Yankees re-sign Hiroki Kuroda

Roster Moves: Rule 5 Draft, Storey, Herndon
On trading Curtis Granderson

Last offseason the Yankees didn’t sign Hiroki Kuroda until mid-January. They didn’t wait that long this winter. Kuroda has officially signed a new contract with New York, the team announced. Buster Olney says it’s a one-year deal worth $15M plus incentives that total less than $1M. Pretty sweet deal.

“I am very happy and excited to re-sign with the Yankees,” said Kuroda in a statement. “I am very grateful for all of the interest and all of the offers that I received from the various teams that courted me. It was a tough decision for me to make, but at the end of the day, I wanted to try to win a championship with the teammates that I went to battle with last season.”

Kuroda, 38 in February, pitched to a 3.32 ERA (3.86 FIP) in a career-high 33 starts and 219.2 innings with the Yankees in 2012, his first season in pinstripes. He also tacked on two stellar postseason starts for good measure, bringing his season total to 235.2 innings. That workload is a bit of a concern heading into next year, but at the end of the day, bringing Kuroda back for a year was far too good to pass up.

The one-year contract works well for both sides. The Yankees are trying to get under the $189M luxury tax threshold in 2014 and this deal won’t impact future payroll. It also limits risk stemming from that career-high workload. Kuroda maintains he will finish his playing career back in Japan, so he has the flexibility to go back home after the season. The Yankees made the right-hander a qualifying offer a few weeks ago and would have received draft pick compensation had he signed with a different MLB team.

With Kuroda back in the fold, the next order of business for Brian Cashman & Co. is to re-sign Mariano Rivera and hopefully do the same with Andy Pettitte should he decide to keep playing. Right field and catcher must also be addressed, but shoring up the rotation was a more pressing matter. The Yankees can now move forward with their offseason plan knowing they have a reliable innings guy to slot between CC Sabathia and Phil Hughes in the rotation.

Roster Moves: Rule 5 Draft, Storey, Herndon
On trading Curtis Granderson
  • Knoxvillain

    Awesome. Pettitte is next hopefully.

    • MB923

      Or Mo

  • Need Pitching & Hitting

    Great news.

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    It felt inevitable to me, I’m very glad he’s back. If he got a raise over last year, it was well deserved

  • Get Phelps Up

    Another year of #HIROK!

  • Stevis


  • MB923

    Thank God.

  • MB923

    $15 million with incentives a little less than $1 million

  • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

    Good to have our “number 2” back! Loved you Hiroki.

    • MB923

      Still think what I said was a joke? lol

      • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

        Haha, my bad dude, you said rosenthal, and I went to his twitter and didn’t see anything…

        • MB923

          My bad too, I meant Olney

    • tom morea

      What do you mean Number 2? He pitched better than the FAT PIG!

      • JobaWockeeZ

        He did sure but that’s not happening again.

      • Get Phelps Up

        Rotation order is pretty meaningless.

        • JobaWockeeZ

          He’s not talking about order literally, he’s talking about the skill of the pitcher.

      • Slu

        This comment sucks. CC has been everything he was advertised to be.

        • dalelama

          Not exactly as with most of our current squad a post season underperformer.

  • MannyGeee

    Than Christ… I felt he was the most likely of the three pitching targets to be elsewhere (IMO it’s the Bronx or retirement for Pettitte and Mariano).

    Well done Cashman. Lets nail down those other 2 old guys please. By Friday if you could… KTHX

  • Claudell

    Glad to hear it!

  • cross777

    A $5 million dollar raise?!?!? Plus incentives. WTF.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Very fair, considering his performance last season.

    • MannyGeee

      He earned the SHIT out of that raise.

      • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

        +1 He was our best and most consistent starter from late April on last season. If(when) we resign Pettitte it should go:
        Fill in Scrap-heap guy here.

    • Steve (different one)

      You pay a premium for one year.

      Also, Jeremy Guthrie just got $25M/3 and he kindof sucks.

  • Steve (different one)


  • Leg-End

    Important signing nailed down.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    One year 15 million. Not bad. Best stopgap out there.

