Update: Yankees have not re-signed Ichiro

Feinsand: Pettitte has started offseason workouts
Report(s): Yankees optimistic about signing Rivera this week

12:33am: Erik Boland hears there is “no truth” to the report, so the Yankees have not re-signed Ichiro. Joel Sherman says there’s aren’t even serious talks ongoing.

8:36am: According to Nikkan Sports (translated article), the Yankees have re-signed Ichiro Suzuki to a one-year contract worth $5M plus incentives. Sweeny Murti, however, says it is just a rumor and not a done deal. No offense to the reporters overseas, but I have more trust in the local scribes. That price certainly passes the sniff test though.

Ichiro, 39, has indicated he “strongly wants to stay” with the team and is willing to wait for them to take care of other offseason business first. If the Yankees do bring him back as the primary right fielder, adding a right-handed hitting outfielder for the bench will be an absolute must. The same goes for a big bat at DH, because they’re going to be losing quite a bit of offense by replacing Nick Swisher with Ichiro.

Feinsand: Pettitte has started offseason workouts
Report(s): Yankees optimistic about signing Rivera this week
  • mike_h

    awesome, welcome back Ichiro!!!!

  • Andrew J.

    Good news. Mo and Andy next.

  • Mike Myers

    Im curious how much playing time the promised him.

  • Bartolo I Hurt My Colon

    It looks like if this is going to be a good day. I just read that they are nearing an agreement with Pettite. On top of that my mother in law just announced to the family that she’s moving back to DR. Wohooooooooo!!

  • MB923

    Sweet, the only thing that worries me is that No confirmation thing lol

  • http://Yankee.com Joe

    Read this morning, Pettite has said he will return to Yankees, they are now working on a deal..

  • Mister D

    True 4th OF, sure. Strong side platoon in RF, no thanks.

    • Apellosine

      Raul + Ichiro as the RF platoon will be nice as well as being able to rest Gardy/Grandy if needed. All of this in a fairly cheap package of 5mil + incentives which I assume consist of average and hits and maybe SB.

      • CountryClub

        He was passable last yr, but I’d rather not see Raul in an OF platoon. Let him be in a DH platoon and maybe he plays the field 10-15 times during the year.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        No. Ichiro in RF, Raul as DH, right-handed hitting 4th OF to be signed next. Preferably someone with adequate defense and some power (and not too many strikeouts, and … oh well, we’ll take what we get).

        • Ted Nelson

          I’d rather not see Ibanez as the regular DH if Ichiro is the regular RF. Could end up being the best option, though, I suppose.

    • Adam Otten

      Platoon with who? Ibanez? Doubt that. Ibanez will be the everyday DH

    • KennyH123

      I don’t understand the infatuation with a 39 yr old slap hitting corner OFer with a .340 OBP. I really don’t. He’s spent his entire career refusing to walk so he can pad his hit totals. But with his defense and arm and speed, in his prime, he was still elite. He is merely solid defensively now, has clearly lost a step, and a good 4th OFer. That’s it.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        He’s spent his entire career refusing to walk so he can pad his hit totals.

        I don’t get this. Other than his low BB totals & %, I see nothing in his stats to suggest he avoids the walk. He just seems to be an excellent contact hitter. His O-Zone swing % is in line with league averages. What stats makes you believe he’s tried to pad his career hit totals other than the lack of walks? If you make excellent contact and put the ball in play when you hit it, you generally won’t walk. They guy has ad a possible HOF career doing things like he’s done since joining the MLB.

        I understand the talk of him being a light hitting OF and not having a high OBP, but that doesn’t mean he’s spent his career padding his personal stats at the expense of the team.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Who, honestly, can we point to and say “that guy engaged in stat-padding rather than the overall good?”

          These claims, like with the Swisher nonsense, is just the usual fan trying too hard to sound smart.

  • Leg-End

    Ichiro! Great deal.

  • jsbrendog

    and the hunt for a longterm RF begins!!!! welcome back placeholder suzuki

  • Jersey Joe

    Trade for Heisey and we got us an outfield!

  • BronxBombers98

    Does the link work for anyone else? It appears to be a dead link and I can’t find anything besides this that says he is signed.

    • Leg-End

      Theres an errant full stop before twitter.com, just delete it.

