Open Thread: How the Yanks use their money

Rays sink Saturday DH as DJ3K on hold with rainout
Jeter, Grandy rake in All-Star Game bonuses

As the Yankees sign big-name free agents or their own players to seemingly larger-than-life contracts, we often bemoan the expenses. We shudder at the idea of paying 41-year-old A-Rod $21 million, 36-year-old Mark Teixeira $22.5 million or CC whatever exorbitant amount he will make after leveraging his opt-out clause this winter. We worry that the dollars will reward players for past performances and that the spending will handcuff the Yankees, but perhaps we shouldn’t.

In an interesting piece on the Baseball Reference blog yesterday, Neil Paine looked at the 100 players making the highest percentage of team payroll, and the Yankees are surprisingly not well represented. A-Rod’s $32 million salary is only 15.8 percent of the Yanks’ payroll this year, good for 19th in baseball. Carlos Lee, who makes 26.9 percent of the Astros’ total payroll leads the pack.

Behind A-Rod, only two other Yankees make the top 100: CC Sabathia‘s salary puts him at 49th overall. He makes 12 percent of the team payroll. Mark Teixeira’s salary represents 11.4 percent $202 million total, good for 62nd overall. For what it’s worth, the Red Sox have just two players on that list while the Mets have six.

For well-leveraged big-market teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, the object would be to limit the number of players on the list. With many high-paid players, clubs become top-heavy, and that’s what has happened to the Mets. They’re paying Johan Santana, Carlos Beltran, Jason Bay, David Wright, Francisco Rodriguez and Jose Reyes a combined 81 percent of their payroll which leads to little wiggle room for the rest of the 25-man roster. The Yankees have better maximized their economic might and can cover for so the more ungainly contracts.

Anyway, food for thought for the night. As we know, tonight’s game has been rained out, and no doubleheader is scheduled for tomorrow. The teams will instead make up tonight’s game on Thursday, Sept. 22 because Tampa Bay refused to play two on Saturday. Them’s the breaks.

Meanwhile, the Yankees have said they will skip Freddy Garcia’s spot in the rotation. A.J. Burnett will face David Price tomorrow, and CC Sabathia will close out the first half against James Shields on Sunday. In local action, the Mets and Giants play at 10:15 p.m. In New York, the MLB Network will carry the Seattle/Los Angeles game at the same time.

Rays sink Saturday DH as DJ3K on hold with rainout
Jeter, Grandy rake in All-Star Game bonuses
  • bexarama
  • FIPster Doofus

    Does the whole no doubleheader thing screw over anyone else’s fantasy team this week? I’ve got a lot of Yankees and Rays on mine.

  • zs190

    Never knew this but according to Jennings at LoHud, there are tiebreakers for who gets to say whether there is a split doubleheader and apparently the Rays won in those tiebreakers.

    The Yanks could bypass it with a regular doubleheader but sounds like they would lose ticket revenue so they didn’t want a regular doubleheader.

    • 28 this year

      I am sure the ticket revenue is the number one cause but there also has to be some respect for all the fans who paid a lot of extra dough for this game to see Jeter. At least in a split doubleheader even in September, you give them a game. Reimbursing all these people would be really difficult i guess.

  • Delaware – Ralph

    So my roommate is a nonsports fan and I tried to come up with an analogy to explain to her the milestone of Jeter joining the 3000 hit club and why I was willing to leave work early and drive back to NY for tonights game (thanks mother nature – still in DE)

    The analogy I came up with was that Jeter joining the 3000 hit club is like an astronaut landing on the moon.

    Now I admit I don’t love the analogy but I have yet to come up with one I like better.

    First, tons and tons of kids grow up wanting to be both baseball players and astronauts. Obviously the vast majority don’t come but a small fraction do.

    Second, those that do become astronauts have “made the Majors” same as in baseball.

    Third, those astronauts that land on the moon have joined a small fraternity within professional astronauts which I equated to the 3000 hit club.

    I don’t love it but have yet to come up with a better one. What do you guys think?

