Clarification on Andrew Brackman’s call-up

The Forgotten Relievers
Checking in on Hughes’ workload

Late last night we got word that the Yankees had recalled 2007 first round pick Andrew Brackman, but the report turned out to be slightly incorrect. Yes, the team is summoning Brackman to the big leagues, but he will not be activated and will instead work out with the team and the coaches. Dellin Betances will be doing the same thing as well.

The Yanks have been doing this for years, with guys like Phil Hughes and Tyler Clippard going through the same thing. It just gives the kids a brief taste of the big league life before getting called up to pitch, whenever that may be. Good chance for Betances to Brackman to get their feet wet and get familiar with how things are done. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Update: Jesus Montero will be there as well. Awesome.

The Forgotten Relievers
Checking in on Hughes’ workload
  • Chris

    Going back to Mike Ashmore’s article on the low pay for minor league players… what do these guys get for working out with the major league team? Normally a player called up would have to be paid as a major league player (somewhere around $3,000 per day), but what would these guys get?

    • Jobu

      I am guessing they get to pick over the club house spread after the regulars are done with it.

    • KeithK

      I have no idea whether the team needs to pay these guys for these not-quite callups. Since they’re inactive I’d bet the rules say they don’t have to be paid. That said, even if they don’t get a paycheck I’d also bet that the Yankees put them up in style (hotels in NY, team accomodations and meal money on the road). There’s no sense calling the kids up and having them stress about living and expenses in NYC.

  • Kiersten

    Yay I’m happy for Betances :)

  • Jobu

    After following DOTF for the past few year this is very arousing. It is very satisfying to have two long, thick young guns who can really give it hard and fast.

    • Zanath

      TWS…never mind, too easy.

    • Avi

      Was that necessary/appropriate? Not exactly what i’m looking for in a baseball blog.

    • Brian in NH

      this was unnecessary

  • Andrew

    Sweeny Murti just tweeted that Brackman is active while The Jesus & Dellin are there to hang out. I don’t know who to believe anymore. This whole thing is giving me a headache.

    • pat

      Makes sense considering Brackman is the only one on the 40 man.

  • pat

    Hughes, Betances, Brackman Clippard.

    One name does not belong.

    • Chris

      Clippard has 9 wins this year, so clearly he belongs in that elite group.

      • Anthony

        and it’s out of the pen also.

        • Big Stein

          Just proves how the NL is a AAAA league.

          • All Praise Be To Mo

            All you need to know about the AAAA league is in Ian Kennedy’s stats this year.

    • Steve H

      I was just about to post and hit refresh. Though mine was going to have The Jesus as well.

    • MikeD

      Yeah, I was feeling excited thinking the Yankees like to bring up their elite prospects up in September, dating back to when they had Jeter and Posada up in ’95. Now they have Bentaces and Brackman and Montero. Unfortunately the name Clippard destroys the whole image!

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Manny Banuelos must be higado picado.

  • AndrewYF

    I can’t remember the last time this high-ceilinged of a trio joined the Yankees in an inactive capacity.

    Who gets called up first in 2011, Jesus or Brackman?

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Jesus. More of a position-player opening than a pitcher one, I’d warrant.

      • Avi

        Jesus will be called up because he has nothing left to prove in the minors and is Big League ready. Not because of an opening. I mean do you really think the Yankees couldn’t find room for a 6’10 Pitcher that throws in the mid to upper 90’s with a hammer curve if he was ready??

        • MikeD

          Montero still has learnin’ to do when it comes to catching. Let’s not forget the Catcher is still rated the most difficult on the defensive spectrum and Jesus is all of 20. If the Yankees really do want him to be a cather, I can see them starting 2011 in AAA again.

          The bat, I’m sure, would play well right now in the majors.

          • Avi

            I REALLY don’t see him catching. There’s absolutely no one in the game that thinks he’ll stick at catcher. I wish i were wrong but i think we need to get over the idea of Jesus catching. He’ll either DH or be traded. Hopefully for something of value and not something like a three month cliff lee rental

            • Brian in NH

              He’ll catch…at least for a little while. Hell, if Victor Martinez can fake it for this long then Montero can too. And if Montero reaches his ceiling with his bat, he’ll be more valuable than V-Mart. There has been talk of moving V-Mart to 1st for a few years now, He’ll be 32 this december, and looks like he’ll still be a catcher (be it a heavily flawed one behind the plate). Maybe working with Girardi and Pena in Spring Training will help him out more. Montero won’t start with the big boys next year, but I see him coming up at some point. Let him work some more on defense in the spring, but I think he will be Jorge’s primary backup next year by June with Cervelli likely taking up a roster spot as a defensive replacement

  • Lucas AA, aka don’t_bring_in_the_lefty

    Sweeny says that Brackman is active?

    I’m a bit confused.

    • CBean

      Well Brackman’s the only one on the 40 man so I guess they can activate him? The others just get to hang out.

  • BirdIsTheWord

    I’m really hoping that this is a sign that they plan to keep all three guys and not trade them. Montero especially! Our line-up is going to be sick if we can get him to play passable defense. Especially that he hits lefties well. I’m happy for them. GO YANKEE FARM!

    P.S: They should have brought up ManBan too!

  • jramey

    why isn’t ManBan with then? He must be out of the country or something

    • BirdIsTheWord

      My thoughts exactly.

      I would have thought that they would’ve brought him up just for the fact that he’s a lefty and lefties are always an intriguing commodity.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      To both you and BirdIsTheWord:

      Even though Manny and Dellin have both made it to AA, Dellin’s probably a bit closer to the majors than Manny is, by mere virtue of the large age difference (Dellin’s already 22, Manny’s only 19).

