Late-night rumors: Rays, Yanks battling for 4th OFers

Cashman: Pettitte won't pitch in 2011
Evaluating Rob Thomson

As the Yanks and their division rival Tampa Bay Rays look to fill out their rosters, both teams are in the market for a fourth outfielder/veteran bat for the bench. The Yanks, we know, are looking at Andruw Jones, and the team has been tied to Johnny Damon. Tonight, Jon Heyman tweets that the Rays and Yanks are at least both interested in those two players, and it’s possible that one could wind up in Tampa Bay while the other comes to the Bronx. For the Yanks, I’d take Jones over Damon. He’s a righty bat who can still play the field while Damon would give the Yanks another lefty but with suspect defense.

Meanwhile, Heyman also says the Yanks are still in on Rafael Soriano despite Brian Cashman‘s insistence that he won’t surrender a draft pick for a reliever. It behooves Soriano to have others believe the Yanks are interested, but there’s no reason to think their off-season strategy has changed lately.

Cashman: Pettitte won't pitch in 2011
Evaluating Rob Thomson
  • Joseph Cecala

    This is probably Heyman being Boras’ bitch again like the 2nd paragraph suggested. Man I really don’t like that guy.

    • AJ

      In Scott Boras world, the Yankees are even “in” on Jeff Weaver.

    • The Real JobaWockeeZ

      Who does?

  • AJ

    I’d like Cash to sign Andruw Jones and Jon Rauch and take a chance on Duchscherer or Freddy Garcia, then see what happens with Mitre and Nova. I don’t think any FA SP is worth that much difference in value, however.

    • Jonathan

      Rauch is an extreme flyball pitcher which is why he sucked in Arizona and good in Minnesota/Washington. He also has a pretty decent platoon split. He just doesn’t fit our short porch.

  • Mike HC

    I would be happy with Jones or Damon at this point. Another bat would be nice.

  • LawStudent

    Heyman’s pissed at Ben too.!/SI_JonHe.....9867703296

    • Sayid J.

      Heyman is crazy right now on Twitter. High quality entertainment. Give him props for responding to pretty much every tweet though.

      • Jonathan

        for someone without twitter can you copy/paste what he’s saying? i’d love to hear it. I HATE Heyman. literally every other “journalist” says the Yankees aren’t in on Soriano and Cash implicitly says he won’t go after him. Then Soriano’s market disappears and all of a sudden Heyman is sure we’re after him. He isn’t even trying to hide it. I wonder how little front offices read into Heyman. I bet they laugh at his columns all the time.

        • LawStudent

          These are from Jon Heyman’s twitter feed.

          @bkabak i noticed somewhere amidst a string of tweets ripping my reporting you erroneously tweeted rep giffords was dead. thats irony

          @jmhs thank god for that! i do think its funny he comments on reporters as if he has any knowledge of it. he has zero. & this is exhibit A

          @jmhs the story said she critically injured. perhaps he doesn’t know what critically injured means. if thats case, he should go back to hs

          @shanabartels it was reported critically injured. it says that in the story he linked to! he obvs doesnt know what critically injured means

          someone who has less than hs reading level should not be commenting on my reporting

          @RedTardation he doesnt even know what critically injured means! he really should get a reading tutor before taking daily potshots

          @jmhs he linked to the story saying she was critically injured. i assume he read it if he linked to it.

          @jmhs first rule of reporting is not to say someone’s dead when they’re alive. that is a firebale offense (understandably).

          And that’s just the first barrage. He’s still going on.

          Meanwhile, I’ve sent him dozens of tweets, a few of which were answered, but he refuses to accept what I’ve shown him via many links- that it is very likely by a great preponderance of the evidence that the article in question, an NPR article, was likely changed after the fact to reflect updated news and information.

          Here’s an article from NPR admitting they corrected their initial erroneous report

          Here’s a web post about how the media (NYT, NPR, CNN, FOX, Reuters) all erroneously reported her death, and screenshots of how the NYT changed their article from saying she was killed to saying that she was injured.

          Obviously NPR did the exact same thing, but Heyman either knows this but refuses to back down or simply can’t grasp the concept.

          @jmhs first rule of reporting is not to say someone’s dead when they’re alive. that is a firebale offense (understandably).

          • Mike HC

            What did Ben write to get him so pissed? From this article, it didn’t seem like he said much except Cashman denied wanting to give up a pick for Soriano, which he did say.

            • Joseph Cecala

              I think it was the 2nd paragraph. He just went crazy, who knows. Maybe his Boras scheme was discovered?

              • Mike HC

                Too funny really. I guess Heyman got sick of being called a Boras puppet. Defending himself by bringing up some ancillary thing about Ben making a mistake, which as it turns out was not really a mistake, is even better, haha.