      • BronxBombers98

        Ah okay I got it now. Thanks

  • CountryClub

    I’m fine with a 1 yr deal at 5 mil. An all lefty OF worries me, especially since 2 of them have little power. But it’ll be nice to have Gardner and Ichiro causing issues on the base paths.

    • LarryM., Fl.

      I agree but maybe a trade of Granderson is in the offering. Too many things occurring at once or near each other.

    • Buddha

      The deal is suppose to be 1 year and $5 mil plus incentive. I’m sure the deal is worth around $10-12 mil, if Ichiro has a great season with the Yankees in 2013.

      • Ted Nelson

        If he does sign, will be interesting to see the incentives. They can’t be based on performance, though, just appearances.

    • Ted Nelson

      Yeah, but RH corner bats who hit LHP are about the easiest thing to come by in MLB.

      • Ted Nelson

        Meaning that getting a platoon guy should not be hard.

  • The Real Eddard

    YES! With the news of Andy’s return this could be a good season. Ichiro gives us speed, contact hitting, solid defense and he’s on a cheap 1 year deal. Great signing.

  • Cris Pengiucci

    I’m neither thrilled with this nor opposed to it. It’s a cheap enough deal for 1 year that it will have no or extremely little effect on the team long term. If Ichiro can return to the form he showed at the end of last season, it’ll be a great pick up. If not, hopefully they pick up a solid (preferably right-handed hitting) 4th OF, and this will be an easy mistake to cover.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    Solid move by Yankees. Now they just need a someone who rakes against lefties to platoon with Ichiro who’s not too atrocious defensively.

  • ER

    ((((((((((( WAY TO GO )))))))))

  • http://theevilsquare.com handtius

    surprised they didn’t wait longer.

  • CountryClub

    Sweeny Murti ?@YankeesWFAN
    Am told Ichiro deal is not done, just rumor. It is clear Yanks have interest in bringing him back, so entirely possible at some point.

    • MB923

      Was just going to post that. Oh well. I’m sure he’ll still be back, and I really do hope it’s only for $5 mil

      • CountryClub

        I’m more concerend about the 1 yr part. I don’t even want to see an option.

        • CountryClub


          • MB923

            If Andy, Mo and Kuroda all got 1 year deals at their ages, I’m pretty sure Ichiro will.

            • CountryClub

              You’re probably right. But Kuroda and Andy wanted 1 yr deals. And we don’t know what Mo is getting yet.

              • MB923

                Mo was hesitant on coming back himself. I don’t think he’ll suddenly ask for a 2 year deal.

  • Yank the Frank

    Just for attitude alone I want him back.

  • Paco Dooley

    “Erik Boland hears there is “no truth” to the report and the Yankees have not re-signed Ichiro.”

    Intentional double negative? No truth that they have re-signed him, or no truth that they have not? I’m confused. I haven’t see this reported elsewhere, so I am going to assume that there is no truth to the rumor at the moment.

    • Ethan

      the “and” negates the double negative i believe.

  • Reggie C.

    Damn. I’m hoping the Japanese jumped the gun on the report and that Ichiro is still negotiating quietly with Cashman/Levine/Eppler.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    This will get done eventually, I think, even if the gun was jumped slightly, as the interest appears pretty mutual here.

    I don’t mind bringing him back. I just hope there’s some pretty strong depth to follow, plus the chance that the team blows up this outfield plan if the right big deal comes along.

    • nsalem

      Stop Joshing around the bush.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I thought it was only appropriate to discuss Josh Hamilton in threads that otherwise would have nothing to do with him like, say, the Mo thread.

        • nsalem

          Actually my comment was about ex presidents

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Given the proposed OF roster construction (Granderson, 1 year remaining, Gardner, inexpensive with some team control remaining I believe, and Ichiro, also relatively inexpensive), I’m sure they’d be happy to creatively blow it up for the right big, long-term solution.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Nick Swisher WAS your starting first basenan for a while in 2009. These things can happen.

        • Cris Pengiucci

          Times were different then (financially), but yes, Cashman & team have pulled off some wonderfull stealth moves.

  • jsbrendog

    womp womp

  • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    /price is right horn

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    So basically the Yankees told Ichiro what his contract would be if he resigned, Ichiro thinks it’s fine, but no one has signed anything yet.

  • Mike

    Go sign Dan Haren!!!