Ramiro Pena headlines crop of minor league free agents

What Went Wrong: April Hughes (and more!)
Yankees claim David Herndon off waivers from Blue Jays

Baseball America published their annual list of the offseason’s minor league free agents today, a collection of 549 total players. Here are the players the Yankees are losing to the open market…

RHP: Jason Bulger (AAA), Kelvin Castro (R), Manny Delcarmen (AAA), Grant Duff (AA), John Maine (AAA), Ronny Marte (HiA), Jon Meloan (AAA), Tim Norton (AAA), Ramon Ortiz (AAA), Kevin Whelan (AAA)
LHP: Lee Hyde (AA), Mike O’Connor (AAA), Josh Romanski (AA)
C: Jose Gil (AAA), Gustavo Molina (AAA), Craig Tatum (AAA)
3B: Kevin Russo (AAA)
SS: Doug Bernier (AAA), Walter Ibarra (AA), Ramiro Pena (AAA)
OF: Edwin Beard (SS), Cole Garner (AAA)

Pena, who has spent parts of the last four seasons in New York, headlines the crop of mostly older, veteran players. Losing the three Triple-A catchers is part of the reason why the Yankees claimed Eli Whiteside yesterday. Someone needs to sit on the bench and be the backup in Scranton. Whelan and Russo had very brief stints with the Yankees a few years ago, and Garner made some noise early in Spring Training this year. Duff and Norton have already transitioned to coaching within the organization.

The Yankees already re-signed four would-be minor league free agents to new minor league contracts a few weeks ago, most notably lefty Juan Cedeno and outfielder Abe Almonte. Andrew Brackman (Reds) is the most notable former Yankees farmhand cut lose by another team.

What Went Wrong: April Hughes (and more!)
Yankees claim David Herndon off waivers from Blue Jays
  • Rey22

    Wasn’t one of Duff or Norton a reasonably promising(meaning at least average big league middle relief) bullpen arm at some point? Or am I remembering it wrong/confusing them with someone else?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Norton. He was insane in AA and AAA last season until he got hurt again.

  • Bob Buttons

    Does Edwin Beard have facial hair?

    • Mike Myers

      not if the boss has anything to say about it.

  • Greg

    The fact that none of these guys are any good isn’t a good thing. It means that we don’t have a very deep system.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      1. The guys who are good get kept.

      2. The guys who are good are almost never in the minors long enough to qualify for minor league free agency anyway.

      Did you even bother to look at the players leaving other teams?

      • Joe

        Mike, out of this list who is worth brining back?

  • JW

    Well, give the Yankees credit for making the right call on Brackman when they let him go after last season. I hope Betances doesn’t follow in his footsteps . . .

  • Steve S

    1) I would like to bring Jon Meloan back.
    2) I would bet a lot of money that Kevin Whelan ends up on the Pirates.

    Mike and RAB crew, who are some worthwhile names on other teams that became FAs? Anyone worthy of a 40-man roster spot?

  • Dave

    I remember the Reds said they “fixed” Brackman’s control problems that the evil Yankees obviously messed up. He first start was good in AAA and then he stunk the rest of the year. He was even worse with them. Probably over for him.