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Saturday Night Open Thread
Cashman: Yankees continue to seek a right-handed hitting outfielder
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The Yankees have passed on big money Cuban players like Yoenis Cespedes and Aroldis Chapman in recent years, but they have signed several lower profile players from the island as well. The most notable is Ronnie Mustelier, the 28-year-old outfielder/utility man who’s hit .324/.378/.497 in 150minor league games since signing with New York. He’s expected to get a long look in camp and has an outside chance of winning a bench spot.

The team’s most recent low-profile Cuban addition is 27-year-old right-handed hitting outfielder Adonis Garcia, who received a $400k bonus last year and hit .263/.311/.424 in 57 games after signing. Reliable information about these players is usually scarce, but Ben Badler of Baseball America (subs. req’d) recently listed Garcia as one of ten players who improved their stock in winter ball. Here’s the important stuff…

… there’s a good chance he’s going to reach the big leagues. Garcia played center field and hit .292/.319/.481 playing for Mayaguez in Puerto Rico, where he outshined his teammate, $42 million Cuban outfielder Yasiel Puig. Garcia is a better fit on a corner outfield spot and doesn’t have an impact bat, but he’s shown a knack for hitting and surprising pop for his 5-foot-9 stature, as his six home runs were tied for second in the league.

Garcia ranked third on the ten-player list behind Cardinals mega-prospect Oscar Taveras and infielder Eddie Rosario of the Twins. Bigger name prospects like Jean Segura (Brewers) and Starling Marte (Pirates are further down the list.

Thirty-nine winter ball games isn’t definitive proof of anything, but it is worth nothing Garcia drew just four unintentional walks (2.4 BB%) against 24 strikeouts (14.5 K%) in 39 games down in Puerto Rico. His walk rate (5.8%) in the minors last year wasn’t anything special, but like Mustelier he was able to avoid strikeouts (14.9%). It’s good that he has shown the ability to make contact, but I always worry about guys with low walk rates because it could mean they’re a hacker or just unable to work deep counts. The number of talented hitters who flamed out because they couldn’t control the strike zone is very, very high.

The bigger concern for Garcia next year will be playing time, because the Yankees do have a bunch of outfield prospects at the Double-A and Triple-A levels. Barring injury, the everyday outfield in Trenton is expected to feature Ramon Flores, Slade Heathcott, and Tyler Austin, and those guys have to play everyday. That is non-negotiable. Scranton will have guys like Mustelier, Melky Mesa, Zoilo Almonte, and Abe Almonte vying for playing time, and it’s possible either Matt Diaz or Juan Rivera (maybe even Russ Canzler if he clears waivers) will be in Triple-A as well depending how the bench shakes out in camp. With all due respect, Garcia is the odd man out for me right now. No question.

Saturday Night Open Thread
Cashman: Yankees continue to seek a right-handed hitting outfielder
  • dalelama

    So much for the claims of many RAB dead enders that signing other team’s discarded garbage to minor league contracts has no downside.

    • jjyank

      There is no downside. If playing time becomes a real issue, they can just cut Rivera, Diaz, or Canzler. If those guys hit, they become a bench player for the big league club. If they don’t, they stay in AAA in some capacity or get released. There’s no downside because there’s no risk involved.

      Try thinking about it rationally instead of just shitting everywhere like usual.

      • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

        He’s too full of shit for that to happen. It needs to come out somewhere.

      • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

        He’s so full of shit that it has to come out somewhere.

        • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

          Whoops, sorry for the double post.

      • dalelama

        Obviously there is a downside as the article states there probably isn’t enough room for Garcia. You must let go of the inner hostility failed relationships have created in your heart and soul to move forward. Please stop you self loating.

        • jjyank

          lolwut? What in the hell are you rambling about now?

          Did you even read what I wrote? Out of Diaz, Canzler, and Rivera, one will likely be in the majors, and the other two will either be cut or in AAA. These are minor league deals. No risk. If Garcia isn’t getting enough playing time, room will be made. You don’t seem to understand how easy it is to shuffle guys on minor league deals around.

