Yanks anticipating the end of Andy


I turned the page on Andy when December ended. The Yanks are seemingly prepared to do the same in January.

As the Hot Stove League stumbles on, the Yankees are still waiting for the best remaining free agent pitcher to determine his future. Andy Pettitte has waited for over two months to announce his intentions for the 2011 season, but the Yankees believe an official announcement will come this week, Wallace Matthews reports. Unfortunately, says Bob Klapisch, “everything” points toward Andy’s retiring this winter.

With Pettitte’s decision nigh, Brian Cashman and Co. will have to shift their focus to other targets. Despite earlier reports that the Yanks were moving forward under the assumption that Pettitte would not be back, one club official told ESPN New York that the team is still waiting to hear from the 38-year-old lefty before setting their sights on someone else. “Starter, reliever, a bat, it depends on what’s out there,” the nameless source said. ‘”But we gotta know what Andy is gonna do first.”

Without Pettitte in the fold, the Yanks are looking at Sergio Mitre and Ivan Nova as internal candidates for the fourth and fifth starter spots, but pitchers and catchers do not report for over 40 days. There are moves to be made yet. Even still, considering Pettitte’s recent injury history and age, it’s not unreasonable to think he would be good for only around 20-25 starts in 2011, and the club is well aware of Pettitte’s limitations right now.

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  • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

    brb crying forever

    • Mike HC

      There are other fish in the sea, Bexy. There is another Yankee out there for you to obsess/stalk from afar. I promise.

      • http://twitter.com/firstheart42 seimiya

        You do not truly understand Bexy’s love for Andy. There will never be another.

      • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

        Sorry I’m not allowed to be sad my favorite player is retiring. :(

        • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

          might be, not definitely “is”… yet.*

          Gotta have hope, I guess.

        • Mike HC

          I was just joking around if you didn’t already realize that.

  • Erica

    UGH. Crying with you, Bexy. CRYING. WITH. YOU.

    • http://twitter.com/kschmidt2 Kiersten


  • FIPster Doofus

    What a fantastic offseason this has been.

    • Mike HC



    • mustang

      true enough!

    • theyankeewarrior

      Absolutely unprecedented.

  • dondbaseball

    What about Chris Capuano as viable lefty starter? Yes, he’s had injury issues but he seems recovered, we need a lefty and his numbers seem to be better than Francis.

  • Mike Myers

    The need to pull a Viking and fly the team to his house, sit on is front lawn, and wait for him to come out. Then, if needed, hog tie him and drag him to NY.

    I have a feeling Swish knows how to make a good hog tie.

    • Mike HC

      AJ could pie him in the face sneak attack style to blind him, while Swisher hog ties him, then Tex can throw him on his back and carry his ass back to the mound. Teamwork.

      • Erica


  • bonestock94

    This is turrible

  • http://twitter.com/bryanl26 Bryan L

    I’d have to imagine that if Pettitte chooses to retire, and the Yankees don’t grab another starter, Joba goes back to the rotation. There’s no way they send Mitre out every fifth day this spring.

    • Mike HC

      We can only hope.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      I could see them going with Mitre. Cashman seems dead set on keeping Joba in the pen. Plus Joe G loves Mitre

    • Doug

      but wouldn’t he have needed more of the offseason to physically prepare

      • The Big City of Dreams

        That’s why it was a mistake by Cashman to tell Joba during ST that he was a reliever for the rest of his career. Now listen did anyone think that Lee would sign with the Phillies and Andy might retire no but you always leave yourself some wiggle room and Cashman left himself none.

      • http://twitter.com/bryanl26 Bryan L

        Just like Andy Pettitte was already behind right…

        No is the answer.

    • Midland TX


      “In assembling the rotation for 2011, one avenue Cashman emphatically ruled out is moving Joba Chamberlain — again — from the bullpen to the rotation. When a reporter brought up the idea, Cashman quipped, ‘Bite your tongue.’

      ‘His stuff plays so much more significantly out of the ‘pen,’ Cashman later explained. ‘We’ve given him the opportunity to show what he can do out of the rotation, and the velocity dropped. It’s just not the same stuff.’ “ (12/21/2010)

      • The Big City of Dreams

        SMH dumb really dumb

      • mustang

        RAB to Cashman:

        “I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart! “

      • http://theyankeeu.com Matt Imbrogno

        I have to believe that the organization is smart enough to re-consider this stance if Pettitte does indeed retire.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          This is the Yankees were talking about lol. But if they knew there was a chance Andy could walk away wouldn’t it have been wise for them to tell Joba prepare as a starter just in case.