  • mj

    o thank god lets get mo signed and i can finally sleep a litte better at night

  • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

    okay so:
    1.a Re-Sign Kuroda
    1.b Resign Pettitte
    2. Find a valid replacement for Nick Swisher, or Resign Swisher
    3. Find a better BAIF then “The Baseball Player” Jayson Nix
    4. Put a voodoo spell on Pineda’s arm and Jeter’s ankle and A-Rod’s wrist so they’re all 100% by opening day.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      You left off “Re-sign Mo”. We’ll get there on all of these.

      • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

        I’m so confident that Mo’s going to resign I don’t even look at him as not being under contract right now.

    • MannyGeee

      All coming together as planned.

      Sidebar, I have that live chicken in transit to you for #4. Hold tight and keep an eye out for the UPS truck

  • Bob Buttons

    Don’t see why not.

    A bit surprised with the amount but not displeased.

  • Countryclub

    Now we just have to hope that last year’s workload doesn’t come back to bite them.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Don’t even think that!!!

  • Cy Pettitte

    1yr/$15m is a huge bargain, glad to have him come back. I would have understood if he went back to Japan but if he signed with the Angels, Dodgers, or another MLB team it would have sucked

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Not surprised. Didn’t think for a second it’d be anything other than Yanks or Japan.

    Welcome back, Hiroki.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      I wasn’t as confident, but I’m certainly glad it happened and happened relatively quickly. Hopefully Mo’s next, then Pettitte decides and signs before Christmas (early December maybe?).

    • MannyGeee

      You had more faith than me man.,,, I had bad visions of him in LA and us having to pray for Jason Marquis to perform the holy mother of dead cat bounces.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Holy fuck. You sunk to Jason Marquis.

        Anyone want to raise Manny a Pavano reunion?

  • Dro413

    A little bit 2 much but good signing. Come on Pettitte 1 more year 4 the playoffs!!

  • Tom

    Nice. Probably a but much, but on a 1 year deal you don’t want a guy walking for a mil or two.

    I would go after Pettitte (or another starter on a short term FA deal) and let Phelps/Nova battle it out for the 5th spot. The loser of that would be the 6th starter and while Pineda can’t be counted on he hopefully gives you more depth by mid-season

    • Cris Pengiucci

      I don’t really care how much they sign players for this year on one year deals. They just need to watch the longer term contracts.

    • KeithK

      If I’m running the Yankees I’d be willing to overpay a bit to sign a good player for a one year deal right now. Yes, there is a budget but since the 2014 cap seems to be the driver having contracts that don’t impact 2014 is worth a (small) premium.

  • Dro413

    Or maybe 2

  • Greg

    am I wrong, or are we all excited over the fact that a 38 year old is coming back, which will induce a 40 year guy to come back, which will induce a 44 year old guy to come back? If all of this happens, is Jamie Moyer calling next?

    • JobaWockeeZ

      No because it’s a stopgap and they have plans to get younger and better for 2014 and beyond.

      Or least they should.

    • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

      Wait is this Greg “The Real Greg” or is it First Name Only Troll Greg?

    • Get Phelps Up

      If they can still produce at an above average level, who gives a shit how old they are?

    • MannyGeee

      No, we’re excited because a guy who was flat out great last year (including in the playoffs) is coming back for a deal that meets our needs. I think this move is independent of Andy & MO. but let’s face it, they might be the 3 best options for this team, knowing what we know about 2014.

      It’s this or hope Dan Haren wants to take a 1/35 deal from the Yankees… So yeah

    • Cris Pengiucci

      am I wrong, or are we all excited over the fact that a 38 year old is coming back, which will induce a 40 year guy to come back, which will induce a 44 year old guy to come back?”

      No, you’re not wrong. We are all excited over this.

    • RetroRob

      I’m happy that a 38-year-old quality pitcher is coming back for one year, and hopefully that induces a 41-year-old quality pitcher to also come back, and it would be just super if a 43-year-old reliever, the greatest ever, also came back for one more year.

      I’d like the Yankees to get younger and better. If that’s not possible to do both now, I’ll be more than happy to welcome back some of the older and better pitchers in the league.

    • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

      I’ll always take talent over youth for the sake of youth

    • dalelama

      And with all that our team still isn’t any better than last year’s gag artists.

  • Rey22

    Welcome back #HIROK

  • forensic

    That’s a lot of money. He pitched much better than I thought he would this year. Hopefully he can repeat it again next year. Age is of course a concern with so many of their apparent targets this offseason.

