Report: Yankees still haven’t heard from Pettitte about 2013

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Via Ken Davidoff & Joel Sherman: Brian Cashman and the Yankees have still not heard from Andy Pettitte about his intentions for next season. The left-hander supposedly “hinted strongly” at returning last month, and Marc Carig says Joe Girardi has spoken to Andy recently and wouldn’t be surprised if he came back.

Pettitte, 40, said he hoped to make a decision about his future within a month after the Yankees were eliminated from the ALCS. He has since changed agents, joining Casey Close after being represented by the Hendricks Brothers throughout his career. Close also represents Derek Jeter. The Yankees appear to be waiting for Pettitte (and Hiroki Kuroda) to decide on his future before moving forward with their offseason plans because hey, getting him back on a one-year deal is more attractive than most of the other free agent pitching options out there.

Prospect Profile: Ty Hensley
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  • Preston

    Why would he change agents if he wasn’t planning on coming back? He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would want to get into tv or to many commercials after retiring.

    • Monty

      Did he do those “I found GOD” commercials a while back?

    • RetroRob

      Changing agents at all is a surprise coming from someone like Pettitte. He’s been with the Hendricks Brothers I believe his entire career. Interesting he’d ditch them at the very end.

      • RetroRob

        …and to answer my own post, it appears he’d not with Close, but instead followed his former agent, Jim Murray, from Hendricks to Excell Sports Management. That does sound like an Andy move.

        From RotoWorld:

        Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that Andy Pettitte will be represented by Jim Murray at Excel Sports Management.
        It was previously reported that Pettitte would be Casey Close, who runs the baseball division at Excel Sports Management. Murray previously worked for the Hendricks brothers, so it appears Pettitte is simply following his agent to his new place of work. The veteran southpaw has yet to make a decision on whether he’ll return for 2013, but the Yankees are optimistic he’ll be back. Nov. 7 – 3:01 pm et

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    Cashman better get down on bended knee and beg Pettitte and Kuroda to return.