Olney: Yankees have “no intention” in joining bidding for Hamels


Via Buster Olney, the Yankees have “no intention” of getting involved in the bidding for Cole Hamels unless the Phillies’ asking price dropped dramatically. The other day we heard that Philadelphia had begun to gauge trade interest in their homegrown ace left-hander.

We’re going to hear an awful lot of stuff like this in the coming weeks and almost all of it posturing. The Yankees have no reason not to say they won’t get involved unless the price drops and about a million reasons not to say they will get involved. At the end of the day, it’s all about putting yourself in the best possible position to negotiate. Saying you aren’t interested is the best way to do that.

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  1. Kevin G. says:

    No intention? I expect Hamels in a Yankees uniform by next Sunday if that’s the case

  2. JobaWockeeZ says:

    If they won’t use the prospects for a pitcher like Hamels then just keep them please.

  3. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    First of all, the Yankees don’t have any of the position players the Phillies need. Plus it would take a package of Manny, Mason Williams, and two more prospects to get him. Not to mention the $18-$20m a year he would want.

    • Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

      Worth it.

      • Murderers' Row Boat says:

        So you’re willing to spend all those prospects, plus 6 years at 20m a year for an NL pitcher who has won over 15 games once(in 2007), has similar career numbers to Javier Vazquez the year before they traded for him, and has is(I’m being polite) not the brightest bulb in the pack?

  4. Chris says:

    We’ll trade for Ryan Dempster.

  5. Countryclub says:

    I wouldn’t mind trading the farm, so to speak, if I knew Hamels was signing an extension. Otherwise, it’s not worth the risk.

  6. Kosmo says:

    good that NY is not in the bidding for Hamels. IMO SP is not NY primary concern at this time, adding a bat like Victorino and a good reliever. Of course if gardner comes back healthy then that would cancel out the need to go outside the org for another bat unless of course it´s AOYCR.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      Victorino is a pretty overrated player I think.

      • Kosmo says:

        I´m certainly not gushing when I invoke his name but I think he´s a solid player. Yanks aren´t going to get a great hitter at the trade deadline unless they unload boatload of prospects. Victorino and DeJesus come to mind as good affordable players.

        • Knoxvillain says:

          I wouldn’t mind DeJesus if the Cubs pick up some salary, but Victorino’s slash line is terrible this year. I have a feeling if that the Phillies would ask for a lot in return for Victorino, and if Gardner does come back healthy, he wouldn’t even be a starter.

    • Brian S. says:

      Or we could promote Ronnier Mustelier.

  7. hal stein says:

    Cash can trade for Hamels if he wants….but no way Id let him sign him. I have vacation homes to build!

  8. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    I hate to break it too you guys, but think more Francisco Liriano than Cole Hamels. Lefty, pitches in the AL, cheap in terms of trade cost and salary, a Twins team looking to get rid of him, and can slot into the bullpen if needed.

    Otherwise starting after the All-Star break the only hole in the rotation is Pettitte’s.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      I don’t think the Yankees would even consider Liriano. He just completely sucks ass.

    • Cuso says:

      You’re right in that they’re not going to get Hamels.

      You’re nuts if you think they’re going to trade ANYTHING for Liriano. They’d roll with a rotation of Phelps, Mitchell & Warren before they did that.

      They’re not trading for a misfit just because it helps the Twins. Hate to break it to you.

      • Murderers' Row Boat says:

        I never said they would trade for Liriano. I said it’s more likely that they will trade for him rather than a Hamels. With a Hamels trade you have to factor in what his contract will do to the future budget. Do the Yankees really want to take on the contact of an NL-only pitcher hoping he doesn’t turn into another Vazquez?

        • Knoxvillain says:

          I think it’s an equal zero percent chance they trade for either of them, or even try to.

          • Murderers' Row Boat says:

            I’d say 0% for Hamels and 5% for Liriano.

            Liriano is everything you’d look for. Same age as Hamels(28)at a faction of the cost. For the right price I can see the Yankees taking a chance on him. Figure one low prospect and the Yanks soak up the rest of his contract.

            But you’re right, neither move looks like it will happen.

            • Ted Nelson says:

              Has everything you’d look for besides, you know, being good. But his handedness and age are huge strengths and all…

    • Kosmo says:

      I agree. Liriano could start if one of Phelps or Garcia fail or be good BP addition.

      • Knoxvillain says:

        Why the hell would you want Liriano to start? He sucks in Target Field, you wanna picture him in Yankee Stadium in the AL East? His best start would be four innings of ten run ball. He’s terrible. If they want Liriano they can just call up Betances.

        • Brian S. says:

          He’s been really good ever since he came back.

          • Knoxvillain says:

            You mean coming back from the bullpen on one of the worst teams in baseball? Liriano has had one pretty good year in seven seasons, and it wasn’t that great of a year. He is probably the most overrated pitcher in all of baseball.

            That ERA of almost 6 in Target Field doesn’t look all that great.

            • Robert says:

              Are you for real? In 2006 he was one of the best pitchers in the AL.

              • Knoxvillain says:

                Six years ago. He wasn’t one of the best pitchers in the AL. He was good, but not even close to being one of the best.

                • radnom says:

                  He had a WHIP of exactly 1.00 with 10 K/9 and an era of 2.16. He was pretty beastly, it just wasn’t a full season.

                  • radnom says:

                    He had a 4.4 WAR with only 120 IP. Thats why he will always be tantalizing. Its always been injuries with him, you get the feeling that at some point he will pull off another little freak streak of health again. Happens all the time.

                    • Ted Nelson says:

                      It’s not just injuries, it’s work ethic. Guy is known for not working at all.

                      He could have a hot streak, but he’s more liely to be awful… So are you going to risk tht in the rotation, let alone trade anything of value to risk it?

        • Kosmo says:

          he´s pitched better of late and no need to make exaggerated claims . A change of scenery could help him. Nothing is as black and white as your making it out to be.

          • Knoxvillain says:

            Look at the teams he’s been pitching against. He hasn’t been all that impressive. I don’t think they’re exaggerated claims, I just think Liriano sucks.

  9. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    Trade him for CoJo, Mustelier, Ramiro Pena and one of Cashman’s crazed prostitutes.

  10. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    With Cash being a regular RAB Lurker, he’s now shifted his focus from Cole to Kole.

  11. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Hamels isn’t happening now or after the season since I’m sure those crazy ass Dodgers will throw an 8/$200 contract in front of him to go back to SoCal this winter

  12. Mattingly Sideburns says:

    Anyone worried about trading the Yankees best prospects for Hamels, go take a peek at Jesus Montero’s numbers. If you can get him Cash, do it.

  13. Crime Dog says:

    I love Hamels, but I’m just thinking the Yankees won’t get involved at all. Almost like the Darvish stuff. They’ll make a modest offer but that’s about it. And this is this offseason, I don’t think they’ll get involved with Amaro at all this summer.

  14. Pounder says:

    Whats Kei Igawa doing these days?

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