    • 28 this year

      perhaps astronauts on the space station or astronauts who have walked in space is a better one. There was only one mission to the moon with only a handful of astronauts (like 4-5). Jeter would be the 29th. Its a decent analogy but could use a tweak. But then again, you got the point across.

      • Delaware – Ralph

        Thanks didn’t realize we were only there once. Thought the number was around 12. She understood my point but I thought it was a fun question to throw out there.

        • 28 this year

          yea i am pretty sure that the first time we went to the moon was the last time. Otherwise this whole the moon landing was faked controversy couldnt exist.

          • CT


            Please, give this at least a look. There have been multiple manned moon landings. And now, back to baseball…

            • 28 this year

              haha, ok i guess i failed astronomy class or at least failed the class on wikipedia.

      • Rick

        Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 all had astronauts walk on the moon. Two per mission = 12 astronauts who walked on the moon.

    • YankeesJunkie

      Eagle Scout maybe? Lot of years of excellency and dedication. Maybe climbing a mountain like Everest or K-2?

    • Kiersten

      Just tell her only 27 people have done it in baseball history.

      Seems like a fairly simple explanation for someone who’s not into sports (I really don’t understand people like that).

      • Oscar Gamble’s ‘Fro


        You just add in the number of people who have ever played professional baseball.

        I don’t particularly like the moon analogy, so many people actually try to play pro baseball and a whole lot of people have done it. How many people really try to be astronauts or actually become one?

      • The BIG 3

        STOP IT, it’s 13.

        More amazing than 3000 is 3000 with one team. That may be done again but I wouldn’t bet on it.

        • YankeesJunkie

          Ichiro and Pujols pop up as candidates.

          • The BIG 3

            Doubt it on either of them. Ichiro, no way. Pujols, no way St Lou can pay that.

  • Brian S.

    The Yankees print money.

  • Preston

    I would rather have Sweaty Freddy pitch than A.J.

  • Kevin G.

    Anyone else think its funny that all 4 AL participants in the Home-Run Derby hit on out yesterday?

  • Esteban

    I just waded into the comments section of Jayson Stark’s midseason awards column. Holy shit. First, Stark has AGon as midseason MVP because “The Red Sox wouldn’t have rebounded from 2-10 without his good hitting stretch.” Seriously, Jayson? That’s one of the stupider things he’s written. Secondly, most of the commenters there are like the worst of the worst commenters here, and it makes me appreciate the people who comment here, and why I pretty much gave up on ESPN comment sections after I found RAB.

    • Phife Dawg

      If you thought the ESPN commenters were bad, the ESPN Yankees board is even worse.

    • bexarama

      Kind of related, I just saw Morgan Ensberg tweet:

      Dear League: you have zero chance against the #Redsox. It isn’t the talent…they want it more. #Orioles look beaten before they play.
      a. No, it’s pretty much the talent.
      b. Also, it’s the Orioles.

      • Esteban

        Is there a scale of WantItMoreness? I guess it would be WIMs.

    • Kiersten

      I love how he said “No chance.” Like he knows. Of course Gonzalez has been their best hitter by far, but they’re a good team and to say there’s no chance they’d be in first place now after going 2-10 is ridiculous.

      • Esteban

        It’s dumb because every team, even good ones, has bad stretches, but the Red Sox’ was more noticeable because it came at the beginning of the season. They had some bad luck and some players started off poorly. Certainly AGon being so good has made them a better team but they would have ‘rebounded’ even if AGon were having a good instead of great season.

    • Esteban

      Oh, and of course, there are plenty of ‘should ofs’ in ESPN’s comment sections.

    • Pat D

      I found this out last week when I started to comment on Schoenfield’s All Star Snubs article.

    • bexarama

      Oh, also, Keith Law tweeted in what I must assume was direct response to that, something like “I don’t see where this ‘Gonzalez is the first half MVP’ movement comes from. It’s Bautista. It’s not close.”

