2012 Draft: Yankees will have 30th overall pick

Game 162: End of the line
Here come the Tigers; Yanks get Detroit in ALDS

Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game, the Yankees have clinched the second best record in baseball and will pick 30th overall in next June’s amateur draft. A compensation pick for an unsigned player earlier in the round pushes the pick back one from 29th overall. The Yankees have picked 30th overall twice before, once to take some guy named Gary Timberlake in 1966, and again to take Andrew Brackman in 2007. The Astros will pick first overall, followed by the Twins and Mariners.

The Yankees also have the 89th overall pick after failing to sign 2011 second rounder Sam Stafford. That pick can not be lost as compensation for signing a Type-A free agent, but the 30th overall pick sure can.

Game 162: End of the line
Here come the Tigers; Yanks get Detroit in ALDS
  • Jake H

    You have to wonder if they will sign a type A FA.

    • Plank

      Their only needs going into the off season will be 1 or 2 SPs, and bench pieces. I would think they will go after Wilson and/or Darvish. I doubt they will give up the draft pick for any other type A player other than Wilson. Am I missing anyone obvious?

      • Peter

        Yes, CC Sabathia

        • Plank

          True, but I meant type A free agents who would cost a draft pick to sign.

  • Reggie C.

    I’VE got to imagine that if Cashman decides not to outbid the Rangers for CJ Wilson, the Yanks will simply stay pat and pass on the other Type As. Last time I checked, Edwin Jackson checked in at a Type-B. I dont care how thin the ’12 draft class looks right now; there’s going to be good talent at the 30 slot.

    • Plank

      The Yankees could approximate Jackson’s production through their farm system I think. One of Betances, Warren, Phelps, or Banuelos will be able to put up a league average rookie season, which is what you could expect from Jackson.

      • Ted Nelson

        Edwin Jackson has been at 3.6, 3.8, and 3.8 fWAR the past three seasons. I do not think that’s what you expect from Phelps, Warren, a 21 year old Banuelos, or a Betances who walked 5 per 9 in the minors this season. Jackson will probably get a long-term deal, so I’m fine with staying away from him. And maybe Betances and/or Banuelos really shine(s) right out of the gate. However, Jackson is a solid #2 starter.

  • your mom

    Sign Yu Darvish. After all, it’s only money right?

    • Dave203

      Agree with that. It’s not my money, but seems like an better scenario. He has looked promising, but so have a lot of Japanese pitchers. I’m sure there will be competition for him, but the Sox will probably not be in on it with $30 million still stuck between Lackey/Dice-K.

  • Raymond

    I can see the Yankees taking Adam Brett Walker from Jacksonville University with the 30th Pick. He’s young enough to replace Tex in 3 years and strong enough to make a living with RF Fence. Big Power hitter the Yanks have failed to produce in farm system in recent years. I saw the pick on Draftsite website and thought it made sense. Could be future rightfielder too.