Yanks’ interest in Wigginton has cooled


Via Marc Carig, the Yankees’ interest in Orioles utility man Ty Wigginton appears to be cooling. They expressed interest in him earlier this month as part of their never-ending search for bench help. Can’t say I’m surprised, he’s hit .211/.302/.314 in his last 222 plate appearances dating back to late May.

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  • matt damon wayans

    And the fact that he was never that good to begin with.

  • http://soxandpinstripes.net Angelo

    The Yankees have to make some type of trade before the deadline, right? It’s not completely necessary, but it would seem really odd if nothing happened between now and then.

    • FIPster Doofus

      If not before the deadline, something will probably come in August. They could obviously use a half-decent bench player and/or a reliever.

      • http://soxandpinstripes.net Angelo

        Agreed. I almost forgot something can still happen in August.

        • Mattchu12

          I’m still, foolishly admittedly, holding out hope on Soria. I just can’t shake this feeling that Cashman is going to be ninja and get him. I didn’t think there was a chance until all this “Yankees are on his no-trade list” thing came up.

          Something about it, I don’t know, I just feel like something might come of it. Seems so out of place. It’s probably not going to happen, almost certainly not going to happen, but oh boy would I be a happy camper to have Joakim Soria in my bullpen.

  • Mattchu12

    Thank god. I’ve been saying for weeks now that Wiggy was just CRAZY HOT to start the year, it was like Cervelli but he hasn’t crashed as bad.

  • CS Yankee

    Thai food is the only ty we should be thinking about.

    just saying

  • steven

    y not trade 4 matsui

    • http://soxandpinstripes.net Angelo

      Why trade for Matsui?

      • Mattchu12

        He is hitting righties well, would platoon so much better with Marcus Thames, has better position flexibility than Juan Miranda, and who doesn’t love Matsui?

        But I’m only acquiring him if he comes pretty cheap, which he ought to.

        • Mattchu12

          Better than Miranda i mean.

  • Doug

    How about looking into Berkman, who’s apparently available now that the Astros picked up Wallace