      This was of course followed by OUTRAEGE! by Red Sox fans, because you know, Keith Law hates them, and Gonzalez leads the world in RBIs so he is teh MVPz, etc etc etc. And I thought this response was hysterical:!/keithlaw/status/89457244520984577

      I don’t care what you (not you personally) think of KLaw, and I think he often gets kinda rude with very little provocation, but his snark is pretty much A+++

      • Pat D

        Keith Law is one of my heroes right now.

        I personally believe that people get way too worked up about the dumbest things, and sports often qualify as one of those things. So when I see people getting worked up about the dumbest things of the dumbest things, like first half MVP, I think those people deserve to be smacked down.

        Snark on, KLaw.

        • jay h

          lol now someone made the case that gonzalez leads the league in BA and RBI and he retweeted them with the hashtag #tweetsfrom1987

          • Pat D

            That person was clearly in over his head trying to argue a point with KLaw using RBI.

          • The BIG 3

            Were they discussing MVP or best player? Because if they were actually discussing MVP, than surely Law is aware that .350/34/152/playoffs will win that thing over whatever Bautista does, short of Toronto making the playoffs too.

            As of right now that award is Adrian’s to lose. I’d say he deserves it too…. except I doubt his 2nd half is as good.

            • Esteban

              “As of right now that award is Adrian’s to lose. I’d say he deserves it too”

              What? Joey Bats leads AGon in HR, BB, OBP, SLG, OPS, OPS+, wOBA, WAR, wRC+.

              What a player’s team does should be irrelevant to an MVP/ Cy Young discussion, unless you believe better teammates=more valuable player.

              • The BIG 3

                Should be; is not.

                • Esteban

                  Are you arguing what the voters think/do or what you think? I still think Joey Bats’ season will be hard to ignore. And hey King Felix won the Cy Yoing, so maybe voters are getting better.

                  • The BIG 3

                    I believe it’s a valid argument that if a team isn’t one of the best, one of its individual players can’t be the leagues most valuable. Value = wins. If he’s far better than all others? yes, but I don’t think that can be said here; Adrian is having an excellent season so far.

              • Pat D

                I see The BIG 3’s point here, totally. Guys on teams that go to the playoffs tend to win these awards over guys on teams that don’t.


                If the other guys has such a huge statistical advantage in a lot of categories, then he has a chance. See ARod, 2003.

                Worrying about who the MVP is/will be right now is dumb.

                • The BIG 3

                  Right, because Adrian is not going to hit .350 for the season. Wow, his BABIP is .391.

      • Esteban

        I’ve been following this whole thing on twitter. KLaw’s takedowns of the idiots has been hilarious.

  • YankeesJunkie

    What is the biggest market inefficiency in baseball as of now in MLB?

    In my opinion it has to be use of pitchers or the lack of use of pitchers. My first big gripe is the one inning pitcher such as the 7th, 8th, and closer role. First off, these relievers need to be able to go 1-3 innings. While I am not advocating using your best reliever (closer) in fifth inning, I much rather see a closer used for the 8th and 9th of a 1-2 run game than for one inning in 3 run game. Same goes for the second and third best relievers who should be able to pitch late in the game for multiple innings and finish the game off especially the second pitcher. My second gripe is the whole LOOGY and sometimes even ROOGY conundrum. Honestly, unless they can get batters of both handedness out they are fairly worthless. Having someone pitch 80 games and only pitch 40 innings is inefficient use of a roster spot especially when they can’t do their job and their existence just propagates the use of more relievers. Then it always good to have one or two guys in the back or the pen like Noesi who can basically finish a game by going 3+ IP. Basically a team can be constructed so you have 10-11 relievers and 14-15 position players which is especially valuable for more platoon advantages and defensive replacements.

    Thoughts? Rants?

    • The BIG 3


      TB handles its relief pitchers as well as any team in baseball and they’re religious about its roles, and results follow. Matter of fact, the biggest market inefficiency may just be better handling of a bullpen, kind of like what TB does, and not what dumbass stats sites like Fangraphs profess they should do.