        • http://twitter.com/firstheart42 seimiya

          Doubtful, as much as I wish otherwise.

  • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

    Why not have CC opt out at the same press conference, and just be done with it? ;-)

    • Midland TX

      Indeed. That way he can start telegraphing to Ruben Amaro his desire to join up again with his pal Cliff Lee and company.

  • Beamish

    Good for Andy if he does retire. At this point in his career he owes no one anything. The team will adapt and move forward.

    I will always regret seeing his 3 year sojourn to the Astros but his overall career with the Yankees has been a wonderful thing to watch over the years.

  • Frank

    I say 15M gets him to report to ST next month. It’s about leverage and Pettitte has it.

    • Midland TX

      In his wallet, maybe, but not so much in his elbow and shoulder anymore.

      • MikeD

        Based on what? A groin pull?

  • theyankeewarrior
    • http://twitter.com/kschmidt2 Kiersten

      Haha we played this on the jukebox at the bar the other night. It was awesome.

      And I agree with the sentiment.

      • theyankeewarrior

        (plays song, smashes water coolers)

        Somebody get me a starting fuc%!*$ pitcher!

  • Mike Myers

    How is it that every pitching tread turns into a Joba debate?

    P.S. Joba out of the pen!


    • The Big City of Dreams

      Lol it is weird but hey in a slow off season what else is there to talk about.

  • Frank

    I just hope Andy decides soon because the options are limited- Tim Redding just went off the board.

  • LadyT

    I’m heart broken! I felt the same when Mike Mussina left. I’m off to cry my eyes out and I’m going to cry even harder if Sergio ends up in his place. Heaven Forbid!!

  • UncleArgyle

    I love Andy, But its sorta a major Dick Move making the team wait this long. Shit or get off the pot. He’s almost as bad as Brett Farve. Anyway, if Andy does decide he wants to call it quits I hope the Yankees don’t overreact and do something stupid. I also hope someone has mentioned to Andy that kids in highschool don’t really WANT to hang out with their parents. Andy might be spending lots of summer nights waiting for his kids to fire him a text letting him know what they’re up too while he’s watching TV….

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      I’m sorry to be a bit brutal here, but this is totally wrong. The Yankees aren’t waiting for Andy Pettitte to make a decision; you are. The club is going about its off-season under the assumption that Pettitte won’t return after conversations with him to which you are not privy. If Andy Pettitte wants to take the right amount of time to make a major life decision, then big effin’ deal. He’s not nearly as bad as Favre, and most of the “waiting” is a construct of the media. Give me a break.

      • UncleArgyle

        “Starter, reliever, a bat, it depends on what’s out there,” the nameless source said. ‘”But we gotta know what Andy is gonna do first.”

        No Offense, but did you miss this part of the post?

        • http://twitter.com/steveh_MandAura Steve H

          Is Adrian Beltre a dick for not signing yet?

          • UncleArgyle

            Apples and Oranges, Apples and Oranges

        • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

          Throughout the rest of the Yankee off-season, the club officials have said they’re going forward with the assumption that Pettitte won’t be back. Few people know what’s happening at the top reaches of the Yanks’ front office, and Wallace Matthews’ anonymous sources here probably aren’t among them considering the inconsistent statements.

          Again, calling Pettitte Favre is simply wrong and misguided.

          • UncleArgyle

            Ok Ben, I was just responding to the quote that you felt was noteworthy enough to Post. Maybe put an asterix next to the statement so people will know that it should be disregarded.
            And sorry, but the Farve/Pettite comparison is not out of line. Obviously Andys much less of a dueche about it than Frave is, but every offseason since 2006 we’ve had the “Will Andy retire” Conversation. Just like people do with Farve.

            • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

              Ok Ben, I was just responding to the quote that you felt was noteworthy enough to Post. Maybe put an asterix next to the statement so people will know that it should be disregarded.

              In the sentence exactly before the one you quoted, I did just that. You chose to ignore it.

              And sorry, but the Farve/Pettite comparison is not out of line. Obviously Andys much less of a dueche about it than Frave is, but every offseason since 2006 we’ve had the “Will Andy retire” Conversation. Just like people do with Farve.

              Anyway, here’s my explanation on Favre:

              1. Andy Pettitte is one of five starters. Brett Favre is the starting quarterback on an NFL team. That’s a huge difference.

