Open Thread: 3/1 Camp Notes

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

(AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Seven, seven Grapefruit League losses in a row! Ah ah ah! [/The Count]

The Yankees dropped another error-filled laugher on Friday afternoon, with four total errors leading to six unearned runs. Kevin Youkilis was the only big leaguer to screw something up, getting caught on an in-between hop at third. Frankie Cervelli continued his strong spring with a single, a double, a walk, and another base-runner thrown out trying to steal. He’s now 5-for-6 when it comes to throwing out runners. Juan Rivera also had a pair of knocks while Melky Mesa and Ronnie Mustelier each hit a solo homer.

Hiroki Kuroda made his Spring Training debut and allowed four runs (one earned) in 1.2 innings. David Robertson struck out the only batter he faced, Joba Chamberlain allowed two runs in one inning (after retiring the first two men he faced), and Cody Eppley was charged with four runs (one earned). Vidal Nuno had the best day on the mound for either team, striking out four in three hitless and scoreless innings. Here’s the box score and here’s the rest from Tampa…

  • Unsurprisingly, Robinson Cano did not want to talk about the “significant offer” he received from the Yankees. He did acknowledge that his contract situation is on his mind though, saying it’s “never going to (be) out of your head.” [Bryan Hoch & George King]
  • Phil Hughes (bulging disk) could pick up a baseball as soon as Sunday if his workouts go well today and tomorrow. He’s been sidelined for a little less than two weeks now. [Mark Feinsand & Meredith Marakovits]
  • Michael Pineda (shoulder) and Cesar Cabral (elbow) both threw fastballs and changeups during the 30-pitch bullpen session this morning. It was the second such session for each. We heard Pineda was going to begin stretching out his rehab work last week. [Chad Jennings]
  • David Adams (back) began swinging a bat earlier this week and he could begin to start working out on the field relatively soon, as in this weekend. [Jennings]
  • Within that same link, Jennings reports Boone Logan faced hitters in live batting practice for the first time this morning. The Yankees have been taking it slow on their primary left-hander this winter.
  • Brian Cashman is going to jump out of a plane with the Army Golden Knights on Monday to help raise awareness for The Wounded Warrior Project. [Dan Barbarisi & Sweeny Murti]
  • Ivan Nova will make his Grapefruit League debut against the Tigers tomorrow afternoon. That game will be televised on YES.

Here is your open thread for the evening. The Knicks and Nets are both playing, plus MLB Network will air a Spring Training game as well. Talk about any of those games or anything else you want right here. Enjoy.


  1. dkidd says:

    brian cashman sky-diving joke

    • MannyGeee says:

      Not sure if I am doing this right, but here goes…

      “something something diving and more on signing something something rolling graves”


    • Manny's Banwagon says:

      Maybe on the way down, he can find a decent 4th outfielder and utility infielder.

    • vicki says:

      i know it’s a good cause but cash is the sarah palin of gm’s with these look-at-me stunts. and that’s no joke.

      • MannyGeee says:

        This. However, Theo Epstein’s Gorilla Suit says hello

      • jjyank says:

        I hope Cashman isn’t that mentally challenged.

        • trr says:

          uhhhh, no!
          the Steingrabbers, maybe…no, not even them

          • jjyank says:

            Not to get too political here, but Palin is in her own league of stupid. Nobody comes close.

            • Pat D says:

              Michelle Bachmann?

            • Sweet Dick Willie says:

              Eh, Joe Biden could give her a run for her money. And he’s not the only one.

              Not that she’s a Mensa candidate, but Palin by no means has a corner on the stupid politicians market.

              • jjyank says:

                I disagree. Biden sticks his foot in his mouth plenty, but he’s not even close to Palin territory.

                • MannyGeee says:

                  +1… She is high honors stupid, he is merely a JUnior Varsity boob…

                • lightSABR says:

                  Yeah, Biden’s smart, he’s just addicted to running his mouth without thinking first and saying things that sound nice regardless of whether they make any sense.

                  I’ll never forget the VP debate between those two. Palin trying to flirt with the nation and Biden making crap up about the U.S. and France teaming up to kick Hezbollah out of Lebanon… I’ve never cared so much about the health of the presidential candidates.

              • Pat D says:

                Yea, I’d say Biden makes some stupid, foot-in-the-mouth comments, but he’s not really stupid in that sense.

            • Havok9120 says:

              I don’t necessarily disagree, but if I were saying this about a well known liberal and/or feminist I’d get called a sexist, even on here.


