Draft Updates: Stewart, Frare, Lopez, Flight


First rounder Ty Hensley is on his way to Tampa to take his physical, but here are some updates on a few Day Two and Day Three draft selections…

  • “I’ll be holding center field down next year in a (Florida State Seminoles) uniform,” said D.J. Stewart to Corey Dowlar, an indication that the 28th round pick won’t be signing. Stewart, along with fellow outfielders Vincent Jackson (23) and Ty Moore (25), was one of those high-upside high school plays in the late rounds. The Yankees saved draft pool money by selecting five college seniors in the top ten rounds so they’d able to sign one or maybe two of those guys, but it doesn’t sound like it’ll be Stewart.
  • High school left-hander Caleb Frare (11) will officially sign after taking his physical on Monday, reports Ryan Minch. Slot money for all picks after the tenth round is $100K with any overage being applied to the draft pool. “They asked if I wanted to sign an 11th round contract and I told them ‘yes,’” said Frare. “It was a team-by-team basis for the most part but going in there was a few teams that if they drafted me, I would have signed regardless of which round it was … (The contract) looked good. They are going to honor my scholarship to Utah when I’m done playing baseball whether that is next year or 20 years from now. That makes the decision a little bit easier.”
  • Right-hander Stefan Lopez (16) told Chris Landry that he and his representatives were scheduled to meet with the Yankees last night in an attempt to hammer out a contract. The Southeastern Louisiana closer also said the team contacted him during the draft to see if he would sign for what they were offering in the tenth round, but he said no. They instead took a late-round flier on him rather than risk losing draft pool money if he hadn’t signed in that tenth round. “I don’t want to short-change myself,” said Lopez, who pitched through a torn ACL at the end of the season.
  • Left-hander Tim Flight (17) and his advisor will soon meet with area scout Matt Hyde to discuss a contract according to Kevin Gray. The decorated Southern New Hampshire University ace — he was named Division II Pitcher of the Year this spring and is up for the Tino Martinez Award as the top player in Division II — told the Yankees he is willing to sign but is hoping to land and above slot bonus. Again, everything over the first $100k gets applied to the draft pool.
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  • jjyank

    Thanks for the updates, Mike. I really don’t know anything about these guys other than what I’ve read here and a couple of other places, but post-draft time is just exciting for me regardless. Who knows who this year’s Matt Moore will be? It’s fun to dream.

  • Steve (different one)

    “They are going to honor my scholarship to Utah when I’m done playing baseball whether that is next year or 20 years from now. That makes the decision a little bit easier.”

    Who is “they” here? The yanks? Utah?

    Is this a way to get around the rules and sweeten a deal without hitting the pool

    • Mike

      Scholarship money to return to college doesn’t count against the pool.

  • Smart Guy

    david thompson and kyle farmer are also going back to school

  • Smart Guy

    also saxon butler and charles basford are in tampa taking physicals to sign

  • MC

    LSU outfielder Raph Rhymes has reportedly said he will not sign, according to ESPN.

  • AC

    Stephan Lopez. Turned down a tenth round selection slot $$$. Team took him well after that with a late round flier. Now he’s trying to hammer out a deal ? He turfed down 10th rd slot $$$ but now wants more than that and they took him well after that? How’s he got leverage ?

    • munson’s stache

      Lopez now has the $100,000 allowed for post tenth rounders plus any overage money that the yanks saved by drafting all of those seniors in the first ten rounds as “play money”. If they really want him, he could carve out an extra $100K or so.

  • Danny

    Maybe it’s just me, but for a guy with a good fastball and no secondaries who comes from a small school, Lopez’s quotes come off a bit strong in a negative way. I understand not wanting to say something to lose money but still it seems quite odd.

  • Wayne

    Doesn’t look like we will be able to sign Timothy flight if he wants above slot money in bonuses. Really wanted him signed. If we were to sign flight and Ty Hensley I’ d be happy as far as starting pitchers you’d want signed from this draft.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      they are able to sign him, that’s why they drafted so many college players earlier in the draft to go above slot for some 10+ rounders.