    • Ted Nelson

      Still afraid the sky is falling, huh?

      • forensic

        Still making shit up that I never said, huh?

        • Ted Nelson

          I actually overestimated your intellect. How old are you? I was commenting on your general tone.

          • forensic

            So, someone voicing or acknowledging that there are concerns and warning signs with some of their players has the tone of saying the sky is falling? Its not as black and white as you’d like it to be. It doesn’t have to be one or the other of thinking they have a good team or acknowledging some potential issues with the roster construction or some of the players. It’s actually very possible to believe both.

            • Ted Nelson

              Right… But it’s black and white that I agree with everything the Yankees do… Nice double standard.

              Every team has issues and risks. Exaggerating the same ones in every thread without offering any solutions is beyond annoying. If this were an Astros blog, I’d understand. Incessant whining about this good a team is ridiculous.

              • dalelama

                Careful forensic Teddie doesn’t like it when someone points out his less than charming personality. It is awful lonely in mom’s basement.

                • Get Phelps Up

                  “It is awful lonely in mom’s basement.”

                  You’d know that better than anyone.

  • Yankee in CT

    Well deserved pay increase. What a relief!

  • mustang

    Good deal.


  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)


    This was the key move to the offseason, keeping the starting rotation intact. Now go sign someone like Soria to reinforce the bullpen and the pitching staff should be excellent as I’m still hopeful Hughes and Nova can improve on last season. Hopefully Andy Pettitte comes back too and I haven’t given up hope that Pineda could add something toward the end of next year.

    Even though I think the offense will fall back to middle of the pack, as long as the starting rotation and bullpen remain strong, they’ll always have a fighting chance.

  • Nathan


  • Fernando

    Excellent. Glad to have Hiroki back.

  • Miked

    One step closer to putting the same disappointing g team back together. at least Swisher is gone

    • jjyank

      What the fuck is a “g” team? One step closer to reuniting the team with the best record in the league, would be more accurate.

      • FIPster Doofus

        They only made it to the final four. They suck.

        Anyway, great news.

      • Ted Nelson

        It never fails to amaze me… We should get a closed board going to actually have discussions.

        • forensic

          Ban everyone who dares be objective, have opinions, and not always blindly agree with everything the Yankees do.

          How would there be discussions on that board you speak of? Everyone would just say the same thing over and over again, how scintillating. And you’d have no one to make shit up about anymore.

          • Get Phelps Up

            There’s a difference between not blindly agreeing with everything the Yankees do and saying crap like “One step closer to putting the same disappointing g team back together”

            • forensic

              Of course there is, but Ted won’t acknowledge that, and that’s the issue I was referring to.

              • gc

                But he didn’t actually SAY that. Stop making shit up he never actually said.

                See how that works? Stop acting like a fucking child.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                I actually think Ted’s perfectly willing to admit that.

                If you don’t want to engage in an argument with him, you actually don’t have to. You don’t have to let someone get under your skin around here.

                • forensic

                  I’m not so sure, being that he seems to follow me around saying I think the sky is falling, when I’ve never said implied anything like that. I’m far from the group of people he’s trying to refer to, but he includes me as the same.

                  Anyway, time to move on. I usually ignore him since his intentions have been made pretty clear here. I do usually ignore it, but he followed like 4 of my comments tonight making assertions that I never said and it just bugged me.

                  Not to mention that he’s now making personal attacks and insults on me. Yet he thinks I’m the immature one lacking intellect.

                  • Robinson Tilapia

                    Ignore. You’ve got more important things to worry about, and that’s not a knock on Ted. There’s just simply no Yankee-related topic that’s worth any of us going on and on about.

                  • RetroRob

                    I wouldn’t think twice about it. If you identify someone who seems to consistently have an issue with you, just ignore them, even if they ask a direct question. It’s way more empowering.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              I love how you left the misspelling intact there.

              • Get Phelps Up

                Copy and paste FTW!

          • Ted Nelson

            You are not smart enough to even converse with. You seem to comprehend next to nothing.

            I said to establish a new forum for intelligent commenters who do have objective, well-reasoned opinions. Not to ban a single person here.

