Hot Stove Notes: Cashman, Sabathia, Swisher

Yanks re-up with WCBS, Sterling, Waldman for 2012
Open Thread: World Series Game Seven

You guys really for Game Seven? I’m stoked, can’t wait. Until the first pitch is thrown, here are some miscellaneous notes from Yankeeland, all courtesy of Joel Sherman (unless otherwise noted)…

  • The Yankees and Brian Cashman have yet another three-year contract already in place, they’re just waiting until the end of the World Series to announce it. This will be Cashman’s fourth straight three-year deal. (link)
  • The Commissioner’s Office sent out a memo today, letting the teams know that the offseason clock has been moved from noon tomorrow to midnight Sunday. That’s just so the offseason officially begins on a Monday. CC Sabathia will now have until midnight Wednesday to opt out of his contract, and free agents can officially negotiate with new teams at midnight Friday. (link and link)
  • Cashman will meet with Sabathia’s agent this weekend to try to finalize a contract extensions for the left-hander. We heard last night that the team has an offer ready to go, and are just waiting to deliver it to CC’s people. (Andrew Marchand)
  • Nick Swisher‘s contract contains a limited no-trade clause, and the Yankees have asked him to submit his list of teams he won’t accept a trade to just so they know what their options are should they choose to move him. Once they see the list, they’ll pick up his $10.25M option for 2012. (link and link)
Yanks re-up with WCBS, Sterling, Waldman for 2012
Open Thread: World Series Game Seven
  • Plank

    What is the list of teams that is close enough to contention to trade for one year of Swish and also is far enough from the Yankees that they would be realistic trading partners?

    The list can’t be that long.

    • Plank

      Teams in need of a one year Swisher trade:

      Red Sox
      Blue Jays?

      Teams from that list that the Yankees would trade Swish to:


      Am I missing anyone else?

      • Sarah

        Giants don’t really need Swish, they need some to play CF. They have LF and RF covered with Belt and Schierholtz, along with whatever else they can drum up for 4th and 5th OF.

        • Kosmo

          Wrong ! Schierholz is no better than a 4th or 5th OF. Giants have real interest in signing Beltran to play RF.
          Swisher could play 1B or RF depending on the Giants FA signings.

          • Sarah

            They would like to re-sign Beltran (not for some stupid number of years) but they really need some to play CF, something Beltran doesn’t do anymore. Assuming Beltran does sign with the Giants, the corner OF is full and then some. Swish doesn’t play CF.

            For 1B they have Huff, Belt and Pill (Pill shouldn’t be a major leaguer but Bochy likes him). Would Swish be a useful addition to the team? Sure, but the reality is there is nowhere for him to play unless they move Schierholtz to center.

  • Dave B

    Just curious, but who are most of the Yankee fans rooting for tonight? On one hand we don’t want an AL team winning besides the Yankees, but I have a deep seated hatred of the Cardinals, having lived in Cincinnati for about 20 years, and I know many of us dislike LaRussa. Just curious more than anything

    • Plank

      I’ll never root for a team from Texas. I also tend to root for older franchises. I have no problem rooting for the Cards.

      • toad

        Exactly my position.

        Besides, I remember many years ago that the Cardinals game on KMOX (radio) was often the only baseball available, and you could get it, often with a lot of static, everywhere. I still appreciate that.

    • FIPster Doofus

      St. Louis, hands down. I hate Texas (their fans more than the team), and want to see Lance Berkman get a ring.

    • Mike HC

      I’m rooting for the Rangers. Not really sure why and I don’t have a particular reason. Just as I’m watching the games, I tend to root for the Rangers for whatever reason. I tend to side with AL teams in general other than the Red Sox, and even with them I don’t hate as much as some other Yankee fans.

      • Dave B

        I think I feel the same way. Maybe because they’ve never won a ring, but I couldn’t see myself rooting for Tampa EVER.

        • Mike HC

          ha … the Rays are so downtrodden though it just seems cruel to kick them while they are so consistently down.

    • Mark

      Cards – David eckstein ws mvp.

    • Slugger27

      rangers for me. unless its boston, i always root for the AL in the all star game and WS

    • Betty Lizard

      I wanted to root for St Louis. Terrific uniforms, historic franchise, geographical proximity. But I found that I simply cannot root for Lance Berkman’s Beard. (And sadly, I found all the good will I had for him when he was a Yankee just evaporated.) And I like Derek Holland, whom I think of as The Puppy (Tim Lincecum) 2.0. So, here I am, in an unexpected position, cheering on the Rangers.

    • DSFC

      Cardinals all the way. Hate all Texas teams in every sport.

      • SodaPopinski


  • Mike HC

    Nice to see Cashman will be back. The guy knows what he is doing and is willing to look like the bad guy if need be. He obviously is not perfect though.

    I have to assume CC is going to be back as well. The idea of him opting out and getting more loot after all he has said does not sit as well with me as it does with others (and also sits better with me than some others, ha), but so be it. Pay the guy and I will sign up for him leading us to 1 championship every 3 years right now.

  • Dave the Ox

    Rooting more than anything for more of Ron Washington’s daffy moves. They amuse me. As much as Nolan Ryan’s get-off-my-yard-kid face.

    • Dave the Ox

      Just to clarify, for all those who are breathlessly awaiting clarification: Not his gyrations; his ill-advised on-field clipboard-less moves.

  • Bronx Byte

    St. Louis has the momentum and home field. If Pujols goes elsewhere after tonight, he wants to leave with a bang.

    A Cardinal 11th WS championship gives them 11 and 4 ahead of Boston all time.

    • TomH

      Aren’t the Cards the only team with an edge against the Yankees in the World Series, where more than 3 meetings have occurred?

  • Gonzo

    How did Cashman not get opt-outs? It’s not like he was negotiating against himself.

    • Mike HC

      hahah … good one

  • Pants Lendelton

    Why is it that we rarely hear anything from Jean Afterman since she’s pretty much second in charge after Cash?!??

    • The Fallen Phoenix

      I think because she handles a lot of business matters from what I understand. A GM isn’t just about making baseball moves – lots of bureaucratic work to do, contract filing, who knows what else – and I think those are the matters she specializes in.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    Cards remind me a lot of 96 Yankees. Huge under dog, wasnt supposed to even be in the Series, much weaker on paper, inferior pitching lineup, came back from behind the series, & never gave up until they were the Champs…Go Cards!

  • Sdjohn

    Rooting for the rangers. I’m really hoping though that Phil coke gets traded to the rangers next year. When the announcer says and there goes ron washington to get coke, for just a second nobody will be quite sure if he’s talking about going to the mound. Just sayin