2011 Draft: Tyler Beede tells teams he’s going to college

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Game 55: House of Horrors

Via Keith Law, high school right-hander Tyler Beede has sent a letter to area scouts informing them that he plans on following through on his commitment to Vanderbilt. High school outfielder Josh Bell did something similar. Beede, who I wrote about a few weeks ago, is a first round arm and this is just a way of building leverage in neogitations. Someone will still draft him high, but anything that could cause him to slide in the draft is good news for the Yankees.

Friday Open Thread
Game 55: House of Horrors
  • Sabermetrically Challenged

    that’s his secret translation for “I want to play for the Yankees”

  • Ed

    I find it amusing that people complain that the Yankees didn’t find out before the draft if Gerrit Cole was willing to sign or not, yet when a player outright says he won’t sign, we just assume he said it as a negotiating tactic.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Cole never said he wouldn’t sign, he said the exact opposite before the draft. He changed his mind after the fact.

      • Ed

        I know. The press doesn’t seem to though. A lot of stories spin it as Cole didn’t want to sign and the Yankees never bothered to ask if he did before drafting him. Makes the Yankees look bad, as if they don’t know the basics of running a draft.

        Now we’re hearing stories of first round talents telling teams that they don’t want to sign. Everyone’s interpreting that as “I want to sign, just pay me.”

        Just feels contradictory.

  • YanksFan in MA

    MA’s top prospect last year Kevin Ziomek told teams he was going to Vandy too. Granted he was more 2-3 round material, but he turned in a damn fine freshman year there and that school pumps out high first round starters. One of the few schools that it is hard to argue against going to.

  • CMP

    Wave $4-5 million under his nose and let’s see if he say he’s going to college then.

    • Abe Frohmam

      If he’s smart enough for college, he’s smart enough to take the $$ and go to college later if he wants.