax breaks out it works out.

      • Chops

        That is a very big if, and isn’t Ajax’s ceiling basically Granderson anyway?

        • Templeton “brendog” Peck

          right. so they get granderson (best case) or even let’s say 2/3 of granderson for around 500,000 for 3 years and depending on how good he is possibly less than 3 milla yr for the next 3. and that money they saved allows them to upgrade other places.

          • Chops

            But how good is 2/3 of Granderson? Would you rather have a whole Granderson at 3 yr/26 mil or 2/3 of Granderson for 3 yr/500k? I think that’s the question.

            • Templeton “brendog” Peck

              but its not about what you would rather have. it is what you can afford. and 2/3 of granderson is still probably a league average player and for that at the price it is worth it to a team that can then upgrade at positions they have below league average players

  • FMV

    so johnny eventually got more from the tigers then he was offered from the yankees.

    so Boras did his job.

    • Hey ZZ

      14 million > 8 million

      • FMV

        i was referring to the last offer of $6 million, with atleast half of it differed.

        but even if we bring up the 2 year offer…you got the feeling that as the process went on he favored a 1 year deal instead of a 2 year deal. and even if he didn’t..according to reports the tigers 2 year offer was worth more then the yankees original 2 year offer at the beginning of the offseason.

        • anon

          He preferred a 2 (or more) year offer

          He preferred staying in NY and not relocating his family

          The last place he wanted to go was Detroit

          Detroit never offered him 2 years

          • DP

            Yes but

            He can

            Still get more

            Than 6 million

            Next year which

            Would make it work out

            And he cares about money

            Not location

            • anon

              Anything could happen between now and next year. Theres a big difference between possible and guaranteed.

              The market will be flooded next year with LF’ers and DH’s again.

              Damon could get hurt.

              Damon could not have another season like his 09 season.

            • Benjamin Kabak

              I would be shocked if Damon gets more than $6 million after 2009. His numbers are not going to look pretty in Comerica, and his defense won’t play well there either. That ain’t your Yankee Stadium outfield.

          • FMV


            A one-year, $7 million deal is possible, as is a two-year contract worth $14 million.

            so yes he was offered a 2 year deal.

            • anon

              No he wasnt offered a 2 year deal. It was Boras BS.


              As of yesterday Boras was still begging for a two year.

              • FMV

                so you won’t believe the source i gave but will believe the source you have?

                yeah ok then.

                both FOX sports and SI have said in one way or another that a 2 year deal from the tigers was there to be had if thats the way damon/boras wanted to go.

                Thats what i’m going by…and unless you find another news outlet that heard the samething as ESPN and Bruce Levine…then i will have to assume Damon had a choice of a 1 or 2 year deal from the tigers.

                • anon

                  So you want to believe that Damon turned down a 2 year for a 1 year from the same team?




                • Pasqua

                  anon, keep that crap up and…




                  (I would imagine)

  • Cecala

    Why would the Tigers outbid themselves…? Once Chicago dropped out all they had was the Braves who would not change their offer. Damon wont help them win the division so the Detriot GM should be fired.

    • Hey ZZ

      There are major parts of these negotiations and offers the media and fans know nothing about. For example when the Yankees signed CC everyone was killing the Yankees for bidding against themselves. A year later Heyman comes out and says that the Angels offered 140 million. That we even found out about the Angels argument is really uncommon.

      Do we really know they were bidding against themselves?

  • Johan Iz My Brohan

    Thanks for Granderson Detroit, have fun with Damon!

  • Drew

    Let’s see how his numbers look after playing 70 games in Comerica.

    I wish him luck but, I’m not so sure how he’ll do there.

    • JobaJr


      • Joe D.

        Johnny 2010:
        .275, 78 Runs, 12 HRs, 60 RBI, 12 SB.

        Granderson will coincidentally have the exact same line…

        …in April.