            People would discuss interesing topics. Not pessimistically complain that a 95 win team is doomed. This board is exactly what you speak of: a bunch of morons parating the same MSM bs day after day about how the Yankees are old and bad.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Come on. I agree with your points, but Forensic’s not a dumb guy. He is a card-carrying member of RAB Dads as well.

              Let’s all take this down a few notches. None of this is worth it…..or at least focus on Rich.

              • Ted Nelson

                Not being rude. Seriously doesn’t seem to grasp much of anything. Might be a great dude, bu is honestly not grasping enough to have a conversation with.

            • The Big City of Dreams

              Why do you have to be so rude smh

  • Ted Nelson

    The sky isn’t falling? Who would have think it? This must really piss off like half the “fans” on here who seem want so badly for the Yankees to be bad.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      There’s like maybe two people really like that but the amount of bitching for those 2 people is immense.

      • Ted Nelson

        You are right that it’s probably a vocal minority… But there are more than 2. See the comment immediately below or a weekly confidence pole.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Lol what’s wrong with the comment below

          • Ted Nelson

            Whining about a top offense.

            • The Big City of Dreams

              He’s not whining about the offense. He feels upgrades can be made.

              • Ted Nelson

                No. Fix implies it is broken. This is not difficult stuff. I feel improvememts can be made, but the offense is good. He thinks it is broken.

                • http://www.nyc.gov/html/nycha/html/home/home.shtml The Big City of Dreams

                  Is he wrong in thinking that? Yes the offense scored runs but all of us watched the games and there were numerous stretches when they were dead as a door nail. Now I’m sure someone will say it’s baseball bad stretches happen. We all know they do but a number of fans think moving forward the offense is an issue. Guys are getting older that can’t be ignored.

                  • Ted Nelson

                    A number of fans also think BA is the most important offensive stat. So that logic doesn’t work for me.

                    Clearly I have made my case for why I think he is wrong.

                    They went through those stretches and still scored almost as many runs as any team. I would say you need to put things in context and look at the steetches other teams have.

                    I have said that I thonk they need to improve and have 3 open starting spots… How else can I say that so you get it? I don’t think that they need to remake or fix the offense. Nor do I think they can. They have a lot of their line-up locked in. I think they need to find a RF, C, DH, and bench. I think that they will. The pessimists miss news like them pursuing Stephen Drew as a UTL, for example. All I hear is ehining about how they hate spending money when te pffseason barely started.

                    • The Big City of Dreams

                      No one missed the news of them pursing Stephen Drew but its Stephen Drew.

                      BA is not the most important stat but now we are in an era where some ppl say BA doesn’t matter.

                    • forensic

                      Heh, you would include me in that pessimists group, and yet I’m the only one who even mentioned Stephen Drew in the open thread (at least as of last night)…

  • Rich in NJ

    Now begin fixing the offense, which I realize will take more than one offseason.

    • Ted Nelson

      The Yankees scored 4 total runs fewer than the league leading Rangers in 2012…

      • Rich in NJ

        They are losing Swisher. A-Rod and Tex have been declining; Jeter is going to be 39. The need to fix the offense.

        • Ted Nelson

          Strongly disagree. A-Rod and Tex declined and have been steady at their declined levels. How many runs do you think Swisher contributed compared to whoever MAY replace him if not resigned.

          • Rich in NJ

            You strongly disagree that A-Rod is declining and has trouble staying on the field? That Tex is the dynamic middle of the order bat that he was in 2009? That they have a bat that can replace Swisher in the OF? That Jeter may well not be able to repeat his 2009 season?

            This team needs to begin remaking this offense.

            • Rocky Road Redemption

              I’m with Ted. A-Rod isn’t who he used to be, but I don’t believe he’s as injury prone as seemed to be proven last year. Nobody said Tex as a dynamic middle of the order bat, just a consistent hitter. We haven’t replaced Swish yet, let’s see, and Jeter may not be able to repeat last year but you know what? I’m done with that game. I used to count him out every year too. Now, I honestly do believe that Jeter is going to have another good year-and I will believe that until proven otherwise.

            • Ted Nelson

              Tex declined in 2010.

              A-Rod got hit in the hand in 2012. He hasn’t been playing full seasons and the Yankees have been fine.