      • YankeesJunkie

        How do the results follow. Their pen is very mediocre and has not put up amazing results.

        • The BIG 3

          I don’t really care what numbers you’re referring to say, TB always has a splendid bullpen, and also a habit of turning turds like Farnsworth into studs. Even Howell was great for a long while in ’09 before ultimately descending to his actual talent level.

          • thumper

            Aside from the fact that you admittingly determined to ignored statistics that don’t fit your narrative, the Rays had NOTHING to do with the turn around of Farnsy. He added a pitch when he was on the Royals. TB was just the team that believed those subsequent statistical changes were do to the changes in his approach and not SS noise….but don’t let facts get in the way. ;)

            • The BIG 3

              They did the same with Soriano last year, and Benoit too. And the aforementioned Howell in ’09, and even Percival, prior. They have a knack that I’m sure stats support, it’s just that I don’t want to get into that now… not that I ignore them.

              • bexarama

                -Soriano was always very good, his issue was health
                -Benoit and Howell were failed starters who moved to the bullpen, though I give them a lot of credit for Benoit
                -Percival, seriously? He pitched a total of 57 innings over two years with that team to a 4.89 ERA and worse FIPs, while walking over 5 batters per nine (and not striking out elite levels either – his K/BB was under 1.50).

                • The BIG 3

                  Soriano was never as good as he was last year pitching in the ALE

                  You won’t give credit to TB for moving a failed starter to a closer role, and his being successful with it? Any particular reason why?

                  TB Percival was much better than those numbers suggest. You should recall, he was lights out until he wrecked his knee, to the point where he was ultimately replaced by BBC/Howell.

                  Anyway, after all these years watching the game I’m convinced that a bullpen is only as good as the guy managing it. If roles aren’t clearly defined, like if that manager rotates different pitchers in and out of roles to play the hot hand, or if he’s indecisive and constantly has guys warming up yet never pitching, the unit generally fails.

  • iloveyoubartolo

    Thanks for trying, Britton.

  • Kiersten

    Forgive me if this has been posted, but Posnanski wrote a fantastic (3,000-word) piece on Jeter.

  • 28 this year

    I get what you’re saying but having that many pitchers that can throw multiple innings is very difficult to find. Getting five good starters is something that most teams can’t do. To have multiple relievers that can go multiple innings would require starter type stuff because you would run into hitters multiple times. Also, you would have to carry fewer pitchers which is a good thing in order to not have people rot on the bench but should the three or four relievers you have prove ineffective on a given day, you would have limited pitchers to turn to and thus run out of pitchers quickly cause you can’t pitch a guy back to back days. Beyond that, the reason there are one inning pitchers is because they dont have enough quality stuff for multiple innings. Relievers make it to the big leagues because they have one or two good pitches and thats it. You would essentially get rid of these guys in favor of lesser pitchers who have three average offerings because they could pitch multiple innings but not necessarily as effective in short bursts as someone else. I think it would take a massive overhaul of the type of talent that exists, essentially you would see a lot fewer guys throwing in the mid to upper 90s because those that throw that hard are generally in the bullpen except Verlander who is a freak.

    end rant

    • 28 this year

      damn, all that and a reply fail. ugh.

    • YankeesJunkie

      The idea of using relievers in multiple innings is fairly easily solvable by implementing this idea in young relievers at the MLB levels and at the minors. As for the point of the changing stuff I tend to disagree on this point. For the most part the relievers are only going to be used in 1-3 inning spurts where they can go out and still face the hitter just once which should not really affect their effectiveness. The biggest problem that I see is that the best reliever might need more mandatory days off as relievers instead of going 70 RP and 70-80 IP will being 50-60 RP and 100-120 IP.

  • Kramerica Industries

    I don’t mind no DH. Means the Yankees will still hold a margin over the Rays after this series is over regardless of what happens.

    I hate that thought, but it works.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    So according to ESPN NY, the Yankees are “boycotting” and “cutting” the ASG by not wanting their aging players (Mo, ARod, Jeter) to play in an exhibition game. I can’t imagine what they’d say about AGon or Oritz if they did the same thing…

    • 28 this year

      i can imagine.