        • mustang

          Dude seriously what is wrong with you? It’s a baseball blog!!!!

        • DC

          I would hate to see what failed relationships and self-loathing created your hostile obsession with Arod.

    • Ed Kranepool

      Are you Mobying to make Met fans look bad?

    • ClusterDuck

      I’m as anti signing other team’s garbage as anybody, but if it’s a minor league contract then it should have minimal impact.

    • Steve (different one)

      In a universe where players dont get injured, you might have a point.

      In this universe, you don’t. As usual.

    • Ted Nelson

      The players who earn playing time generally tend to play. If you can’t earn any playing time when you play at least 4 spots (3 OF, DH) and were also looked at as a potential IF prospect when signed, you’re probably not very good.

  • Richard Leo

    Ronnie Mustelier can play LF RF and 3B?he should get the shoot at bench RH bat.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      The question is, can he really play those positions. Sure he can stand there, but I haven’t heard that he’s a stellar defender at any. Adequate at a couple is probably where he is.

      That being said, yes he should get a good long look, due to his versatility, especially against true major league pitching. If he can hit the off-speed stuff, then he’s probably got a shot.

  • turd surfer

    Did Badler rank Garcia above Puig as a prospect or only in improving his stock? I don’t have a subscription.

    • Richard Leo

      Garcia can’t be a better prospect than Puig,he is way too old.

    • Havok9120

      Improved stock is the way the piece is described. There’s no way he’s a better prospect at this point.

    • Bob Buttons

      IIRC Puig was top 100 prospects this year.

  • trr

    it’s always worth it to give a look!

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    Man. Good thing Alex’ mom didn’t name him Adonis.

    • Manny’s BanWagon (formerly Andy Pettitte’s Fibula)

      She should have named him Asshole or Dumbfuck.

  • Daniel

    With regards to the statement about them being hackers and the difficulty with success in the majors, was Cano someone that was also considered a “hacker”? I think I remember that being a criticism of him when he first came up (but I could be mistaken?). I am not trying to say that Mustellier or Garcia will become Cano, but I would be hesitant to make either of them as the odd man out in the outfield rotation in AAA because of their potential. I feel like with guys like Diaz and Canzler, they have had chances in multiple other organizations and have a much more limited potential and therefore should be the odd man out in this case. Garcia and Mustellier at least have the potential to become more than just a platoon player on the wrong side of the platoon.

    • CS Yankee

      Ronnie, Melky & the Almonte’s take four spots at AAA & AA has three legit prospects (Slade, Austin & Flores) likely to start in the OF.

      My guess is that he’ll also start at AA as the fourth OF due to their 400k investment, as those Vets will just be insurance for injuries & performance until April. However, when Mason moves up, they’ll have a (good) problem.

      • Daniel

        I agree that when Mason is ready to move up it will be good that they will have more prospects moving up to the upper levels. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the four you mentioned at AAA or Garcia start at the majors as the RH OF instead of Diaz or Canzler. Then they could move Austin up to AAA when Mason is ready for AA. I think they will end up having an open competition for that spot between those players if they do not acquire anyone else. With the logjam in the outfield in the minors, I wonder if they will look to move Mustellier around to play multiple positions, maybe put him at 1st, let him play 3rd when Adams plays 2nd. It doesn’t seem like he is that good at any position defensively, so his value might be greater at the major league level if he can play every position at a below average level but be able to provide above average offense.

  • Ted Nelson

    Rob Segedin is another AA OF prospect.

    I don’t think it’s a big deal, though. There’s also the DH spot to rotate guys through. A few of these guys are capable of playing a little IF, too: Flores at 1B, Austin and Segedin at 3B or 1B, Mustlier at 3B and maybe even a little 2B, even Adonis was seen as a IF/OF prospect when signed. I think it will probably work itself out. If they end up with way too many players deserving of playing time, they can probably make some sort of minor move to work it out. That would be a nice problem to have, though.


    If Garcia’s stock has risen that much, we could probably get something for him in a trade or throw him into “a bigger deal” thats hopefully coming….