              Teams replace players every season. Not always internally. Do you follow MLB?

              Who is looking for Jeter to repeat 2009? How about 2012? 2011? 2010? They won a ton all of those years.

              There’s a ton of room between annual roster turn over and remaking the second best offense in baseball.

              • Rich in NJ

                Tex had a 141 OPS+ in 2009. Since then it hasn’t been higher than 124. Last season it was 116. He has been worse v. LHP.

                A-Rod had a 138 OPS+ in 2009. Since then it hasn’t been higher than 123. Last season it was 112.

                Do you follow the Yankees?

                • Rich in NJ

                  Make that RHP.

                • Ted Nelson

                  Again, they declined. There is not a trend of decline. They already declined, yet the Yanks were still a top offense the last few years. Get it yet?

                  • forensic

                    Well, Tex’s ops+ has declined in each of the last four years and A-Rod’s has declined in each of the last five years.

                    It’s not too crazy to believe they are still in trending decline and not evened out at a level yet.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      I thought the sky wasn’t falling? Ignorin context to offer stats that fit your narrative is a great example of how your comments imply the sky is falling. This is not something I am making up.

                      3 wRC+ points is not a significant decline. It’s noise. This year he got hurt, which is not a trend for him at all. He’s 32 years old. Before that he was in the same neighborhood.

                      A-Rod had the exact same wRC+ in 2010 and 2011. He was in the same neighborhood before the hand.

                    • forensic

                      I shouldn’t even bother, but here’s one more:

                      1. I have never said anything even in the same zip code as the sky is falling, so just get off it already.

                      2. My comment had nothing to do with my opinion on the discussion, so I have no narrative to follow as you’re accusing me of. I was simply stating facts that show there is another side to the debate which you chose to ignore. Nowhere in my comment did I voice my opinion, so as you like to tell other people, maybe you should read it again.

                      3. If you’d prefer, obWAR also shows decline for Tex in each of the last four years. It’s not just picking one stat that would fit my narrative, which I already stated doesn’t exist here. obWAR also shows decline for A-Rod over the last 5 years (other than last year which was largely due to his lack of playing time in 2011 keeping the counting stat down).

                      4. Even your wRC+ has declined each of the last 4 years for Tex. I never said anything about a ‘significant’, so again you’re trying to put words in my mouth. And 3 points in one year in a vacuum could be noise, but when there were years of 10 and 14 points right before it and 9 points after, it could be indicative of something else. Yes, A-Rod’s was even from 2010 to 2011, but it dropped 11 points last year (yes, and injury was involved but you can’t absolve him of possible decline because of injury, the injuries are a part of what is causing the possible decline), and before 2010 he had consecutive drops of 17, 10, and 23 points (of course, no one expects him to repeat levels of 2007, but it doesn’t change the fact that there has been a bit of a trend since then).

                      5. Tex’s age isn’t indicative of anything. There are a myriad of reasons that could lead to declining numbers and nothing says he has to follow the average aging curve.

                      6. My comment had nothing in it about my opinion or anything involving you and our prior issues, but you just go and show your obviously superior intellect and maturity and jump right back to it. Way to go.

              • Herby

                They were a high scoring team, but it was the way they scored their runs that was a worry…too much of a reliance on power, inability to hit in clutch situations, and good pitching shutting them down. It was their problem in the last two playoffs.
                Alex missing time for injury this year wasn’t because of his being old Markakis also missed time because of being hit by a pitch, but Alex really wasn’t tearing up the league at the time of his injury either. We’ll just have to see what next year holds because he’s pretty much ours.
                Tex could get back to somewhat the player he was, he should try to hit the other way…but not with that stupid idea of bunting. I don’t think he ever went into that mode with his full health so he never fully got it on track and lost confidence in what was possible. A full year of having Gardner could help the offense if that’s even possible, but I see him as chronically injured.
                We’ll just have to see what they come up with as a replacement for Swisher is, Ichirio isn’t it…overall though…a good day…Hiroki is back. Now maybe Andy can fill up on turkey, his family can sit down with him and say…”Dad…bout time you gave Brian a call.”

                • Ted Nelson

                  Your logic is shoddy. Good Ps are harder to hit in general, but the Yankees more than held their own against them.

              • WhittakerWalt

                “Do you follow MLB?”

