Girardi on Cervelli: ‘I’m not sure we’re going to have him’


Via Erik Boland, Joe Girardi indicated to reporters this afternoon that the team is unlikely to have Frankie Cervelli the rest of the way. “I’m not sure we’re going to have him,” said the skipper. Yesterday we heard that Cervelli had been concussion symptom free for three days, but they were still awaiting the results of an ImPACT test. The Yankees don’t absolutely need a backup catcher in the postseason, but it sure seems like Austin Romine would be the front-runner for that job right now.

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  • Mister Delaware

    I really, really, really don’t like the idea of going into the playoffs without a backup catcher who can catch (Romine). The thought of Martin getting banged up for longer than “the rest of the game” could end up being disastrous. And while its low probability that he’d have a “long enough to miss time but not long enough to be pulled from the roster” injury, its even lower probability that another 25th man (be it Posada or Noesi or Burnett or whoever) would have a bigger potential impact.

    • Dave B

      I think Mike wrote an article recently that showed how not having a backup catcher is not such a big deal. I think unless Martin has a bone protruding out of skin he will play every minute. If not, we have Jorge in the wings and I wouldn’t even be too alarmed with Romine.

      • Mister Delaware

        He did, I just respectfully disagree. If Martin has a bone protruding, that’s an easy decision, Romine on and Martin off. If he has a bad sprain of his catching thumb and can’t catch for a week, it becomes a huge problem.

    • Ted Nelson

      I think there’s a legitimate question whether Romine is a better back-up C than Montero. One can make an argument that the offensive downgrade from Jones/Posada in the line-up to Romine (with Montero at C… or Jones/Montero with Posada at C) is greater than the defensive upgrade Romine provides… then again one can argue the other way too. It’s all about your favorite principle: opportunity cost.

  • Urban

    Leave Burnett behind. With Montero and Posada on the roster, they have more than enough catchers to fill in for a few innings in case of an in-game injury. If something really bad happens to Martin, then they can DL him and activate Romine.

    • Mister Delaware

      The risk is something moderately bad. You don’t want to be stuck with Posada/Montero catching all the innings and you don’t want to lose Martin for the remaining round plus the next.

      • Urban

        Understood, although acceptable risk if they believe there is greater value in leaving Romine off. I haven’t looked at the various roster configurations.

        • Mister Delaware

          I did earlier today, its sort of off topic so I won’t post, but assuming you carry 5 of the 6 starters, you still have 3 spots for any mix of Ayala, Noesi, Posada, Dickerson, Romine. Which I imagine comes down to either Posada or Romine and then you’re weighing the human element versus the best roster construction element. Obviously much easier for me to type Romine over Posada than it would be for Cashman/Girardi to pick Romine over Girardi.

  • Guest

    So, the plan is for Jesus to make the team as the DH, I presume. If that’s the case then fine. (I’ve heard nothing that leads me to believe otherwise).

    It will be fascinating to see what the Yanks do with Jesus in 2012. They have given absolutely every indication that they do not believe he can hack it defensively as a ML catcher. Not even at the low Piazza/Posada levels necessary to allow his bat to overcome his defensive weaknesses.

    If Austin Romine is the Yanks back up catcher in 2012 and Jesus is the full time DH, I think it will be a pretty safe bet that Jesus will never be the starting catcher for the NYY.

    • Urban

      I think the plans are for Montero to be the DH, but they will also allow him to catch thirty games or so, while continuing to work on his defense. He is below Piazza and Posada level right now, so he’ll have to improve to get a full-time gig.

      I see him having a career more similar to Victor Martinez. C, 1B and a lot of DH. If he can hit, then that’s more than fine.