Hot .GIF Action: Jose Ramirez

The increasingly indispensable Mark Teixeira
DePaula & Avelino among top Dominican Summer League prospects

It feels like right-hander Jose Ramirez has been the Yankees’ organization forever, but he’s only been pitching in the United States since 2009. Injuries have hampered his progress, but he 23-year-old showed some big time stuff last year and really climbed up various prospect lists. I ranked him as New York’s 12th best prospect but Keith Law is a much bigger fan — he ranked Ramirez as one of the 105 best prospects in all of baseball.

Ramirez threw two hitless and scoreless innings against the Phillies on Tuesday, walking Ryan Howard and otherwise getting a plethora of ground balls. He threw a ton of fastballs as you’d expect from his first Spring Training outing, but he did mix in at least one slider and a handful of changeups. The defense made a few nice plays behind Ramirez as well, including that Robinson Cano catch you see above. More .GIFs after the jump.

Now that is a pretty changeup.

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The increasingly indispensable Mark Teixeira
DePaula & Avelino among top Dominican Summer League prospects
  • Dalek Jeter

    He totally had the “wow who is this kid” factor for me when I turned the game on (2nd inning) He had great movement on his change and his fastball had a natural sink to it.

  • BWill51Fan

    How do you make these GIFS? Please share your secrets

  • Govin

    I am dully impressed, hopefully he can keep this up in the minors.
    While were on the subject of prospects who impressed. What about JR Murphy. That was some show he put on today.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Seems like a good day for solid prospects we forget are still there because we’re so focused on the High-A/AA outfielders.

  • Nick

    They’ve always envisioned his potential, especially when they gave up Vizcaino. Hopefully he can stay healthy because when he does, he produces.

  • Jersey Joe

    Good Stuff.

    On another note, would Dan Johnson be able to perform at a below-average level in LF? I asked this earlier, not much response.

    • Preston

      He has logged 14 innings in the OF in his career. So it has at least been attempted. He is a league average hitter for his career, which would make him a useful player if he could play the OF instead of just 1B. The fact that at age 34 he only has those 14 innings would suggest it isn’t a plausible option.

  • trr

    Still just 23; I haven’t seen him pitch yet, but sounds like we may have something here – and with all these injuries some positive news is welcome!

  • Havok9120

    Meanwhile, Mike: Hot .GIF Action absolutely must become a tag. Get this done.

    • Mike Axisa


      • Havok9120

        Excellent. It shall act as further proof that RAB is the cream of the Yankee blog crop.

  • Wayne

    Who is the shortstop who turned the double play? I don’t think he is 23 yet.

  • Nick

    If he stays healthy could he be a fast mover? Maybe reach AA this year?

    • The Doctor

      He’s pitched 98.2 innings in Tampa so I have to think Trenton isn’t far off.

  • smurfy

    lazy grab, if I never saw one. The man’s a patrol, and some say he lacks desire or commitment?