Yankees interested in re-signing Luis Ayala


Via Ben Nicholson-Smith, the Yankees remain interested in re-signing the worst sub-2.00 ERA pitcher in baseball history, Luis Ayala. Well, technically that nickname doesn’t apply anymore thanks to that three-run homer he allowed to Evan Longoria in Game 162 last year, which knocked his final ERA up to 2.09.

In all seriousness, Ayala was perfectly fine given his role, which was basically the last guy in the bullpen for most of the season. He did it with ground balls (50.0%), not with strikeouts (6.27 K/9 and 16.7 K%) or even by limiting walks (3.21 BB/9 and 8.6 BB%). The Yankees have two open spots in their bullpen and Ayala — who turns 34 on Thursday — would fit decently into one of them, but this isn’t a situation where they have to go nuts to sign him. Five other clubs reportedly have interest in signing him, and anything more than a few hundred grand or so would really be pushing it.

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  1. flamingo says:

    OH GOD NO.

    Not a very measured, reasonable response, but there you have it.

  2. vin says:

    As mentioned in the post, the Yanks have 2 open spots in the pen. One has to go to a long-man, especially early in the season when cold weather, pitch counts, and advanced hitters routinely knock starters out early in the game (haven’t seen any studies on it, but I’m confident saying that anyway).

    If they sign Ayala, then they’ll return the Rule V guys, and won’t have room for a second LOOGY. Given the Yankees roster construction, I don’t think Ayala is deserving of a major league deal.

  3. Yank The Frank says:

    Anybody but Sergio.

    • gageagainstthemachine says:

      Agreed. As a fan, I know what his role is and expect as much. With that said, Ayala fit the role well, while Sergio “Joe-Giradrdi’s-secret-man-crush” Mitre never could. Knowing the role that is being addressed, I will take Ayala (and possibly missing out on a better option, which would be who?) right this second if it meant that Sergio would be shut out immediately. Part of me thinks Joe Girardi does “The Crying Game” shower scene everytime the Yankees dump Sergio’s worthless arm.

  4. Dan 2 says:

    he may have had a .209 ERA but he was worth about +2 points of ERA for everyone who pitched ahead of him and had the misfortune to put a runner on base. No one cleaned the bases of inherited runners better than Ayala.

  5. Matt DiBari says:

    If its between Ayala who we’ll rarely seen in meaningful innings and a second lefty who we;ll all be cursing, I pick Ayala.

  6. George Clint says:

    Still sore that we never resigned Aceves when we had the chance. Who cares about Ayala?

  7. BK2ATL says:

    Please don’t just sign him for the sake of signing him. We can take our lucky season from him and walk away.

  8. Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

    While I think Ayala would make a decent warm body in the bullpen again, I have no trust that he would even keep up what he did last year for a second season, and would much rather that spot go to someone like George Kontos, who could still develop into something much greater. I don’t think the team has to go beyond what they already have for those two last bullpen spots.

  9. nedro says:

    Ugh. Not a big fan.

  10. well you know says:

    Ayala cannot control the running action on his two seamer. He hit six batters in 56 IP, which is ridiculous. That’s more than Mo, Ro, So and Co had combined (5).

    When he came into the ninth inning of G2 of the ALDS, what did he do? Hit the first batter, which turned into a key run when the Yanks mounted a rally in the bottom half.

    So I expect him back, of course.

  11. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    anything more than a few hundred grand or so would really be pushing it.

    Since the minimum salary under the new CBA is now $480k, I guess we can cross Ayala off the list.

  12. Yardisiak says:

    85.7 LOB%, a 4.19 FIP and 6.27 K/9. Thank him for the lucky 60ip and move on. Take a chance on the 2nd lefty options or Kontos instead.

  13. dan gen says:

    cheap,awful and mitre like…we want him because we r small market!

  14. Delia says:

    I thought Scott Proctor gave up the HR to Evan Longoria which led to the Rays winning…

    Anyway, the Yankees should re-sign him. Ayala was one of the best in the bullpen behind Mo and Robertson.

    • Peter says:

      The game winner was off Proctor. That was Longoria’s 2 nd of the day. The blast off Ayala came couple innings earlier I believe.

      N pass on Ayala. Someone in house can do it

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