Pettitte to start in Baltimore on Sunday


It’s not terribly surprising, but it’s good to know that Andy Pettitte‘s return to the starting rotation will officially happen this coming Sunday in Baltimore, the team announced. He will be limited to 90 pitches. Andy has been out since July 18th due to a groin strain, and his absence has been extremely noticeable. It’s good to be getting him back.

Meanwhile, the team also announced that A.J. Burnett will start Friday’s game and CC Sabathia will go on Saturday. Both Javy Vazquez and Dustin Moseley have been bounced from the rotation and will work in long relief. At this time last year, the Yanks were giving all of their guys extra days of rest in preparation for the playoffs, but there’s no such plan this year. Sabathia will start on his usual four days rest despite tomorrow’s off day, and that lines him up for a rematch with David Price next Thursday.

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  • Zanath

    Good to hear. Everything is lining back into place. Let’s hope Petitte can recapture at least some of his first half form. If he can, we’re in good shape.

    • Zanath

      This also bodes well for tonight if, Mo forbid, Hughes can only give us five innings or less.

  • Tom Zig

    Don’t worry Bex, I got you covered, it’s only $67 for an Amtrak ticket from Penn Station to Baltimore.

  • JerZGuy

    Stretch him out Joe, 6 innings min

  • Mike Oxbeg

    ESPN has Price going Sunday, how would he pitch Thursday then?

    • PaulF

      I would think they would pitch him Saturday so he doesn’t miss the Yankees series.

  • vin

    Finally, some good news on the injury front.

  • Yank the Frank

    Not a day too soon.

  • jramey

    like the rotation for BAL, hopefully good AJ, CC, and AP

  • Kiersten

    *leaves work*
    *throws party*

  • bexarama


    No really, this is very good news. (SFW)