                What a snot you are. We all follow MLB. That’s why we’re here.

                • gc

                  Some people “follow MLB” and couldn’t hold an intelligent conversation about the game if their life depended on it. Go to any local sports bar during the playoffs and see what I mean.

                  • WhittakerWalt

                    Of course that’s true, but it’s a pathetic cheap shot to take at people here. Most of these readers know what the fuck they’re talking about, and don’t deserve to be treated so dismissively.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              You’re always going to have some aging, some declining, or someone not living up to potential. I get the sentiment, I really do, but the Yankees are in a less unique situation than many folks like to claim on here.

              “Remake” things? Sure. It’s a process, though, and not a one-year one.

              • Rich in NJ

                With their budget and focus on mL development since 2006, I don’t really understand how they got in this situation.

                As for your second paragraph, recall that I said: This team needs to begin remaking this offense.

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  I noticed you said “begin.” I wasn’t necessarily disagreeing there.

                  As to how they got here, life is cyclical. That’s the best way I can explain it. I actually agree to an extent with those who point to the Giambi signing as the first post-dynasty move that began to move away from that, admittedly, series of great and somewhat lucky moves that led to that amazing period.

                  The shock and awe signings that got the team CC and Tex in 2009 also meant taking on a lot of long-term contracts.

                  The situation simply isn’t that bad, though. I’m sure I do share the fears Plouffy posted somewhere on here, but we’re still talking about a team good enough to make the ALCS this season.

                  • Rich in NJ

                    It’s not that the situation is necessarily bad, it’s that they are increasingly vulnerable to not being particularly good if their pitching isn’t spectacular.

                    There is a cyclical aspect, but that could have been mitigated by showing more patience to their young offense prospects instead of trading them.

                    • The Big City of Dreams

                      The only two that come to mind are Ajax and Jesus. Tabata hasn’t really panned out

                    • Ted Nelson

                      The scored the second most runs in the league. How much offense do you want? Offense is down league wide.

                    • The Big City of Dreams

                      Even if the offense is down that doesn’t mean they can’t look for upgrades. And cmon we all know this is a pile on bully offense

                    • Ted Nelson

                      I am trying to be nice here, but you are off base.

                      -I didn’t say don’t look for improvements. They have 3 starting spots wide open. Go back up the thread. I specifically said there’s a difference between natural roster turnover and remaking the offense.

                      -If they scored nasically the most runs in baseball… So every other offense is more of a “bully” offense. How good they are only matters relative to other teams.

          • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

            I’m not saying the sky is falling but honestly and realistically the Yankees line up next year is going to be
            SS Jeter (39 yrs old coming off a big injury)
            RF Ichiro/RHH(39 and coming off .5 good seasons in the last 2)
            2B Cano
            1B Tex
            3B A-Rod (37 and hasn’t played in 140 games since 2008)
            DH Ibanez/RHH(Decent last season but not expecting another)
            CF Granderson
            C Martin
            LF Gardner (played six games this year)

            Don’t get me wrong that CAN be a very productive line up BUT it can also very quickly turn into a very BAD line up. If half of this were to happen: Derek’s leg limiting him at all, Ichiro falling back to what he was before the trade, Alex missing significant time or looses more productiveness due to the hand, Ibanez being terrible as Jones was this year, Gardner’s still being effected by the elbow, Then this team’s season can quickly turn bleak.

            I also understand(tough completely disagree with) the self imposed self budget of 2014 and that they are hoping that none of this happens for that reason. If they didn’t have this self imposed budget, I’d be saying sign Upton (BJ), or Victorino, or Hamilton or Swisher, but since I know it’s not going to happen I’m just going to hope(and trust) that they get lucky and all these things go right.

            • Ted Nelson


            • Jacob


            • RetroRob

              Nice try, buddy.

              You can’t pull this off! : -)

  • The Real Eddard

    This is absolutely the right move for both sides. Hiroki can pitch one more year then retire and be with his family. The Yankees get an above average pitcher on a 1 year deal. If Andy returns we’ll have one of the better staffs in the game but as we saw in the playoffs last year pitching was never the problem.

  • Rooting for U.S. Steel

    I’d like to amend my score on this week’s confidence poll…

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Rock out with your Fungo bat out.