      Red Sox: the most prudent team in America, saving their players from potential harm in order to win every game down the stretch. 162-0, here they come!!!

    • bexarama

      Adrian Gonzalez said last year, publicly, that he wouldn’t go to the All-Star Game because it was in Arizona. And look, I’m not trying to start a political debate here, those never turn out well, but I don’t see what the Diamondbacks (or baseball as a whole) have to do with the law.

      So… yeah. Haven’t heard anything about it.

      • The BIG 3

        The answer you’re seeking is thus: $21 mil per year. That’ll change someone’s perspective fast.

      • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

        I just found this about players going to Arizona because of the laws…

      • Pat D

        The MLBPA came out and said they weren’t going to boycott it.

        I guess with the passage of time and no reports of any major civil rights violations due to this absurd law (that I remember, anyway) gave people the chance to reconsider.

        Though I personally would have found it hilarious if there had been a boycott.

        • CP

          Of course there haven’t been any negative effects from the law since it was blocked from being implemented.

          • Pat D

            How the hell did I not remember that?

  • psk

    The individual player’s % of payroll is obviously diluted but where the Yanks seem to fail is the cost/production ratio. The Jeter contract will be terrible in that sense and the backend of ARod’s deal will be frightening. This year of Posada (4th year of a 4 year deal) is also disproportionate and that does not even touch on Burnett, Soriano and slew of pitchers they have run through (both starters and relievers). I’m as guilty as anyone of wanting the Yanks to bring in proven players and it is very easy to justify by saying that they can afford it. Cashman has made more than his share of mistakes (pitching decisions have really been poor) but it seems like the influence of people like Levine greatly impact the roster on the field. Ultimately the blame has to fall on the owners as they allow buffoon’s like Levine to overrule the GM and make personnel decisions as well as hijack player negotiations. As such, I truly have mixed feelings on the GM and have serious organizational concerns.

    • 28 this year

      In the chat, Mike said that Cashman said two years ago, (paraphrased) you don’t win by having the best win/$ ratio. For the Yankees, winning takes precedence over money. Also, every marginal win for the Yankees is worth that much more for making the playoffs. Going from 79 to 80 wins isn’t worth as much as going from 93 to 94. Using strict win/$ ratios, you ignore how for a team like the Yankees and other contenders, wins are worth more than to a team like the Orioles who are basement dwellers.

      • Psk

        I understand that to a point but the opportunity cost cannot be ignored in evaluating how a team uses it’s resources. They’re going to spend the money (and I’m glad they do) but spending it wisely helps in every facet.

        • 28 this year

          oh no doubt. But like in the case of Teixeira, going the extra distance to sign him even though he gets paid more than he’s worth is better than the alternative of being like the Red Sox who are looking to not pay more than a player is worth. When you’re a contender, overpaying for a guy like Teixeira is worth it.

        • thumper

          While I agree with you that evaluating a team’s cost/production is important, but be wary because its not a linear curve….its exponential. That’s why teams have to shell out those big contracts to players whom are putting up high WAR totals. You have to pay more because they’re a scarec commidity. What kills teams is when they start handing out those huge contracts to players who only put up middling WAR totals (especially when those players subsequently get hurt).

  • Oscar Gamble’s ‘Fro

    Did Eduardo Nunez die? Any word about his phantom hammy injury or must we not even speak his name until Jeter gets 3,000?

    • bexarama

      He was gonna play tonight until the rainout.

      • Oscar Gamble’s ‘Fro

        Seriously? Well, then there goes that conspiracy theory and I’ll run along and throw on my Idiot cap.

  • Oscar Gamble’s ‘Fro

    I see Brian Gordon is gone to Korea, maybe that’s where he wanted to be. I’ve got no intel on Gordon, other than what I saw in his two starts and heard about his limited Triple-A success, but surely he would’ve been more valuable in the pen than Mitre, no? If the Yanks keep him up in the big time, maybe he’s not so hot to get to Korea? Any credence to this, or am I just being silly?