      While their 2011 performance will dictate more than anything else, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dellin fast-tracked and Manny continue to go level-by-level. That’s probably why Dellin’s invited and Manny needs to wait until next year. There’s a slim chance Dellin joins the big club in 2011; Manny’s earliest ETA is (barring an AMAZING 2011 season) probably 2012.

      • BirdIsTheWord

        You’re completely right. But what’s the harm of exposing him to big league regimen and coaching? From what I’ve heard he’s very mature for his age and has a commanding presence on the mound. I agree that his ETA is 2012.

        Kudos to Cashman for drafting and developing these amazing prospects. Montero, Betances, and ManBan are the future.

      • Dirty Pena

        Might it also have something to do with the fact that Banuelos is prepping for the AFL while the others are more or less just chillin’?

  • Big Juan

    Josh Norris just tweeted that Brackman will be active:

  • coolerking101

    Congrats to these guys. A well deserved reward for a great job this season.

    Looking forward to a Killer B’s prospect watch next year.

  • Chris

    So being called up but not being active is traveling with the team and getting a real good ticket?

  • theyankeewarrior

    Montero too!

  • larryf

    Jesus will play passable defense. I hope folks get to see him do some mashing in BP. That Green Monster is gonna have some dents in it in the years to come….I have seen him CRUSH it in Scranton.

  • bexarama

    JESUS IS RISEN!!! Too bad about the leg.

  • BirdIsTheWord

    Word. I’m looking forward to him hitting BOMBS against Jon Lester, David Price and Ricky Romero, since he absolutely owns lefties. I cannot wait. When he makes his debut I’ll be front row with my Montero jersey on.

    • Avi

      Anyone know if Jesus is able to take BP? If so, i’m buying my yankee tix asap to go and watch him take his cuts!

    • rbizzler

      I am assuming that is a #21 Jesus jersey.

      I am glad the Yanks are that impressed enough with Brackman and Betances that they think that now is the time to expose them to life in The Show.

  • Avi

    Im as PUMPED as anyone about these prospects. But to give Cashman any credit?? Come on.

    The yankees outbid EVERYONE on Jesus. To give Cashman credit for Montero would be like giving him credit for signing Tex and CC. It’s not like he was the one doing the scouting in Venezuela when he was a free agent either.
    Betances was also a guy no one would touch cuz he made it clear he was going to Vanderbilt and didn’t intend to sign. The Yanks drafted him in the 10th or 11th round and lured him away from college with a million bucks. Again no creativity just deep pockets.

    Banuelos was an internationl signing (albeit a good one) out of Mexico in ’08, along with Aceves.

    And before we get too excited about Brackman let’s remember that the yanks drafted a guy they knew needed TJ surgery and gave him a $3.3 mil Major League contract! – UNHEARD OF.
    It was a high risk, high reward move that’s turning out to yield a moderate return. Brackman isn’t an A+, blue chip pithing prospect like a Felix or Lincecum etc..

    In the spirit of full disclosure I should say that I believe Brian Cashman to be BRAIN DEAD and have been convinced of such for the better part of a decade. But if you look at his drafts (and numerous acquisitions) it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to that conclusion.

    • Andy in NYC

      This is late because I just read this post, but…


      So in one post, you claim Cashman has no input to the Yanks’ drafting decisions…then you use “his” draft choices of the last 10 years to support your claim he’s brain-dead?

      You. Can’t. Have. It. Both. Ways.

      • Avi

        Of course he has input on who they draft, that’s part of his job. He assembles the scouting department, baseball operations personnel etc.

        The point I’m trying to make is that almost ALL of his successful farm acquisitions are a result of the Yankees ability to outbid EVERYONE. When they’ve had to rely or their scouting and decision making abilities, (as is the case with most draft selections) they’ve FAILED MISERABLY.
        They took Cito Culver, a guy who was projected to go in about the 10th round by EVERYONE, with their first pick!
        Same holds true with Andy Brown in ’98, David Walling in 99, David Parrish in ’00, Bronson Sardinha in ’01 (taken over david wright who I wanted on draft day) and CJ Henry in ’05.
        ALL these players were ranked as the 150-200th best players available in their draft class and were taken in the FIRST round by the Yankees.

        When they’ve selected a guy who was actually regarded as a first rounder they’ve done well: Phil Hughes in ’04, Ian Kennedy in ’06 and Gerrit Cole in ’08.
        They failed to sign Cole by the way and he’s likely to go in the top three picks in next year’s draft; if not first overall. He’d be our TOP pitching prospect and second to only Montero in the entire system.

        Just look up who the Red Sox selected AFTER all those picks and I’m sure you’ll become agitated.

        • All Praise Be To Mo

          You bring up 98/99/00/01, Cashman wasn’t in charge then.

    • Noseeum

      Whatever, Avi. So any successful prospect development is dumb luck and/or money and any failure proves cashman is an idiot? Thanks for your insightful analysis.

      The fact is the Yankees have a farm system that is now solidly in the top 10 while being at the bottom of the draft every year since basically 1994. If you don’t want to give cashman any credit for that that’s fine, but those of us on planet earth will do so.

  • Brian in NH

    if brackman is active, why not skip one of hughes’ starts and throw BrackMan into the fire or at least let him be phil’s caddy for a short appearance against Boston at home. I would love to see him pitch!

  • http://riveraveblues sandy g

    i believe next year posada will be a dh 75% of the time with montero and cervelli catching and posada catching maybe twice a week.

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