  • dkidd

    i’m glad johnny got a ring with us and i’ll be rooting for him to get to 3,000 hits

    in retrospect, if the red sox knew damon would consider moving to left field, would they have gone 4 yrs?

    • Not The Rays

      At the time, Ms. Manny Ramirez had just played a crucial role in winning the WS. Why would the thought of Damon in Left influence them at that point?

  • bexarama

    Who wants to put an over/under on the number of days until “New York should try and trade with Detroit again to get Damon back waaaah” articles?

    Kinda funny that Granderson came to the Yankees and Damon went to the Tigers.

    • DP

      If the LF crew performs as expected (which would be fine by me) and the lead guy is batting like .260, I say May 15th.

  • FrankFernandez

    Lots of ground to cover out there in Comerica and lots fewer HR’s for Johnny. He should be down around the $3-4 million mark next year; 2/14 was the best he could have done.

  • Steve H

    I’m so glad my MLBTR RSS feed will not show Johnny Damon Rumors: Sunday tomorrow morning. I was getting ready to unsubscribe until he signed, every single day there was a new post on Johnny Damon rumors.

    • Chops

      You act as if this doesn’t happen with every other high profile player…you remember Roy Halladay around the deadline?

  • T-Dubs

    Best of luck to him. I’d bet a paycheck he doesn’t crack 20 bombs this year though.

  • Moshe Mandel

    2 years, 14 million is almost certainly> 1 year, 8 million. Boras’d

    • misterd

      Unless he signs a deal next year for $6m, in which case it’d be a push.

  • bonestock94

    Whatever, I guess he can spend that extra $2m in Detroit bullet proofing his car and fireproofing his house.

    • W.W.J.M.D

      Because he is going to play terrible and the fans are going to shoot at his car and try to burn his house down?

      • bonestock94

        lol, I do think he’ll have a “correction” in his stats in ’10.

      • Klemy

        No. That’s just life in Detroit.

  • misterd

    Oh good. Now the number of Yankee fans who insist Cashman will still sign Damon should drop by at least half.

  • kenthadley

    Johnny will struggle to hit .250 in Detroit……numbers will be so far down…..something like 10/55/12 and .244….and then he’d be lucky to get 3 mil in 2011……

  • LarryM, FL.

    I wish JD much luck. He gave it his best for the Yankees but I believe he and Boras messed up with the no go on Cashman’s Dec. offer of 2@14.

    I don’t believe Damon is happy with the location of Detroit or the team. He wanted NY and Boras BS him right off the team. Frankly, I’m pleased with the team’s makeup with new additions of Granderson, Johnson and Vasquez. Lets Play Ball!

  • Warren

    Damon leaving the Led Zeppelin private plane World Tour for a tribute band county fair bus tour.

  • pistol pete

    Big mistake not getting Damon wrapped up, the price was cheap enough. The Yanks will need a bat during the year mark my words.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      And yet with all your prescience, you’re still not the Yankee’s GM. Amazing.

      I can’t believe how stupid the Steinbrenner brothers are to entrust their franchise to the likes of Cashman when someone of your talents is available.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      If the Yankees need a bat who isn’t Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson or Jorge Posada next year, they’re in more trouble than an old Johnny Damon could have offered them. His presence or lack thereof won’t make or break 2010. Let’s get real.

  • oborne

    its gonna be funny when damon hits .240 with 4 homers in april before he goes down for the season

  • AJ

    Maybe I’m just a sick Yankee fan, but I could care less about Austin Jackson now that he’s off the team.

    • bonestock94

      You know what’s even sicker? I’m deathly afraid of him becoming good.

      • Benjamin Kabak

        I’d worry far more about Tabata fulfilling his potential than Austin Jackson. A-Jax was way overhyped by Yankee fans.

        • Not The Rays

          Tabata is, like, 40 yrs old. Don’t worry. Similarly, you shouldn’t be concerned that our decision to allow Roger Clemens to retire is not going to come back to haunt us.