Hot .GIF Action: Mark Montgomery

Saturday Night Open Thread
Rothschild discusses lightening CC's workload

That’s right-hander Mark Montgomery, the Yankees’ top relief prospect, in tonight’s Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Showcase. He struck out the side in his scoreless inning, allowing a base-runner when the first baseman booted a ground ball. Baseball America said he had “a slider that grades as major league plus already” following the 2011 draft, when New York grabbed him in the 11th round. More .gifs after the jump.

Montgomery (career 14.6 K/9 and 40.0 K%) will likely start next season back in Double-A Trenton and could be in the big league bullpen sometime in the second half.

Saturday Night Open Thread
Rothschild discusses lightening CC's workload
  • Hermodorus

    Gnarles Gnarlington

  • Austin Aunelowitzky

    I’m no scout, I don’t know Mason’s ass from Slade’s elbow… but that’s kind of a funky delivery, no? Any concerns about arm trouble down the road ??

    • VT Yankee Fan

      It looks like he keeps his elbow below the plane of this shoulder and not moving it too far behind his back. I’m no scout either but those are common flaws that lead to arm problems.

    • Ted Nelson

      A lot of times relievers have lower arm slots that a starter couldn’t get away with.

  • OldYanksFan

    The movement on those pitches is insane!

  • John

    a little brian boehringer

    • vin

      Good call.

  • Jamey

    Just don’t be Mark Melancon 2.0

  • jjyank

    That slider reminds me of 2007 Joba. Very impressive. Keep it up, kid. I look forward to one day calling you “K-Mark”.

    • Jonathan

      Yeah and on top of that Joba threw consistently upper 90’s with command and 2 other average to plus MLB pitches on top of the triple digits gas and slider…and somehow they managed to screw that up. Scouting report as a reliever.

      • Fin

        I’m just guessing but it might have to do with throwing all of 88 innings in the minor leagues.

        • Ted Nelson

          Probably not.

      • G

        He was also incredibly injury prone… Just saying.

        • Fin

          He was injury prone, which should have made the Yankees even take more precautions with him. I mean the man only threw 88 innings before being called to MLB in the same season.

          Even clemens threw a few (40) more innings but it wasnt until his second season he got called up. The handling of Joba and really Hughes, as well, was about as bad as it gets.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            The handling of Joba and really Hughes, as well, was about as bad as it gets.


            I’m still trying to understand why they thought it was a good idea to pitch him in a lost season as a reliever no less when he was coming off an injury. Then Joba comes enters 2009 with low velocity and they do what they always do when a pitcher isn’t throwing as hard “It’s early…no need to panic…no one throws hard this early…blah blah blah.” Then when it’s obvious something is wrong that’s when they take notice.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        When it comes to developing starters this org is bad at it.

        Waits for the typical response “Yankees aren’t bad at it. A lot of it depends on luck. Name teams who draft at the same position as the Yankees and have more success than them”

        • pat

          What is the typical answer to the typical response?

        • Ted Nelson

          Your ignorant comment is just as typical bud

          • The Big City of Dreams

            Ted glad you showed up. I knew you would be one person to comment on the post.

            It’s not ignorant it’s the truth. When it comes to developing starting pitching the Yankees have done a bad job.

  • emvypea

    I don’t see why it’s really necessary to wait until the second half. If Montgomery is looking sharp in ST, there’s a good chance he’ll be at least better than the Cody Epply’s of the world out of camp, and be in solid position for one of those last roster spots. I think the Yanks can afford to give him a real chance, it’s to the benefit of both paties. At least start him in AAA with on-the-door-step status.

  • Sham WOW Guy

    When I think of Hot.GIF Action, Mark Montogomery doesnt come to top of mind. Not that theres anything wrong about it.

    nice slider

  • Rey22

    Nasty movement

  • MannyGeee

    Can’t wait to trade him for Felix Hernandez 2 years too late…

    – Brian Cashman (as read by EddardWorld)

  • viridiana

    Incredible stuff. How many innings has Montgomery pitched already this year? Seems like a lot. Maybe time to shut him down. Bring him back healthy next spring.

    • B-Rando

      Lol. No idea where he is at inning wise. No real justification for it. But lets shut him down…

  • Strat

    Russell Martin just saw that clip and decided to sign elsewhere. #bumps’nbruises

  • Monterowasnotdinero

    Fork ball? Great sinker. Jim Johnson #’s would be fine. A nice backup for Mo.

  • Robert

    He should be on the MLB opening day roster, Yank team needs some excitement!!!

  • Pelham123

    I agree he looks nasty…but some of those sliders will be taken and fbs slammed by REAL hitters. Adam warren was lights out too at this level..and a few higher. Comparing to joba is ridiculous because he got MLB players out with his nastiness. I could strike some of these clowns out. My point: let him learn. If he’s the real deal…we’ll find out. Barring the usual crippling injury weve become accustom too….and the inevitable trade for the star pitcher – and his undisclosed crippling injury, of course.

  • Derrick

    My only concern is that major league hitters will lay off the slider after seeing him a few times.

    • Francesa

      Yeah just like batters smartly laid off Mo’s cutter after 1997. BTW, WTF ever happened to Rivera anyway?

      • Derrick

        a 95mph cutter that he throws for strikes. Same thing as a slider that ends up in dirt. Good comparison.

        • G

          If you didn’t notice, he can throw the slider for a strike quite well too.

      • Rooting for U.S. Steel

        Rivera has kicked around in the Yankees’ system for the last 15 or so years. Look at his stats: He tosses around 70-75 innings a year during the season and is done. The team usually calls on him late in games when they need someone to eat an inning.

        Sad, really. What coulda been…

    • Steve (different one)

      The excerpt says his slider has graded as “major league plus”.

      Doesn’t that mean that most hitters will NOT be able to lay off?? If the pitch was easy to recognize, it would not grade as plus.

      Now, of course the scouts could be wrong, but I think the ability to lay off a slider is already baked into the grading of the pitch.

  • Bryan G

    Actually Warren has been mediocre once he got above AA no? And the AFL is a higher level of comp than AA so Monty is already outperforming that comp. I very much you could get those same guys out, and I trust pro scouts more than your anecdotal observation.

  • Francesa

    Actually Warren had an excellent second half at AAA this season. Narrative out of the fundament much?

  • Buhner’s barber

    Speaking of hot relief action, is there anyway to get Graham Stoneburner’s numbers just as a reliever? The scouting report by (I think) Kiley McDaniel got me excited at the thought of two home grown bullpen arms.

  • Steve (different one)

    Have we closed the book on Warren after 4 bad innings? Tough crowd.

    • Ted Nelson

      The reactionary crowd has, I’m sure.

  • Gary

    I know this guy and he is the real deal. Great work ethic and determination. I look for him to do really well in the big leagues.

  • I Live in My Mom’s (Flooded) Basement

    Right, and in support of your position, Job got hammered when he came up, which destroyed his confidence. Wait, that didn’t happen.

  • IronHorse

    what does GIF mean?