Four Yankees heading to Arizona Fall League (so far)

Past Trade Review: Robin Ventura
Game 133: Back to Boston

Rosters for the Arizona Fall League were released today, though not in their entirety. David Phelps, Corban Joseph, Rob Segedin, and Ronnier Mustelier are the four Yankees farmhands named to the Phoenix Desert Dogs roster so far, but they still have two or three spots to fill. Those will almost certainly be pitchers, but one will not be Graham Stoneburner.

Phelps’ assignment is completely expected after he missed all that time with the shoulder issue, he’s got innings to make up. CoJo’s been hitting well this year and it’s worth getting him the extra at-bats. Interestingly enough, Segedin’s on the roster as an outfielder, so perhaps a full blown transition is going to take place soon. Mustelier is the interesting guy. He’s an older dude (just turned 27) that signed out of Cuba this year, he’s been mashing nonstop since signing (.374/.421/.553 in 134 PA), and he’s played five positions (second, third, and all three outfield spots). It’s unlikely they’d send filler to the AzFL, and I wonder if he’s got a chance to a righty bench bat in the future. We’ll see.

Past Trade Review: Robin Ventura
Game 133: Back to Boston
  • RR

    I noticed Mustelier too. I have not heard much about him, but an interesting pick. I thought Bentances would be headed to the AFL.

  • Brian S.

    No David Adams?

  • Jesse

    What about Manny Banuelos and/or Dellin Betances? I’m not sure if they’ll reach their innings limits this year, so why not pitch in the AFL to get to those inning plateaus?

    • pat

      I dont think you can send anyone above AA.

      • Jesse

        Ah. That sucks.

        • Mike Axisa

          You can only send one person below AA and no one above some service time cutoff. I think a player can only go twice as well.

          • Addison

            Two players below AA, and max appearances is three.

      • Jesse

        David Phelps is in AAA.

  • the other Steve S.

    Send Hughes. He clearly needs the work.

    • Peter R

      here here

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Not a bad idea. I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen.

    • Joe R

      Pretty sure hes not even eligible.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        That’s what I was wondering.

        Damn it

    • Mike Axisa

      He’s not eligible, too much service time.

      • infernoscurse

        Noesi to Puertorico or dominican league? yes? i say yes

  • crawdaddie

    Maybe, my expectations are a little too high, but I don’t think CoJo has hit well this year in AA after having some time in the same league last year.

    • Ted Nelson

      He’s had a rough patch lately, but on the season he’s still got a .340 wOBA as a 22 year old LHH 2B.

  • Virginia Yank

    Noesi sure could use the innings (doubt the schedule lines up though). So could Brackman probably, since he’s been relieving.

  • Cuso

    Send AJ, then bury him in the desert.


    • Tyrone Sharpton

      Austin Jackson? He was traded to the Tigers

      • Midland TX

        He’s A-Jack.

        • Jesse

          He’s A-Jax.

    • Midland TX

      I like to think of Arizona as The Catbox of America.

    • Stephen Cicerchia

      Like this comment, they are waisting their time with this head case!!!!

  • Peter R

    POTATOES. Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew.

  • Addison

    “Fillers” are absolutely sent to the AFL.

    There is a “taxi” squad..players only eligible to play on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.

    It’s a way to get an “inexperienced” player more repetitions in practice while at the same time allowing him some game experience.

    Bryce Harper was a “taxi” player last year.

    Mustelier might be an “older dude” in terms of comparing to his teammates, but he’s behind the eight ball in terms of playing against quality competition or understanding how a professional organization works.

    The Yanks seem to have a lot of options with this kid;

    1) They need to find out if he can handle one position;

    2) They need to see if he’s advanced enough mentally to handle advanced competition…if so, can they afford to trade Laird or Pena or Nunez in the off-season?

    3) With Joseph coming, do they see him as Joseph’s replacement next year in Scranton, or could he end up replacing Maxwell or Vazquez?

    Mustelier is on the roster as a second baseman, by the way.

    • JMK

      Who the fuck is Mike Ashmore?

      • Tags

        Ashmore covers the trenton Thunder and write the blog thunder thouhgts

  • infernoscurse

    i know arizona league hypes up players

    eric duncan was a monster there, maybe they are sending them so they get extra large status and then trading them for felix hernandez and michael pineda, right? right? whos with me?

  • Mickey Scheister

    Yeah-Boy!!!!!!! CC! I got love for the big man!

    • Mickey Scheister

      Damn, wrong thread. Epic fail.