    • The BIG 3

      Cash acquired Mitre while Gordon was pending. Isn’t the answer to Gordon being less valuable right there? or do you think Cash is an idiot.

      I’m glad Gordon is gone. JFC, what an embarrassment to a $200 mil roster.

      • Oscar Gamble’s ‘Fro

        No to both of your questions. I think Mitre has pics of Cashman having relations with a donkey.

    • Hall and Nokes

      What, does Gordon really like soju?

  • Tom Zig

    This rainout works out perfectly for me. Ive got tickets to Sunday’s game.

  • King George

    Beckett leaves game with knee injury.

    • Pat D

      Lovely. Any ideas as to the cause since I’m sure there’s no word on severity yet?

      • King George

        “Hyperextended knee, severity unknown” according to Buster Olney, but WEEI just said that it looks very serious. We’ll see.

        • Pat D

          Well, I know that in football, the “hyperextended/sprained knee” on Sunday is often times a torn ligament on Monday.


          • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

            1. Lackey
            2. Miller
            3. Wakefield
            4. Aceves
            5. Millwood


            • JobaWockeeZ

              I hope Beckett comes backs and becomes Lackey. Prick.

      • mbonzo

        Tweaked his knee. He’s not gonna last long anyway.

  • Carlosologist

    I don’t get the hard ons for Nova and Nunez. Both very mediocre players, personally doubt their ability to get better.


  • nathan

    I think no Yankee’s salary will look bad in this skewed calculation. Ofcourse when you spend a gazillion a year 32 mill will look peanuts.

    Its wrong to fault the Astros for one bad contract, Yanks have a ton of them so they dont look bad when you put them together.

    • Hall and Nokes

      I thought the common theme of the top four was that they overpaid for a veteran during good times, then the team later struggled and dropped salary all around but have not traded that particular player. Less true for the Rockies than the others.

  • mbonzo

    Fight in the Red Sox game. Big Papi is a big pussy. Gregg throws in and he has to start a fight.

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      yes it’s not a season until a Red Sox player starts a fight…

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Ooh I need highlights.

    • Pat D

      Yea, just caught all the replays. Got upset after two inside pitches. Then as he pops out and Gregg yells at him to run it out, the umpire tosses Gregg and Ortiz goes after Gregg.

      I think the umpire was dumb for the manner in which he tossed Gregg, I think it might have helped incite Ortiz.

    • Zack D

      Papi’s investigation is over, finally found the real killer, it was Kevin Gregg the whole time.

      • Crime Dog


    • ItsATarp

      Ortiz is a little bitch…no one hits him…they pitch him inside he gets angry and tries to be a tough guy. Then start a fight and throws punches like a girl.

  • Pat D

    Trout flied out in his first career AB.

    Welp, his career is over. No one’s ever been able to come back from that.

    • Jerome S.

      I think they should let Bourjos keep playing. He’s better for the Angels


  • Jonathan Harker

    Ortiz should be suspended for 5 games. He initiated the whole incident, not Gregg. Only one of those pitches was even close to hitting Ortiz and he overreacts. Then Gregg tells him to run down the line and Ortiz charges. He’s a bigger baby than Youkilis.

    • Pat D

      Youkilis is now taking ARod’s place at the ASG. That makes me feel unclean.

    • Andrew 518

      I think this is the media’s fault.

      from ESPN: Beckett thinks Gregg should have been thrown out after the first inside pitch….

      thinking of Beckett hitting three yankees in one game….


      I get it Boston throwing in = good baseball

      anyone else throwing in = bush league

      finally I know unwritten rules are unwritten and some think them quaint but with the score of the game what is papi doing swinging 3-0 anyway???

      Papi + PED’s + profanity laced tirades at reporters + starting fights = MLB making him home run derby captain?

      • Pat D

        You forget that he’s such a big, lovable teddy bear who just wants to give you a hug.