              2. Andy Pettitte has made it clear to the team that he wants time to reflect on his future. Brett Favre has toyed with his team’s off-season plans over and over again.

              3. The Yankees have not been hamstrung by Pettitte’s indecision and in fact still are not. Favre’s decision has a franchise-changing impact.

              That’s not even getting into the way they go about making the decision or their respective personalities. Just because you’re having the same type of conversation year after year doesn’t mean the two scenarios are at all alike from a team-building perspective, from an impact perspective or from a personality perspective.

              • UncleArgyle

                Ok we’re arguing minutiae here. All I was implying is that like Farve, Andy seems to spend every offseason contemplating retirement for a long ass time before making up his mind. Thats all. I’m not saying he’s taking dick pictures and sending them to Kim Jones. They’re are obviously different people.

                Anyway, I never said that the Yankees were hamstrung by pettites lack of a decision. But C’mon, you don’t think it would have be better for the Yankee Organization if Andy made up his mind 6 weeks ago either way? Thats just being naive.

                • MattG

                  I think I get you. I really prefer decisive people. My wife and their whole family like to keep every option available to them at all times. It makes planning a holiday meal an absolute nightmare.

                  Andy has two options, and he wants them both for as long as possible. Just decide, man–It’s irritating.

                  • MikeD

                    Nah, even if he announces he’s retiring, he still has both options open to him. He can change his mind at any point in the upcoming season and come back, and trust me, the Yankees will not have five quality starting pitchers, so they will take him back. And, in fact, if he decides he’s retiring, I’m confident the Yankees front office will check back with him a few times during the season to see if he wants to change his mind. (I know they checked in with Mussina at least once during 2009.)

                    Favre announces he’s retiring only to come back. Pettitte has never announced he’s retiring. There is no comparison.

              • http://twitter.com/dpatrickg Dirty Pena

                4. Andy Pettitte has never officially retired. Brett Favre has.

              • Brian in NH


            • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

              Who the heck is Frave?

              • UncleArgyle

                Just some old guy who does Wrangler Jeans Commercials….

          • MattG

            I echo some of UncleArgyle’s point. What Andy’s doing ain’t my style, and it bugs me.

            But I am not surprised by it. This is Pettitte’s style, and always had been. It is Favrian, and if Pettitte were one of the greatest starting pitchers that ever lived, it would be a lot more Favrian.

            UncArg is wrong when he implies Pettitte is hurting the Yankees, though. That quote is not Cashman’s, its out of school, and its certainly completely false.

          • Sal

            Its amazing that we can find out top secret stuff about our government, but nothing at the top reaches of the Yank’s front office.

      • Mike Myers

        Also he is a FREE AGENT and thus has the right to do what he wants.

        Also, lets not bring family into this…you ave NO idea what his family life is like.

        Take your messages to the espn troll boards.

        • UncleArgyle

          Why? Because I said something you disagreed with? And I don’t think you need a degree in Child Psychology to suggest that teenagers want to spend less time with their parents than their parents would prefer.

          • yankees1717

            uhh, wouldn’t you want to hang out with your family after not ever being able to for your kids’ whole lives? and if you were a teen, wouldn’t the fact that ur dad is a BORDERLINE HOF STARTING PITCHER make him a little less embarassing, and wouldn’t you want to hang out with him FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR LIFE??? AND HOW ABOUT ANDY’S WIFE HMM? I SPOSE ULL JUST IGNORE HER TOO? this is his life people. don’t rush a huge life decision that you know nothing about for your own selfish reasons.

    • Mike HC

      There are plenty of valid comparisons between Favre and Pettitte, but I think a major difference is that Favre has always been under contract when he did the back and forth. He did not say he prefers to go year to year because he knows he was unsure. He wanted the decision to be one sided. He wanted to have a contract, and get to decide what he wanted to do. In Pettitte’s case, he has been very open to the Yanks about his year to year status, and always accepted one year deals to be fair to the Yanks. Pettitte could have easily asked for multi year deals like Favre, and then kept the Yanks waiting too.

  • theyankeewarrior

    Disclaimer: I understand that people like us have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. Therefore, it is borderline impossible for us to pass judgment on whether or not our FO is doing all it can to retain Andy’s services.

    However, it seems to me like Cashman is playing the “whatever” card when it comes to Andy. Acting like “oh sure, we’d like him back” but “we just need to know”.

