Hughes cleared to begin playing catch


Via Meredith Marakovits: Phil Hughes has been cleared to play catch as he works his way back from the bulging disk that has sidelined him for a little less than two weeks. Yesterday we heard he could start throwing this weekend if his workouts went well, and apparently they have. Hughes told George King that as long as he’s able to get into Spring Training games by March 14th, he’ll be good to go for the regular season. Good news obviously, but the right-hander isn’t out of the woods just yet.

  • Barry

    My dad would ask when he is cleared to stop being a bitch. Then he would explain how all the best ballplayers he ever saw were fat and overweight compared to today’s super athletes and yet never missed a game.

    Still, I’m not panicking over Hughes because we still have Nova and Phelps to round out 4 and 5 for the beginning of the season. No sense in really rushing him.

    • vicki

      and i would tell your dad that hughes didn’t shut himself down and that the old fat guys weren’t exactly the financial investments that today’s players are. (but i too am nostalgic for a day when men were men.)

  • Eddard: Back and better than never

    If it were October he’d give it a go but there’s no reason to rush injuries in March. The worst thing he could do is rush back and have the injury get worse. Phelps will be just fine if we need a spot starter. People say that no scout predicts Phelps as a top line starter but Joba and Hughes were projected as top line starters by scouts and look how that turned out. Scouts don’t know shit, Phelps is a budding star.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…


  • vicki

    slade sprained thumb. swell.