Steinbrenner, Martin not elected to Hall of Fame

Yankees want to bring Aceves back on minor league deal, Rockies interested
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George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin were not elected to the Hall of Fame by the Expansion Era Committee today. Both received less than eight votes, well below the dozen needed for enshrinement. Marvin Miller, father of the player’s union, fell one vote short. Former Yankee exec Pat Gillick was the only candidate to be voted in.

Gillick, a current Phillies adivser, served as the Yanks’ scouting director in the mid-1970s. He was the architect behind the Blue Jays’ back-to-back World Series teams in the early 1990s. “We are thrilled to have Pat as the newest member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and we welcome him into the Hall of Fame family,” Hall of Fame Chairman of the Board Jane Forbes Clark said. “Pat’s consistent excellence as a talent evaluator and team builder has been evident at every step throughout his brilliant career, constructing three World Series champions with his teams making 11 postseason appearances.”

In early November, we considered Steinbrenner’s candidacy. While his impact on the game is undeniable, he remains a very controversial figure in baseball history. He was suspended twice from the game, spied on his players, did he best to wreck the Yankees in the 1980s and managed to change completely the financial structure of baseball. He’ll again be considered by the Expansion Era Committee again in 2013 for possible induction in 2014.

Yankees want to bring Aceves back on minor league deal, Rockies interested
Winter Meetings chat at 1 p.m.
  • Shaun


  • Yank the Frank

    I can’t believe they keep blackballing Marvin Miller. Until he is in the HOF loses some validity.
    I can understand George & Billy not getting in both have as many pluses as minuses.

    • Jose the Satirist

      Marvin Miller being continually excluded is a disgrace. The man is one of the most important figures in all of baseball history.

      • Zack

        Do they ever say the arguments against voting him in? What else could he have possibly done?

      • JGS

        In terms of importance, I’d probably put Miller third behind only Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson

        What a disgrace

  • jack

    dont get me wrong i love steinbrenner’s $ but it is 100% undeniable that the team functined the best when he had nothing to do with the moves, especially in the early 90s and again mid 2000s. Other than the ridiculous $ he shells out I think he is absurdly overrated.

    • Mister Delaware

      Bought the team for like $10MM, turned them into a billion dollar franchise. That’s impressive in any industry.

      (Not that I really care that he didn’t get in this year, his time will eventually come. Like everyone else is saying, Miller is the real travesty. Once all the owners he “screwed over” die off, he’ll make it. Sad there’s a good chance he won’t live to see it happen.)

  • nathan

    Well, this was expected. Big Stein represents a whole lot of good and a whole lot of bad but folks with worse candidacies have gotten through. Its the Yankee stain, too much envy out there.

    I think Rick Reilly would be very happy now, I remember watching an ESPN clip where he went on a rant about why Steinbrenner is the worst person on the day after this death. He followed that clip with one why Boss should not be elected to HOF.

    I am surprised that he has a job and a 1 hr show to boot on ESPN2. Lol.

    • Pat D

      I don’t know anyone who takes Rick Reilly seriously.

      The guy wrote a major article on last year on an apparently new recreational sport called…wait for it…BEER PONG!!

      Yea, he’s completely and totally meaningless.

      • nathan

        Haha, thats too funny. I am just surprised he has a job.

  • Craig

    Apparently, Jim Palmer still holds a grudge against Miller. I’m guessing that was the one vote short. Miller won’t get in until all the players on the committee made big bucks in free agency. Sadly, he’ll be dead by then.

    • Zack

      When all Hall of Famers could vote, Miller received 44 percent in 2003 and 63 percent in 2007. After the Hall downsized the committee, he got 3 of 12 votes in 2007 — when seven on the panel were from management — and 7 of 12 last year. Each time, 75 percent was necessary.

      In the second 2007 vote, the committee elected Bowie Kuhn, the commissioner from 1969-84 that Miller and the players’ association repeatedly defeated in litigation and collective bargaining.

      That doesn’t help either.

      • Zack

        Although PeteAbe’s tweet has 4 out of the 16 members from management ranks for 2010.
        Still, shows the uphill battle he’s gone through, and still not there yet.

  • Bryan L

    Damn shame…

  • Monteroisdinero

    A more modest plaque would have gotten it done.

  • Hughesus Christo

    I see a bunch of players were on the ballot as well. Vida Blue should be in for historic badassery.

  • Januz

    Gillick was the only non-controversial deserving choice for the HOF. That said what they did with Miller (And Ron Santo) was disgusting.

    • Pat D

      Santo wasn’t eligible this year. He’ll be eligible next year on the Golden Years ballot. Let’s see if they finally do the right thing. I figured he was a cinch after his death, but now after seeing these results, I’m still convinced that the Veterans’ Committee has been redesigned to keep out people, rather than put in people.

  • johnl

    wow!!! how typical…lousy yankee haters!!Not surprised about Martin…But the Boss was the most influential owner none..martin made enemies sure..but was one of greatest managers ever…the “hall of fame” is no longer significant its become the hall of politics…shame shame ..they suck!!!

  • Matt DiBari

    How in hell is Bill Veeck in the Hall of Fame and George Steinbrenner out?

    • Pat D

      Because Bill Veeck was……such a colorful character?

      I really don’t mind Veeck in the HOF. He did a bunch of things that had some sort of lasting impact on the game, whether it was using Eddie Gaedel or signing Larry Doby, or a few other things.

      If you want to use a why is this owner in the HOF and Steinbrenner isn’t argument, start with Tom Yawkey. After all, his teams won exactly what while he owned the team? And he was Steinbrenner long before Steinbrenner in terms of simply “buying” the best players to put on his team.

    • rbizzler

      I highly recommend the book Veeck as in Wreck, Veeck’s autobiography. I found it an insightful read. Ironically, one of Veeck’s foes was a young Bud Selig, who in turn has taken a few of Veeck’s more notable ideas (eg interleague play) and acted as if they were his own.

      As for Big Stein not getting in, I am not upset about it at all. His time will come but right now people see the suspensions and can’t get past the transgressions that led to the punishment.

  • Pat D

    This just tells me that, given the way the committee is constructed, it will be hard for anyone to be elected. It’s hard to get 75% of 16 votes. Only 3 people got 50% on this ballot.

    So I’m not optimistic about the future chances of Ron Santo and Jacob Ruppert and other deserving candidates.

  • Yellow Makes Me Sad

    Miller fell one vote short, I believe. He’ll get in. I can’t imagine any ballplayer who came of age during free agency voting against either Miller or Steinbrenner. I can see owners and other front-office types voting against both.

    As for GMS, while his two suspensions represent a negative, he was reinstated and they are certainly no reason he shouldn’t be in the Hall. And, yes, his trading away of quality young talent in the 1980s prevented the Yankees from being their best and bringing home another world championship or two, yet they did have fine teams and were competitive most years. Steinbrenner has to be judged on his entire ownership and impact on the game. Both are unparalleled. For some he may not be an easy HOF vote, but he is an obvious HOF vote, and I suspect there are people on the committee who didn’t vote for him today who do recognize Steinbrenner’s impact and will eventually vote for him, but they perhaps want to put some distance between the emotions around George Steinbrenner and his death pass.

  • Juke Early

    What that bunch of jerks did to Buck O’Neal & Ron Santo earned them their own circle in Hell. Martin & George belong. And so does Veeck – he was an innovator & a showman & loved the game. Unlike those stuffed suits, some of whom should know better. Take the All Star vote away from the fans & let us vote on HOF. The candidates vetted & selected first by actual baseball lovers from all the professions in baseball.