Prospect Injury News: Adams, Slade, Murphy

Open Thread: Tony Womack
Remember Hideki's arrival as Darvish slips away

We’re all focusing on the big league team right now, but Chad Jennings took some time to check in with VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman about some minor league business. I suggest heading over and reading the whole thing, but the important stuff I want to highlight are the injury updates…

  • David Adams is still rehabbing from that brutal ankle injury he suffered in May 2010, and he’s scheduled to arrive in Tampa for early Spring Training work next month. The Yankees added Adams to the 40-man roster last month, protecting him from the Rule 5 Draft.
  • Slade Heathcott figures to be behind other position players in Spring Training as he rehabs from his second left shoulder surgery in as many years. It’s his third left shoulder injury since 2009, his senior year of high school, and they’ve limited him to just 132 games over the last 2+ seasons. They’re a very real problem.
  • J.R. Murphy is 100% ready to go after missing the end of last season due to a foot/ankle injury suffered when he apparently fouled a pitch off himself. Newman says he will “predominantly” catch in 2012, as he should given the significant improvement in his defense.
  • Remember Jeremy Bleich? The Yankees highest signed pick from the 2008 draft hasn’t pitched since May 2010 due to major shoulder surgery, and Newman says he’s still rehabbing.
Open Thread: Tony Womack
Remember Hideki's arrival as Darvish slips away
  • nsalem

    Any Tim Norton news?

    • JonS

      This. What’s his prognosis?

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    Really sucks to hear about Slade, but it’s that type of injury that will zap away the potential of an otherwise athletic kid real quick. I hope he can overcome this, but I’m not counting on it.

    • Robert

      I have seen some people compare to Josh Hamilton in ability.

  • Gonzo

    Bleich needs some Bart cells.

  • Jason in CT

    “Slade Heathcott figures to behind other position players in Spring Training”

    I am not trying to be silly, yet what does this mean>

  • JohnnyC

    It means he might need Extended Spring Training and not be ready to start the season until May or later.

    • crawdaddie

      I read a direct quote from Mark Newman in BA that he should be ready to go in spring training.

  • Jamey

    Any chance Slade can get the stem cell deal Colon did? Even for a position player the words “shoulder problems” are scary business.

  • Gonzo

    The Yanks’ first 4 picks in the 2008 draft? Cole, Bleich, Bittle and Adams. Cole turned into Slade. Bittle turned into JR (right?).

  • dean

    “Newman says he will “predominantly” catch in 2012, as he should given the significant improvement in his defense.”

    you mean someone that’s bad defensively as a catcher can improve? I wasn’t aware that was possible….

  • Dicka24

    What a lost draft when you really think about it. Bleich was considered a serious reach too IIRC. Too bad Cole chose college over signing.

    • Ted Nelson

      Most drafts aren’t any better. Slade, Adams, CoJo, Brett Marshall, DJ Mitchell, David Phelps, Nik Turley, Dan Brewer, Kyle Higashioka… not a bad draft.

  • Robert

    Does anyone know how much they offered Cole in 2008?

    • Gonzo

      I don’t think they got a shot. Cole said he was going to UCLA and didn’t want an offer.

      • Robert

        I would have thrown out a crazy number to get him.I offered him 8 or 9 million just to make him say no.

        • Gonzo

          Why stop there?

      • Brian S.

        The Yankees would have fucked him up anyways. He’s probably be an injured reliever in AA at this point.

        • KL

          Yeah, cause Yankee pitchers are the only ones who get injured.

          Go troll a Red Sox blog.

          • Brian S.

            Post on your real account and maybe I will.

            • YankeeGrunt

              This place is turning into NoMaas.

  • Bubba

    Wasn’t there a prospect in short season doing very well when he had a really bad ankle injury? For the life of me I can’t remember his name. I wonder how he is progressing?

    • mattdamonwayans

      Ravel Santana?

    • pat

      He’s in a boot, but on an interview elsewhere Newman said he’s healing up well and will be ready for ST.

  • RetroRob

    Protecting Adams was unusual based on the history of the Rule 5 draft, but also a no-brainer on the current state of the Rule 5. With the changes to the prior CBA, the quality available in the Rule 5 draft is quite limited. Adams is exactly the type of player that would be grabbed because he offers high upside. That’s quite a bit more than what the other players offer.

    • Ted Nelson

      How is that different from any Rule 5 draft? When was a potential everyday player not likely to get claimed in the Rule 5?

  • Women’s Lib is Ms.Guided

    I think Adams’ injury might have made it easier for a team to get him through the season, since they could start him on the DL, do a rehab, etc.