    I really hope this isn’t a part of their plan to put the best team on the field. I really hope that they are doing everything within their power to make sure he’s a Yankee come spring. He’s better than everyone available by a long-shot and he costs no pick, no prospects and only a one year deal.

    He should be offered every dime they have in their budget and every incentive they can legally put into a contract. One more year. That’s it.

    Fly him down to Deer Fucking Park and back whenever he wants in the G6…

    Give him 20M…

    Hire 12-year-olds to do his kid’s home work…

    Buy his wife a thoroughbred…

    etc. etc. etc…

    Just make sure he’s a Yankee. If he really wants to retire, then so be it. But I just hope it’s because there was nothing else the Yankees could do.

    • Stratman9652@aol.com

      Cashman has played the “whatever” card with just about everyone this offseason, Lee, Jeter, Mo and Andy. As you said things may be completely different behind the scenes, but the way Cashman has handled these things with the public has not impressed me one bit. In an attempt to sound patient and confident, he has made it seem more like he doesn’t care, which I’m sure isn’t the truth but its not quite endearing to the fans.

      • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

        I’m sure next time Cashman will play the John Boehner card and start crying in public over lost free agents. It will make the crazy fanbase feel better.

        What else would you want him to do? Lash out irrationally with anger so that no one wants to come to the Yanks?

        • UncleArgyle

          I actually liked Cashmans attitude through this whole offseason process.

          • Mike HC

            Same. Pettitte is the one to make the decision. Trying to pressure him into coming back, or guilting him into come back is absolutely the wrong way to go about it. Andy needs to come back for himself and because he wants to. Not because he feels like he owes it to the Yanks, or the Yanks can’t survive without him.

        • http://www.twitter.com/jordansmed JGS

          /Dan Gilbert’d

        • Stratman9652

          Of course I don’t want him to lash out or start crying. I was just stating my opinion. I realize there’s not much else he can do, but I’ve never been a guy who likes the “it is what it is” aproach to anything.

    • FIPster Doofus

      I guarantee you Cashman and the Yankees are doing everything possible to bring back Pettitte – especially when you consider their current predicament of having Mitre and Nova in the rotation with no obvious fixes out there via free agency or the trade market.

      Pettitte just doesn’t seem to want to pitch anymore. That’s his right. He has been doing it a long time, and has perhaps had enough.

  • coolerking101

    Give the Phils a call and see if Brackman, Romine, Warren and 1 or 2 other mid levels guys is enough to get Hamels. I can’t see the Phills having the cash to re-sign Hammels after this year. The Phills staff is already way deep. With this trade they can re-stock their system with 2+ guys who should be ready to play in the bigs by 2012 without sacrificing their run at a title this year. Otherwise, Hammels probably walks at year end and all they have to show for it is a 1st rounder who won’t be ready to contribute till after the current run is over.

    Trade makes sense for both sides, though the Phils would obviously have to worry about facing Cole in the WS and the Yanks would have to work out an extension. Just a thought.

    • FIPster Doofus

      The Phillies aren’t trading Hamels, period. They have a super-rotation with no intentions of breaking it up.

      • http://www.twitter.com/jordansmed JGS

        Depending on how Oswalt does this year, I could see them declining his option, but they are certainly going all in this year. Hamels isn’t going anywhere.

        • FIPster Doofus

          Agreed on Oswalt.

          No question, though, that the top four in Philly’s rotation will remain for at least one season.

    • jsbrendog (returns)

      this makes absolutely no sense for philly. on any planet

    • Mike

      I want what you’re smoking.

  • Andy in Sunny daytona

    If Cashman said tomorrow, “We are exporing the possibility of putting Joba back in the rotation”, I would feel a lot better about Andy’s decision either way.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      You and me both.

      But unfortunately Joba stays in the pen. Cashman must be really banking on Rothschild to turn him around.

  • nsalem

    In the event that the waiting is a negotiating strategy by Andy and his agent, they are doing a great job. The Yankees failure to sign Cliff Lee has driven his value up and the inability to obtain Greinke via trade makes him more valuable. Yankee front office members waking up everyday with the scenario of Nova and Mitre as number 4 and 5 staring them in the face isn’t exactly hurting Andy’s value either. While its is not unreasonable to think that Andy can startno more than 21 times this year, it is also not unreasonable that he may be able to start the 37 times (adding in Post Season) that he did in 2009. Since nobody really knows what is going on here it is not unreasonable that Andy is preparing for pitchers and catchers as we speak and just trying to maximize what maybe his last contract.