              • Pat D says:

                Then hit me up on Facebook and I’ll tell you if that’s true or not.

              • jjyank says:

                Na. Go ahead and call Pelosi crazy. I wont disagree or call you sexist. I will say say that Palin is worse, but Pelosi is crazy in her own right. I’m not that blind.

                • Pat D says:

                  Pelosi just has no sense of humor and takes herself way too seriously.

                  A little like all those women who criticized Seth McFarlane at the Oscars.

                • Havok9120 says:

                  Oh, I don’t think either of YOU would jump on me and try to cave my head in. But there are plenty of people who can’t distinguish calling out a person and calling out their ideology/beliefs. Quite a few of them make their homes here, and that’s just when we’re talking baseball.

                  • Herby says:

                    You’re more likely going to get that type of personality though in what calls itself the Republican party these days. Some of the Tea Party and Christian Conservative madness allowed some not really fit to lead types to get too big of a stage.

                    • Havok9120 says:

                      What, precisely, determines a person’s fitness to lead?

                      The President hadn’t led anything since his college days when he took over. Almost no one outside her district can stand Nancy Pelosi, yet she’s garnered enough seniority in the House to be a bigwig. Joe Biden…yeah. Reid’s favorite tactic with a major piece of legislation is to refuse to allow a vote until no one is paying attention. Chuck Schumer is a frigging senior statesman at the moment.

                      I’ll be one of the last people to argue that McConnell and Boehner are any better, but let’s not go overstating who’s who in the Republican party. Especially since the vast majority of the party leadership is nowhere near the level of the evangelical Right or the Tea Party. Bachman has regional pull and a lot of prestige in some of the Republican sub-caucuses, but it’s not like she’s doing a ton of shaping the party’s agenda. Palin hasn’t had a thing to do with the party except fundraising since her term expired 4 years ago. At some point the beating of the dead horse has to stop, especially when said horse hasn’t showed a shred of political ambition since 2008.

                    • Herby says:

                      Intelligence, quality of character, public service, moral obligation. It’s not just me saying these things…it’s many in the Republican party itself who are feeling just the same way. That they’ve gotten away from their own base.
                      My fitness to lead comment was geared more toward their ability to get elected in the first place, not leading the party itself. It’s the loud voice that stirs the masses. It’s no doubt though that in past times there has been more of a ability to work together on issues, that doesn’t happen now. They may not be the people who make the policy, but the one’s who do have to increasingly have to listen to the them and those they represent or worry about re-election.

                    • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

                      Havok I think you’re grossly mistaken as to how close – and more importantly beholden – the R party leadership is to extremist Tea Bagger nut jobs. The reality is that the R party made their beds with white conservative Christians as a foundational bedrock of their numbers and now the crows are coming home to roost.

    • Herby says:

      Joba fills his pack with a towel with a big upraised hand flipping the bird. With the words…I prefer Right Field.

  2. Mustelier showing good defense and offense thus far. Juan Rivera also doing excellent at offense.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Well dude can hit, there is no question on that. But can he really play a COF spot or has he not been challenged yet? Shit, there were times when Raul looked good out there last year, but in retrospect those were plays that would look pedestrian when left to a “real” outfielder.

      That being said, I am starting to warm up to the idea of him breaking camp with the big club. Hear me out: In theory, if he can handle not making an ass of himself for a month defensively and continue hitting as his legend proceeds him to, he *could* catch a break (no pun intended) and stick around longer when the eventual Pronk/Youk injury happens.

      • MartinRanger says:

        He deserves props for holding onto the ball when Heathcott tackled him though.

        • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

          +1. That was a real hold your breath moment. Such a relief neither of them were injured on that play.

    • Herby says:

      Rivera excellent at offense is a push, the double was nice…the single was a gift that probably would’ve been ruled an error during the regular season.

  3. forensic says:

    Hmm, pat mentioned in the game thread about getting the mobile version constantly popping up and I just assumed that he was talking about iphone or ipad. But now, my laptop is suddenly stuck in the mobile version somehow.

    Anyone else having that issue right now?

  4. jjyank says:

    I learned something today. Giancarlo Stanton is not as god as Teddy Williams. Therefore he should never be traded for.


  5. Larry B. says:

    Cervilli is having a really good spring huh? That should up shut up the whiners for a little bit. I was getting tired of some many “fans” whining about the catcher position.

    • Manny's Banwagon says:

      The catching situation is putrid. Don’t let a few spring training games fool you.