        • mbonzo

          He’s just so big that his gravitational field pulls ball in to him.

        • Andrew 518

          ahhh, you’re right…how could I possibly be so dumb.

          Is he available for children’s birthday parties?

    • CP

      Just saw the video of the fight, and that’s about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. It was like a heavyweight fight, but in slow motion.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    papi = roid rage

  • Andrew 518

    Josh Beckett:

    “We just can’t sit around and let them hit our f*cking guys.”

    but in all the replays I’ve seen no one actually got hit.

    Typical Boston…clearly they are the victims of something…we haven’t figured out what it is yet, but they are victims and they can’t let that stand.

    Worse case senario developing: Lackey has his strongest outting yet by beaning b-more player tomorrow, gets thrown out, can’t have another terrible start. Rats

    • Foghorn Leghorn

      Such an interesting quote from Beckett who purposely hits batters and never gets in trouble for it.

      When he hit Jeter to lead off the game a few weeks ago he meant it…no way was that not on purpose.

      The worst was when he threw at Abrue’s head last year after Abreau called time b/c Beckett was taking too much time.

      Sox fans are so jaded that they don’t even realize that half of their players are some of the biggest tools and douchebags in the game…Papelbon, Papi, Youk and Beckett lead the pack.

  • bonestock94
    • Foghorn Leghorn

      ortiz charged the mound before the ball was caught!

      Kevin Gregg and Rick porcello will always have my respect!

      • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

        Don’t forget whoever hit Coco Crisp in 08.

  • Zack D

    Meanwhile, did you hear about this story in Oakland yesterday?

    Alex Rodriguez drew the ire of Oakland pitcher Dallas Braden by running across the mound as he returned to first base after a foul ball. Braden yelled at A-Rod and had some fired-up comments after the game.

    Baseball is full of unwritten rules and rules of etiquette and that is apparently lone of them. Of course A-Rod is the same guy who yelled “Ha!” at a Toronto infielder trying to catch a pop-up a few years ago and once slapped the ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s glove. So yesterday was right in character.

    Braden could have used Jason Varitek yesterday. But he did make his point.

    KInd of amusing to see journeyman reliever Kevin Gregg on NESN lecturing Ortiz how to play the game

    Peter Abraham’s Mind
    1. Braden was right for yelling at ARod
    2. Gregg is a journeyman, don’t lecture Ortiz

    My Mind
    1. Lol
    2. Journeyman? Kinda like Ortiz pre-vitamins

    • Pat D

      Not really, Ortiz only played for one team before Boston.

      Gregg has played for like 4 or more at this point, I’m too lazy to look it up.

    • The BIG 3

      Abe is an idiot. I wouldn’t call Gregg a “journeyman”. He’s an average closer on his 7th team, so he gets around, but “journeyman” implies the guy sucks. He doesn’t suck, he just isn’t all that great (or is that the same thing thing?).

  • Ryan

    Was that a benches clearing brawl or a professional wrestling match? I laughed out loud every single time I saw either of them take a mighty swing and a miss. Far be it from me to call Ortiz an athlete, but you’d think these guys would have more precise control over their limbs.

    • Pat D

      They actually make a lot more contact in pro wrestling.

  • Plank

    You can make this same analysis without the inflamatory language. Describing players salaries you use the words/terms:

    “Seemingly larger than life contracts”
    “We shudder”
    “We bemoan”
    “CC whatever exorbitant amount he will make after leveraging his opt-out clause this winter”
    “We worry”

    How much money do the steinbrenners make? Why aren’t we shuddering, bemoaning, worrying, or talking about how exorbitant their larger than life contracts are? You are, maybe unintentionally, framing the debate to suit the owner’s needs. Players are the only people in baseball that earn their money. They go out every day and hope they don’t blow out a knee or shoulder. If they did, it’s the end of their career. The Steinbrenners can make money until they have one foot in the grave and they make more than the highest paid player in the league.

  • CMP

    Why are the Yankees skipping Garcia for Burnett? Garcia has been the getter pitcher this year.