GM Meetings Notes: Pettitte, Aldred, Peterson

Tex’s hamstring rehab going well
What Went _____: Joba Chamberlain
"Tell Derek we'll give him a G4. A G6 is out of the question." (AP Photo/Mike Carlson)

The annual General Manager Meetings officially start tomorrow in Orlando, though the hot stove is a 24 hours-a-day league. Most of the items on this week’s agenda involve off-the-field stuff like rules and the draft and what not, but of course there will be rumors. Oh yes, there will be rumors. Here’s what Brian Cashman had to say this evening (sources in parenthesis)…

  • There’s still no word as to whether or not Andy Pettitte plans to pitch in 2011 (Jon Paul Morosi). Pettitte recently indicated that if he does pitch next season, it will be his last. Don’t go yet, Andy.
  • Triple-A Scranton pitching coach Scott Aldred will interview for the team’s vacant pitching coach position later this week (Marc Carig). Leo Mazzone is not a candidate for the job after turning them down about five years ago. You might remember that the long-time Braves’ pitching guru said he’s interested in the job a few weeks ago. He’s been out of the game for three seasons now.
  • Cashman would neither confirm nor deny that former Mets’ pitching coach Rick Peterson is a candidate for the Yankee job (Anthony McCarron). The Brewers canned Peterson on Monday, unsurprising after hiring a new manager. The official RAB stance is a “no” on Peterson, who’s a big time control freak and hasn’t done much of anything since getting away from those three great arms with the Athletics half-a-decade ago. Then again, it’s not easy for fans to evaluate pitching coaches since basically all of their work goes on behind the scenes.
  • Cash hopes to bring the rest of the coaching staff back intact, though Mike Harkey could end up in the dugout as the pitching coach rather than out beyond the right-centerfield wall as bullpen coach (Chad Jennings). Hitting coach Kevin Long already agreed to a fat new deal, so that leaves Harkey, bench coach Tony Pena, first base coach Mick Kelleher, and third base coach Rob Thomson. Both Pena and Thomson have been mentioned as managerial candidates elsewhere, but those jobs are quickly going to other people.
  • The Yankees don’t think that Derek Jeter would ultimately decide to leave the New York, but they’re preparing themselves for a long and presumably grueling negotiation (Jon Heyman). Would it be wise for Jeter to wait this one out and let some other free agents sign to take away the team’s back-up plans? Who else is there anyway?
  • “I’m not optimistic that we’re going to get anything done from a Yankees perspective,” said Cashman (Bryan Hoch). “Maybe we will from an industry perspective. From a Yankee perspective, we’ll gather as much information as we can, but I don’t think there’s anything close enough for us to act on.” Doesn’t sound like he expects them to pull off any big trades or sign any free agents this week, but remember that the wheels of the Curtis Granderson trade were first put into motion at least year’s GM Meetings

And finally, congrats to VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman for winning the Sheldon “Chief” Bender Award, given for distinguished service in minor league player development. Given the monster year the farm system had, he deserves it. A job well done.

Tex’s hamstring rehab going well
What Went _____: Joba Chamberlain
  • Sayid J.

    Would it be wise for Jeter to wait this one out and let some other free agents sign to take away the team’s back-up plans? Who else is there anyway?

    Couldn’t this just work against Jeter as well? With all of his potential suitors signing alternatives, he will have no choice but to return to the Yankees.

    • The Three Amigos

      I think he wants to wait for Mo to sign not other SS. If Mo signs first with the same salary or a raise. Jeter will make 2 arguments… one, that Mo did not get a paycut and two, that he is more valuable then the closer over the course of his season, even in a down year, therefore he should be paid more.

      • swo

        I’m not so sure. The argument Mo will make is that age hasn’t been a factor for him. Mo had yet another great season, while Jeter had a VERY down year by his standards, and there is no reason to believe he will have a significant bounceback to his career norms. I doubt he hits .270 next year, but his .320 years are over, I’m thinking.

  • bexarama

    Andy come back ;_____;

  • Benjamin Kabak

    FWIW, Buster Olney had the following to say about Rick Peterson:

    No, Rick Peterson will not be the Yankees’ next pitching coach. They are looking at others.

    It’s just a short tweet — awfully rare for him — but if it’s sourced and not just speculation, I would be surprised to see the Yanks show much interest in Peterson.

  • jim p

    Would it be wise for Jeter to wait this one out and let some other free agents sign to take away the team’s back-up plans?

    As he waits, do prices go lower? Along the lines of Damon’s experience, and many others.

    • YankeesJunkie

      This situation is a little different that Damon there was competition this will be pretty much the Yankees trying to get the best price since no one will bid close to the Yankees I suspect.

      • mac1

        Ditto. Unless some other team thinks having Jeter will put more fannies in the seats, attract advertising and other revenue streams that would essentially pay for alot of Jeter’s contract or moreso. I’m not saying that even a diminished Jeter isn’t still a very productive player and worth a significant contract, its just hard for me to believe any team comes close to what the Yanks will give him.

  • Juke Early

    I am now obviously the last person over 5 yrs. old to realize all these jocks & suits are dumbasses. If Jeter think he’s worth whatever why can’t there be contracts that pay for achievements? Why? because they’re phony babies who make up bullshit rules so they cam all posture over money. If a player says he can (still) hit .300 – prove it. He does, he gets the high number in the deal. Not? he gets the low end. Is Jeter too good for that? Sorry, pal you’re not. As for the Yankee mgt.? mak ehim a decent offer. If he refuses – cut him loose. They dumped @#%&*! Babe Ruth, because Babe wanted to manage the team. I love DJ. But he ain’t Babe Ruth. No keep playing pissing games & lose Lee. Again.

    • Chris

      The rules on performance bonuses are defined in the CBA negotiated between the players association and management. I assume that the players are against allowing those kinds of deals because teams would try to structure every single deal that way.

  • jonathan
  • Fair Weather Freddy

    Hopefully, Andy makes up his mind sooner rather than later so the Yanks can plan accordingly.

  • swo

    Gotta love it when pitching coaches get credit just for being there when generational talent is dropped into their laps. I’m not saying Mazzone and Peterson don’t deserve any credit whatsoever, but it’s tough to point to any substantial, tangible results of a pitching coach’s abilities. Will there be a similar situation when Dave Righetti’s contract is up? We’ll see. But all I know is that Lincecum, Cain, and Sanchez didn’t become great pitchers on one coach’s watch.

    We know that the Yankees brass in recent years is more interested in hiring someone familiar with Yankee tradition and the “Yankee way” than just a big name. I’d be surprised if they hired someone outside the organization.

  • The Mighty Casey

    I have a weird feeling that something big is going to happen and I know the Yankees like Swisher, but I think they don’t want to lose out to the Sox and not sign Werth.

    I wrote this piece which is more indepth

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      That will not happen for several reasons:

      1) Cash is smart, and does not base his moves on screwing his rivals (if trying to better his team has the side effect of doing so, all the better, but that is not his focus).

      2) Swish is signed for $9 mil this year and a $10.25 mil club option for next year, whereas Werth will probably get a 4 or 5 year deal averaging 12-15 mil/yr.

      3) 2011 will be Swisher’s age 30 season, Werth’s age 32 season.

      4) Werth is not as big of an upgrade over Swish as Crawford is over Gardner, and they’re not doing that, so why would they do this?

  • goterpsgo

    ROFL @ the photo caption!!!!! :D