Prospect Injury Updates: Adams, Austin, Hensley



It’s not just the big leaguers who are getting hurt these days, the minor league prospects are getting in on the action as well. Here are some updates courtesy of Chad Jennings and Josh Norris

  • IF David Adams took at-bats against Phil Hughes during yesterday’s simulated game and “should” be playing in games later this week according to VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman. He missed big league camp due to a back issue that required an epidural.
  • OF Tyler Austin was hit by a pitch in the hand recently, but thankfully x-rays were negative. It’s not anything serious. Austin had his right wrist broken by a pitch back in 2010.
  • RHP Ty Hensley is nursing a pulled abdominal muscle and will miss a few weeks. It’s nothing serious but it will likely delay the start of his season. Hensley was the team’s first round pick last year and figures to open 2013 with Low-A Charleston.
  • OF Ravel Santana is not playing right now due to stiffness in his right ankle. That’s the same ankle that was basically destroyed when he caught a spike sliding into second base two seasons ago. No word on when he might return to action.
  • IF Rob Lyerly has decided to retire and finish his degree. He’s had two shoulder surgeries and just isn’t up for the grind anymore. Lyerly hit .292/.336/.416 with 17 homers in 288 minor league games after being the team’s sixth round pick in 2009. He topped out at Double-A.
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  • Preston

    It’s hard not to feel like Santana’s injury is going to linger with him for the rest of his career.

    • Reggie C.

      Sadly, judging solely from last year’s production, Santana may not have a long career if the pain in the surgery repaired ankle becomes chronic.

      • pablos mustard custard samwich

        Sadly, judging solely from last year’s production, Santana may not have a long career if the horse in the surgery repaired ankle becomes chronic

      • Bob Buttons

        Mick played through chronic pain. All depends on how determined the person is (and how the injury heals up).

        • KeithK

          Mick was also a world class talent, so even dealing with chronic pain he was still one of the best players around. Santana is not quite so good.

          Makes you wonder how good Mantle could have been if he’d never torn up his knee, etc.

  • Hyshai

    Adams took ABs against Hughes? So I guess you can say “back (injury) and back (injury) they faced each other”? *runs*

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Back to back and belly to belly?

      • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals


        …not quite the same ring.

  • trr

    like a football team with all these injuries…I can’t remember when I’ve seen it so bad

  • Peter Marshall

    Hola Pablo! Como esta usted hoy?

  • CONservative governMENt

    Adams needs to tear it up this year and avoid these niggling injuries.

    Hoping Ravel just needs time to get ankle back to normal.

    The system needs depth if its to realize my dream of replacing homegrown stars with more homegrown stars, reaping draft picks and trade surplus all the while.