      • Rooting for U.S. Steel

        Is there any other way?

        Go on with your bad self…

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    Now this is news. Good job, Cashman.

  • Jersey Joe

    Now to the offense.

    Do you think if Reimold was in a different division he would make sense for Yankees in right field in platoon with Dickerson?

    • Herby

      I don’t think they’re ever going to give Dickerson a shot…but look on the bright side…Chone Figgins is available…

      • Ted Nelson

        Yeah, Dickerson the young 30 year old who literally no other team in baseball wanted to claim off waivers!!!

  • Anthony

    Great news. Hope he gets a bit more run support next year, he definitely deserves it.

  • Jersey Joe

    On to the offense…

    Bryan LaHair was just DFA’d. He is same thing as Ibanez, but cheaper, younger, able to play first base, and he can hit righties just as well. YS3 could help his swing.

    Maybe sign Placido Polanco, play him at second and third against lefties moving starting infielder to DH.

    • YanksFanInBeantown

      Bryan LaHair is a 28 year old who has been a MLB quality hitter for a total of 2 months: September 2011 and April 2012. Otherwise he has never had a wRC+ above 90.

      The Chicago Cubs don’t think he was worth a roster spot at the league minimum.

      Need I say more?

    • http://www.yankeenumbers.com Mr. Sparkle

      I’m going to go with the fact that LaHair strikes out a ton. He had no business being named an all-star last year because of a hot April. Ibanez is a better hitter. Besides, I don’t think there’s any stadium in the world that helps someone improve their contact.

      Polanco, on the other hand, is someone I think would fit the Yankees very nicely. A little older, but puts the bat on the ball and can play a lot of positions effectively. Could be another Luis Sojo.

  • There’s the Door

    Smart deal for team and player.

  • vicki

    now to get his abiding battery mate.

  • http://www.nesn.com/2011/01/2011-red-sox-will-challenge-1927-yankees-for-title-of-greatest-team-in-major-league-history.html wilk

    I don’t comment here often, but I thought I would chime in on the ridiculous arguments that are going on here.

    Every fan has the right to be either optimistic or pessimistic. Everyone has that choice. The one thing you cannot do, however, is ridicule someone for having a different view or perspective than you do. There are too many condescending, pretentious comments on this board and it really drives away less-regular commenters like myself away.

    So try to tone it down and tolerate other people’s views.

    • RetroRob

      You’re right. It didn’t use to be that way, but a lot of kids, be it in age or mind, are here now.

    • Ted Nelson

      I respect you point of view, but clearly I disagree. I can see rational pessimism. I comment when I feel people are erroneously twisting reality to fit their narrative.

    • Jim Is Bored

      Everyone who posts a view leaves themselves open to ridicule if, once the flaws have been pointed out, they continue to defend it and ignore the counter-points.

      Tolerance does not mean ignoring idiocy.

  • Ted Nelson

    Also awesome when the same people whine about the age of the current roster and then whine that they’re not signing 30+ year old FAs to long-term deals…

  • RetroRob

    Excellent and expected.

    I felt the greatest comfort when I read the rumors that he wanted to go back to Southern California. It was confirmation that he was returning to the Yankees and just wanted a million or so more.

    Pettitte next.

  • McLovin


  • Mike HC

    Most here seem to think that it is a slight overpay, but I disagree. I think he is slightly underpaid and at the very least, it is a fair deal. I love that players just want to play for the Yanks.

  • Zack D

    Omg Yankees are cheap!!!….wait did i miss that narrative?

  • Phil

    ok now sign: Petite, Mo,Ichrio and ibanez. Sign a right handed dh/of (scott harrison) and then sign a backup 3rd/ss who can allow arod and jeter to DH ocassionally (stephen Drew?). Then play Nunez everyday at Ss,which will hopefully improve his defense,in triple A so if jeter gets hurt they have a quality replacement.

  • Yank the Frank

    I didn’t think this was going to happen, I thought he was heading back to So Cal. I just jumped back up to an “8”.

  • rek4gehrig


  • dalelama

    So far nothing has happened to improve last year’s underachievers. If anything their regular season chances have diminished if Swisher walks and Tex and Aroid continue to decay.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Just watch the Red Sox, then. You’ve already got the lingo down.