    • Xstar7

      So you’re saying Pettite is pulling a Derek Jeter? (Calm down I’m being sarcastic)

    • Mike HC

      Pettitte could have gotten multi year deals from the Yanks for a couple of years now, and would have even been able to get a multi year deal this year too if he stated his desire to stick around for a couple of years. He also has a ton of value around the league if he stated his desire to play anywhere and to test the market. It seems that if money, and leverage is his intent here, he took a rather stupid way of going about it. He has basically 100% limited himself to a one year deal, and he left open the real possibility that the Yanks would sign Lee (which most people thought the would), or trade for another starter, which would have hurt his leverage.

      • nsalem

        In the case of Cliff Lee signing with the Phillies, this speaks volumes for “what people think” is worth, especially those pundits. If Lee had signed with the Yankees they (Yankee FO)
        would not have lessened their offer so waiting for Lee to make up his mind was like a free down in football. Overpaying Andy in the millions year by year is a much more palatable option for the Yankee’s than over paying (with prospects) for talent that has not yet established themselves as able to perform in the NYC market. Please note that the first words of my original post was
        “In the event” not “Andy is”. It was a purely speculative comment.

  • David

    What does he gain by waiting if he is going to retire? Nothing.

    What does he gain by waiting if he is going to come back? Possibly plenty.

    • Mike HC

      What does he gain by waiting if he is going to retire? – - The ability to possibly change his mind at the last minute, or close to the last minute. He obviously recognizes that he does not necessarily know how he is going to feel moment to moment about coming back, and the closer we get to the Spring, there a real possibility he starts to feel the itch again. What does he gain by saying he is going to retire before he has to and not giving himself a chance to see how he feels closer to the season.

      • nsalem

        I think the only thing that is obvious is that we have no idea
        how Andy feels about continuing his career. You may very well
        be correct and on the other hand there maybe other motives. Nobody knows for sure. All we can do is speculate.

  • Matt

    I still think Cashman should be fined $10K for every week that Mitre is in the starting rotation. It would be one thing if the rotation were rock solid 1-4 but that’s hardly the case and Mitre just plain old sucks.

    • Mike Myers

      hahah. Who acutally thinks Mitre will be a starter come opening day? I dont even think Mitre thinks that.

      • CS Yankee

        Mitre is the sixth starter regardless of whatever happened to Lee, Pettitte, or others.

        I’m sure if one of the AAA’ers have a solid ST…Mitre will be long relief.

        I’m sure if they sign a Francis (or another FA choice…Mitre will be long relief.

        I’m sure if they make a trade, it will be for a SP…Mitre will be long relief.

        I’m sure if Pettitte returns…Mitre will be long relief.

        I just wish I knew that Mitre was long relief.

  • Mike Myers

    Lets not forget he pitched hurt all year. Maybe he is seeing how his body can heal at this age. That takes time….and there is nothing he can do but wait.

    • CS Yankee

      Things that make Andy Pettitte wait to announce his decision;

      5) His family and their wants
      4) His bodies ability to heel
      3) hasn’t gotten excited yet about going another year
      2) Needs to see if the Clemens trial will occur in 2011 (doesn’t want another team distraction).
      1) Needs 3-months history of his wifes credit card habits to see if he can actually retire.

  • MikeD

    If Andy does retire, this will be the second time in three seasons the Yankees have lost one of their top starters to retirement. Unusual. Most players do not retire when they still have something left to give on the field and thus lots of money to still be made. If 2010 does indeed turn out to be Andy’s last season, that means both Pettitte and Mussina will have posted ERA+s of 130 or better in their final seasons.

    A decade back, we also had Paul O’Neill, Chili Davis and Scott Brosius all retire after seasons with OPS+’s over 100. It seems like a high percentage.

  • HM

    No matter wat andy decides to do, the yanks will work it out. They always do. I’ll stay to my word till Gardner goes then…….thats when i get angry. GO YANKEEEESSS

  • http://Yesnetwork.com gmrich

    I think Cashman is being stupid in not putting Joba Chamberlain back in the rotation, he wants to start, he doen’t want to pitch in the bullpen, with Joba in the rotation, he would strengthen the Yankees rotation, you would have four good starters, and if you could get AJ turned around, that rotation would be better than a lot of teams in the major leagues, and then Nova being the 5th starter, you would have 5 solid starters, and the Yankees would have as good a chance as anyone in baseball to win the world series.