    • MannyGeee says:

      spending 2012 in AAA Scranton/Willkes-Barre/Rochester/Syracuse/White Plains/Puoghkeepsie will really put some vinegar in you piss…

  6. jjyank says:

    Starting tomorrow, I shall be spending the week in the Cayman Islands. Yeeeaaahh. Nothing like a beach house for a week to get your mind off the daily grind. Enjoy Yankeeland without me guys. I may pop in occasionally, but if not, have a good week everyone!

    • Manny's Banwagon says:

      Enjoy and remember to use plenty of sun screen. Nothing ruins a vacation like a little sun poisoning.

    • Barry's Gift Basket says:

      Jesus, I’d kill for a vacation right now…

      Enjoy it dude, while you can.

      • jjyank says:

        Thanks my man. Might be the last real family vacation we get. This is my little brother’s spring break, hence the timing. Who knows where he and I will be a year from now. I’ll most definitely savor it.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      Have fun enjoy the vacation and don’t worry you won’t miss a lot of Yankee news barring a surprise move or Cano signing early

  7. king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

    Who was the other pitcher that came over with Pineda? How’s he doing? Has Frankie been throwing out honest-to-God major league guys or AA/AAA ST fodder?

    • The Doctor says:


      I can’t tell you about the other 4, but he threw out Jimmy Rollins today. Certainly no fodder.

    • Havok9120 says:

      I’m not sure it matters either way. No one is going to crack the majors/flunk out of the majors solely based on speed or baserunning.

  8. TomH says:

    Brian Cashman is going to jump out of a plane with the Army Golden Nights on Monday[....]

    Is this wise?

  9. MannyGeee says:

    So this happened today…

    Dodgers left fielder Carl Crawford has been shut down for a week due to nerve irritation that stems from offseason Tommy John surgery on his left elbow, manager Don Mattingly told reporters on Friday ( And though it has been expected that Crawford would be the opening-day starter in left for the Dodgers, Mattingly told reporters that is now a question mark.

  10. Ethan says:

    I just submitted my undergraduate thesis to my supervisor today. What a fantastic feeling! It’s not done and some extensive edits will probably be needed but damn it feels great! 70 pages, 16,000 words! :)

  11. Fin says:

    Cirvelli looking good behind the plate is nice to see. Never been a fan of his at all, I thought he was the worst catcher I’ve seen behind the plate when he got a bunch of playing time for injured Posada. That being said, I still didnt think the catching situation was much worse than what it was last year, as Martin was a no show for a significant part of the season with the bat and didnt look that hot behind the plate. I cant blame the Yankees for not putting the money into Martin, as he was league average at best last year, and while Cirvelli and Stewie might not be league average, they probably arent too far below.

    • MannyGeee says:

      A lot of people forget this… Martin looked LOSTTTT from June to September, both at and behind the dish. This said, Chris Stewart was not an upgrade by any means…

      • FIn says:

        By no means are either catcher an upgrade over Martin. However, the drop off isnt that big with either. So you go from the middle of the road catcher, defensively and offensively to bottom 1/3. Its a very weak position to start with, the impact on the team would seem negligable to me.

        Mike always brings up the WS wining teams having a catcher that can hit, well Martin wasnt that guy any more than cirvelli or Stewie. He may have hit some HR’s but for a large part of the season he hit under .200 with an obp under .300. If I recall correctly (dont quote me) martin was hitting hitting somewhere around .188 in August.

  12. MartinRanger says:

    at this point I’m going to actually be disappointed when they win a Grapefruit league game. no joke.

  13. Jacob the OG(formerly Jacob) says:

    So from what I have seen Mesa has a very pretty swing, if only he could cut down on the K’s. In other news my 2013 Future HOFer Ronnie Mustilier prophecy is going as planned

    • Herby says:

      He does have a nice swing, but does look like he needs more time in the minors, he’s seems like he goes to the plate swinging. Was a nice shot that he hit though.

  14. dkidd says:

    mark prior signs minor league deal with the reds, hopes to be reunited with dusty baker

    cue rihanna and chris brown jokes

  15. free speech says:

    I KNOW IT IS SPRING TRAINING BUT THIS SUCKS…………………………………….189,189,189,189,189,189,189,189,189,189,189,189,18,189,189,……..just thing next year they will be worst

    • jjyank says:

      Go back and get your middle school equivalent of a GED.