                • Joseph Cecala

                  Yeah he is rude about it too and doesnt even make sense, for instance I tweeted

                  “Apparently @SI_JonHeyman has trouble wrapping his head around the fact articles can be edited and yet share the same link.”

                  and he replied

                  @Cecala i dont have trouble understanding hes a law student who repeats libelous innuendo and thinks he is hiding by not using my tweet name


                  • Dirt

                    While I agree that Heyman is ridiculous, and I love RAB and all involved I have noticed that anytime somebody wants to tweet something negative at somebody they tend to retreat behind the RABfeed twitter handle instead of their own. Not to say I wouldn’t do the same thing, just an observation

                    • LawStudent

                      If memory serves, Mike and Ben take shots at him all the time from their real handles.

                    • Mister Delaware

                      Heyman would have looked better had he eventually backed off and said …

                      “Listen, I admit I wasn’t following the Giffords story for the 45 minutes when NPR reported she passed away and all the major TV news outle …”

                      “… ts were passing that along. As a reporter, I understand that often times in a very hectic situation, bad information gets out and Ben w …”

                      “… as simply retweeting for people who subscribe to only a few twitterers. The thing is, I’m pretty sensitive about the fact that I make m …”

                      “… y name being fed 5 disingenuous tips for every 1 good one. So while I break more stories than other baseball writers, it comes at the c …”

                      “… ost of overall accuracy and, if I’m being honest, my integrity. So, when Scott Boras didn’t tell me about Rep. Giffords until almost tw …”

                      “… o hours after the shooting, how was I supposed to know she was originally reported dead? I was really mad at Ben and the rest of the gu …”

                      “… ys at RAB and this is how I reacted. I know, it looks dumb now but I’d rather just be up front than keep digging the hole deeper and de …”

                      “… eper by saying he doesn’t know the difference between critically injured and dead. Besides, only a fucking douche would use a tragedy t …”

                      “… o try and make someone else look dumb in a public forum. Sorry, Ben.”

      • LawStudent

        He acknowledged some of my tweets. Refuses to acknowledge the ones that exonerate Ben. I’m beyond frustrated. He repeated claims that because the article in question now says that gifford was not killed, Ben is an idiot.

        He doesn’t understand the concept of a news organization editing an article after it has been published.

        • Jonathan

          he’s responding like a 14 year old…I blame a lot of this on why the general sports fan is such an idiot. They have “journalists” like Heyman spoon feeding them total bullshit.

    • Joseph Cecala

      Heyman is more stuck on Giffords than his suckiness

    • bexarama

      Heyman’s pissed at erry-body tonight.

  • Yankeefan91 Arod Fan

    lmaoooooooo sumone sounds preety upset

    • Yankeefan91 Arod Fan

      Sorry dis was meant as a reply to Heyman comment.

  • Preston

    I think the Yanks have made it pretty clear they don’t want Soriano or Damon. But If your paid to come up with rumors I guess all you say is that the Yanks have money and must be in on everybody.

    • Jonathan

      everybody with a small market and that’s a Boras client*

  • Joseph Cecala

    Someone should make a @HulkHeyman fake twitter account

    • MattG

      If you do, I’ll make you a “Sports Imaginated” backdrop.

  • Anthony Murillo

    Heyman really took the whole “he works for Boras” thing to heart.

    • mbonzo

      I can’t disagree with that. Heyman connects hundreds of teams and players a week. He’s changed from a quality writer to a quantity tweeter. Instead of a nice SI article on what he’s heard about Soriano and why he belongs on a certain team, he now posts 30 different tweets connecting him to every team. (exaggerating) When you predict so much stuff, you’re gonna be wrong most of the time, so he is. The fact is, people still think he’s a quality reporter, he’s got 60,000+ followers, and they’re slowly realizing that he’s using that to post less researched material in forms of tweets.

      I respect Ben, but I have seen him ask many questions to Heyman and then just bash him. So I agree with Heyman on some of his points. Ben has become really popular quickly with Yankees nerds, so perhaps he should be more responsible with his words against guys like Heyman. Its hard to disagree with him though, Heyman’s stuff has become more and more of a joke, and this offseason is no different.

      • MattG

        60,000 Twitter followers = what? 600,000 all-purpose followers? Probably way more. If Heyman were confident of the information he posts, wouldn’t he be best served to ignore any crackpots that criticize him?

        No, he’s much too defensive. It’s just too believable that in exchange for spreading false rumors, Boras agrees to feed him the occasional scoop. Which one of these two men are above such antics?

  • Big Apple

    I think Heyman gets most of his info from blogs and message boards like this one. I think sometimes he’ll pull a tweet from a fart he let that sounds like “Yanks interested in Andruw Jones”

  • Johnny

    Could you imagine if Bill Madden had a twitter account?

    • Mister Delaware

      Frankly, I can’t.

      • Big Apple

        I really think the world could do without Twitter and be fine…admit I don’t use, but I think its a knee jerk tool and 95% of the messages are sent to satisy a population that is just used to getting instant updates on things that don’t have any updated information…much like the scroll bars on espn/cnn, etc..