GM Meetings Notes: Jeter, Mo, Hall, Marte


"Then Derek said 'I want a G6,' and I was like 'lol whatevs'." (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

The first official day of the GM Meetings has come to a close, at least in theory. Like I said on Monday, the hot stove is a 24/7 business, so who knows what could happen overnight. Obviously, the big news from Tuesday involved Dan Uggla, who was dealt to the Braves for the low, low price of (All Star) Omar Infante and former Yankee prospect Mike Dunn. I know they’re just getting one year of Uggla before free agency, but damn. You mean someone else wouldn’t top that?

Anyway, let’s round up today’s miscellaneous items, with the source in parenthesis again…

  • “Things are going well right now,” said Hal Steinbrenner (Chad Jennings). He acknowledged talking to Derek Jeter‘s agent “a couple of times” since last week’s meeting in Tampa, but otherwise there’s not much going on.
  • Meanwhile, Jon Heyman hears that the Yankees will bid at least three years to keep Jeter. Three years? Fine. At least three years? I don’t like where that’s going.
  • The Yankees still have no idea if Mariano Rivera is looking for a one or two-year deal, but they’re expecting it to be the latter (Buster Olney).
  • Bill Hall is on the list of free agents the team is interested in, and they have a bit of a connection: Hall works out with Yanks’ hitting coach Kevin Long during the offseason (Ken Rosenthal). I’m not much of a Hall fan, mostly because the idea of multi-million dollar utility players with multi-year contracts strikes me as utter lunacy.
  • The Yankees did in fact contact the Diamondbacks about trading for Justin Upton, but it was nothing more than due diligence (Marc Carig).
  • “I’ve got a small player move that I’m working on that might get done at some point this week,” said Cashman (LoHud). “But it’s small.” Let the speculation begin. I hope it’s Randy Choate.
  • They won’t consider releasing Damaso Marte to free up a 40-man roster spot even though they expect him to miss the entire 2011 season. Cashman doesn’t believe the team has a roster crunch when it comes to protecting players from the Rule 5 Draft.
  • Cash on the pitching coach situation (Marc Carig): “This is a scenario where there isn’t an obvious, without a doubt, in-house candidate.”
  • In somewhat surprising news, Brian Cashman said that Al Aceves might have been healthy enough to pitch in the World Series if they’d gotten there (LoHud). The Mexican Gangster last pitched on May 8th and suffered a setback as recently as early-September. Cash said he’s “hopeful” going forward, presumably talking about Ace’s ability to stay healthy. That’s basically all you can do, back issues are tricky.

And finally, former Yankee GM Bob Watson announced that he will retire at the end of the 2011 season. Watson is currently MLB’s VP of Rules & On-Field Operations, meaning he disciplines players and what not, but he ran the Yankees’ ship from in 1996 and 1997, bridging the gap between Gene Michael and Cashman. He was a helluva player before that, hitting .295/.364/.447 with 184 homers in a career that spanned from 1966 to 1984. Watson played mostly for the Astros, but he also had stints with the Red Sox, Yankees, and Braves. Congrats on the retirement, Bob.


  1. PaulF says:

    I don’t know what Cashman’s small player move is, but I would think it’s even smaller than signing Randy Choate.

  2. candyforstalin says:

    kuroda and westbrook are gone. now pettitte has to come back.

  3. FIPster Doofus says:

    In four of Hall’s seven full MLB seasons, his wRC+ was 92 or worse. In two, it was 67 or under. Ugly.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Addendum: Hall is better than the Yankees current bench pieces, but I doubt he’ll be worth whatever his asking price is.

    • candyforstalin says:

      i’d very much like us to sign a utility player and a lefty reliever. there is absolutely no one i want, though.

  4. Big Stein says:

    It’s also odd that they traded Dan Uggla within the division (even if only for a year).

    • vin says:

      I understand trading within the division if that is where you can get the absolute best deal… but I have a hard time believing they couldn’t have gotten more for Uggla from any other team.

      • AJ says:

        Omar Infante and some other guy. I think the Marlins got robbed blind. Too desperate to move him.

        • Big Stein says:

          if this is all they could get then they should have held on to him until the July trading deadline when teams desperate for help are more willing to give up prospects.

    • steve (different one) says:

      More importantly, if they were willing to go in the division, where were the Mets?

    • A.D. says:

      Also odd since they have a SS. I could see if they we’re going to look to play Infante as a full time SS where his value would be greatest, but to then just plug him at 2B seems odd.

  5. Dirty Pena says:

    Too bad Cashman didn’t just say “we’re expecting a signing this week.” The reaction to that would’ve been awesome.

  6. vin says:

    I’d be surprised if they make a move on a bench player. I think the method of giving the young guys a shot in the first half of the season, then replacing them with experienced vets with decent bats makes a ton of sense.

  7. AJ says:

    I see the Sox got Taylor Bucholz off waivers. You think the Yanks would have been all over him if they had the waiver priority?

  8. Matt DiBari says:

    Is Marte missing the entire 2011 season a new development? For some reason I thought he’d be back in the second half.

    If nothing else, it takes the potential of Joe Girardi, three left handed relievers and a pennant race off the table. That calms my nerves.

    • seimiya says:

      i was also under this impression. Ah well. Them’s the breaks.

    • Chris says:

      He’s supposed to start throwing around the all star game next year, so it’s theoretically possible that he’ll be back next year but certainly not something you can count on.

    • MikeD says:

      They must think there is some chance he’ll come back later in the season, otherwise they wouldn’t keep him on the 40-man. Since they’re going to have to pay him $4 million, they’ll hold on to him on the slight chance he might contribute down the stretch, or even in the postseason.

      Seems slim, but if they don’t feel a roster squeeze on the 40-man, no reason not to hold him.

      • Ed says:

        They’re probably keeping him for insurance reasons. If they release him and he signs elsewhere, they can’t collect insurance on his contract.

  9. larryf says:

    Hall stole 2 bases off us in one inning! Off Jorge! We gotta get that guy…


  10. larryf says:

    Cash tells Joe in that pic:

    In 2011 I would like you to manage a few games without the binder-think you can do it?

  11. dan says:

    I think if we trade banuelos for upton we should get more back than just upton. Someone in there who’s a third base prospect or a young reliever.

  12. king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

    somehow i feel like Ninja was saying “I’ma give you this much more rope. Capiche?”

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