      • Get Phelps Up says:

        Middle school may be giving him too much credit.

      • free speech says:

        glad to see you dont understand free speech and have no concept of what a team needs to do to win….

        • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

          Score more points than the opponent?

        • Evan3457 says:

          I think free speech means that you get to say something, and other people get to respond to it, even with an insulting comment, if they like. Especially on an open comment board.

          It doesn’t mean you get to say something, and other people have to agree with it, or have to remain silent if they don’t.

          As to the 189, it seems to me that many teams have won the World Series without spending $189 million…or more.

    • vicki says:

      it’s march; you know who’s excited about baseball? astros fans. cubs fans. the twelve remaining marlins fans. watch your team and stop crying like a little victim.

    • Bo Knows says:

      If they suck as bad as you think, the bright is they’ll get the #1 pick and carlos rodon from (my beloved) nc state

  16. LarryM., Fl. says:

    Many folks do not enjoy watching ST games but I do. It gives me an opportunity to watch the young guys play.Even watching Sanchez strike out twice today.He looks calm and relaxed at the plate. Mesa continues his run at the fill-in for Curtis with another HR. I voted for him in the poll yesterday but will the front office go with him if he wins outright that is more of a question mark.

    The games having no value makes it easy to watch 4 and 5 error games but there is one guy who is troubling me even this early in the ST. Eduardo Nunez is still displaying his consistent ability to muff up ground balls or throw them away at consistent levels.

    I guess it could be worse.

    • Herby says:

      Not really giving Nunez much credit on that one though, he’s breaking toward 2nd to cover the throw and then the ball is hit back toward where he’s coming from. I was actually more impressed with the throw he made on the DP. One thing I picked up from Sanchez is I can see where the attitude comes through in his reaction to that call 3rd strike with the ump.

  17. Nate says:

    Do the Rule 5 rules still apply to Cabral when he gets healthy?

  18. MannyGeee says:

    Also… Worth mentioning:

    F.H.O.F.R.H. with the Oppobomb power! Haven’t seem that kind of opposite field pop on a prospect since Jesus Montero.

    *Wondering if Jack Z is watching this…*

  19. trr says:

    7 losses in a row…if George was still in charge Girardi would’ve already been called on the carpet….

  20. Herby says:

    I did notice how Raul ibanez hit a 3 run shot off Freddie Garcia the other day. Maybe it was payback for something he said in the clubhouse last year.

  21. Bronx says:

    Just another Open Thread night at RAB I see.

    Bash the Shit out of Republicans and see who can out snark each other. Ho Hum… Surprised none of you losers wanted to talk about wrestling yet tonight. Good thing is the night is still young.

    Lohud community has this shit pegged. Axisa does a great job, but stay the hell out of the comments section. It’s almost as pathetic as watching the President try to lead the country. Almost… (Not to get Political or anything)

    • Havok9120 says:


    • Now Batting says:

      Palin is an idiot. Bachman is an idiot (do they even count as Republicans anymore?). Pelosi is an idiot. Keith Ellison is an idiot. Harry Reid is an idiot.

      There, we have a few women, black guys, and a white man from both parties. Is that PC enough for you?

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Axisa does a great job, but stay the hell out of the comments section.

      looks like somebody should follow their own advice. There’s the door, please don’t let it hit your ass on the way out, we don’t want to have to replace it.

    • vicki says:


  22. voiceofirrationalrationale says:

    Carpe primavera Melky 2.0, carpe primavera.

  23. Pistol pete says:

    We lose Martin, we’ll fill from within, lose Granderson for 2 mos, we’ll fill from within, lose Soriano, we’ll fill from within, lose Swisher and replace with Ichiro who I like but will have significantly less power and production than Swisher, lose our 4th outfielder and fill from previously released other teams leftovers, all this while praying that aging players come back many from serious injuries i.e. CC, Jeter, Gardy, and Mo and others are another year older and could suffer production declines like Kuroda, Pettitte, and Tex. The farm system is below avg with virtually no major league ready players right now and Phil Hughes has an on going bad back. The Youkalis sign was absolutely necessary to replace Arod but he’s coming off hitting 234. I wonder what the combined WAR is with all these factors? Can anyone really feel confidant this team can compete in 2013 or is this going to be the start of a 1965 to 1977 drought or a 1982 to 1994 drought. Meet the new boss, not the same as the old boss.

  24. dalelama says:

    I already predicted the return to 1965 scenario. Too many bloated contracts for underachievers and a barren farm system.

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