Triple-A Scranton Yanks still don’t have a home for 2012

Game 153: Win-win
Nova & Grandy lead Yanks to win over Rays

Via Josh Leventhal, the deadline for the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees to submit a proposal indicating where the team would like to play its 2012 home games came and went without a submission today. PNC Field will be undergoing extensive renovations, so the club will have to play at an alternative site next season. International League president Randy Mobley said the “league directors have established a timeline and process that will assure this matter is resolved in a timely manner.” Lehigh Valley and Rochester are said to be under consideration, and a few weeks ago we heard that Staten Island could be a possibility as well.

In other news, Leventhal says the sale of the franchise to the Yankees and Mandalay Sports for $14.6M had yet to be brought before the league, but the sale is expected to be approved. “If there were something in the early phases that would cause the league to blow it up, that would have already occurred,” said Mobley, referring to the sale.

Game 153: Win-win
Nova & Grandy lead Yanks to win over Rays
  • Plank

    The league president’s comments seem to me to indicate that there is a place the Yankees have in mind to play, but they are working out the logistics. Considering the potential locations, this makes it seem like Staten Island is a stronger possibility. The other places seem like they could have been ironed out by now.

    That is all speculation.

  • Jason

    Why not in Newark?

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Because it’s Newark.

      New Jersey=armpit of America.

  • Urban

    Could they play part of their games at Yankee Stadium, when the Yankees are obviously out of town. Has such a thing ever been done?

    My guess is they’d have horrible attendance, but who knows.